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229711229711B004349I52A26QPK76SRLFF3Knittysong4451288569600Fabulous mixed with chicken brothI bought a box of this soup at a local store and mixed it with the large can of low fat College Inn chicken broth, added veggies (cabbage, carrots, scallions, parsnips, mushrooms), lemongrass, garlic and ginger and it was amazing! Gives the soup a little heat, lots of flavor and a fabulous aroma, and it's very low in fat. Easy and yummy, and my husband absolutely loved it. Can't wait for Amazon to carry the bulk pack- I'm sure it will save money and will be so convenient.
229712229712B004349I52A2E4XIEMGM8IGNKelly C.4451287100800"YUM! Better than a restaurant" Said husbandI LOVE this broth...but it is SO difficult to find! So happy to hear Amazon is going to be carrying it. I just made a soup with 1 carton of the broth, 1 carton of chicken broth, thinly sliced red pepper, onion, carrot, and chopped water chesnuts. Sauted thinly sliced chicken and rice noodles (Thai lemongrass flavor) package with seasonings. Brought to a boil, then took off heat and added a can of coconut milk. My husband liked it better than the chicken galanga soup we get at the local Thai place.
229713229713B004349I52A1Y9YOZO3VY763Ann G. Rosas "sports mom"3351286323200Easy and Fabulous Thai soupI bought the College Inn Thai broth at a local supermarket and made the soup recipe on the back. FABULOUS! My family loved it. Easy and quick, I added some asian noodles and cut up roasted chicken for a complete meal in a bowl.
229714229714B004349I52A2PGD6WNH1VQSBJohn T. Davies III2251288137600Best ingredient everI made Vegetable Quinoa Soup from and didn't have any regular chicken stock. Thai Coconut Curry stock was available in my local store then and I had bought it to give it a try.

My soup turned out so good that I ate it until I was full, then had another half bowl, then another 1/4 bowl until I couldn't hold a drop more.

I've made the soup since with regular stock and it is not nearly as good. But my local store quit carrying it.

That's why I'm signed up to get a notification from Amazon when it is available.
229715229715B004349I52A1G4JUWV7040BYSoaplady1231151309478400What a blessing!I just love this broth and was dumbstruck when my local stores stopped carrying it.I actually thought College Inn discontinued it.
While on a weekend away, I found 8 boxes for a buck a piece at a Big Lots. I felt like I had struck gold, bought all of them, but was then SURE they had been discontinued.
Today, I decided to go to College Inn dot com and saw that they still made it. I called customer service and the gentleman there told me to go to AND to tell my local grocery managers that I want that product back.
I am sooo thrilled to see it will soon be available here and cant wait to get the notification!
My recipes are knocked out of the ballpark with this adds a depth of flavor that you just cant get with plain chicken broth, even if you add what you think will replicate the complexity of the broth.
Last week I made Thai peanut noodles...using the Culinary Broth to smooth out the peanut butter, added a bit EACH of lemongrass, garlic and ginger pastes, soy sauce and sesame oil. Toss with cooked linguine and lots of thinly sliced scallions. Voila! It was so darn good, I could slap yo' mama!!
Thank you, Amazon!! I will be waiting...but please hurry!
229716229716B004349I52A1LNNC2SK1QNHNJ. A. Maucieri "staynegative"1151306281600Double YumI bought this on a whim at a discount store (Ollies? Big Lots?) and tried making chicken noodle soup with it. YUM is all I can say. I am not huge on spicy things and this has the perfect balance between that kick and taste.
229717229717B004349I52A1IS7UCRX9PYYLDaniel Cohen1151299974400Thai butternut soupI love this product. I make a Thai butternut squash soup with it. Just saute onions and celery, pour in the broth, add lots of cubed butternut squash, simmer till nice and soft, smooth it with an emersion blender... serve with a dollop of plain yogurt, sprinkle with some toasted sunflower seeds. Amazing easy soup (would be a wonderful crock pot recipe too). The sweet of the butternut combines perfectly with the seasonings and the subtle heat of the broth. They got the flavors exactly right. Can't get this locally anymore, was so sad... now I can't wait for this product on Amazon!! Hurry my family is in withdrawal!!
229718229718B004349I52A2JPERAV0416C3Avid Rita1151299369600Healthy and flavorfulI look for it in every supermarket to have in the pantry at all times. I'm a "from scratch" cook most of the time, and fussy about flavor, but appreciate the convenience of this product. It's helped me enormously in losing 50 pounds over the past 4 months, no kidding. Instant flavorful soups out of leftover chicken/fish/veggies, or a quick healthy soup from fresh veggies or even frozen. Great for making flavorful rice, substituting some or all of the usual water with this broth. A little zing to poaching bland chicken or seafood.
229719229719B004349I52AY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0031350691200Tastes ok, nice spice but has burnt flavor undertonesI will find ways to use this up, but I can taste an odd burnt flavor under the nicely spices chicken flavor. Because of this I am using it much less often that I thought I would. I will probably not reorder, glad I got it on sale. I love spicy Thai food, so its a big disappointment. I recommend finding one to try in the store before buying a six pack.
229720229720B004349I52A2D9HLT81WBQMAD. Mayer "mauian"0051347494400AWESOME for pho or rice pilaf dishesHey this is a fantastic soup stock for asian soups. Tom anything, pho, and you can even use it instead of water in your rice cooker for some flavorful rice...throw some frozen veggies in there and bam, easy cheap, good meal.
229721229721B004349I52A3A7WOYKZDOMUL. Devin0011343088000NOT gluten freeThis is a great tasting broth - nothing wrong with it- but I purchased it because I read it was gluten free. It is not.
229722229722B004349I52A3PU7YVR7IVXFAwhitecarnation0051343001600best brothI really enjoy this broth and the recipe on the box is super yummy. I recommend this if you like foods made with coconut. Can't wait for it to be more easily acquired.
229723229723B004349I52A3RIZG8F1UEHWVKC "TeamORillo"0051341100800Delicious Way to Kick Up Your MealsJust like the other reviewers, I absolutely love this broth. I've never been able to find it in stores, so I'm so glad that I can buy it from Amazon at such a great price.

