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229757229757B000KELSYIA231M9O5NKM8LP. R. Rogers "Rosewood"4451168560000The best commercially-made granola that I have ever tastedMona's granola is great- has a nice roasty flavor that holds up to milk. It has just enough honey in it ot make it crunchy without making it taste lake a candy bar. For anyone who wants a good cereal with lots of nutrition- this is the deal!
229758229758B000KELSYIA6WNQUBME4O9QL. H. Kettell "10ISPRO"3351176854400The Best Granola I Have Ever EatenMona's Granola is the best granola that I have ever eaten. It is wonderful and tastes great in vanilla yogurt. For a special treat I add M & M's. I have even made cookies with it and they are great! I got the recipe from Mona, herself! Try Mona's Granola I am sure that you'll love it.
229759229759B000KELSYIA27B41AK1QFHMNA. cook3351176768000Love this stuff!!This is the best granola ever! We had it visiting family in Florida, and really hope Mona's can bring it to our area!
229760229760B000KELSYIA105A2U6RR3T15Jl Foster3351168819200Great GranolaMy family and I have enjoyed Mona's Original Granola for several years and it became a good habit for all of us with our yogurt for breakfast. Even the grown-up "kids" took it home with them when they visited. Then we were unable to find it and I looked on Amazon's search engine and found it again. Great news! "Mona" and coffee are the lifestays around our house in the morning. Mona is always fresh, tasty and delicious.
229761229761B000KELSYIA2PD52IDK0SJJ4Merion182251192579200Better than GRRRRRRRRATEThis is a teriffic granola. It's not too sweet and doesn't taste like cardboard. I give it as gifts to friends cause it isn't available locally.
229762229762B000KELSYIA2FXRF16CCRGK6Honest Customer2251180828800My Favorite GranolaMona's Granola is my favorite granola. I put it on regular cereal, yogurt, ice cream, fruit, alone--any time I want a nutritious crunch. Everyone I've shared the granola with has loved it. No added sugar or salt--it's the best!
229763229763B000KELSYIAOL74R1AAKN0XJackilyn Fletcher "Jackie Fletcher"2251178668800Mona's Granola has arrived in CanadaMona's Granola is an excellent product, no trans fat, full of healthy ingredients, no sugar and it still tastes great!! I love it. For the past three years I have been buying it from Publix in McDonough, GA where my son and his family live. I always request they have a supply of this Granola at their house for me during my visit. My daughter in law loves it too. I love this product so much that when I returned to Canada this past Easter, I left with a supply of Mona's Granola in my suitcase to share with my friends in Burlington. Unfortunately it is not available to buy in Canada, but using Amazon I can buy enough to keep me happy until my next trip to Georgia!

Try it, you will love it. Jackie Fletcher from Burlington, Ontario, Canada
229764229764B000KELSYIA23CGXD5DN3HOTD. Wolfe "photo safari"1151259280000This granola packs a healthy punch as a daily meal OR as a snack while I'm on a photo safariHands down, this granola is just what I need for a great start to my day or as a snack while I'm kayaking in Florida, on a wilderness canoe outing in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, snow skiing in the Rockies, or on my way to teach one of my college classes. My students love it too. I like it because it's healthy and not overly sweet. What makes it my on-the-go snack of choice is it tastes great right out of the package -- the snack size packs are ideal for travel OR I just make my own with resealable sandwich bags. I've been enjoying this granola for over 20 years, and I'm glad it now comes in other flavors for variety. I've never tired of the taste of the original flavor, but I do love cinnamon and honey so the new ones seem like they've been made just for me. Thanks Mona! You're a gem! I also like how I can write to or call Mona and she is actually on the other end. She's a real human being and stands behind her wonderful products. -- How's THAT in this day and age of huge corporations that are out-of-touch with their customers? Not so at [...]. These folks are real and their products are awesome. I like doing business with them again and again.
229765229765B000KELSYIA3UIX27X9D33GVA. J. Leake1151215820800Finally - the perfect granola!Finally, a real granola that isn't sickly sweet! Everything about it is perfect - the balance of ingredients, the satisfyingly chewy texture, the nutty taste. I discovered it on vacation in Florida, and if I can't find it at home in Virginia, I will be buying it from Amazon. Absolutely heavenly with vanilla yogurt!
229766229766B000KELSYIA1F2A5E2LXSO0UBrianna Fae "Happy Girl!"1151206144000Fills me up for Iron Girl! Quality and the best price of them all!Crispy (even in milk!) and deliciously filling after a morning run... does life get any better than this? Thanks for making life a bit easier to be healthy on the go with a wholesome cereal with protein, vitamins, and roughage to keep us all energized to bring out the athletes in us. :-} Looking forward to new products!
229767229767B000KELSYIAW5LVFMCMRM2ZMary0051235952000Great GranolaMy favorite granola was from Eat Well & Be Well based in NY. But they didn't always have it on the menu. I found this granola while in Florida. It was priced right and seemed healthy.I add additional almonds, walnuts, blueberries and some banana. Delicious!
229768229768B000KELSYIA3JTGW5K3DB469Alyson Davidson0051220313600Wholesome, tasty goodness!!!Since being in North Carolina for 6 months, I didn't have the resources to purchase Mona's Granola here. I was delighted to see it was available on the internet and purchased 24 bags to get me through October. Eat it most every day with yogurt for lunch and never grow tired of it!! Just the best! Alyson D Palm City, FL/Newland, NC
229769229769B000KELSYIAPU9A37MX6Q70M. Demersseman "rvlovers"2441188000000Great without the raisinsI, too, am a fan of Mona's granola, so much so that I go to the trouble of picking out all the rock-hard raisins before I eat it. Those raisins will pull your fillings and crowns out! If they would just leave out the raisins they would have a superior product. (I add fresh blueberries instead - yum!)
229770229770B007IN5WQYA1YFPGLQ9DLUQAQuacking in Oregon "Dad to 4"0051331856000Deliciously smoothI love this coffee. It is very smooth. It reminds me of coffee that I had at a 4 star hotel that was $3 for an 8 oz cup. It is delicious!
229741229741B003CN5NPYA2JVODJWSQXJS9GeekTrain2341280275200From my Blog[...]

