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230431230431B0015DZBT6A4ZP64ZUELA7SBernd H. Reimers1151331424000Pure Jalapeno PowderExcelent product. Smells and tastes just like it is supposed to - jalapenos. Adds great flavor to any dish requiring jalapenos. I've added it to hamburgers - very good flavor!
230432230432B000UOFG96A3UH3NDM6N0Q0BAvid Shopper0051316304000Bentley's Oriental Treasure Green TeaSomeone recommended this tea to me, and now I am a fan too. It has a very pleasant, refreshing taste, and comes in individually-wrapped packets so each teabag stays fresh until it is used. If you appreciate good tea, this is definitely a treasure.
230433230433B003DD5VCIABRGUFYA758CJDoris Willis "will-is-we-can"2251326153600Jade Sea SaltExcellent merchant. Very good finishing salt. Use very sparingly. Samples and dispensing spoons included. Very pleased. would recommend and buy from them again.
230434230434B003DD5VCIA3BKMO3QZ1MOTSRGray32251315872000Great Taste and Supposedly Great Quality and Mineral ContentI was recommended this salt from a website, which is ran and authorized by a prominent doctor who specializes in nutritional balancing.

I'm a firm believer that sea salt is essential for human health and longevity, and enjoy trying different kinds.

This salt was a great compliment to my foods, and seemed to help alkalize and balance out my body's system. On a side note, high quality sea salts can cause some healing reactions, so don't go overboard on it.

Overall, thoroughly pleased with the product. However, I will be trying other salts just because I simply want to.

