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230011230011B000WB1YSEA10P7803Y0YDOSJoe P.0051282176000Excellent green tea.Searched a while to find a great green tea at the right price and this is it.
230012230012B000WB1YSEA1H1ITL8YHZ3N3Turtle James0041281398400Good Japanese Green TeaI was pleasantly surprised by how good this Japanese green tea blend is. I feel that many of the negative reviewers are not familiar with Japanese green tea. Many of the American brands such as Lipton are not Japanese green tea. It is likely a blend of Indian and Chinese leaves that make a pale to dark yellowish brew. The taste is often slightly bitter with a cleaner aftertaste.

Japanese matcha tea is milled under-processed tea leaves and makes a rich dark green brew. Depending on how you brew it, it can be quite hearty and has a sweet nutty flavor.

The Kirland Signature Matcha Blend uses matcha powder along with sencha tea leaves. Sencha leaves are matured leaves and has a similar taste to common store brand green tea. The combination makes a slightly lighter, yet still rich dark green tea. The color is a transparent pea green. The taste is complex with notes of sweet grass and nuts. And it leaves a clean aftertaste.

I won't give it 5 stars because of a few issues. The tea comes in individually sealed plastic packets. If you're not careful, the matcha powder goes all over the place. I'd recommend you open it away from your face over a sink. Also the sencha tea leaves are not very good quality as they have a lot of stems and non-leaf parts in it. The teabags do have a notched paper handle that wedges in the rim of your cup, but it has a tendency to fall in if you're not careful. One plus though is that it does not use staples.

Overall, I feel this is an authentic green tea very similar to those served in Japanese restaurants. If you like that, then you will like this product.
230013230013B000WB1YSEA3M9DEQ6XWZTQATerrence F. Graham "teegee"0051281398400My favorite green teaKirkland has an excellent, balanced flavor that is hard to find in other green teas. Highly recommended.
230014230014B000WB1YSEA25MRQUJL2CKD2O. Kizub0051273104000Matcha BlendI'm afraid I became addict to it... next week it will be my 7-th and 8-th boxes...
230015230015B000WB1YSEA32WBLM3INKH9DNadia D.0051244937600Suprisingly GoodKirkland is the Costco brand and sometimes it can be hit and miss. With this green tea it is a definate hit.

Truly rivals some of the best green tea I have had and definately worth it for the price, it is the best bang for the buck of quality and price on green teas.
230016230016B000WB1YSEAGYYVP030GSREric1221343779200Too greenI personally prefer gunpowder green tea over the green powder tea such as this. It's not just the color, but the taste is a little too 'leafy' for me. Gunpowder green tea has a much more mild flavor and isn't nearly as prone to taste bitter, even when steeping for more than 2 minutes. If you prefer green tea (literally-speaking) and don't mind a somewhat bitter 'spinach-y' taste, then try this.
230017230017B000WB1YSEA3OZJZMOUFF5CONonya1251343347200Delicious and noticeable health benefits!This is the best green tea I have consumed so far. I used to always have horrible breath and ever since I started drinking this particular brand of green tea , my bad breath has subsided immensely!! I cannot believe it myself, however I'm also not eating as much as I used to in the past. I also cut out a lot of processed foods, but in the past even if I did this, I would still have horrible breath.

This is also helping me lose weight, which I was doing before consuming the tea, but this is helping a lot. I am an anxious, moody, and most of the time stressful person and when I'm feeling at a point where my head is about to explode, I just make sure to make a cup and the stress literally melts away. It helps me sleep, which I have trouble doing so (I also take melatonin). Melatonin by itself rarely puts me to sleep now a days, so this helps soo much.

I'm truly grateful and happy to have found this tea and added it to my daily diet. It has helped me soo much to relax, sleep, fight bad breath and God knows what else that I haven't yet noticed! :)

Highly recommend :).
230018230018B000WB1YSEA1LI25WXFZAWMBhotsumi "amazonshopper"1211341273600did i just purchase hot water ???I enjoy Japanese tea sometimes during meal times... This tea is too weak and doesn't cut it for me ...I love Costco product but green tea and their fresh Okami sushi urghh !!!.. These two product needs to go
230019230019B000WB1YSEABAHKMFEHT8K1Gerald Balmes "Jerry B"1251321660800I swear by itThis review is from: Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend (Green Tea), 100% Japanese Green Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags (Misc.)
First off I have no connection(s) to Costco; Don't even own card or stock nor any member of my friends or family is employed.

