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230410230410B002YJCAKIA24IJY3V0804WJAmit Talpade3431273449600Don't be fooledLipton Green Tea bags with super fruit purple acai promised itself to be an antioxidant blockbuster but alas fails. Primarily because the antioxidant potency comes from the green tea alone. I was expecting a extract of Purple acai but it is only a flavor and not the real thing. Isn't that misleading advertising.....

The tea is fairly okay as far as the taste goes and can be used as a hot and cold beverage. I drink it at work and put a bag in to my water bottle from which I sip all day. I purchased this because of the hype and also because I got it at a super low price of a dollar a pack.

The taste is okay and one cannot really taste the bitterness of the greentea but the fragrance is predominantly of blueberries.
230411230411B002YJCAKIA38UMI11OTZ43Lkalalau4651270425600Good stuff, just don't get caught up in antioxidant propertiesThis is a great tasting tea. It smells fantastic, and it really does taste sweet without even adding sweeteners. I love it. I wouldn't pay any extra money over their regular tea though. I seriously doubt the acai is adding very much. I have a feeling they are just trying to capitalize on the acai craze. Even if acai helps you, the amount in this tea isn't very much in the long run.
230412230412B002YJCAKIA166PZWEYC7NNLD. Cook0051346198400Excellent flavorThe Lipton Green Tea Superfruit Purple Acai with Blueberry is one of my all time favorite teas. It has an excellent flavor, doesn't require much added sweetness, and has a pleasant smell as well. Some other reviews complained about the Green Tea bitterness, but I've never experienced this problem. (I'm thinking these other reviewers don't know the proper temperature or steep time for Green Tea which would explain their issues.) I drink several cups of tea daily, mostly green, but also do herbals, white, oolong, and black. I have brewed them at different temps and times, and have noticed first hand that it does make a difference in the flavor.
If brewed at the correct temp, and for the recommended steep time, you can't go wrong with this one.
230413230413B002YJCAKIATFUXSRE8ZAQHMugwhamp "Mugwhamp"0051334534400Make it coldThis is good tea -- it smells good right out of the box. I generally just dunk a bag in my cold water bottle and let time do the steeping. (I do that with a lot of tea -- never gets bitter -- even though the flavors don't get as full.) Perfect for a work pick me up.
230414230414B002YJCAKIAX6MMCHNR8939MW0031332288000It's okay, very mildThis tea is okay. It is not very strong at all, but if you want a mild pick-me-up with a slight hint of the blueberry/acai flavor, this will do the trick. I will probably try the other flavors as well.
230415230415B002YJCAKIAOEGAN8CHX3V0Jeremy0021330214400Decent tea, poorly made teabagsThe tea is alright. not much flavor to it. only problem i had with this brand is the tea bags were very cheaply made. the string came off almost every bag when i was dunking it a few times. not buying this again.
230416230416B002YJCAKIAXZNSCQOC4CHZJanet0041329955200Great smell and taste greatI've tried both Purple Acai/blueberry and Goji/Raspberry. Both are equally nice. This is a light flavor tea, it is not strong like some of the black/green tea. If you are looking for a strong tea, you will not like this. When I drink this, I feel like I am in a sunny field and surrounded by flowers. It makes me happy and instantly put me in a good mood (it's just me, it doesn't actually have the effect in the tea). I first tried it through a FB free trial and I received 3 bags of blueberry/purple acai. I then ordered the whole 6 pack from here on Amazon. I wanted to try the Goji ones too so I went to Walmart and got a box, plus I have a $0.75 off coupon. That's when I found out Walmart's price is actually a little cheaper (before the coupon) than here(I purchased the subscribed and saved). It's not by much ($.15) but it's still cheaper. I know I will just buy it from Walmart in the future.

PS: I grew up drinking green tea (Chinese), I was afraid this would be like other fruity tea out there, but I was wrong. This one has the great balance between the tea and the fruit note. It's a very pleasant drink. I like it!
230417230417B002YJCAKIA3R02EQWYATFZHStephanie Yackley0051317081600Best as "sun tea"!I love this tea! It is the best made as sun tea and doesn't even need sweetener! I highly recommend it!
230418230418B002YJCAKIA3O6FCBYGK8EZ9MGP0041316649600Green Tea with Superfruit?Alright, this tea is a refreshing change up from the normal black teas. It is light in flavour but it smells pretty good. You can't really overbrew this tea and get it too bitter, or at least I haven't yet and this is one of the reasons why I like it. Can the flavour be a bit stronger? Yes, but I've got no complaints since I usually drink stronger teas and use loose leaf teas. I'm not really sure of the superfruit aspect but for a bagged tea this one is quick and does the trick.