230435230435B003DD5VCIA3DY7FTARA1XVVGraceGiven "Sam"1151332720000ships super fast, great saltI purchased this salt on recommendation from a doctor (Dr. Harry Wilson) who has been doing hair mineral analysis for 40 ('ish?) years and has overseen more than 40K patients hair mineral analysis results since the 70's. He recommends this salt as 'the' salt to get for mineral nutrition and best health. This company shipped my product in just over 12 hrs after ordering... love it.
230436230436B00434KOQOA24TI0FXW07810ChampagneSipper3321327881600Not the bestIt's hard to find the broccoli in this chunky soup, since it's the size of parsley flakes. It's best used as a dip or similar. There are better Progresso soups.
230437230437B00434KOQOASLNEAYDOOW55Richard P. Walter0051351036800Gluten Free and tastyMy wife was recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance after searching for the cause of her stomach problems for almost 10 years. Now we have to make the diet interesting. She loves this soup and for some reason we can never find it locally in stores. Free shipping on this item makes it worth while.
230438230438B00434KOQOA2SKEQT0WTB954Zen Williston0041346976000Very good but do not expect to see any broccoliThis soup works best as a sauce over broccoli. Then it is tasty and all the salt in it means that the broccoli needs none. As a soup, broccoli can be added since there is none in it, unless Progresso means that they put a bunch of broccoli in a 5,000 can tub during manufacture.
230439230439B00434KOQOAUQW6UEZFC7B2Country Woman0051326931200My favorite!This is my favorite soup, and Progesso makes it the best. Great for a cold winter supper with crackers or a roll.
230440230440B0012AHGNQAIHY04U01PIWUR. Roy "Robbiebird"2251312675200awesome jerkyI have ate this jerky at a local bar I go to so I was happy I could buy it online and have some at my own house. Awesome flavor. Love it, love it, love it.
230441230441B0012AHGNQA16DF914AT2X0TT. Thorn1151325548800Best beef jerky there is!This is the best beef jerky there is hands down! I'm an avid beef jerky lover, and have tried many different flavored beef jerky in my lifetime, yet Pawnee Bill's triumphs all of them! I had the fortunate chance of trying Pawnee Bill's Beef Jerky for the first time when I lived in Eastern, PA, the only place where I can find it if not online. Pawnee Bill's is more for the people who enjoy saltier beef jerky. It's not "squishy" or "gamy" but more tough. The saltiness has varied a few times with bags I've gotten, but it is salty - which I love! If you love beef jerky, definitely give Pawnee Bill's a chance. I've ordered a few bags off here now since the shipping is fast, and this is the best price online. The only con is that I can't pick it up at the local grocery store like in PA. I love love Pawnee Bill's Beef Jerky!
230442230442B0012AHGNQA3R9MOMNGKKSY0David Nelson Jr3451296000000Best Jerky I've HadThis is my favorite. I wish I could get it more often. Being away from home, deployed, the only way to get it is Amazon. I will even pay the higher price.
230443230443B0012AHGNQA1VXLOKRIILS0SFieldstone0051341878400Pawnee Bill's jerky - most consistently great jerkyPawnee Bill's jerky is considered by me and my circle of compadre's as the best jerky on the planet. We have collectively tried dozens of other brands and although there are some good ones....Pawnee Bill's remains at the top of the list. There is one drawback and it is simply the cost of it. The price is the one thing prohibiting me from having a continuous stream of this jerky show up at my doorstep everytime I run out. Don't waste time, money or energy on any other brands, I already did that for you. Go with Pawnee Bill's.
230444230444B0012AHGNQA3FDLA7SAJN9SLJerkylover0051331078400Pawnee Bill's is The BestThis is my favourite Jerky by far! It is hard, salty and impossible to put down. Please beware though, if you like the sweet, teriyaki processed stuff, you will not like this. If you like real beef, salted and dried -this is unbeatable.
230445230445B0012AHGNQA3BJ0B30N7AO3Dlreinhart20051329955200Pawnee Bill Beef JerkyWith beef jerky it's a matter of personal preference to taste, texture and saltiness and Pawnee Bill has always been my favorite whether paying $1 a piece from the store or gorging with reckless abandon from a fresh bag like this! The tough consistency makes you work to eat it, so you can't gobble it fast then feel guilty. If you wear dentures, choose a softer brand. Taste and texture are perfect....I just ignore my better judgment about the nitrites/sulfites/whatever and enjoy and share the ample amount for as long as it lasts as a special treat while I'm still able to afford the splurge! It's good, go know you want it!
230446230446B0012AHGNQA2EA3EED5IY7E4TheGreatWall0051329177600The best beef jerky ever!!!This is by far hands down, the best beef jerky around. I eat a ton of beef jerky, and have tried probably close to 50 or so brands. This is my favorite. If your into Slim Jims, beef sticks or some kind of beef nuggets claiming to be beef jerky...well then just keep it movin lil girl. This is a man's jerky. It's real strips of beef, cut and hung on a hook in a smoke house somewhere in PA. Is it kind of tough? Sure, sometimes it is. Is it salty? Most definitely! Is it delicious? Yer damn right it is. I'm not some employee of Pawnee Bills...I'm just a guy living in Atlanta, that has known about this amazing stuff for almost 15 years. Yeah I keep buying other kinds of jerky, only to be disappointed. The only one that comes close to this is Wild Bill's's close, but not quite Pawnee Bill. Just try some's great stuff!!! Certainly don't eat it while drinking beer!!! God no! That would mean, that you will eat all of your jerky and have to order more, which leaves less jerky for me to order!
230447230447B0012AHGNQA1PTZD3SZ7TNACJ.L.1511327104000GrossI can't believe people actually like this beef jerky. It's so salty and it's hard like leather sole. Definitely not gonna buy this again. I bought two bags and I threw them away, waste of money.
230448230448B006PN9K20A2RVCKATGGC5KWJ.D.0051331942400Very deliciousThese are amazing. They remind me of being on the boardwalk down at the beach. I would highly recommend these if you're a taffy person.
230449230449B006MJ7UQAA2D4BH3ETYTYAXmonolith1770051328227200Finally, sardines in mustard worth writing home about!As a long time fan of Underwood sardines in mustard sauce I have been on a quest to find a replacement since that product was discontinued. I have tried many different brands, and even made my own "mustard sauce" varieties with other brands that only came in olive oil. Well, let me tell you... I ordered the King Oscar in Dijon Mustard from Amazon, and THIS is the best match I have found! The dijon mustard is not quite as tart as the mustard sauce in Underwood's brisling sardines, but this product does fill the craving!
230450230450B006L4FNB0A1SYSKR79LA2CBMycroft "Virture is its own punishment"4551233014400Taste wise it is a 6 star itemThe mouth says, "How do I love thee, let me count the ways..."
If you like apple products a must have item. The only draw back, shipping cost. These are very heavy.
230451230451B006L4FNB0A3D1TXE98KRKYODanny "The Student"2341256515200Great SupportArrived slightly thawed. My parents wouldn't accept it. However, the company was very helpful and issued a full refund.
230452230452B006L4FNB0AVCA516CFZ9HFS. Fowler0041335139200TART!The crust on these tarts are perfect. My husband loves these, but I'm not so crazy about them. They are just too sour/tart for my taste. I'll eat the crust and hubby takes my filling. My kids think they're great, so maybe it's just me.
230453230453B006L4FNB0A1P21J0DMTVGS7Lovethemovies0051332028800Omaha Apple TartletsThese are absolutely scrumptuous! My husband and I both love them, however, as another customer put it, they are expensive to ship! The cost of shipping is more than the tartlets themselves are!
230454230454B006L4FNB0AL3E5V6MXO9B0pionex17960051326412800Loved these TartletsWhat a nice alternative to an apple pie. Love the fact there was no slicing and dicing. Easy to prepare. I also loved the fact that you can make them fresh whenever needed.
230455230455B006L4FNB0A2O9G2521O626GRachel Westendorf0051308700800The bestI like Creme Brulee. I loved that these were so easy. Just sprinkle on the sugar that came with and broil. They look amazing and taste great. My guess thought I really went out of the way for them when really it took all of 5 minutes. I will be ordering more!
230456230456B006L4FNB0A1ZKFQLHFZAEH9S. J. Monson "world citizen"2831236384000disappointingnot what I was expecting in terms of the company's reputation for excellent home delivery products
230457230457B000F32MIKA3NCV74PFQVT3OJ. Braxton "Carolina Bread Maker"3351182124800If you like Indian food, you'll love this product.Wild Thymes Indian Vindaloo Curry Dipping Sauce is a top-of-the-line restaurant quality product. It is incredibly delicious. Shrimp Vindaloo is one of my most favorite Indian dishes. One bottle of Wild Thymes Indian Vindaloo Curry Dipping Sauce, 1 cup of 1" dice peeled and boiled potatoes, and 1 pound of boiled/peeled/devined 21-count shrimp...turn-up the heat with as much ground cayenne pepper as you can stand. Serve over cooked Jasmine rice (add a 1/4 cup of mixed peas and carrots to the rice) along with heated pita bread and yogert...for a wonderful gourmet meal.
230458230458B000F32MIKA1OUD19W3UDU31Z. Brickett "menotyouorhim"0051349222400Good, it's tasty!Ok, so food is pretty subjective, but I am a huge Indian food fan. I am not the most refined man though.