I have added green tea to my weight loss regiment which also includes RK-500 which blocks or dissolves fat and Liponexol which does the same for carbs

I don't exercise and being a single male a eat mostly prepared food (but I take vitamins too Kirkland Multi pack) my only exercise is walking my dogs twice a day and I have noticed I walk more briskly now.

This is how I prepare the tea; I use two bags in a large mug ( I use about 9.Oz size); drink that then later, on my second cup I add 1 more tea bag to the two I already used and drink that.

One other item I have to make a plug for is I love my Nuwave tabletop oven it uses less power than a conventional over and it lets the grease and fat drip away from the food you are cooking which is way more healthy plus you don't have to thaw out the meat prior to cooking.

All of this is helping me lose weight. Below is some info on green tea I found on the web. And BTW my comment to the reviewer who gave a one star review and complained about the taste; get tough cupcake no pain no gain.

Diet suggestion #1

Avoid diet drinks ans sugar substitutes. That right avoid them as much as possible. Though they help prevent you from gaining weight,they also PREVENT YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT.

Diet suggestion #2

Eat protein and only proteins for breakfast. This sets up your metabolism to burn fat the rest of the day. Avoid "breakfast" drinks as they contain sugar and any carbs too.

Diet suggestion #3

This will be the most difficult; keep the room temperature as low as you can tolerate. Your body will burn fat to maintain it's metabolism and body temp. I prefer 64 degrees.

What makes tea increase weight loss? According to scientific studies, it is the catechins, caffeine and theanine that makes green tea an effective weight loss tool.

In particular, scientists have found that EGCG (the most active and abundant of catechins) and caffeine are especially important. They fight obesity in at least 7 ways.

Method #1:
Boosts Metabolism

There are 3 kinds of fat. They can be found beneath the skin, in the body organs and in the muscles.

Brown adipose tissue is a layer of fat beneath the skin that has the ability to generate heat. Scientists found that green tea stimulates the heat burning process (called thermogenesis) much more than caffeine alone would.

Green Tea Metabolism - How Many More Calories?

Method #2:
Burns Fat

Fat is an excellent source of energy in humans. Beta-oxidation is a process during which fat is broken down to provide energy. Scientists found that green tea burns fat by stimulating the beta-oxidation process.

Green Tea Burn Fat

Method #3:
Prevents Fat Storage

An adipocyte cell is a fat cell or connective tissue that is involved in the synthesis and storage of fat. Scientists found that green tea prevents fat cells from multiplying and enlarging.

In an animal study, scientists found that green tea increases weight loss by blocking the actions of enzymes involved in the synthesis and storage of fat.

A 2006 study conducted by Donald Danforth Plant Science Center discovered that green tea may help reduce fat storage by moderating your body's production of hormone insulin. The scientists discovered that green tea does this by blocking the production of glutamate dehydrogenate (GDH).

This is important because insulin plays a key part in converting glucose (blood sugar) into fat.

Method #4:
Reduces Food Craving

When you eat sugary food, your blood sugar level spikes up. This triggers a large release of insulin to move the glucose out of blood into cells for storage.

Because your body can overreact by producing too much insulin, this can cause a sharp dip in glucose level afterwords. Low sugar levels increase your cravings, hunger, and mood swings, and reduces energy level. End result? You crave more sugary food, causing the vicious cycle to repeat itself.

Green tea, by regulating your blood sugar levels, helps to reduce food cravings and hunger pangs.

Green Tea and Blood Sugar

Method #5:
Blocks Dietary Fat Absorption

Another green tea weight loss secret...

Digestive enzymes act on the foods we eat so that the body can absorb them. According to a 2006 peer review study by Wolfram, green tea reduces carbohydrate and fat absorption by blocking the actions of these enzymes.

Method #6:
Regulates Glucose Uptake

A study conducted by Ashida found that drinking green tea increases the glucose uptake by skeletal muscles and reduces the glucose uptake by fat tissue.

End result? You are able to exercise longer, which will help you burn more calories and fat. By exercising more, you develop more muscles, which will help you maintain an active lifestyle.

Green Tea Diet and Exercise

Method #7:
Synergism with Caffeine

Ready for the final green tea weight loss magic? Now consider this: When is 1+1=3?