My favorite trick for this broth is using it instead of water in my rice cooker. The infused flavor in the rice is outstanding and turns cheap brown rice into a savory taste explosion! Would definitely recommend.

Also, the packaging was very good - the 6 cartons were side by side tightly placed in a box which was put in a larger box for protection. None of my cartons arrived damaged, which was great.
229724229724B004349I52A32KZRXAZFOE94Maybabe0051335571200You MUST get this if you love Thai foodThis broth is unbelievably delicious. It makes the best tasting crock-pot chicken & veges....or make the soup on the side of the box....or just warm it up & sip it. SOOOOOO GOOD!!!
229725229725B004349I52AGC4NDMQMBZXTElodia Tate0051334620800Love it!!This is the best most flavorful broth I have ever had. I don't use it for cooking I just heat and sip. I drink a whole carton though, can't stop. It's delicious.
229726229726B004349I52APZ9GUX8IQUF5Paul D. Shanabarger0051311984000College Inn Culinary Broth Thai Coconut Curry,Very good product. I use it to make rice for str fry. Just bring to boil and add 4 cups instant rice according to directions.
229727229727B004349I52A2D1S7GAO23IJ7rita0051311897600great ingredientHard to find this product. So excited to receive
229728229728B004349I52A6BKD3NKGHX4JJoanne "gourmet wantabe"0051309910400Delicious!!This is one of the best broths that I have every tasted. I use it in soups, vegetable dishes, and chicken dishes and it gives everything a wonderfully, lightly spicy taste. I have looked for it for months and months, and finally signed up to get an email from amazon when it was back in stock. The day I ordered 2 cases was the day I got the email!!
229729229729B004349I52A1VVIDH5E4GREMV.T.0051306886400Relieved to find!How relieved I was to find an outlet for the College Inn Culinary Broth's. I have searced all of our local area's, and was dissappointed, to think the Thai Coconut Curry product was no longer available. This is a great product! Last summer, I cut-out the Thai Vegetable Noodle Soup recipe on the Thai Coconut Curry Broth carton. This soup was a big hit at a family reunion. It was a bit spicy for me, but, I modified it by reducing the red pepper, curry, & ginger amounts slightly,for my taste. I was also out of any thin spaghetti item's at the time, so I used some ramin style noodles I had on hand. Great recipe! (You may need to contact College Inn's Consumer Affairs Dept. to get it). I am inspired by the reviews & ideas other's are sharing, can't wait to try some of those as well....V.T. - No. CA.
229730229730B004349I52A3F8D03GDWGIY7Music man2651319155200false advertisingFor some strange reason you and college Inn have been leading customers to believe that the product Thai Coconut Curry would be available for purchase. It has been months and it has not shown up in stores or on Amazon except as back-ordered.

