Amazon Fine Food Reviews

229814229814B000J36M4QA2HM4HCDJCYS7USal Coraccio ""1151174953600Quite TasteyThese are surprisingly satisfying - or at least they compel one, vigorously, to seek satisfaction through their persistent munching. They're organic, wheat free and a good source of calcium. There's protein and iron to be had here too, though to a lesser extent. Sodium level is tolerable at a percent of your RDA for each 2.5 inch disk consumed. Serving size is five and that is just about fine for one sitting. I'm about to pull the trigger on this box of 12 packages - moto ee-des!
229815229815B000J36M4QAN1LBSQEOTEEYRobbie0051300752000YUM!I love these crackers, I am totally addicted. I occasionally buy them from a local natural food store, but I was paying more. The only thing with having crackers delivered by mail (or UPS) is the break issue. In each package there were several cracked or broken crackers.

Other than that, they are gluten free, and delish!
My whole family loves them.
229816229816B000J36M4QA60ATYEZM715OJ. Oswald0051234915200ADDICTIVELY GOODI love these, totally addicted, and Amazon is definitely cheaper than in the local store .. IF you can even find them locally. Delicious
229817229817B000J36M4QA2QD2VV38KBGADMarc Sahr0051234310400Love themAbsolutely love these crackers. They are as addictive as everyone has said. As a vegan, and diabetic I can appreciate this low carb snack that tingles the taste buds.
229818229818B000J36M4QA2GUBDVTJBDSJ0Mary J. Tecce "Mary Jo Tecce"0051226966400san-j black sesame rice crackersMy son purchased these crackers for me because I follow a gluten-free diet. These are the tastiest crackers I have ever eaten. They have a depth of savory flavor that teases the palate like a good wine. Although thicker than the usual rice cracker, they still have a delicate crunch, and, since their taste is subtle, they support rather than overwhelm any spread or cheese placed upon them. A real treasure!
229819229819B000J36M4QA3MN7BV26H5QUAAngela E. "Gluten-Free Mom"0051214611200Absolutely wonderful and highly addictiveI love these crackers. I bought them for my kids who are on a gluten free diet and everybody at home and at work loves them.
They are delicious, healthy, and satisfying.
229820229820B000J36M4QA31ZOKKP6MKM6BMegrims0051209081600Too good to be called crackers.These are so unbelievably good. Addictive, even. The tamari is perfect - not too salty, a little acidity and a lot of umami - and the nuttiness of the sesame is a nice foil. Great by themselves, but I love them topped with goat cheese and dusted with chives. They're also much more visually appealing than your average saltine - they're a very dark brown, liberally speckled with black sesame seeds.
229821229821B000J36M4QA2KFY4NRYUL33FG. Harris0051200700800Seriously addictingI can't eat gluten, so once I discovered these crackers they became my "bread." I agree with the other reviewers who say it's hard to stop once you start eating them. Great with melted cheese and a small slice of tomatoe as a mini-"pizza" when you can't eat wheat. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
229822229822B000J36M4QA2K32YFT75JBX7H. Dixon0051195948800The Best crackers ever!I am absolutely addicted to these crackers. They are over $4.00 a pack in the high end health food stores, so I buy them on line in boxes of 12 packs for a considerable savings. Wonderful with cheese and to die for with olive tapenade.
229823229823B000J36M4QA12TCCN0Q057T2Naillig0051194912000Can't stop eating themThese are so delicious once I open a package I can't stop eating them! They have a delicious toasty sesame taste and a nice crunch. Great crackers!
229824229824B000J36M4QA2X9NU2VE0S01PJWoolman1251291248000Great all by themselvesThese San-J Black Sesame Rice Crackers are so good that I just eat them by themselves. I also like the San-J sesame brown rice made with regular sesame seeds instead of black sesame seeds, but like these black sesame variety a bit more. They are especially helpful for me if I'm too busy to eat in general (I need to be relaxed usually), but I can digest these with no problem and eat them while working at the computer, and the sesame seeds give more nutritional value. They have a lot of sesame seeds on them.