Studies conducted by scientists Dulloo and Rumpler found that caffeine and catechins benefit from one another's presence. Together, they burn more calories than each compound is on its own.

Green tea, including caffeine, greatly increases and prolongs the heat burning effect. It helps you burn more calories even when you are sleeping!
230020230020B000WB1YSEA3FI2DZH9XHRA8DriedCuddleFish1231320019200So so tea not bitter no kickI did not like this green tea as much as other tea varieties. I wanted to try something different and this isn't really what I was looking for. I'm more of a bitter tea kinda person. I will be going back to jasmine tea.
230021230021B000WB1YSEA24Q2EIYSQJNYM. Tubig "Carolyn G"0141324252800Green TeaGreen tea is healthier than regular Lipton tea thats why I bought it. If im going to drink tea why not drink a healthy tea.
230022230022B000WB1YSEA33H3QQ4MP6I0Yankur0131319500800Taste not so greatHi.

I wanted a green tea that should taste good. This tea just taste bland, I use two packs simultaneously to make it taste better.
230023230023B000WB1YSEA2ESVJRAP7O1RCRuth, Office Manager0151318377600It's loved by nerds at work...This product arrived at a timely pace. Was well received by our resident health conscious nerds who are choosing green tea over coffee.
230024230024B000WB1YSEAPY2TS8EP7XYPblamcnal0151287878400Best green tea I have foundI have tried many different green teas, different brands, various flavors. This is the best tasting green tea I have found. I also like that each tea bag is individually wrapped so I can carry a few with me. Very good flavor, does not even need sugar.
230025230025B000WB1YSEA1NODFP5881JTQjoe34 "A real popcorn lover"0151246320000Kirkland Japanese Green TeaI've been drinking Kirkland branded green tea for at least three years. It used to be packaged in a yellow box with yellow envelopes inside. The instructions on the back of those envelopes said to steep the tea in boiling water for 30 seconds.

This differs from the current green colored box and its envelopes. Also, the brewing instructions are different. The new tea is identified as Matcha and the (different and confusing) brewing instructions are:

"Insert tea bag, pour 80°C (176°F) hot water. Steep 30 seconds, shake tea bag and remove. Empty remaining Matcha from outer envelope to surface of tea."

I interpreted this as meaning: Cut the tea bag open and shake the soggy ground tea leaves that are in the tea bag into your cup. My wife read this as shaking whatever Matcha was left in the (green) outer envelope (rather than the tea bag)into the cup. For the cup of tea I just brewed, there was no remaining Matcha in the envelope. Consequently, I cut open the nylon envelope and poured the soggy matcha into the cup. It did taste stronger, but not unpleasantly bitter. In fact, it was very good.

If you want to learn more about Matcha and its health benefits, you can view a neat video clip here:


Make sure you click the yellow large screen display button at the right bottom corner of the screen.
230026230026B000WB1YSEA2XKJ1KX6XUHYPNYFB1351325808000Green...I consume few cups of tea on daily basis. Now I consume Kirkland Signature Ito En Matcha Blend (Green Tea), 100% Japanese Green Tea with Twinings Earl Grey Tea, Tea Bags, 50-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) for the additional taste which I enjoy very much. Both green and black teas contain fluoride, although green tea contains twice the amount found in black. If I have any cold or just do not feel well, I add some Cognac or Brandy to the mix and wolla, it is the best medicine out there for revitalization...
230027230027B000WB1YSEATHGK32AJFV68C1321324425600Arrived with less than 1 month to expirationItem arrived with 24 days till expiration. I can't use 100 bags of tea in less than a month. Watch out for stale tea. I'll just go to costco with a friend next time.
230028230028B000WB1YSEA1ECSEKM3TKGU6F. Reedus "Divine_Diva"2521323302400DisappointedReceived my order today and notice the expiration date ....product was produced 2 years ago and expires in a little over 30 days. Seriously? Not pleased.
230029230029B000WB1YSEA1R8T87BXL4YP8joan belmont51011323216000DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY: OLD TEAI received my green tea today and cannot believe that the expiration or "best used by" is in 30 days. This is unbelievable!! How can one use 100 tea bags in 30 days?
230030230030B000WB1YSEA1Z5VGFNH4J31Sdon melcher81511325289600ExpiredProduct. Was expired. Called company they said I can't prove I bought there which I can prove but anyways they said no refunds or exchanges. I will never buy again and I hope no one else does poor custmoer service
The only reason I gave them one star is amazon won't let u give no stars
230031230031B000WB1YSEA1MU235UTCDM31A. PAINTER81511280448000Not very good quality green tea.This green tea doesn't even compare to Japanese matcha. Kirkland Ito En Matcha is extremely weak in flavor. In fact, with one tea bag it doesn't taste, smell, or even look like the matcha you find in Japan, or the green teas you find elsewhere. It is flavorless and odorless unless you pack two or three tea bags in a cup and, even then, it's very poor quality in comparison to other green teas.

