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229981229981B003XV6XEAA5PRIW11M9TATL. A. Fisher0011318464000BUYER BEWAREThis purchase is NOT what it claims. It is advertised as "Nilla Vanilla Wafers". When it arrived there were 6 plain bags of something that sort of resembled a "Nilla Wafers", BUT...they taste horrible! I complained to Amazon about this and they apologized and sent me a new order...just like the last one! :- Not good! This time they apologized and credited my account. I don't know what is up with these wafers. The box said "Nabisco Nilla Vanilla Wafers", just ain't so!!
229982229982B000WB1YSEAAWCQ1P9GH5E9Christine M. Sassman0051322352000great teaI have had bought the tea in Alaska and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had not been able to find the tea where I am now and was pleased to find it online from Amazon.
229983229983B000WB1YSEA12RENX5XGKZDODanny Amonsin0051321660800Very natural tastingThis tastes very natural like your drinking pure tea straight from being picked. It doesn't taste artificial, so if you usually drink tea that has some sort of sweetener, you may not like this.

It brews very nicely because of the nylon tea bag, so you get all the tea very nicely in one cup, the amount of leaves in the bag is enough to only make one cup, and if won't have a strong taste even if you leave it in the cup too long.

Would recommend if you want a healthy tasting green tea.
229984229984B000WB1YSEA2U4078VMY69H9Kristen P.0051321660800So much tea!This is such a great value for the amount of yummy tea you get. I highly recommend this Amazon deal.
229985229985B000WB1YSEALHJM3PUMEQGFJ. M. R. Caballero0041321142400I gifted itThe reason for me buying this product was that I heard it's good for the heart. I know someone who could use some of that goodness so I immediately went for it. The box was definitely bigger than what I was expecting, I liked that, still it's a bit awkward if you were trying to give a "small something" lol. Anyway, I haven't actually tasted it but I asked the gift's recipient for her opinion and she said:

"needs sugar
but its cool
i like it"
229986229986B000WB1YSEA3DGUUOOY0SFIWDandy0051320883200Healthy ProductThis is the second time for me to order the same product. The taste is really nice, and it is a good way to boost metabolism.
229987229987B000WB1YSEA3C6E651GW72TNFuji0041319500800Tea tastes great, but strange stuff happensBought two packs of this tea. It tastes incredibly wonderful. However, after using a single cup for this tea for the past week, I noticed small, strange green gel on my cup. It's sticky and has a strange odor to it. It would appear after a few minutes while the tea bag is still in the cup. I'm worried about it and haven't found anything online about what it may be.
229988229988B000WB1YSEA3UH37YHV1W5ILGraciela Morffiz0051319500800high quality product.Product in general is amazing, the tea bags came in a polyester fabric
witch is very easy to let the extracts of the plant melt in the water.
the convenience quantity for that price and quality is a plus.
229989229989B000WB1YSEA337HMZV9GJGWFjojotoo10051318550400Mmm Mmm GoodI was given a sample of the Kirkland Signature green tea and loved it. I was pleased to find it sold on Amazon and enjoy having a cup with my breakfast. Thank you Amazon for carrying a wide diverse product line that satisfies everyone.
229990229990B000WB1YSEA2VRVSIUSMTRBALuna0051317945600The real deal green tea.This green tea is delicious! I've been in Japan and I can tell you this tea is a good quality green japanese tea, nothing like the ones you can find in the supermarket.

That little green dust that comes out of the package when you open it is absolutely normal in good quality japanese teas like this!