I picked up 2 packages of Accelerade Hydro today. Accelerade is the direct competitor to my favorite drink powder; Endurox R4. Both Endurox and Accelerade use the 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein. There is a version of Endurox R4 called "Restore" which has fewer calories and less sugar than the original but I have yet to find it when I need it so instead I will be reviewing the competitors product:

Accelerade HYDRO
Usage Instructions: Mix 1 packet with 12oz of water. Use before, during, and after exercise.
Copy: All the rehydration and endurance benefits of a regular sports drink with: 30% fewer calories; 55% less sugar
The secret of Accelerade Hydro is the patented and proven 4-1 carbohydrate-protein ration. Studies show that Accelerade Hydro:
Enhances Rehydration - Rehydrates athletes as effectively as a regular sports drink and twice as effectively as water.
Extends Endurance - Extends endurance as much as a regular sports drink and 48% more than water.

Calories: 60
Calories from Fat: 0
Total Fat: 0
Cholesterol: 5mg
Sodium: 180mg
Potassium: 55mg
Carbs: 10g
Sugars: 8g
Protein: 2.5

Warnings: Contains milk and soy. Manufactured in a facility that processes eggs, wheat, tree nuts, fish, crustaceans, and shellfish products. Wait what?!?

Honestly that is a strange mixture of products to be pushing through the same facilities.


I tried this product according to the instructions and can report that the product desolves fairly easily into cold water and definitly tastes like lemonade although there is a hint of creamy flavor on the backend that is neither welcome nor a deal-breaker. there is a certain weight to these drink powders I notice with Endurox as well which is why I never mix it into just 12oz of water, typically I will mix it into 21oz or more; besides who carries around only 12oz of water? I dont know if dilluting it into more water has any kind of negative effect on the product ability to produce results but I doubt it. All in all I find this product just as useful as any other recovery drink and the packaging very convenient to throw in the gym bag; although I find throwing a shaker bottle with a servings worth of dry powder into my gym bag just as convenient and much cheaper than the $1.75 I spent on this one serving.

Comparing it directly to Endurox R4 I can appreciate the benefit of lower calories and sugar however I would like to try Endurox R4 Restore and compare the Nutritional info on both before making any blanket statements as to my preferance of one over the other. That being said Accelerade is the only one available in a lemonade flavor which is a nice change from the barrels of fruit punch Endurox I have been going through.
229742229742B003CN5NPYA1SPRE8KA6TQKXDevin0051345075200I Have Definitely Noticed A DifferenceI bought Accelerade Hydro (Lemonade Flavor) because it seemed like the best substitute for the P90X Results and Recovery Formula. It features the same 4-1 Carbs to Protein formula to allow for quick muscle recovery after a taxing workout, and the taste is very easy to get used to. I haven't tried the P90X Results and Recovery or the Fruit Punch flavor of Accelerade Hydro, so I have no basis for comparison on that topic.

However, I can definitely say, I've noticed a huge difference in how I feel after my workouts. Before Accelerade Hydro, I had the all-too-familiar muscle soreness the next day - where almost any time I moved - I would experience some form of pain in my muscles (what the trainers like to call, "that good pain"). While I'm used to that - being someone who's played sports my entire life - it's not fun, and it makes pushing yourself hard the next day, less desirable. I like to be excited for my workouts, not dreading them. The soreness is still there, but it's nowhere near as prevalent. I'd say it went from an 80% down to about 15%...Seriously.

The label says you can drink this before, during or after your workouts, but I definitely prefer right after. The only reason I don't like drinking it during, is because it doesn't rinse my mouth of that thick saliva like water does. Plus, it's kind of like a little treat right after I'm finished.

Be sure to drink this within an hour of finishing your workout. It'll benefit you the most in that time period. Also, to respond to what someone else mentioned about a scoop not being in the tub, it's supposed to come with one. When you get the tub, it should have a seal underneath the screw-off top (similar to ketchup, get the idea). So if you get your tub and it isn't sealed, I would send it back for an exchange.