This Kirkland Ito En Matcha isn't even close to as good as other green tea available for about the same price on Amazon, such as Yamamotoyama - Green Tea (Sushi Bar Style) 90 Bag Value Pack. That brand is significantly higher quality in every respect, even if the price is mostly shipping charges.

The bottom line is that if you're looking for top quality green tea, this Kirkland Ito En Matcha is not it.
230032230032B000WB1YSEA2VOKGYTT89G8HTucson Teacher0221347235200I don't get itI was all excited about trying this after reading all the great reviews, but I don't like it- even with lemon and sweetener-tastes like dirt to me. The only type of green tea I've tried that I actually enjoyed is Yogi's Green Slim Life Blueberry. The search continues...
230033230033B000WB1YSEA2DLKS4DETPX0Xlily0221323216000Tasteless and bitter, probably good enough for catering and officeI don't get all the rave. It's at the bottom of my list in term of quality tea. At first I thought I was brewing it for too long or too high a temperature. So I tried different conditions. Letting the water cool down for 1 min (from kettle at 80C) and leaving the tea bag for 30 secs in half a cup (~4 oz) did get rid of the bitterness and provided some flavor (use two tea bag in a 6 oz to get more flavor and lower bitterness).
Overall I am not impress and will never buy again.
230034230034B000WB1YSEA1BFF4I5P9GLY2Mike Skrzynski0221321920000Disappointed by a normally good productThis tea arrived stale. The production date on the package was over a year ago, and there are about four months left until the product's "best by" date. Sadly, there was no way to know this until it arrived. Drinking it is bearable, but not enjoyable as it usually is with this product. If you can buy it fresh elsewhere I would recommend it, because it is normally a very subtle, pleasant tea that brews in a speedy 30 seconds. I really like it when I'm in a rush.
230035230035B000WB1YSEA1XR918IBZJB0CX. Li1451257638400Green Tea 18 Health Benefits for You!Green Tea 18 Health Benefits for You!
By Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D,

Green Tea has been highly regarded for thousands of years as healing medicinal beverage. And in recent years, scientists have confirmed the validity of its ancient reputation, discovering the green tea can fight disease and even lengthen life by:
1. Preventing normal cells from turning cancerous;
2. Suppressing the formation and growth of tumors;
3. Guarding against free radical damage that can bright about cancer, heart disease, diabetes, radiation damage, and aging;
4. Enhancing immune systems functions;
5. Controlling cholesterol levels;
6. Lowering the risk of stroke by making blood platelets less "sticky";
7. Controlling blood pressure levels;
8. Fighting deadly food-borne bacteria;
9. Promoting "friendly" bacteria in the intestines and encouraging bowel regularity;
10. Fighting viruses, including those that cause herpes simple, polio, and even HIV;
11. Lowering the risk of post-traumatic epileptic seizures in laboratory animals;
12. Assisting in weight loss by blocking the breakdown of starch;
13. Providing a mild stimulating effect without causing sleepless nights or nervousness;
14. Fighting bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities and bad breath;
15. Slowing the aging process;
16. Maintaining the body's fluid balance;
17. Reducing stress;
18. Acting as a safe and effective natural preservative in food and cosmetics.

No other substance on the face of the earth, including the most potent drug, can claim such wide-ranging and powerful health benefits, and all without a single side effect. Yes, Green Tea can truly perform "miracles" for just pennies a cup.

By Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D, <<Green Tea, The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life>>, Page: 87-88

Yuexi Cuilan (Yuexi Green Orchid Tea) - Organic Green Tea 10 Tea Bag 30g

Green Tea and Weight Loss - Losing Weight the Natural Way!

Green tea weight loss has become a hot topic of discussion in the weight loss and medical circles. The documented positive effects of green tea on losing weight has caused more and more people looking to lose weight to seek out this ancient brew.

