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230470230470B007PA32OEA2TJG4N8LNJW23Blythe Dresser0041326672000A saving grace for Green Mountain Coffee...When we received our Keurig Elite for Christmas, we were so excited to break open the sample pack of pods to try out different blends and flavors. Of the 12 pods we had in the box, four were Green Mountain Coffee brand. I'd never tried anything from this company before, but from what I had researched online, they have the largest range of Keurig pods and have even bought out competitors to produce coffee under their brand names as well.

Unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed by the quality of the coffee. We tried their Dark Magic, Decaf and Breakfast Blend and all were underwhelming, to say the least. I was almost completely set on writing off Green Mountain altogther.

We had one GM pod left and being of the mindset of waste-not-want-not, I figured I'd give it one last go around before forgetting about them completely. And I'm glad I did.

The Nantucket Blend is a perfectly pleasing cup of coffee. It is nice and flavorful without being thick and pungent (unlike some of the other GM blends we tried). I added some flavored creamer to it and it almost measures up to our go-to Caribou Blend pods. Almost. All in all, this is a very standard cup of coffee which, while it isn't anything new or exciting, is very pleasing and definitely one of the better Keurig options we've been able to test out. When we run out of all the pods we've accumulated, I'll probably pick up a box of these as well.

Now that I know Green Mountain isn't completely disappointing I'll definitely be open to trying a few more of their coffees (with our promotion for getting the bewer we ordered Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count to try as well) and see how it goes from there.

If you're looking for a go-to choice, this is your cup!
230471230471B007PA32OEA82YTIEWKAZMSAlice Rodriguez0051326240000Green Mountain NantucketMy husband loves this Nantucket blend. He makes it daily in our mini Keurig. I can barely keep up with his consumption. Thanks to Amazon - his K-cups are always here in a jiffy.
230472230472B007PA32OEA1IK3U20MSQZLCBigBlockBill0051326153600Great Cup of Coffee!My wife loves this coffee! I enjoy it too, but the caffiene gives me a buzz, so I drink decaf. Fair price, great free delivery (over $25.00).
230473230473B007PA32OEA222SAOOYKVST8Zqueen0041326067200ZqueenThis is great tasting coffee and my family lives it. They are very picky about coffee and this seems to have the approval of everyone
230474230474B007PA32OEAH0L78CVYEEG1Jlavoie0051325635200I love this flavor k-cup!The Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend is my favorite brand of k-cup I've tried so far. I've tried about 6 different varities. This one is very smooth, has lots of flavor and tastes great with a little milk and sugar added in.
230475230475B007PA32OEA2MPYCJOQ3XX2BGrumpy Bear "Grumpy"0051323302400good cuppa coffeeThis is one of the best K-cup coffees I've ever had! It's has a nice aroma, smooth, and rich cup of coffee; love it in the morning.
230476230476B007PA32OEA3HL9RYE30WK9RC. Morse "CGM"0051322265600Nantucket is my favoriteSo far I've had no problems ordering this product and receiving it as promised. I am a Nantucket lover and occasionally will buy a specialty/seasonal flavor on the side.Green Mountain is extremely expensive at most local stores! I've been buying bulk online for years. (I'm a coffee-holic) I suggest buying/trying a sample at your local store. (some even will let you brew a free cup!) Then, you can decide where your taste takes you! Happy sipping!
230477230477B007PA32OEA1W30O6VMSCX23Mike Malachowski0051319587200Great taste and aromaSince getting a Kuerig Coffee maker for Christmas, I have tries several brands of K-cups.
I love the deep aroma and taste of Nantucket blend the best.
It has the right combination of a medium to strong brew blends.
I would rate it better than the coffee shop varieties.
230478230478B007PA32OEA1IZJVLNMFACS6Tanzanite Gal "Denise"0051318809600Love the Nantucket!This is another K-Cup flavor we have on automatic delivery. It has a nice flavor with no bitterness. I usually drink it in the morning and find it to be very pleasant.
230479230479B007PA32OEA1RS732SMTA5W2Marilyn K. Krabbe "M3492"0041317427200good coffeeGood morning cup of coffee. Just bold enough.good flavor. In my top 10 of K Kups as I like variety.
230480230480B007PA32OEA2DR708CP7W57VMarguerite Buckley "Marguerite B"0041317081600good buyThis was a very good buy and arrived in perfect condition in a very timely manner. Yes, I would order again.
230481230481B007PA32OEAFC9D0BGPH8Y1Judy from Indiana "Judy"0041316995200smooth pleasant tasteWe enjoyed this coffee very much, smooth and rich taste gets us off to a good start in the morning! I'll be purchasing this brand often.
230482230482B007PA32OEAU02YJ6L9FFNPamazonmom0041316995200ConvenientGood coffee and the price wasn't bad. This is a popular brand and flavor, it was great to be able to get this shipped and didn't have to hunt for it.
230483230483B007PA32OEA1N1FOSJ319JHTYan0051316390400Good valueI love this coffee, the Nantucket Blend is very delicious. My boyfriend's favorite. The 2 pack is great value. I recommend this!
230484230484B007PA32OEA2Y0U71LWG5W2BCrystal Sin "Speed Reader"0051315699200Great taste!Very tasty product, this is a wonderful coffee anytime day or night. Smooth flavor, medium strength, goes great with hazelnut liquid creamer, or any other for that matter.
230485230485B007PA32OEA12UZWJ6N3JBGORuth Brandy0051315526400Great tasting coffee!This is just about my favorite coffee as it has a great full flavor and is not to stong. Just right!
230486230486B007PA32OEA1PUL2U2PDSCAXmrs. mouse0051315267200SmoothLove, love the Natucket Blend in the morning, afternoon, actually anytime. Just wish it came in larger packs, as I feel like I need to limit. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but enjoy it when it is not too strong. Will order again from Amazon - fast and easy!!!!!
230487230487B007PA32OEA2FJH6TNED2M1PJeffrey Upah0041315094400Delicious cup of coffeeDelicious cup of coffee. This is not the best coffee I have tasted but it is very enjoyable and I have not found one That I do not enjoy. Quick, easy and enjoyable.
230488230488B007PA32OEANJC1DYEVSKMTJewdster0041314835200Nantucket Blent K KupProduct arrived before estimated time, which was awesome! The Nantucket Blend is very good if your looking for a medium roast coffee.
230489230489B007PA32OEA3G2VFUX5MKLDHpeg4awin0051314576000nantucket blendgreat customer service... I had this product the next day !! Amazon and this supplier are a great combination. I will buy from this supplier again.
230490230490B007PA32OEAQ5CU221BTY8SNlin0051313366400Great coffee!This is a good, moderately bold coffee. Just enough to satisfy that coffee craving. K-cups are great and I enjoy ordering from as the product is always shipped promptly.
230461230461B007PA32OEA3VBXOGIQSIPTFSeniorwolf0051332201600Grn Mountain Nantucket blemdSo far this is the very best coofee I have had with the new Keurig. The blend is just perfect for the first cup of coffee in the morning. Since I had gotten this my son is now serving his family the same brand and flavor. ust the right strength as it is not to weak and not to strong. Perfect and very enjoyable cup each time.
230462230462B007PA32OEA3RSNTR0GFR3FVfoxy0051330473600green mountain coffee nantucketThis is one our favorite coffees. We buy this over and over. It is a good strong coffee. I recommend it to everyone I know.
230463230463B007PA32OEA1O1WC28TJ38SKlzldmb0041329004800First K-Cup coffee I loved.A year ago, my dad received a Keurig for Christmas, and with it the K-Cup variety pack. I tried a couple coffee brands without milk and sugar, and this was the one that really caught my taste buds' attention. It's very mild, borderline light-bodied, with a subtle flavor and not too bitter. It doesn't taste like you're chewing on beans, but it's not watered down like some sub-standard brands you find in stores (I'm looking at you Folgers 10lbs jug of "ground").