I just wish Amazon still sold them directly (preferably in Subscribe & Save) at a cheaper price. This price is out of my range, even before shipping is added. I know that I got the San-J sesame brown rice variety by the case from Amazon in summer 2009 for about $35 (free shipping), but the only ones sold now by Amazon (in Fall 2010) seem to be the plain tamari rice crackers (no sesame). Will have to keep searching to replenish my pantry with them at a better price.
229825229825B000J36M4QA267PS1M5MR2IP. Denny0311237766400Shipping makes these much more expensive than grocery storeGREAT crackers. But for those who say these are cheaper than at their store they probably weren't including shipping. Shipping to me made these $4.40 for each package. Our local and very expensive grocery store sells them for $4.
229826229826B000I60K06A1ISI2NZCQVHLZDebra A. Sjberg "debra9591"6651292544000Been using this product for 37 yearsI have been using this flavor wheatgerm for 37 years and now find myself living in an area where it is not sold anywhere. I have asked 2 managers of 2 different grocery stores to order it for me and they said they couldn't. When I was in Florida a couple of years ago I bought every jar they had in the local grocery store just so I would have it for awhile. A few months ago I ran out and decided to see if it was on Amazon never imagining it actually was. I was so pleasantly suprised to find it here. Now I never have to worry about running out again! My son and I use this product to sprinkle on stew, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and macaroni salad. It adds a nice flavor and texture. It is a staple in my life just as much as pepper or ketchup.
229827229827B000I60K06ATJZ2IBUD9NMLRetroGurl3351295654400Great stuff that's good for you!I love this wheatgerm. I sprinkle it on top of plain yogurt with bananas and honey, every morning for breakfast. It gives you energy, is good for you and loaded with vitamins. I also use it for cooking. I make banana bread with this and it comes out soooo yummy. The honey crunch is very hard to find, so when I do find it, I stock up! Also makes fantastic Oatmeal cookies!
229828229828B000I60K06AKPW4YRFF5BFYMary D2251293494400Honey Crunch WheatgermI have a recipe for home made crackers that calls for wheat germ. The Kretschmer Honey Crunch Wheatgerm is a wonderful wheat germ for this recipe.
229829229829B000I60K06A3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W2251265673600Keep a jar in your fridgeI have been giving away my secrets for the last week. Here is another one. Besides the normal benefits, keep a jar in your fridge. I have found it very useful for diarreah. I am NOT a doctor. I am just telling you what works for me (and I have told many friends about this secret.)

For "D," I take one teaspoon and chew it up. It is very dry. I drink some water with it to get it down. I wait 30 minutes and repeat. I have found it to stop the "D" without stopping the need to get rid of waste. It just makes things solid. That way, you are still getting rid of what needs to go, without all the cramping and running and misery.