However does green tea actually help you to lose weight? Is this all simply hype or is there something real and factual to the stories? Well here are some interesting facts about drinking green tea and weight loss.

Advantages of Drinking Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea and boosting your metabolism - Recently the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported its findings on the effect of drinking green tea and weight loss. Researchers found that green tea extract actually increased the metabolism of green tea drinkers dramatically. So much so that in a 24 hour period the average metabolic rate of the green tea drinkers in the studies increased by over 4%. Green tea possesses extremely high levels of catechin polyphenols. These substances actually aid your body in increasing its ability to oxidize fat and speeds up thermo-genesis which is how quickly your body burns off excess fat and calories. This is a critical factor of drinking green tea and weight loss.

Researchers also found that green tea regulates glucose leevels. Green tea helps to keep your blood levels stable after each meal and prevents spikes in insulin. This means less fat is stored after each meal while drinking green tea. This is directly tied to the active ingredients called catechins found in high levels in green tea.

Green tea also reduces your cravings and appetite - In a recent study it was found that green tea extracts caused rats to lose up to 21 percent of their body weight after a week of being injected with green tea extract. These rats were injected daily with the green tea extract. As a result the rats consumed up to 60 percent less food after a week. It's believed that this is tied directly to green tea's ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

Green Tea and Weight Loss - The Bottom Line

Green tea helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate boosting your body's ability to burn excess calories and stored fat. Green tea also regulates your blood sugar levels and suppresses your appetite. Green tea is also a far superior choice to drinking coffee each day. So overall the stories are indeed true in regards to the power of drinking green tea and weight loss.

Kancura Herb Slimming Tea + Genseng Tea

How to Brew Green Tea ?
Although it's not hard to do, there are a few things to be considered when brewing green tea

Water quality...
Good quality water is essential for making a good cup of green tea. Make sure you're using good water.

Water temperature...
This is where most mistakes are made. Brew your green tea too hot, and your tea will become bitter. The correct temperature does vary depending on the green tea, but for most it is around 165-170 degrees F (73-76 C.)

Proportion of green tea to water...
Most of our green teas are brewed at 1 heaping teaspoon (5 grams) per 8 ounces of water, but this can vary depending on the tea.

Brew time...
Generally, two minutes is all it takes Any longer, and the taste may becomes too bitter. Also, it's very important to NOT stir, shake, or mix the tea.

Allowing the tea room to expand...
This is rather important. Chinese green tea is compact - it needs room to expand. Tea balls do not work well at all. You'll be much better off using a Japanese teapot that was designed with green tea in mind. It is a one time investment of between $30-$100, and will make your life so much easier.

Take a good look at the inside of this green tea teapot to the left, made in Japan. The infuser screen goes all the way around the inside of the teapot, allowing the tea leaves to expand fully. This is the best kind to use. These teapots are rather small, about the size of a grapefruit, and usually hold 8-13 ounces or so.

Lipton Green Tea - 100% Natural, 2009 New Spring Green Tea, 50 Fresh Tea Bags from China by A2AWorld Green Tea
230036230036B000WB1YSEA1FLQ698D9C0C8G. Zhang1451253923200Green Tea Ingredient Slows Breast Cancer-Antioxidant in Green Tea May Stop Breast Cancer GrowthGreen Tea Ingredient Slows Breast Cancer-Antioxidant in Green Tea May Stop Breast Cancer Growth

Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags by A2AWorld Green Tea

By Jennifer Warner
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD
April 7, 2008 -- An antioxidant in green tea may be a powerful weapon against breast cancer.
A new study shows the green tea antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) significantly slowed breast cancer growth in female mice.
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Previous studies have suggested that this antioxidant may protect against breast cancer and other cancers, but this research has been limited, and the mechanism behind these effects isn't clear.
Researchers say the results suggest that green tea's anticancer effects may be largely because of its high content of EGCG, which helps the body's cells from becoming damaged and aging prematurely.
Behind Green Tea's Anticancer Effect
In the study, presented this week at the Experimental Biology 2008 conference, researchers examined the effects of the green tea antioxidant on several indicators of breast cancer growth in laboratory mice.
One group of the female mice was fed a solution of the antioxidant in water for five weeks while the other received regular drinking water. During the second week of the study, researchers injected both groups with breast cancer cells.
At the end of the study, researchers measured tumor size, weight, and density as well as VEGF protein levels associated with tumor growth.
The results showed that treatment with the green tea antioxidant decreased tumor size by 66% and weight by 68% compared with the control group. Mice fed the antioxidant also had significantly lower density of small blood vessels within tumors and VEGF protein levels.
Researcher Jian-Wei Gu, of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, says the green tea antioxidant may work against breast cancer by suppressing blood vessel growth in breast tumors as well as slowing the proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells.

