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230041230041B000WB1YSEARA78UGFPTPYCms.whoismad31111315008000it deserves half star!I drink tea for more than 20 years and I tell you: this tea sucks! I brew it with 6oz of water at 70 degrees celsius. Tea is flavorless! Cheap stuff! I am going back to mitsuwa supermarket or maruka supermarket for green tea.
230042230042B000WB1YSEACXSDKRNPSK3VLab Lover82211267660800Seriously???Sorry, but I really don't get all the great reviews. I have been drinking green tea for more than 20 years and this tastes nothing like good quality green tea to me. I admit, the smell is quite nice right when you open up the packet. But once you steep it, all the taste and aroma goes away. I had to force myself to drink this on three separate occasions just to make sure my taste buds didn't just have an off day or something. I seriously can't drink this flavorless "tea" anymore and am throwing the rest away. Good thing it wasn't very expensive. If there's a Asian grocery store in your area, try out as many brands as you can to get a good sense of good and bad green tea. I like My Green Tea a lot. But I don't think they're readily available in most places.
230043230043B000WB1YSEACIHT0Y2I2YHFPeet Peet92511261699200diluted tasteless crapif you think this tastes like japanese green tea you must have been drinking cardboard which would be the next step below what this "green tea" tastes like = colored water. 2 tea bags make it a little better, there is some matcha flavor to it, but the true, real, japanese green tea flavor is not here.
230044230044B000WB1YSEA1FMVXP8X7MFW1Netphemera61911294617600Very ConfusingSome of the comments here come from folks who seem to be very knowledgeable about tea. I am in no way an expert, but I drink green tea and have tried many different kinds. I found this one to be my least favorite. It's very confusing. It's not matcha. If it was it would not be in tea bags. When it's brewed, it does seem a bit like Japanese tea, but not at all like matcha. I'm not even sure what it is. It tastes terrible.

If you want to try some good green tea, I suggest Numi brand tea. You should be able to find it at most well stocked supermarkets and health food stores. It is the best boxed tea you can get.
230045230045B000WB1YSEA2C82MWCJEO2ALWebguy11011344902400JunkDon't let the fake reviews fool you. My wife and i have been drinking this stuff for a month. No taste benefits and we haven't noticed and health benefits.
230046230046B000WB1YSEA26U7AN3INN4GEJames W. Mcfarland "Jimmy Mac"82511226793600Tastes Like Lawn ClippingsI have been drinking green tea for over 20 years and I've never tasted anything like this. Do you remember the taste of "home grown" during the 70s? That's exactly what this tastes like. Pass on this one!
230047230047B000WB1YSEA2KKZOLBDCI7QNSnoop31711280361600not that goodThe quality and taste not as good as Chinese green tea. Price is ripped off
230048230048B000WB1YSEA2C82VK10602U1K. Jones52211274313600What?I also just don't get all of these good reviews, I have no idea what they were drinking. I found the Kirkland tea to be the most flavorless green tea I've had. It's a terrible tea. I'm not even sure if it is green tea, it almost tastes like steeped grass. It is also very weak. I have to use 3 tea bags to get a decent cup. I think the other reviewers just see the nylon bag and think, wow, this must be good tea.

One other gripe, they make the strings to short on the bags. They aren't long enough for the tab to hang over the edge of a normal sized coffee cup. I have to cut the strings off unless I want paper floating in my tea.

I would recommend the Stash premium green tea. It has fantastic flavor and is about the same price as the crappy Kirkland tea.
230059230059B000WB1YSEA1QPFXN1I4MUGWSteven Weigand "The Weiganator"6651314230400Innovative bag, good quality, low price.As others here have mentioned, this is quite a good deal for the quality of the product.

By making the bag out of nylon and by attaching the string to the middle of the face of the bag (instead of at the top edge like everyone else), they have made it so that more tea leaves get to touch the water and more tea leaves remain floating and loose in the water. That really seems to help the steeping process.

Most tea bags compress the tea leaves together into a big wad which prevents the water from getting to all but the outer most leaves. The solution in that case is to use a spoon to press the tea bag against the cup in order to cause the leaves to separate and become exposed to the hot water. It works, but you end up having to do this a lot if you really want a really good cup of tea.

Instead, this bag floats on its face, edge-wise. And that causes the tea leaves to stay loose and not bunch up as much. The result is that more leaves are exposed to hot water, and so the tea itself will be richer. You just need to use the string to tug at it to shake up the leaves every now and then. No spoon is ever needed.

Another thing they've done is to add a little notch to the square paper thingy at the end of the string. The idea is that you can stick the paper onto the lip of your cup really easily that way, and it holds on to the cup instead of dangling outside of it. That's kind of neat.