* * * * * 4 / 5 * * * * *
230419230419B002YJCAKIA15U9H8N3S0SYXE. McClintock "setfreebYthebloodofJesus"0051316217600Wonderful Blend my favoriteI've been buying this now for about 5mnths and am loving it I use KAL stevia all natural sweetner. It's great all day long I use a 3 cup mug with 3 tea bags and so I definately recommend.
230420230420B002YJCAKIA2IA89UU9NQ91HJ. Allen "Domestic Diva"0051312416000We LOVE this tea!I make this tea two quarts at a time and then cool in the fridge for an "iced" tea drink. My whole family, even my kids love this tea. I do sweeten it with stevia and add a couple drops of pure vanilla extract, but of all the flavored teas we have tried, this is our favorite:)
230421230421B002YJCAKIA3TZUYEZDM7T7MWAYNE PROCTOR0051305331200Good FlavorI am a daily tea drinker and have tried many brands. My preference are fruit teas and blueberry teas are usually at the top of my list. This tea has a good taste and has become one of my favorites.
230422230422B002YJCAKIA2A5ZMJZITNDC8Theater Director0031304035200Tasty but weakThis tea tastes good, but it is not robust at all. One bag will make a half-mug cup of tea OK, but no refills on the same bag, and if you top-fill a mug with water, the tea will be watery. I won't order it again.
230423230423B002YJCAKIA212PNE9XSICKImary c brannan0051302825600lipton green teas bags with acaiI love the superfruit acaia flavor in this green tea...I kow green tea is soooooooo good for me but I dont care for the taste of it...however, this version is very enjoyable with none of the bitter green tea taste. this price was also very reasonable.
230424230424B002YJCAKIA30X750M8V1XXWScott0051300752000One of my favorite teasI'm a big tea drinker and love all kinds especially funky flavors. Just opening the box I got a whiff of the scent and knew the flavor was going to be just as good. I read some complaints about no flavor and don't know why because its great for me. I let my tea steep for 5 minutes and press the tea bag against my cup a few times as well as dunk it to really get the flavor brewed. I remove it after 5 minutes though because tea's will get bitter if you steep it too long.

I like to add a little honey and or pure agave to sweeten it up a little. Its a green tea base so it has a lighter flavor but its surely not weak. I really love the combination of the Acai and blueberry, although its more blueberry in my opinion. Lipton's new superfruit line is incredible and knowing me, i'll probably order one of each, next is the Black Current-Vanilla...yummm

Update: I reviewed the Black Current Vanilla and this Acai Blueberry is way better the Black Current smells very odd (read my review on that)
230425230425B002YJCAKIA97PVL3WWT2E2A. W. Lee0031283644800Drink it quickly!I'm not a tea connoisseur, so please take my review from the impression of a "lay person".

When I first opened the package and brewed a cup, I thought it was sort of weak, but acceptable--light accents of fruit without the tea overpowering it. As time went on, I remembered that tea can lose flavor if it's exposed to air. While the paper bags containing the teabags are a wonderfully eco-friendly decision, they don't do much to protect the tea from air.

Compounded with the fact there's only 1.3g of tea per bag (compared to 1.9 - 2.0g in some of lipton's other products), this tea will probably only be enjoyable if you use 2 bags if you don't drink it all fast (and maybe even if you do).

That being said, the flavor is quite nice, with neither the fruit nor the tea overpowering one another. I just think they should have used more tea per bag.

One last word, there is absolutely no acai in this--it's only flavoring. The anti-oxidants come from the green tea itself, so don't buy it if you're only after the properties of acai.
230426230426B002YJCAKIA1MJATHII7YC5UBlackzarg5851270425600Great new flavored Green TeaI enjoy green tea of different varieties, and typically drink the jasmine tea under the Kirkland Signature brand at Costco. Looking for something different, I was pleasantly surprised at the Acai Blueberry Lipton Green Tea. When the package came I boiled some water and went on to brew the tea. The scent is VERY aromatic, and the tea was great. Although it contains no sugar nor artificial sweeteners, the tea tastes sweet naturally (not like candy or juice, just a very delicate sweetness). I brewed some more to try it cold the next day, but I think it tastes better hot (brings out the flavor more).