Mechanism for green tea's anti-cancer action revealed
Related topics: Research, Phytochemicals, plant extracts, Cancer risk reduction
Green tea appears to protect against cancer by affecting a 'promiscuous' protein that pharmaceutical experts are already targeting in their work on anti-cancer drugs, according to new research.
The study, by PhD student Christine Palermo at the University of Rochester Medical Center, reveals a potential new mechanism to explain the tea, and particularly its active compounds' action against cancer.
While many studies suggest that green tea protects people against some forms of cancer, such as breast and liver cancer, exactly how it does so has been difficult to pinpoint.
"It's important to find out the source of green tea's protective effects," said toxicologist Thomas A Gasiewicz, whose work on the harmful effects of dioxin led the Rochester group to explore the protective effects of green tea.
"What is exciting here is that a completely new mechanism has been found that very well could be responsible for its protective effects, and that could help us find a compound that is much more potent."
Palermo, Gasiewicz, and current undergraduate Claire Westlake discovered that a chaperone protein known as HSP90 is involved in conferring green tea's protective effects. Other researchers have shown that many cancer cells have an increase in the level of HSP90 compared to healthy cells, and that when HSP90 is blocked, levels of proteins that make cancer cells grow drop.
Drug makers are currently working on ways to block HSP90, which is known as a promiscuous chaperone protein because it binds to many different cells and receptors in the body. It turns out that those researchers are trying to duplicate what green tea does naturally. Gasiewicz says green tea might modulate HSP-90 in a way that researchers have not seen before.
Gasiewicz and his group have shown how dioxin and other substances like cigarette smoke manipulate a major cancer-causing molecule, the aryl hydrocarbon (AH) receptor, which frequently plays a role in turning on genes that are oftentimes harmful.
Two years ago the team discovered that AH activity is inhibited by a chemical found in white and green teas, epigallocatechingallate or EGCG, now being produced and marketed as a supplement by DSM.
"We initially hypothesized that EGCG would work in the same way as other AH antagonists, by binding directly to it. We were completely surprised that this isn't the case," said Gasiewicz, whose work was funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the American Institute for Cancer Research.
Instead, the team found that EGCG binds to HSP90, a protein that helps other proteins stay stable, serving the same role as a tail on a kite. When the two bind, HSP90 no longer turns on the AH receptor, stopping the cascade of events that would lead to the activation of several harmful genes.
Another potential mechanism for green tea's action was outlined recently by a team at the University of Wisconsin and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The found that green tea polyphenols reduce levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in prostate tumour cells in a mouse model for human prostate cancer. Increased levels of IGF-1 are associated with higher risk of several cancers, such as prostate, breast, lung and colon.
Meanwhile, researchers at Kyushu University in Japan reported last year that EGCG appears to inhibit tumour cell growth by binding to a receptor on cells called the 67-kDa laminin receptor. A variety of tumours produce abnormally high levels of 67 LR, and the receptor is thought to be involved in the spread of cancers through the body.

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Is Green Tea Really an Anti-Cancer Miracle?
Talk to your doctor about green tea.

By Gale Maleskey, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian
About the Author
July 23, 2009

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If you've had cancer, or a precancerous condition, it's time to talk with your doctor about using green tea extract. More and more research is showing that green tea extract can slow the progression of cancer. It doesn't work for all cancers, but it seems to have a significant effect on some types. Its effect may even depend on genetic markers and hormone sensitivities associated with your type of cancer.

Some of the cancers that green tea can face down include prostate, esophageal, bladder, cervical, pancreatic, ovarian, lymphoma and leukemia. Green tea is also active against human papilloma virus (HPV) a sexually transmitted virus associated with cervical and anal cancer and warts.

(Since green tea can also apparently neutralize some chemotherapy treatments, such as Velcade, used for multiple myeloma and mantel cell lymphoma, it's important that you consult with your doctor if you are undergoing treatment.)

