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229862229862B000XS6RJWA1C7ATCT9XSEZ2J. Morningstar0051330560000what a difference!One of my cats has bad diabetes so we switched them all to a mixture of diabetic friendly wet food and this NB dry food. The difference between this and the premium store cat food like iams and purina is astronomical! I use a considerable amount less as this fills their bellies fast and lasts them longer! All of them seem more vibrant and playful and no one throws up anymore (unless they have eaten too fast). It's still more expensive even though I don't have to use as much but its well worth the price when I see them so healthy! I tried several other dry foods (including prescription) before this one and although others worked well, this one is the cheapest high quality dry food I have found that works so well with my cat's tummies and none of them complain about having to eat it (as they have with other high quality brands)!

Try it out, your cats will love it!
229863229863B000XS6RJWA3C2W5P8RJ7LS2Aeschylus0051329609600Hallelujah!Well call me Shirley.... I'm currently looking over a couple kittens, one of which has had chronic diarrhea for 5 mos. First, I had to clear her of worms and two separate parasites, but yet the diarrhea continued and I was pulling my hair out. I switched from another all-natural brand to Natural Balance and voila! The diarrhea has completely disappeared within a matter of a couple days. Reading other reviews, it seems other folks have had the same issue with the same outcome after trying this brand. I don't know what "it" is about their formula to make this happen, but I love them for it.
229864229864B000XS6RJWA275Q9JWZ83KCGL. WAYMAN0051329350400My two cats love this!I've bought the Natural Balance salmon and green pea and chicken and green pea, but this one is their favorite. I'll put out a bowl of chicken and green pea and the duck and green pea, and the chicken and green pea sits there until the duck is gone and they are hungry enough to eat it!
229865229865B000XS6RJWA3MAT2E4XDJHY5moderate user0051329091200Finally, no more diarrhea!Got this for a kitten who has had diarrhea for 7 months. We had tried four other foods--Two science diet from vet, two that were free of soy, corn or wheat; none worked. He had been on antibiotics+Benebac, prednisone, an anti-inflammatory that is also a chemo drug (kinda scary) and had surgery to see if he had cancer. This seems to be working! Still don't know WHAT he is allergic to, but this food seems to be good for him. My other cat eats it fine, too. ""0031328400000Try a smaller amount first to see if your cat will eat itI'm sure this is a quality product and there are alot more positive reviews than negative but I would suggest if you've never tried this product before, to get a smaller amount and see if your cat will take to it. My cat eats ANYTHING that I previously would put before her but with this product, she progressively started eating less and less of it to the point where I now have half of the bag left and she won't touch it at all - and it's not like this is the only thing I feed her. I give her a variety of wet and dry food and I often give her whatever I cook up for myself whether it is chicken or fish or fresh vegetables, she'll eat anything but she won't touch this dried food anymore.
229867229867B000XS6RJWA339ZN69W7N8PWMalinger Now0041328313600good but priceyI was a little surprised by the problems experienced by Soulwriterchick per her review. Four adult cats in our house, two with sensitive gut or skin, have been eating this stuff for two months. They like it (after several tentative days) as well as the similar-quality (but too expensive) "Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Cat Food." Their preference for this food is the same as their preference for the much cheaper (by the 20-lb bag) Iams Adult Active Maturity. Natural Balance has better ingredients, though. Comparing these 3 products with Science Diet: They like the new Science Diet Age Defying Senior Dry Cat Food best by flavor (costs almost as much as Halo) BUT the Science Diet foods have ingredients no better in quality than the far cheaper IAMS and the cats, all of them, eat far too much of the Science Diet (or act like they're starving), making it the least economical of the bunch. It's clear the "scientists" at Science Diet have developed some kind of kittie-cocaine. grrr.

update: after another month of use, I find the gang, after getting used to the non-standard taste, have migrated to this dry food and have not been eating as much of the IAMS or a sensitive-cat Purina product. They also like the Halo product a lot now.