The price might seem a little high but the box is big and it will last you a long time.
229991229991B000WB1YSEAWVTQ8Y0DN9S9jonbp0051317859200Green TeaI was quite pleased with all phases of the purchase through Amazon. The price was a key factor in choosing to buy from this seller. However, the delivery was made in a minimum amount of time and though I was a bit concerned with possible damage to the product during shipping (I had ordered six boxes of the tea), the item arrived in a well packed box in perfect condition. The tea is a new selection for us and we are very pleased with the quality of the product. Perfectly satisfied with the purchase through Amazon. It could not have been better handled.
229992229992B000WB1YSEA1D7BE64YN2U66Vicki Ann Scobell0051317168000green teaThis tea is fresh and full of flavor. It is a rich colored green tea. I think this tea is one of the best I every had.
229993229993B000WB1YSEA1BZCP2CEU7JLFdeppfan0051317081600Finally good tasting Green TeaSo...after buying numerous varieties of Green Tea in the Super Market and Health Food stores, this Ito En Matcha satisfied. It has good color, flavor and tastes like healthy Green Tea should. Other teas have lacked the flavor and freshness this tea has.
229994229994B000WB1YSEA1RX1GJS7JS2ITGideon'smom*of*40051316908800I thought I did not like green tea.....I picked up a box of this tea at my local Costco recently. My DR recommended that I switch from coffee to green tea for the health benefits. I was not thrilled with the idea because I never had liked green tea. So I tried this and it is soooooo good. I love that you only have to steep it for 30 seconds in hot water and it still taste flavorful and not bland and yucky. I also really like that you can cold brew it, you just use one bag for every 8oz of cold water and let steep for 3 mins. Makes a quick tasty glass of iced tea. I've never like iced green tea before either(I love iced black tea). I'm so happy I decided to give this tea a try.
229995229995B000WB1YSEA101JWS2WOUCMQDenDen0051316563200The real green teaI love the green tea Japanese restaurants serve. The tea is strong and very green in color. For years I could not find similar tea in any Asian grocery stores. My colleague gave this tea bag for me to try. Wow! It is exactly like the tea you get in a Japanese restaurant. Amazon is offering it at an amazing price. I cannot be happier with it.
229996229996B000WB1YSEA2MKDOEB6K6KS1Faris Alkandari0051316476800The taste is very niceThe taste of this green tea reminds me of the way green tea usually tastes in Japan. Ito-en is a famous green tea brand in Japan.
229997229997B000WB1YSEA3DZMDTBJ7PQX7L. fuller0051316390400kirkland green tea is awesomeI am very happy with the Kirkland Green Tea. It arrived promptly and this green tea is great quality.
Thank you!
229998229998B000WB1YSEA2TNGO6SGRH8A7Miguel Aguirre0051315958400Taste good.I thought the pricing was great because your getting 100 tea bags for about $11 which is pretty damn good. At first I couldn't really taste the flavor but for some reason I started to taste it after 3 cups.
229999229999B000WB1YSEA1YFK6EHSVJKNHB. J. Cazin0051315440000Kirkland Signature Ito en Match Blend Green TeaAh, my favorite......I have Fibromyalgia and this 100% Japanese green tea leaves in unique bags is the most comforting and enjoyable tea I have ever had. I love the taste of matcha. delivers this one to my door exactly when I want it.
230000230000B000WB1YSEA2CBAZ2UAOGY5M. Weaver0051314316800One of the best...I drink many different brands of green tea and this one by far is the best yet. I do agree with another reviewer that it would be better if it was organic. I drink about 6 cups a day, the less chemicals the better.
230001230001B000WB1YSEAVPHR8EYJXXVILorijo Metz "Lorijo"0051313712000Best Green TeaLove Kirklan's Signature green tea. Every time I open a bag it feels like a treat and I know I'm going to get a quality cup of green tea. Got a box for a gift and then ordered a box for my son's girlfriend who loves green tea.
230002230002B000WB1YSEA1CDYZIHT50YAARahul P. Mehta "Absolute Chrome"0051313712000Neon green? No, it's just green tea.Great tea... I love that the color confuses people with lime koolaide. This tea tastes fantastic. I haven't tried it over ice yet but soon. I typically put 4 drops of stevia in my cup and it satiates my sweet tooth. The package suggests to empty the remainder leaves from the bag into your cup after steeping. I've never done this before but I like it a lot. I highly recommend this green tea. Your insides will thank you.
230003230003B000WB1YSEA29DELM6V6LPMFPinky0051313193600Great teaLike other reviewers, I have to agree that this tea is great. Ito En is a great brand and is known for making high quality Japanese teas.