I think there's something wrong with the reviewer who gave it one star and couldn't tell the difference in flavor. Maybe he/she got bad batch, but it's the same tea as mine, that reviewer probably can't tell the difference between Earl Grey tea and English Breakfast tea.
230427230427B002YJCAKIA3HRP0VNZVKX5MBo1221304380800Without Acaí
230428230428B002YJCAKIA2XBO5DR2M8FB0T. GILBERT5911270166400Very DisappointedI knew something was wrong when I steeped the tea bag, and there wasn't even a gradient of color other than a standard green tea. I can tell no discernible difference between this and a normal green tea other than a very faint fragrance. Definitely doesn't live up to expectations.
230429230429B002YJCAKIA273FPXN2LYLHQSteven C. Benke0111285027200NO FLAVORWhere is the flavor? This was my first and last purchase of this tea - waste of money!
230430230430B002YJCAKIA361X25D59PVZLJohn Rafferty1351276473600Best green tea that I have hadI drink this tea every night...whereas before, I would have maybe a cup of regular tea once or twice a week. Its definitely worth a try if you are any kind of blueberry fan!
230401230401B002YJCAKIA1JNGE2D4808DLM. D. Roach8841273968000goodIf you are getting this because of Acai hype whatever... there isnt enough of anything other than green tea in here to have any good impact on your health. The product however is pretty tasty and with a little spenda or sugar its outstanding. Also good as a sweat tea. I will say the lipton mixed berry is a bit better tasting IMHO.
230402230402B002YJCAKIAHVXO5XLQUTP8Gary Evans4531273104000Must be a packaging errorThis had no flavor or color added to it like the original commentor noted. I think it was a packaging error, It in my opinion was just plain green tea in a superfruit box. Lipton is sending me a check in the mail for a refund. Good customer service. The cranberry flavor was good though.
230403230403B002YJCAKIA3J5UCDMHEPDFWNorthern Gal202911271462400Mostly hypeI love Lipton's Mixed Berry and Orange Passionfruit Jasmine green teas, so I was very excited to see these new flavors. Not being able to decide which to try, I bought all three. Couldn't wait to brew up a cup of Red Goji and Raspberry. Noticed there wasn't a lot of fragrance when I opened the bag, but thought well maybe it'll release when brewed. Blech! What a disappointment! The predominant flavor is strongly the bitterness of green tea. Since then I have tried all three of these new "Superfruit" flavors and I am extremely disappointed in every one of them. The Purple Acai and Blueberry one has the most fragrant smelling teabag, but the results are just as disappointing. Despite all the hype and the pretty packaging, there is very little flavor to any of these except for the green tea flavor. Looking for someone to give this stuff to, because I really won't drink it. By the way, I drink a lot of tea and a lot of different kinds of black, green and herbal teas, and I do know Earl Grey from Irish Breakfast and rooibos from chamomile and yerba mate'.
230404230404B002YJCAKIA1OAWU6IIIW6AJL. Lineberger "klak50"1141303689600Not badI prefer the mints such as spearmint and peppermint, but this is not bad at all. It was a great deal, and I enjoy a cup of it every morning. I am well supplied for a while.
230405230405B002YJCAKIA2H2BP3L630VPAVS "too much TV"1131285113600Pleasant, but a bit weakI drink it and enjoy it, but the flavor is not very strong and it's not especially delicious. It's ok, basically. I don't know that I'd buy it again.
230406230406B002YJCAKIA3UAY7G5TP4DHEAries1121284768000Possibly a factory rejectI have a feeling that this wasn't up to factory standards and was a reject batch. I used to buy these bags at the store, and they are normally full of flavor, but these bags have almost no flavor. I have to put two of these bags in my water to even get the green tea flavor to come out, let alone the acai berry flavor.
230407230407B002YJCAKIAP2DMLERIYCZ5Mo1131282003200Like the flavor but too lightI have to use at least two tea bags to make a cup of tea strong enough for the flavor. The tea "smells" good, but it is too light.
230408230408B002YJCAKIA12MREED5RF4LSLinda1151282003200Enjoyable!I bought the Red Goji Raspberry, Purple Acai Blueberry and White Mangosteen Peach teas to try out when they first came to the market. Out of the three, I enjoy Purple Acai Blueberry the best. I don't expect who knows what out of a bagged tea, so I can say that for its league, it's very enjoyable. One can smell green tea with a fruity background, it has a good color and a pleasant taste, and no artificial put-off what-so-ever (which for me is very important). Many green teas can be harsh, but not this one, it has achieved a delicate balance between a green tea flavor and a bit of fruitiness without being too "fruity", i.e. sweet, preserving the pleasant taste of green teas. I'm pleasantly surprised. However, this tea surely is NOT for people who enjoy strong artificially flavored teas, particularly all the colorful berry mixes out there.
230409230409B002YJCAKIA2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes1131279238400I'd buy againI make this and the other variety of Lipton superfruit teas into iced tea. I brew them about 4 minutes and they make a light and refreshing iced tea. I don't use it for more antioxidants than what is in the green tea, but for the light flavor. Now here comes the interesting bit. I bought some basil plants and they were sitting on the counter next to the pitcher where I was about to brew some of this I got inspired and put some basil leaves in when I brewed. The resulting tea was delicious. My favorite of the three is the raspberry/goji berry tea alone, and this one with the basil.

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