5-month Update: A recent emotional blow for the cats, losing their older brother, seems to have made them very fussy about food. I had also made the mistake of giving them some canned food a few months back--a BIG mistake. Anyhow, at present, they are refusing to eat this Natural Balance Dry food. It is good stuff. I just have to figure out how to get them back on track.
229868229868B000XS6RJWABPPW1ELSB51RJustin W. Shertzer0051323820800Great cat foodMy two cats love this food. One of them had a suspected gluten allergy - he would lick himself to the point of forming bald spots - and after a few months of switching food, his hair has almost all grown back in.
229869229869B000XS6RJWA1EELKX9H5B4CSRose0051323561600cleared up chronic diarrhea overnightMy cat suffered from chronic diarrhea for years. I tried blood tests, antibiotics, nutritional supplements, and every variety of cat food on the market. Finally I tried this one and it worked overnight -- no more diarrhea. It is truly a miracle worker!
229870229870B000XS6RJWA2N3TOK3OZKDCQVa Breezey One "Not going quietly"0051320451200AWESOME Natural...Alternative to what the Vet offeredMy cat who I rescued almost 2 years ago, was having digestive issues. On her yearly visit to the Vet I mentioned that she was passing gas....PHEW After a course of antibiotics and some Pro-Biotics, he said she had Inflammatory Bowl Disease. He wanted us to purchase a Deer or Duck dry food for her, it was 5 pounds, and cost $50.00! I said Oh no, I will cook for her for that price! Then I contacted Natural Balance and spoke with them in detail about her condition. They recommended this LID (limited ingredient) food. It took me some time to switch her over...since she was SUPER stubborn! I am proud to say I WON!!! She also has no bowl issues anymore, her coat is stunning, no runny poops...I could go on! Wonderful company, and awesome Natural food!!!Natural Balance Dry Cat Food, Limited Ingredient Diet Green Pea and Duck Formula, 10 Pound Bag
229871229871B000XS6RJWA2ZWKYW17TF2KHGinger "The Ginger Snap"0041319932800The kitty eats itGot this for the kitty with suspected food allergies. Small kibble size is good, and though she is not crazy about it, she does eat it. Seems to be helping some with her inflamed complexion, time will tell.
229872229872B000XS6RJWAZKAPYY0K1Q2FKatelynn0051319068800Tried many other holistic/natural brands.I have two older male kittens, and I've had them since they were just 6 and 8 weeks old. They are not siblings. The one has had no problems with food, but other one has been dealing with horrid smelling chronic diarrhea for a while now. I've tried Castor and Pollux, Merrick's Grain-Free, and Solid Gold Katzenflocken. Finally I decided to give this one a try, and it has worked like a charm. No more yucky smelling, messy poos from Norman! His coat is now as lustrous as my other cat and my litter box stays much cleaner, and so does he.
My only wish is that it came in larger quantities than the 10lb bag, two growing 6 & 7 month old kittens eat A LOT and one bag has only been lasting me about 2.5 weeks!
229873229873B000XS6RJWA1SQZWR4USW4W9Carol Hahn0041316304000cat food!Service is great at Amazon! I ordered the 6 pack of this cat food & worried that my can would hate it BUT my cat loves this cat food!
229874229874B000XS6RJWA1BCLK85DX93AXS. Wolf0051292630400This Food Made My Cat HealthyMy vet told me my cat was probably allergic to his food, probably because of the grains. And the only way to stop his chronic diarrhea was to try new foods until I found one that he was not allergic to. In just a few days of feeding Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck Formula to him, his stomach problems vanished and he is healthy again. What more can I say? I will never stop feeding him this food.
229875229875B000XS6RJWAQSQQH59T7HBKMatchka0051291161600helped my catMy cat started frequently wetting outside her box. Many vet visits later there was no improvement, but a woman told me her cat had similar problems 'til she switched to this grain-free food. I tried it, & after 3 days with only this food she became totally litterbox reliable- not a single accident since!
229876229876B000XS6RJWA2161K33Q5DZ3DN. Dillard "nearsighted nonnie"1251341532800great limited ingreadient cat foodIf your cats are recommend to be on a limited ingredient diet and they are used to a dry food, then this is a great food to put them on. The quality is good, my cats like it better than venison and green pea. My cats like it better than the canned verson. They are not used to canned food. Vets will recommend you used canned cat food. Cats have a way to deciding these things themselves.
229877229877B000XS6RJWATQHTQS12AJT2Amy0111335312000Cats won't eat itMy cats are not finicky eaters. They will eat most anything offered. However they would not touch this food. Even with introducing it slowly mixed with their regular food, they refused to eat at all. I had to dump it and go back to just their regular brand. Now I'm stuck with a pricey brand of cat food that won't be used.
229878229878B000XS6RJWA2QQJXNX4IIDUDesign Dude0131303689600My cats won't eat thisI have two cats and neither will eat this food. I really wish they would because I've read that it's good for cats with allergies. Too bad because I'm running out of options. My cat has sores all over his skin and pukes a lot. The ZD prescription diet cat food is the only thing that has worked but the crappy ingredients in it cause the cats to become very lethargic and their coats become very dull. The ZD cat food has horrible ingredients as well.