The tea this produces is very green colored. Some of my coworkers actually thought there might be food coloring added to the tea leaves. They've never seen truly green tea.

I would compare this tea favorably with The Republic of Tea's "Double Green Matcha Tea". Both products combine a small amount of matcha green tea powder along with the green tea leaves. In my opinion, the Republic of Tea's product is a bit bolder (which I like) but also more bitter (which I don't like). The Kirkland Signature / Ito En Matcha Blend has absolutely no bitterness. I wouldn't call it "sweet" like others have, either. I think it's just more refined and maybe fresher than the Republic of Tea's version.

No, there isn't a lot of matcha powder in this tea. I didn't expect there to be a lot of matcha. About 99% of it is normal green tea leaves. There's a powdery residue in the bag itself (which you should tap a few times to empty out into your cup as the instructions say). And there's probably some matcha powder mixed in with the tea leaves. But don't expect much. It improves the flavor of the tea, but it's not like pure matcha, nor does it advertise itself as such.

About the only negative thing I have to say about the product is that the strings on the tea bags are too small for me. They're always falling into the cup. Then again, I don't use a standard tea cup to drink. And because my cup is thicker than an average tea cup, the innovative notch that's in the square paper thing at the end of the string is too small and won't stay on the lip of the cup. Bummer. As a result, I have to be careful to make sure the string doesn't fall back into the cup. But it's a minor thing.

I'd also like to see a better way of packaging these tea bags. They're all individually wrapped in sealed plastic bags. This prevents oxidation and spoilage, which is great. But it also produces a lot of waste, which is a pity.

Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of this green tea at this price. I will definitely order it again when I run out. It also makes a perfect gift for anyone you know who loves quality green tea.

Hope that helps.
230060230060B000WB1YSEA1P8Q6S4GYF8A2R. S. McDonald4451232150400Best Green TeaOne of my co-workers turned me on to this green tea (he gets it from CostCo but since they don't take Discover I'm skipping on that one). It is the best green tea I've ever tasted. It has a light sweet taste and it reminds me of some of the teas I had on vacation in Japan/China.
230061230061B000WB1YSEAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson4451230768000Excellent Tea.I've always preferred coffee to tea, but I'm aware of the many claimed health benefits of green tea. My wife is Russian and prefers tea, but she drinks Earl Gray and types like that and doesn't care for green tea. Well, we were strolling through our local Costco Warehouse store and a lady offered us a small cup of green tea. We both took one. I thought it was quite good. My wife said it was the best green tea she had tasted. We walked away from the little display with a packet of Kirkland Signature Green Tea (100 bags).

Now, what are we ever going to do with all this tea? Well, we use it bit by bit and the supply is gradually lowering. Guests take it and it seems to please them all. I'm trying to drink it now and then for increasing my anti-oxidents. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll eventually be a tea lover. In any case, this is an excellent green tea.

Gary Peterson
230062230062B000WB1YSEA31DNDDF2HUYL1Easytouch3351308268800Excellent Green TeaTaste - 10/10. Excellent Taste. Love the powder to sprinkle on the top.

Value - 10/10 (AT COSTCO!)- Rip off on Amazon.

Health Benefits - Definitely notice my metabolism and fat oxidation speeding up. Seems to kick my lunch food right out of me after I drink it. lol.

As for the quality of tea, I am not a tea expert. For me, I belive it is an excellent product. Highly recommend it from Costco!
230063230063B000WB1YSEAMGMZ8B1NN06FJ. M. Bue "Sports Mom"3351300579200Great Health BenefitsThis tea is great for the price, health benefits, and ease of making. I have been searching for a green tea that tastes great for the anti-oxidant content. This is it. A couple of bonuses....
Health Benefits - This tea contains matcha. Matcha is a powder that has a higher anti-oxidant concentration than other green tea that is not called matcha.
Ease of making - let the tea bag steep in the water for 20-30 seconds. shake it three times and throw away the tea bag. Do not squeeze the water out of the tea bag. You've already gotten all the flavor and antioxidants from the tea. Then take the pouch the tea bag came in and turn upside down on top of your cup and flick a couple of times to add the powder that was left in the pouch to your tea. You now have the best green tea for the price. Make sure to drink the powder that is left in the bottom of the cup. That is where some of the anti-oxidants are.
230064230064B000WB1YSEA19S3JSCAIWS26ohmysohopeless3341274486400The best authentic green tea in the StatesI bleed Japanese green tea and have lamented that no authentic stuff has been available in the States (unless you live close to Japanese grocery shop like Mitsuwa). I cannot stand the fake, "flavored" green tea so abundantly found in the shelves of regular supermarkets.