Likewise, this tea is sold at Costco as well.
230004230004B000WB1YSEA1NH2K8N77S5RYFlight_173 "Flow on"0051313193600Great if you want tea bagsI bought these back in 08, and I still have a ¼ package left in year 11. These will last you a while. (I don't drink tea everyday though). Each bag can be re-used a few times ~2-3 times each depending on the size of your cup. I usualy make tea from a cast iron tea pot, but sometimes i'm in a rush. This tea is excelent tasting (oishi desu) for baged tea. Your tea won't be a green as the photo, but it will be like a yellow green. If your in the market for bagged green tea, you my friend just found the right page.
230005230005B000WB1YSEA34IG8YBCG65TNMaria0051312848000NO HOT WATER REQUIIRED. ROOM TEMPERATURE OR HOT WATER -- YOUR CHOICEI've never been a tea drinker. I don't like hot drinks. I end up throwing boxes of tea out because it expires before I drink it. BUT NOT THIS TEA, I'M ALREADY ON MY SECOND CUP TODAY. I'm sure I will drink up the whole 100 packs in one month or less.

This tea can be steeped in room temperature water. That's right. No need to heat up any water. Just steep it for 3 minutes in room temperature water. GREAT FOR CAMPING AND ON THE RUN.

I've never liked green tea either because it is so bitter.

This tea has no bitter taste to it.

I bought mine at Costco 2 days ago and was going to force myself to drink it for all the health benefits including antioxidants and to speed up my metabolism. Green tea takes an inch off my waste after just one cup. Apparently, with age we get bloated. But I won't need to force myself to drink it because it has no bitter taste to it at all. It is so pleasant drinking it.

It didn't keep me awake all night like other green teas do.

In the winter, I will use lightly warmed water instead of room temperature.

If you want hot tea just heat up the water (NO BOILING WATER ALLOWED) and steep for 3 minutes.

Remember, you can use any temperature water with this tea.

The instructions say that using cold water releases less of the caffeine. I don't like caffeine so using unheated water is perfect for me.
230006230006B000WB1YSEA1I1Q2VUMEGA0Ijohnnylasers0041312329600good quality green tea compared to other brands of tea bagsnice, genuine taste of matcha, compared to many other kinds of green tea bags on the market that neither have the color nor the taste. The only downside is that each bag doesn't last long -- one bag is only enough to make a 12oz cup of fragrant tea, after that it's nearly tasteless.
230007230007B000WB1YSEA396RZ9YRCS91WBlastindamusic0051311638400ExcellentPackaging could be more environmentally friendly, however the tea is excellent quality in both hot and cold applications. Very satisfied!
230008230008B000WB1YSEA324RHDY6WH35MBrett W. Crawford0051311552000best tasting Green TeaI've tried hundreds of green tea brands from China, Japan and Korea and US. This is the best tasting green tea ever without the dark residue, sediments and bitter taste. This is very high quality and the taste is clean & fresh. will continue to order from Amazon..
230009230009B000WB1YSEA25TZ9NQMCVEIEMargaret Drake "Maggie D."0041309132800tasty teaWe love this tea; it's quite tasty and enjoy it most mornings. My only criticism (actually my husband's) is that the string on the teabag is not long enough to wrap around the cup handle. He hates it when the bag goes in the cup. I don't really care that much, but oh, well.
230010230010B000WB1YSEA1BNEVPPB49UMTNTD0051285977600Best green tea bagsThis is definitely the best and the most available green tea bags. Ito En's tea is undoubtly the best bottled Japanese tea, and the tea bags are just as good as the bottled ones.

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