It would be nice to be able to find a cat food that the cats will eat, won't cause digestive or allergic reactions and won't require me to get a second job just to pay for the damn stuff.
229879229879B000XS6RJWA2J5Z0AE8GTC8IBigwig Y1521317600000There must be better LID than this...The first ingredient on my NB bag is Peas, followed by Duck, Pea Protein, and Canola Oil (Best By 20-May-2012). No wonder my cat's coat is so dull lately; she is taking too much protein from non-meat origin! I do not consider this "premium quality cat food" any more and I am changing her dry food to other LID brand.

I now feel uneasy to buy a product that has several different versions of ingredients list. What is written on their website is different from what I see on the bag; the company's website lists "Pea, Duck, Duck Meal, and Pea Protein" as the first 4 ingredients. There is even a list on major pet supply store's websites with "Duck Meal" as a second ingredient and "Duck" itself is not on the list. What should I believe?
229880229880B004JNRHQEAMLIRJ3CL48W2Anne Bellone-Couvertier0051334707200Vet RecommendedOur Vet is very much into high quality nutrition for optimal health for our dogs and cats. I used to be able to get Natural Balance at a store near us, but they closed. I didn't know until recently that Amazon sold pet food. What a wonderful surprise! I'm so glad to have found this. If you only knew what was in that cheap, low quality'd be horrified. It explains why so many of our pets get cancer. Good nutrition is key. Did you know that those cheaper brand dog and cat foods contain, road kill, sick and uthanized animals (cats and dogs, among others), and dangerous dyes and preservatives? When I think about what I fed my animals before I knew any better, it just makes me cringe. Would highly recommend this.
229881229881B000J36M4GA3M330TCICFNKTCarol Navarra "carolsn"1141258070400SAN-J TAMARI BROWN RICE CRACKERSThis product is very flavorful and has a good texture. It is a hard, crisp product, so if one has TMJ or Denture problems, it may prove a little bit hard on them for that reason. Other than this, it would do well as an hors d'oeuvres with a nice topping on it for special occasions. It makes a nice soup and cracker combo. It is thicker and larger than most crackers in the same classification, thus the reason for less crackers per package than many in the same category. We like these crackers and eat them on a regular basis. The whole grain goodness is what we are looking for, and these meet that criteria. Don't hesitate to buy if you love Rice Crackers, as these are on the top of the line.
229882229882B000J36M4GA32XVHER9DNPPIjonnyw1241299715200big price increaseI just ordered a box of 12 two weeks ago for $35 and now it has jumped to $47. What a surprise.
229883229883B000J36M4GAVROY8WC5O2G3lou490141343606400rice crackersReally like these crackers...and I spent almost 9 yrs. living w/ my father, who was in the Navy stationed in Japan. I reordered. They have a good flavor. Are cracker-like but not hard.
229884229884B000EI1VLUA2MIHIBW4H1Y6ZAmygdalia303041169510400Works great for me, with modificationsI've been using this product for over a year, to bake for my egg allergic son. I've had excellent results when substituting 1 or 2 eggs in a baking recipe. However, I always DOUBLE the amount of Organ no-egg powder they recommend (the package says for each egg, use 1 tsp of orgran no-egg, and 2 Tbsp of water . . . I use 2 rounded tsp orgran and 2 Tbsp water) and I whisk it until it's nice and foamy.