Overall, I love this stuff. I'm thinking of stocking up just so I don't have to worry about ordering for a few months. Also note: it's 50 servings! Results and Recovery tub is half that and about twice as expensive on Amazon.

229743229743B003CN5NPYANOBPCM5CCJC6Spencer0151316390400great!shipping was super fast and i got a great product for a fantastic price! thanks so much! i was looking for a good price on the lemonade flavor and that is exactly what i got here! will do business again!
229744229744B0017Y9UKOATM7RWY4W6NETM. Arnone4411304640000Disappointed!I usually love Chips Ahoy! but was totally disappointed with this purchase! Every single cookie was broken and crushed. I will not order this product from Amazon again.
229745229745B0017Y9UKOA2MAU41V5LD2I0Danny1151312761600These are great, but dont order onlineI bought these at a lower price somewhere else and they are awesome. Of course they will be all broken when you order online, they are hard cookies!
229746229746B0017Y9UKOAIDGMYWK4UN9JAl-Zamar McKinney0051348099200GREAT!I was somewhat hesitant to purchase cookies via amazon given the fact that another person had complained about receiving broken cookies, but I was delighted to see how much care the seller took in properly packaging the product; I opened a pack last night and there wasn't a single broken cookie and the cookies were fresh. Just as the description says, you receive 4 12 oz packs of Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies. I would definitely purchase again.
229747229747B004H4R1S4A35MRD2W2M9V0QBucky's Mom3351323907200Great gluten-free lasagne noodlesTinkyada brown rice pasta lasagne noodles live up to the description on the packaging - they cook up firm, not mushy, in the context of lasagne. In my lasagne, the pasta is not at the forefront of the ingredients; I use marinara, multiple meats, and spinach (no cheese as Bucky is also allergic to dairy). My husband, who has no food allergies, happily eats lasagne made with this pasta without noting any off flavors or textures.
For dishes where the pasta is at the forefront of the ingredients, our go-to pasta is typically quinoa pasta, mainly because of the greater nutritional value, more protein and fiber, but also because the texture is similar to wheat-based pasta; however, I have not been able to find quinoa-based lasagne noodles and am very happy that Tinkyada makes these noodles.
229748229748B004H4R1S4A3VADKFEO67NBNJeff1151326412800Excellent Gluten-Free LasagnaThis is the best gluten-free lasagna I've had! It doesn't break apart in the boiling process; it doesn't get mushy after baking. It also tastes great after reheating it in the microwave, which is very rare for gluten-free pasta. My husband, who is not allergic to gluten, also thinks the taste and texture of this pasta is great!
229749229749B000MS07ZSA2SIXFF0M93G27Joe Kay "exapno"171751202947200espresso supremoThis powder is great for adding a mocha flavor to baked goods. It is easy to work with too.
229750229750B000MS07ZSA25O91MQUBZJ2Cbebop4451297987200Wonderful!More than I expected. I received item quickly and it was wonderful.
I am very happy with it all.
229751229751B000MS07ZSA1XXVLQQ8LI6WPBushmasterlover1151326758400One Teaspoon of Instant Espresso--is what the recipe called for. I searched at many different stores and could not find anything close. Leave it to Amazon to have a source for this baking need. Right amount, fast delivery, and perfect in my cookie recipe "Gin soaked raisin cookies"--dee lish...
229752229752B000MS07ZSA28VGK955Y3TVORebecca0041322179200Espresso PowderLove the product! I make a mean Tiramisu cheesecake. I have used regular instant coffee in the recipe but it calls for espresso powder... I was really excited to find this product on Thank you!
229753229753B000MS07ZSA21CSDCVA7XDHFBrenda0051318809600Cake was wonderfulNeeded the Instant Expresso Coffee for a chocolate Cake recipte. The package was more than I needed, but the cake turned out wonderful. Thanks Amazon...I couldn't find this item anywhere and a friend suggested I try
229754229754B000RY6T2WA1KZR6ARVVX0N5sam kane0051184112000The best rice pasta!It seems ridiculously expensive, but it is actually worth every penny. The bag contains more that usual, but more importantly, it is savory and delicious. I think that I would eat this instead of wheat pasta if I had the choice.
229755229755B0001CXU4KA1QU9ZNNQ8HN9BS. Rider1151308268800Unusual colors, large crystalsIt's a bit pricey with shipping, but I bought this because this brand has unusual colors. I needed purple for a King Cake, and here in Illinois you just can't find purple sugar. I actually like this brand quite a bit, and would recommend it.

The colors are nice and bright compared to some cheaper brands I've seen. The first thing I noticed, however, is that the sugar crystals are LARGE compared to the near-shavings I get from the colored sugars I got at the local grocery store. I guess I'll have to go buy the Green and Gold ones too, so they match next time.
229756229756B0001CXU4KA3YN53HOE32CLT. Marshall1151300665600Red, White & BlueThese were awesome on the cookies we made for my Son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Would be great for 4th of July or honoring military.

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