Well, I think my eternal search may be over, thanks to Kirkland! What I like about this tea is that it *is* authentic Japanese green tea. Sure, this is not of gyokuro kind, and you don't get the extra kick and aroma that you can easily feel with more expensive green tea, but when there is basically no authentic green tea available in the States, what can you expect? I'm so grateful that I can just have the same products that you find on the shelves of grocery shops in Japan.

I am so happy that I can stock this up in my office and home at such a cheap price. Well done!
230065230065B000WB1YSEA2ZXTXJKKJ03IPjsprag3351265846400Convenient and great flavorConveniently packaged in single bag packets. Loving the nylon bag and the little slit on the end of the string to hook on the edge of cup.

Taste is great--very smooth and not bitter. Like all green teas, it can easily be ruined by steeping too long or using water that is too hot. Best results are obtained by steeping for just 30-60 seconds and by using water at 175 degrees F (80 C). The proper temperature can be easily achieved by using one part room temperature water to three parts boiling water.

Overall a great value.
230066230066B000WB1YSEA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme3351256083200Delicious green teaI have been buying this green tea for years at Costco and just discovered that it was available on Amazon.

Drinking tea, like drinking coffee, involves lots of personal preferences. For me this particular green tea has taste and flavor that easily beats anything I can find in the supermarket, which is why I have been buying it for years. If you like green tea then this is a very good choice whether you drink it hot, cold, unsweetened, or sweetened with honey (which in hot tea works great to sooth a sore throat or cough from a cold). I drink a cup every day and look forward to it.

Bottom line: This is an economical way to drink something delicious that is good for you.
230067230067B000WB1YSEA1V6KLAS378PR5Tea Drinker3351238371200The best green tea!I have never liked green tea very much before, but I love this green tea. I drink it constantly. You can make iced tea easily by steeping the tea bags in cold water for only three minutes. Yummy!
230068230068B000WB1YSEA10S3KVBBC16M0John H3351235433600YumThis is my favorite cheaper green tea. One of the few I can stand not sweetened. Not nearly as bitter as many of the others I've tried. Has kind of more ricey flavor.
230069230069B000WB1YSEA3H6PPWWDIC8KXCharles Burns3351234224000This is it. Good green tea available in the U.S.It was described to me by a friend and green tea aficionado as "About the quality of gas station tea in Japan." While not as good as the best $2/gram matcha teas I've had, what I can say is that the 30+ brands I've tried from Asian markets around the country (USA) have nothing on Japan's gas stations.
230070230070B000WB1YSEA37ZCM0E79FE0TShirley B.3351232496000Great Japanese green tea with the best priceThis is a great Japanese green tea with full yet delicate flavor. I love to serve it to guests in a big mug, and everyone loves the fragrance, the taste, and also the packaging (the pretty tea bag). I also love the fact that each tea bag is individually packaged, so I can give them out as gifts. I was given a box bought from Costco, but I can't believe that I found it on Amazon for only $[...]!
230049230049B000WB1YSEA2ZTQGLCU3LU74Excelsior879051260921600I agree: The real dealI lived in Japan years ago. This is Japanese green tea. It might say "Kirkland" on the box, but it is really Ito En tea (which is printed on each pack), as well-known Japanese tea company. The best thing about this tea is that it does not get bitter after a long steep -- unlike just about any other Japanese tea. In fact, I have left the bag in my tea holder all afternoon on occasion, and the tea still tastes great. Buy this if you want the real Japanese green tea taste.
230050230050B000WB1YSEA7JQ9M86QTQTER. Chicago "R. Chicago"454551210291200Best Green Tea!I never liked green tea. I always found the taste terrible and bitter when compared to black tea. And even though I have tried to acquire the taste for green tea by trying many different varieties, I have always been unsuccessful until,... I was introduced to this Japanese tea. It is truly wonderful! It is mildly slightly sweet and aromatic. The nylon tea bag and individually sealed packages are great as well. A truly great green tea!
230051230051B000WB1YSEA1O63KTVIX4JA1Ochakko313151295395200Delicious, fresh green tea blended with maccha powderI grew up with green tea (I'm from Japan)- I was always searching for good alternative to the loose green tea (wanted something quick, single serving, easy to clean, and yet tastes good). Well, my search is over, finally!


-Tastes very fresh, the color is very green,
not that yellow-ish green

-Added Maccha to enhance the flavor


-The naming is bit confusing. I can see why some people order this product, thinking that they are getting the Maccha powder (the one for the tea ceremony). This is NOT a 100% Maccha poder. It is a delicious, fresh green tea blended with maccha powder.