A few months later, a co-worker brought a Keurig to work and offered access to it. I purchased packs of Green Mountain Nantucket Blend the same day and enjoyed 48 cups of it, dreaming of the day I may have a Keurig at home. That has happened now, and I've got this on subscription.

Strongly recommend if you are a fan of light-bodied coffee. One of the best K-Cups you'll find in that category.
230464230464B007PA32OEA3OR83P2LN0LFJAnne Lauterbach "alauter"0051328918400good coffeesince we got our Keurig,We have been trying different flavors and brands of coffee,tea,hot chocolate,and cider. Out of all the coffee brands I have to say that Green Mountain far surpasses all the other brands that we have tried. Great taste and not so expensive that it hurts the budget.
230465230465B007PA32OEAIP4FU120WT8GBylion0041328918400The best of what I triedThis is the best coffee that I have tried,and I tried many types of K Cups.Wish it could be packaged in a larger package with more cups and sold cheaper.
230466230466B007PA32OEA2ZLJYJYQ25CLUJanet Scott0051328400000the best coffee ever!This coffee was in our package when we recieved our Keurig. I had never tried it before, in fact I had never heard of it before. It was so good I never drink any of the other kinds that were sent with it. It was always Maxwell House or Folgers, even Starbucks, but now it is Green Mountain.
230467230467B007PA32OEAQMUE615C7MCSharpshopper0051327449600Love Natucket Blend Coffee!I have a Keurig coffee maker and have tried lots of K-cups and different brands and roasts of coffee but the Natucket Blend is my FAVORITE. The Nantucket blend is a smooth and rich coffee that is not too strong or too weak. Anyone who owns a Keurig should try the Natucket Blend by Green Mountain. They will realize it is the best! The price is great on Amazon too!
230468230468B007PA32OEA3RSWDQJ9B479ZJ. Zapata0051326931200My new favoriteI received a box of Nantucket free with my coffee maker but it didn't sound like anything special so I put off trying it, but now it is my favorite! It is slightly stronger than coffee people coffee shop but has a richer and more flavorful taste. Not bitter at all, but if you like lighter roasts then you probably will not like this. I think it tastes best using the 7-8 ounce setting. This reminds of when I dine out and they have such good coffee but either they don't know or won't tell you what kind it is. Love it!
230469230469B007PA32OEAG1849URYY9VIBarbara0051326758400Great CoffeeReally a great cup of coffee.Rich and mellow, perfect for those who drink their coffee black. All Green Mountain flavors are terrific.

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