It would be reasonable for you to give some approximation as to when it mightm be available.

Some comment would be appreciated.

Long time customer,

George Chace
229731229731B004349I52A1JPO6XDY3FCMWbeetrothed "beetrothed"0351332979200I got 12 in my shipment?!?It was an OK deal for a 6 pack because I couldn't find it anywhere else, but it was a GREAT deal when I opened my box and found 12 packages of broth!

I think it's the best thing ever when sick -- nice strong flavor for when you're stuffy and nice and comforting.... :)
229732229732B003XZL2KGA8PVJXU67ME69Y. Lozano0051342483200Great snacksThese are loved by my 2 and 4 year old and they take it with them to their daycare at least twice a week. It is very difficult to find these in Puerto Rico so it is great that they can be bought from Amazon and shipped to PR!!
229733229733B0053T3488A4QCWR2V9D6UQDavid from Tokyo0011326499200Not freshI was very disappointed with this tea, it didn't taste fresh. It was not delivered in an air tight container and the leaves have very low fragrance and the brewed tea has a poor weak taste. I felt the decaf teas from Taylor's of Harrogate and Clipper were significantly better.
229734229734B003WQIOB6A18A2BZV0HAF08Kyzzy01151317772800"Begula" caviarTried the squid ink with pearl couscous to make a recipe called "Begula" caviar. It was extremely tasty! It's also great mixed in with any pasta to serve with fish or seafood entrees.
229735229735B003WQIOB6AA7JCM5FB54VYDylan0051350086400Works greatBe warned that the little packets will say the date on them is from i believe 2010, but they last for up to 4 years after the date. I had used it to make a black fettucini and spaghetti it came out really good.
229736229736B003WQIOB6A1QQC96Q4H35MFHeeksJim0121347667200Not bad but expired product...maybe squid (cuttlefish actually) ink doesn't expire exactly on it's expiration date, but any well respected company shouldn't send you a product that is 5 months past it's due. i'd also appreciate it if they called it cuttlefish ink since that's what it is.
229737229737B003WQIOB6AKTW2YROWFW4EArnold21511325548800Don't order from this companyI ordered this product and when it arrived it was expired - by 4 months. Unfortunatly I did not notice this until I went to use it a couple of weeks later. What company send expired products? This is enough for me to never order from them ever again!
229738229738B003CN5NPYA3MEPZUGLEKJPLD. Richardson1151316822400Excellent recovery drink for hardcore workoutsI've been using the Pacific Lab products for the past two years and have really noticed an improvement in my overall recovery levels.

Definitely worth a try.

Try the lemonade flavor, the fruit punch is not so great.
229739229739B003CN5NPYA2MGFGY7U72EAIeemiller1141297987200not as tasty as fruit punch, but still delivers!I use the product almost daily (swim, bike, run)- I like the fruit punch flavor better than the lemonade oddly, because I LOVE lemonade. The primary reason I use this product is for the "lite" version that is is. The decreased sugar content compared to regular-strength Accelerade is key - but still provides a small amount of protein. I have not had any GI issues with this product which is also key for me. I wish the Hydro version was fortified with Vitamin C like the regular strength is....otherwise, it does the job.
229740229740B003CN5NPYA1UCC8Y85Q201FM S J "Upstate FF"1141274572800No scoop!This is the second Pacific Health brand I have used, the first being the orange flavored Accelerade. I tried this one because it has less sugar. It also has less protein, which I didnt know until I got it, my bad for not checking ahead of time. The product taste fine, but it did not come with a scoop, which I found odd, especially since the directions state that one serving size is one scoop. Maybe I just got the one can that didnt have a scoop. Overall a good product.

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