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230169230169B0060HW38OA7KQF462IXRH4William C. Burns Jr1151332547200Good Coffee!I have used this coffee in the past, so I knew in advance that it was a good product. In fact, it was originally given to me as a gift by a friend from Turkey.
230170230170B0060HW38OAX9HRQR1CTQI0Guqin Fan "Sushi Dim Sum Chick"1151330473600Excellente ~It is one of the best Turkish coffee available! I love Turkey and went there twice. Every time I was there, I always ordered their cai (tea) or Mehmet Efendi Coffee. I'm so glad that it is available from

There is a little tips in brewing Turkish or Greek coffee.

1) Use filtered water if possible. It does make a difference.

2) Use medium high heat.

3) When you place the pot on the stove, ensure you don't over boil it. After it is boiled for 1-2 minutes, the coffee should have very tiny-bubbled foam. If you have BIG bubbles - you are over boiling it. Turn down the temperature.

4) Once the tiny-bubbled foam starts to rise up, remove it from the stove and spoon the foam into you cup. Within seconds, place it back to the stove and continue to boil it w/medium to medium high heat. After 10-15 seconds, your coffee is ready to be served. To me, the tiny-bubbled foam makes the coffee smoother.

It takes a few good trys to make a perfect cup - Enjoy!
230171230171B0060HW38OA15J0FM5QTMV1XM. Alqaysi "Williams"1141329091200Good coffeeMy Husband like this coffee. I just wish we could find other Turkish coffee brands or the Turkish coffee with Cardamom we used to get in Amman, Jordan. I would recommend this coffee to anyone
230172230172B0060HW38OA3MA84NNBW6VZ9Broderick L. Gant1151329091200Best Coffee EverIf you have never tried Greek or Turkish coffee you really must try this first, you will save time finding the best brand. Absolutely amazing flavor, also try eating a few dates after to complement the coffee taste.
230173230173B0060HW38OA2U03W15JC0CN2JIHLSEY "JIHLSEY"3451287878400The best yetThis coffee is delightful the absolute bee's knees, real deal. I'm happy I found this turkish style coffee on Amazon, no more trips to the Greek store for coffee. Great flavor, texture, aroma it's the best, the tops.
230174230174B0060HW38OA3BCLQWBT0A6TQIvan Frimmel3451200700800Great coffee - fash delivery !I love this coffee, its the best I have every had. Delivery was really quick.
230175230175B0060HW38OA2ORXBQIAYYSLDRack queen "rack queen"0231337990400Acquired tasteI am an avid coffee drinker and have tried many different types of coffee. I had Turkish coffee many times except my friend always ground her own and I liked the flavor of her coffee. I was grinding my own coffee and preferred the taste over this Turkish coffee. While this coffee is ground to perfection and was not expired ( it actually has another year and a half) as well as packaged in a great canister that easily fits in the refrigerator , My taste buds are not adjusting to the flavor. Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee has a very earthy almost topsoil earthy flavor. Not that I've tasted topsoil but the smell of topsoil is how this coffee tastes to me. That's about as good as I can explain it. Like I stated earlier it is an acquired taste and I am in no way stating it is terrible coffee but before you purchase this consider buying your own favorite coffee bean and grinding it to a fine powder. I use the magic bullet to grind my coffee beans and it works great.
230176230176B004EDFLWQA12SQSNL39BFQBFernando J. Seminario "Cloud Jumper"1151324339200Wonderful teaIm a big fan of the tazo brand teas and after trying this particular one in Starbucks i decided to buy a batch of them. I'm happy overall with my purchase except i was under the impression the tea bags were the higher quality ones and not the traditional style. The taste is very grassy so if you dont like an earthy taste stay away. Gets bitter if left in the cup for too long.
230177230177B004EDFLWQANKTR7WEQQUSXvirginia1151319328000china tips green teaWe love China tips green tea. When we buy it at Starbucks it's approx. $ the $25 for 6 boxes is a great value.
230178230178B004EDFLWQA3DULMN1VGF58Xandy2351306800000Best green tea in a bag!Mellow, sweet, green in color. This tea is my favorite go to bag when I do not have loose leaf to infuse. It is delicate but can handle boiling water for 3 or 4 minutes without giving off tannins to make it bitter. BUT use slightly cooler water to get the best tea!
230179230179B004EDFLWQA4480DSK4UJN5hug in a cup0051345161600YUM.As a green tea obsessee- I've tried MANY, many kinds of green tea. From Korea, China, Japan, etc etc.
I think the best I ever had was a super highend green tea from China that cost $80 for a small pouch.
Except I'm not made of money, so this is my review of obsessing over a good-priced green tea:

I judge the quality of the tea leaves by 3 things.
1. How the tea tastes when steeped in hot water.
2. How many cups a tea bag can be used in hot water before completely using flavor.
3. If the tea is able to steep in room temperature water.

1. Tazo's China Green Tips is definitely one of the best teas I've had steeped in hot water. If you oversteep it, there's a slight tangy bitterness that comes with all green teas. Except this tea has the least harsh tangy/bitter feel to it. Even if you burn the leaves from boiling water, it's still drinkable (unlike poorer quality green teas, the tang/bitterness is like some kind of horrible challenge).
2. I've been able to yank 2 cups of tea, with completely full flavor in each one. I steep my bags in hot water for 3 minutes max and take them out. I've been trying to decrease my caffeine intake, so I like to re-use the bag for another 2 weak cups, just to drink in the flavor without opening a new bag.
3. This steeps in room temperature water! 1 bag steeped in room temperature water will start to show very nice green in your cup after even 3 minutes. I drink my teas like this in the summer, since I can't stand drinking boiling hot tea in 100F. The taste will obviously not be as strong as when it's steeped in hot water, but it's still lovely and perfect for the summer.

For those who said they found this product at Target for cheaper, I saw that too. But I noticed on the tea bags sold in Target that it's stamped with Tazo's 2007 rights, while the tea bags sold from here (or at least the last batch I bought 6 months ago) were stamped with Tazo's 2008 rights. So. I guess. Maybe Target is selling older stock, hence why it's cheaper?
230180230180B004EDFLWQA1UHTJ2NZ0IYJHJ. Shinn0051314921600Good and so very close to loose leaf chinese green tea.I became accustomed to chinese green tea while on vacation to China. Drinking fresh loose leaf tea everyday was a pure pleasure so I even went to the extent of buying chinese green teas being imported. Then one day at work, I had run out and I found we had Tazo China Green Tips tea. Lo and behold, it has the same flavor, essence and aroma as the tea I had been drinking in China. The flavor is good and the tea bag seeps well, it's not as bold as the loose leaf version by Tazo sold in tins but it does the job and for the price on the bulk 6 pack of 24, it's a pretty good deal. I buy the loose leaf version of the Tazo China Green Tips at Starbucks for under 7 dollars a box, which are actually tins. Love this tea for the convenience and being so close to loose leaf versions of the tea. As the other reviewer noted, don't seep too long otherwise it gets bitter. I like the perfect seep where it has the nutty undertones, fresh aromatic vapors. Conveniently on Amazon for a 6 pack of 24.
230181230181B004EDFLWQA1O348H4BC164FCaptain0141311811200The Older Style Tea BagsProduct is great and arrived quickly without issue. One note
230182230182B006846XQ2A19XQ5VTWGB14QD. Harris "prazdancr"2251324684800Wake Me Up! I love it!I have a Keurig, and I drink mainly tea. I had been drinking mainly English Breakfast tea in the morning. I just discovered this, and it is a pleasant surprise. It is strong, yet not overpowering. It is a bold, yet smooth flavor.It is not bitter. It could become my new favorite k-cup. I would definitely purchase it again.
230183230183B006846XQ2A7L84QG2NAAX6Sabrina0051340755200Love Love Love itTazo Awake has always been my fave black tea especially these K cups.
They are convenient, easy to use, and most importantly Never bitter!!!
230184230184B006846XQ2A21LGI8AQ8WTBULinda M. Javor "LMbookworm"0051337126400The bestBetter than Starbucks. You can control hwo much you wnt and hwo strong. You can even get 1 1/2 out of each bullet. i have reordered this tea many times!!!!
230185230185B006846XQ2A28ZG1SE6DKWKACatherine Montgomery "Emeraldquest"0051332720000Tazo TeaLove the taste of Tazo Tea Awake. It has a good tea flavor for anytime of day.Tazo Tea K-Cup Awake, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 10- Count (Pack of 3)
230186230186B006846XQ2ABSIJ0Q8N0VKPW. R. Jones0041331164800Tasty, Strong, ExpensiveThis tea might be the best K-cup cup of tea you can buy... it's tasty and strong, yet not bitter. However, it is almost Twice the price of other tea K-cups, over a dollar a cup.
I would suggest that this 100% price explosion is more to do with the name Starbucks than the cost of the K-cup, if you are okay with paying for a name or price is no object, stock up!
230187230187B006846XQ2A1F7YU6O5RU432Angela Streiff0051329091200Bold black tea, just as good as the tea bag versionIf you enjoy the bold black tea Awake made by Tazo, you're going to love it just as much in these super convenient K-Cups. You get the exact same great strong flavor as you do from using the tea bags. I like my tea strong, and I find I can actually make about 1 and a half mugs of tea from each of these K-Cups, and still get a good strength. Another cheaper option is simply buying a box of the Tazo Awake tea bags and just use your Keurig to make the hot water for your tea, then just add a tea bag to it. But if you like using the K-Cups, you will be happy with the cup of tea these produce. I've used up about half of one of these boxes so far, and only once did I end up with any tea leave in my cup. There were just a few, and it only happened one time so far, so I think it's not that common an occurrence. It didn't affect the cup of tea at all, I just always check to see when I'm trying out new K-Cups how clear of a drink they produce. In all, Tazo has produced a better of a cup of tea than I've brewed from other brands of K-Cups, such as Twinings Earl Grey, which came out cloudy and weak.