I've not tried using it for other cooking (custards, souffles, etc) so my review does not take those into account.
229885229885B000EI1VLUA9C5JO0F5MI2IT. Brower8841201392000EggcellentOur son is allergic to eggs and soy. The egg replacer does a great job with his pancakes, birthday cake, and other baked things. It does not taste quite like an egg, but that was expected. The only downside is that we had to buy a case, instead of a single box to try it out.
229886229886B000EI1VLUA1396J9PY8SUUNbaker from MI5541278720000Great for baking if you have food allergies!This product is great when used in baking. I've been using this for the past 3 years and have made numerous batches of cupcakes, muffins, coffee cakes, birthday cakes, etc. My son has had severe food allergies for the past 8 years; none of his classmates even know that the baked goods I take to class are egg and dairy free! I do usually double the amount for each egg (2 tsp/2 Tablespoon of water) and I only use recipes that call for 1 or 2 eggs. You also need to use a whisk and whip the "no egg" with the water thoroughly until it is frothy and thickened, then mix it with the oil and other liquid then add to the dry ingredients. It works great; people are always asking me for my recipes using this stuff. :)
229887229887B000EI1VLUA3OHFCUMFDU7NTMaureen McDonald2211247011200Yuck !Bitter after taste and does not work well in baking unless you like flat cakes and brownies.
229888229888B000EI1VLUA24DY7ZW7Q9VW7JunieB1411188950400does this stuff really work??This review is based on only using this product once according to the directions. I used it in a brownie recipe in place of real eggs. The brownies didn't fully cook after 25 minutes and I wasn't going to bake them any longer. They were ruined. I may take the other reviewers suggestion and use twice as much next time. Kinda disappointed as I bought this for my nephew who is allergic to milk and egg.
229889229889B000VM2N5WA2IFU8300XY5HCpeanut0041337126400chewy bonesMy dog absolutely loves these bones. I prefer the large size as to the extra large. They keep my dog busy and do not make a mess on the carpet.
229890229890B000EVT05GA20L63B48RPSOHWix6651222300800Yummy, different tasting fishies!These fish pack a real flavor punch!

We've been on a Haribo taste testing tour here in my house for the last few months. The bears, frogs (big and small), cherries were first and all gobbled up with much pleasure. So I ordered these a couple weeks ago in hopes of another hit, was not disappointed!

If you are tired of the same ol gummy and like a little zing in your candy you will really enjoy this 5 pound bag of colorful fish. We ordered these from Amazon when they were having a sale, they arrived within 3 days with the Super Saver Shipping.

0 complaints - on to the next Haribo delight!
229861229861B000XS6RJWA58OQCOMSTBXTHmurra10051333238400Perfect for my kittiesHave used this cat food for about 7 months now. I got two kittens from the same litter and one had IBS. Science Diet only made it worse. After a gradual change to Natural Balance, his symptoms have disappeared. Both kitties are energetic and happy. They love the green pea and duck formula but won't touch the salmon formula...typical! Love that I can purchase this from Amazon with Prime shipping. Saves me from having to drive 45 miles to the nearest store that carries the brand. Highly recommend giving this product a try--especially if you have a cat with tummy troubles.

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