The most recent study, by researchers at Louisiana State University, found that men scheduled for a radical prostatectomy due to cancer who took a green tea extract had a significant reduction in the markers predictive of prostate cancer progression. In some men, the drop was more than 30%! The reductions were in biochemicals that either stimulate cancer growth or indicate continued cancer growth. The men took a total of 1.3 grams of tea polyphenols, equivalent to about 12 cups of green tea. (McLarty, J, et al. Cancer Prev Res. 2009 June 19.) [E Pub ahead of print.]

Even though this was a small study, other evidence suggests that green tea can take on cancer. One study found that men with high-grade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia -- cellular changes that often lead to cancer -- who took green tea catechins 200 mg three times daily for a year, had a reduced risk of progression to prostate cancer. (Bettuzzi S, et al. Cancer Res .2006;66:1234-40.)

Polyphenols (catechins, such as EGCG) in tea appear to protect cells from DNA damage that can promote cancer. Animal research suggests that the EGCG in green tea may prevent new blood vessel growth in tumors, inhibit tumor cell proliferation, and induce death in cancer cells in at least two different ways.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Line: Green tea extract can be an important part of an anti-cancer arsenal. For general prevention, we recommend about 450 mg a day of a standardized green tea extract. Unlike brewed tea and non-standardized green tea extracts, our formula provides consistently high amounts of green tea's most active constituents. If you're being treated for cancer, it's best to talk with your doctor about dosage.

Kirkland Signature Green Tea Matcha Blend, 100% Japanese Tea Leaves, 100 Tea Bags by A2AWorld Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea - 100% Natural, 2009 New Spring Tea, 50 Fresh Tea Bags from China by A2AWorld Green Tea

Tianfang Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea 68g Gift Tin
230037230037B000WB1YSEA10GNM46AE0LN7Mr. Tea61321329004800All packaging and tea bags are plasticThis green tea is decent, however, every single tea bag is in its own plastic pouch. Further, the tea bags themselves are nylon, which they claim enhances the tea somehow. All of this non-bio-degradable packaging is unnecessary, so you end up tossing everything in the trash can rather than the compost bin. Next time I'm trying Harney and Sons Japanese Sencha, which I hear is pretty good with a much smaller carbon footprint.
230038230038B000WB1YSEA14LPL0N9AUBUEJohn Weissman0421344729600Sip the incipidThe matcha content is too low to matter falvor-wise, and the tea itself is sadly incipid. I use only about 5 oz water, and the tea is still too bland, yet with slite bitterness. I much prefer, fo example, Barry's green tea, with no matcha promises, but a strong rich flavor, and a price signifly less than this stuff. Gonna buy some good quality matcha and add it to green drinks, rather than brew a cuppa 4 or 5 times/day. And just as important, more points off for excess packing. Let's not forget nylon, as in nylon teabags, and that junk sticks around--who needs it!
230039230039B000WB1YSEA2I3ZPGFLQ1AP6MeWorry?Gal0421292544000Bitter and StrongThis is a simple matter of preference and taste. I found this tea too bitter and strong for my tastes.
230040230040B000WB1YSEA4JQCUZ9GOLYRcn1134 "Cynthia"1721286841600Very Grassy Flavor & Weak TeaI bought this green tea from Amazon because of strong reviews. I have tried it twice on two different days, steeped according to directions on the bag the first time and then steeped for 15 minutes the second time. I have to say I hate this tea! Very grassy in flavor and watered-down for what's left over! I am a long-time tea drinker and occasionally buy more expensive loose-leaf green tea from Japan. This Kirkland Matcha blend is NOT high quality green tea. I am giving this tea two stars instead of one because I can understand how people who do not know how to brew tea can complain about its bitter tannic taste. I also give credit to Kirkland for putting more volume of tea in the bags. With this tea, it will never be bitter because the flavor is completely weak! If you've tried something like Bigelow Green tea and hated its bitter taste, you might think this Kirkland Matcha tea is the top of the line. But it is not! First, the Bigelow will never be sweet like authentic loose leaf green tea because it was not dried and packaged correctly. Second, brewing it for longer than 4 minutes will make it dark yellow and bitter. But this Kirkland brand is much worse because it only looks green like the authentic green tea, yet tastes nothing like it! I continue my search for a convenient high-quality green tea and will resort to Bigelow for quick fixes if I can't find anything satisfying in the meantime...

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