For those unfamiliar with the taste of this blend, it's a strong black tea with no real flavors to speak of. There's no citrus, no sweetness, nothing like that. If I was to compare it to coffee, it would be like a basic, black coffee with nothing added to it. Because of it's simple taste, this is a great anytime tea and a great replacement for coffee.
230188230188B006846XQ2A1HGXLP6WATS4BF. D. Gillett "Comparison Shopper"0041327622400A bold black teaThis tea is somewhere between an English Breakfast Tea and the bolder Irish Breakfast Tea. As with all K-cups, you can adjust the strength by selecting a cup size to your liking. I found it to be a bit bitter on the smaller sizes and have found I prefer it at the 4th setting on my B-70 Platinum brewer.

What is added to tea is personal preference, I like mine with a little sweetener but no milk or cream. It is a satisfying tea but I really don't understand the "Awake" in the name. I typically will drink tea in the late evening since it doesn't provide the same stimulus that coffee does for me.

While good to try, I think I will probably continue to buy the more typical and less expensive "Breakfast Teas" in the future.
230189230189B001GR3VUMA249NNJO6R53LJJp Laffont "Casio Lover"2251229040000l'Olivier olive oil from FranceVery hard to find in stores in USA. Used to be sold in Occitane stores all over, that is finished. Very few fancy food stores carry this oil (Citarella in NYC for expl). This olive oil is so good, all of them with herbs, lemon, basil etc etc.. No cholesterol so good for salad, pastas, fishes, etc.. Unfortunately on the web the distributors send this expensive product in several boxes, each time the price of shipping double price. In NYC you find the product at Citarella for about $14. If you use the web the price is more than 100% with shipping. The product is superb, but I think the exclusif distribution take advantage of their position, I advise you not to buy on the web. Too expensive!
230190230190B001GR3VUMA3JICDS0Y0OE5Ebetamom0051282953600Delicious!I received this oil as a gift from a friend who brought it from France. It is fantastic on shrimp and fish. Since I live in the middle of nowhere and am not planning a trip to France for a while, I'm glad I can buy it at Amazon, even if the shipping price is so high.
230161230161B0060HW38OAMG05J2XGM2LWAbdel-Azeem2241318896000Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee is what i was looking for !!I have been looking for some sort of "Real" Turkish coffee around coz i used to drink Turkish coffee as part of my rituals in the morning being a Middle Eastern and i finally found it.I will re-buy it most definitely
230162230162B0060HW38OA1JB0VRXFCIKCVThomas Barrasso1151348012800DeliciousGreat coffee, if you make it in a traditional Turkish "kettle" you will really see the beauty of a slow-brewed cup of coffee. Also, watch out for the grit at the bottom!
230163230163B0060HW38OA1Q85AHMRC7B3Bzee1151347840000The BestThe best coffee ever. Finally found it after drinking others. Definitely want more and also bring some to Macedonian parents who love Turkish coffee.
230164230164B0060HW38OA24EMGY9DC4Z72John S. Socha1151347667200The real thing.(This review is very similar to one I did for another brand.)