The Honey Crunch has more flavor than the plain and a slightly sweet taste. I ALWAYS keep some in my home. Sometimes I even throw an unopened jar in the suitcase when I am traveling--just in case, unless there is a food store nearby. Of course, if you have a wheat allergy, don't use it.
229830229830B000I60K06A32NFFKLW98XC2Elinore Olsen1151336089600Thank god you had itThe stores around here quit carrying Honey Crunch Wheatgerm, so I turned to the great Amazon. Because I've got to have my Honey Crunch Wheatgerm fix in the mornings! I use it on cereal, yogart, toast with peanut butter. It adds crunch and more nutrition without altering the taste too much. What would I do without it--and so what would I do without Amazon?
229801229801B0010B09NQA5SXBZC5AGAHLstill_learnin1151293926400Oregon Hill Seedless Marionberry JamOriginally started out as a joke because my sister-in-law's name is Marion (and a real running joke regarding a former D.C. mayor by the same name). This item quickly became a flavorful favorite especially because it has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Consequently, I am now a returning customer have found it a really good experience order from this company and Amazon.
229802229802B0010B09NQALP0E9PM8G9GKS. Due "and the Weiner Patrol"0051326153600GREAT TASTING!Due to dietary restrictions, I cannot use this myself. However I sent this to my sister in Germany as part of her Christmas present. She absolutely RAVED about it!
229803229803B0010B09NQA1192KPCYERLNEB. D. white0051322179200Yummy....I purchased this Jam for my wife who really loves Marionberry Jam. She absolutely loves the jam and I suspect that we will be purchasing additional jam in the future. Of course, this will not be for some time as she won't let me have any of the jam!
229804229804B0010B09NQA3JG32HEF2K1VHLillyjo0051291939200The best Jam!!This is the best Made in Oregon jam I have ever tasted. There is one in the market, but is hard to locate.
229806229806B0010B09NQA9VOUXEJV2OQC. Rotfeuer "Pigs is Pigs."0051203811200Best jam ever!Oregon Hill produces the best jams and preserves. So flavorful, full of fruit pieces, and super fresh. Well worth the cost.
229807229807B0001VWGKAA50BYTTPJI3BTNevada Gal "Consumate Homemaker"4551289260800A hard to find product!I needed these Juniper berries fora Sauerbraten recipe. Couldn't find them in any store, so was pleased to find them here. Very pleased with transaction. Will be back!
229808229808B0001VWGKAA1RYVO6VGL1JU4marty0031342310400Good supplier and productThe supplier emailed me to check whether I wanted green or black berries which I thought was an impressive followup. The berries arrived in a plastic bag when I was expecting a glass container as per the advertising pitcure. However, all in all I was happy with the service and the product.
229809229809B0001VWGKAAHQKTT3JST1VJCynthia Mathiesen0051319846400Whole Juniper BerriesThese juniper berries were exactly what I needed to cook a few German and Danish dishes. I was happy to find these online since the local grocery store doesn't carry them.
229810229810B0001VWGKAA1KHLFFVR81PHJJohn T. Parker0041310774400Good BuyGood price on these and they seem to be of good quality. I can only give it 4 stars since there is some debris in each bag that has to be filtered out before use.
229811229811B003UN6Q8EA36RXEB3FGVN9GDonna L. Dalton "DSquared"0041335571200Addictive SnackingThis is a great spicy snack mix. The mix contains pretzels in different shapes (it would be nice to have fewer pretzels and more of the other stuff) with variety of rice crackers, honey sesame chips (my favorite!), cajun corn sticks, chilli cheese corn twists, and wasabi peas(another of my favorites). the blend will satisfy those who want the sweet/salty combination and then the bonus of a spicy kick. I just wish there were fewer pretzels, since they are not my favorite (hence, the 4 stars). Great party snack, I think if you added some of your favorite nuts, e.g., almonds, peanuts, or cashews it would be good also! The packaging is great and the canisters (barrels) can be reused for other snacks if you are so inclined.
229812229812B0004N0E2CA1IL6W1NK05UW9C. Baker "cbaker"1151105574400Awesome JuiceI love V8. It looks and tastes mostly like tomato juice but it's really a vegetable juice because it contains more than just tomato juice. V8 is very tasty and refreshing as a beverage - and it even works as a snack. A nice tall glass of V8 will give you a healthy way to tide you over when you feel a little hungry between meals.

The regular V8 flavor is nice and tasty.
229813229813B0004N0E2CA1L43KWWR05PCSLawyeraau0051109376000MORE THAN JUST JUICE...I really enjoy this vegetable juice. It makes for a nice switch from tomato juice. Even though it tastes a little like tomato juice, there is a distinct difference. I enjoy it with a twist of lemon, especially when I am on the Weight Watchers meal plan.

This is also quite a versatile juice, as I use it to make a very tasty beef stew, substituting this vegetable juice for water. It gives the stew a very rich, delicious flavor. The flavor of the carrots, potatoes, and peas in the stew really seem to pop, and the beef acquires a delicious taste. My kids love my beef stew.

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