Quick Tip

If your green tea tastes too bitter, the water might be too hot. The best temperature is around 80C (176F- NOT boiling hot). After pouring the hot water, steep about 30-45 sec, then take the bag out. You never want to "cook" the green tea.

Hope this helps :)
230052230052B000WB1YSEA3MQA9PGQASJ42Rachael232451219104000High quality green teaDefinetely the highest quality green tea I have ever had, love the bags. Was surprised at how good this "Costco" tea was and have been drinking it now for a couple of years - LOVE it.
230053230053B000WB1YSEAFM529ECZNY1GDouglass C Crouse171751299196800Much Cheaper at CostcoI've been ordering this tea from Amazon and think it tastes fantastic - and I hope it is doing good things for my insides. If you have a Costco membership, you can get it for just under $13 in the store. I was there yesterday and decided to check - and couldn't believe the price difference! I thought maybe it wasn't the identical item but I confirmed it when I got home. Now I feel like a fool for paying so much on Amazon. Oh well, live and learn.
230054230054B000WB1YSEA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu202151259452800An excellent Japanese green tea without specialty tea shop pricesIf you've turned your up nose at store brands before, don't do it for this one. Despite its humble Costco labeling, this is a very good and tasty Japanese green tea. That's because it is made by Ito En, Japan's leading tea distributor and one of the country's largest beverage manufacturers. I was surprised to hear of staff members at the Japanese Embassy in DC drinking this tea. It comes highly recommended from a Japanese friend working there.

Made from 100% Japan-grown tea, this product also contains "matcha", a finely powdered high grade green tea. It's responsible for the lively green color. The pyramidal nylon bag lets water pass through better, so you get more flavor out of each serving than with traditional flat tea bags.

Brewing temperatures for different kinds of tea vary, but to make green tea, the water should be between 70-80°C, not boiling. With half the caffeine, green tea is better for you than black tea because of the higher concentration of water-soluble antioxidants (cathechins and flavinoids) and vitamin C, which are destroyed by the roasting process. One cup will give you 100%+ of your daily USRDA requirement. Green tea is also great chilled or over ice.
230055230055B000WB1YSEA33YZNZIRA3H97l2101041263772800Costco green tea is my favorite cheap teaMy family buys one of these boxes at Costco every month or two. Kirkland is the Costco house brand, so people selling it here are just buying it at Costco and reselling the boxes at profit. Costco charges $12 per box.

This tea has a much stronger flavor that cheap green tea like Lipton. I really like it, but I guess flavor is a personal thing (else no one would buy limp Lipton).

Flavor doesn't compare to what you get at a good Japanese restaurant or tea house, but you can only expect so much from 12 cent tea bags.

"Matcha blend" means you get a small amount of matcha powder in each tea bag. Make sure you pour that into your cup. Don't throw it out!

I'm only giving this 4 stars out of 5 because the price here is so much more expensive than Costco.
230056230056B000WB1YSEA3V1EI1Z1MWZJTR. Mayoleth9951275091200Very good matcha tea!A lot of reviewers are calling this 'green tea' only, and it's not just green tea. Green tea and matcha green tea are very different teas, so the terms are not interchangeable. Matcha is generally a very expensive form of powdered tea used in tea ceremonies. This Kirkland brand is obviously not expensive, but it tastes pretty close to the really good stuff. I have had all kinds of matcha, because it is my favorite kind of tea, and I definitely recommend this tea. It's really quick to steep, less expensive, and doesn't require the whisking needed for real, high end matcha. I definitely still love the good matcha more, but this works for me as well!
230057230057B000WB1YSEA4CGMSSRP6CQ7J. Paul9951214352000Best Green Tea Short of moving to AsiaTry this and you'll never go back to the regular old crappy tea. This tea boast the best of both worlds
230058230058B000WB1YSEA2HQ8RTAJYEUJONeal J. Pollock8851214956800The Real DealI've tried many different green teas in the States & abroad. When I lived in Philadelphia, I had many Japanese friends there who made terrific green tea--but until now I couldn't find one to rival theirs. This one does. It's tasty & flavorful, certainly not bitter--even if you steep it overlong. The bags are interesting too. My only problem is that the string is attached to the middle of each bag vs. the end--which can be annoying--easier for it to slip into the cup while brewing (esp. if you're using a microwave to heat it) & also if you use a squeezing device to get the brewed tea out of the bag itself before disposing of it. Still, this minor inconvenience hardly affects the value of this tasteful product. I'm about to purchase some more.

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