So from my philistine-like point of view, this is really good. I didn't use it as dipping sauce. I cooked up some chicken and cut the sauce with a little bit of water to give it a better consistency for cooking. Tossed some veggies in and served it over rice.

It was fantastic. Great flavor, but not overpowering. If you like Indian food and making it for yourself, this is a nice addition to you pantry. I still have some left over, so maybe I'll try it as a dipping sauce next and update my review. But for now, I couldn't be happier.
230459230459B0000DG58CA3DZJ8H6T5L2MBClarke A. Draheim0051344556800If you like it HOT and with favor this is it!!!If you like it HOT and with favor this is it!!!
Mike and Diane have been making this great sauce for over 2 decades and I have been a faithful and happy customer. There are hotter sauces out there for sure, try the Ring of Fire XX-Hot Habanero as an example, but the Ring of fire X-Hot Habanero has great flavor as well as bringing the heat!
230460230460B000T37IY4A4T1PUPCK1S66J. shavlik "book stacker"0051204243200made me proudThis lolipops made me proud of jelly belly. They did them right! Of course smaller quantity is needed but, buy some then share. The belly shape is easy on the smile. Flavors are unique and yummy. Here is the batch-- cotton candy-- oh yummy bubble gum --yum, then strawberry shortcake and very cherry, root beer, lemon, tangerine, grape -yum, cinnamon, and watermelon. Watermelon is the only one with not that much flavor. Go for it get some for your neighborhood.

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