Let me start by saying that, while not a snob or connoisseur, I have tried just about every method of making coffee known to humanity. Drip, perk, pump and steam espresso, Aeropress, Neopolitan, Canadian-made coffee bags, Toddy concentrate and everything but pan boiled with eggshells. I've ground my own beans and even roasted them in small quantities. (I must have been an alchemist in a previous time!) Most of my gear (La Pavoni espresso machine, Capresso pump machine, Capresso conical grinder, countless Bialetti pots, Revereware stainless drippers, etc.,) have come from fortunate thrift store finds.

My interest in Turkish style coffee came about with the purchase (online auction-used) of an ASTOUNDING Turkish-made fully electronic, sensor controlled masterpiece of an automatic maker from Beko which is even easy to clean! It has won awards from CeBIT, the world's largest and most international computer expo. Atatürk would be proud!

I found that my grinder could produce very close to the powder-like nature of ground Turkish coffee. But I wanted to try "the real thing," so I ordered this brand and another. This brand is from Turkey and comes in an attractive almost collectable metal can.

My biggest surprise was that the coffee is not as dark roasted as what I had used before. But very pleasant with (traditionally) sugar or without.

If you have a local coffee supplier with the gear to REALLY grind down to Turkish style, you are in luck. If not, give this a try. Standard stove-top boiler pots are cheap, but the Bekos are not. As all coffee tends to come from the same sources, I suspect I will be able to find similar quality locally, grind it or have it ground, and store it in this can. Makes it easy to spot the Turkish grind!
230165230165B0060HW38OA39HMYM4H96J7ZAgent00711 "Agent00711"1151346112000Wonderful, Rich Body...Love the caffeine.This is, without a doubt, the best Turkish Coffee I have ever tried. Very sophisticated taste. Unfortunately, I am not a coffee connoisseur. But I prefer this to anything made at Starbucks, Peetes or Diedrichs. If you love the taste of coffee and haven't tried any Turkish Coffee before, this is the genuine article. I just brew mine in a simmering pot over the stove. No fancy gizmos. Not that I wouldn't love to try to make it in one of those tiny pots, but my house is filled with every Ronco infomercial kitchen appliance since 1989 and I don't have any more room. Plus, its like 3 of those pots to one of my coffee cups. Finally, this stuff lasts forever and a day. It should take me a month or two to finish it.
230166230166B0060HW38OA33B9WEC9GUPM6Moscovite1151342656000Absolutely wonderful!Wonderful product, can tell it is fresh (!!!!!!), tastes great!
Purchased for myself, then ordered additionally to give as a gift. The best Turkish/Armenian/Mediterranean coffee ever!!! Not mixed with any additives, "fillers", or by-products as most coffees are, though they don't even indicate it on their labels.

Rich in flavors, not bitter, very finely grounded (as it should to be!) Speedy delivery! Nicely packed! Would highly recommend to everyone! All my guests love it!

Thank you!
230167230167B0060HW38OA3LAIOBNUKG130Alita1151338336000Great gift for coffee loversBought this as a gift for a person with very refined palate. Described the coffe as delicious and very good! Would buy it again as a gift or for me.
230168230168B0060HW38OA3II2GQFQU1E4NAlex1151334016000The COFFEE!Excellent coffee. Aroma, Flavor, Body are exceptional. The best brand I found for my morning Turkish coffee. Strongly recommend it for serious coffee lovers.

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