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230551230551B007PA32OEA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"3351282176000Very Smooth Coffee - Highly RecommendedGreen Mountain "Nantucket Blend" K-Cups make a very good cup of coffee in my Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System. This is a very smooth tasting brew that my wife prefers over the Coffee People, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] I generally drink in the morning.

These are good on both "Small" and "Large" cup settings as well.

Highly Recommended!

230552230552B007PA32OEA25UTJ1AXFC0Z9Judy Armstrong2251318291200My Go-To CoffeeHaving had my Keurig Mini-Brewer for several months now, I have ordered and tried several different brands and flavors of K-Cups. Green Mountain's Nantucket Blend seems to be the one I go back to after trying others. It is a medium roast coffee with no bitterness that suits my palate more than any others I have tried.
230553230553B007PA32OEA3D2AWHN6A2UAPS. Klein2251293494400great priceThe price for these K-Cups is great. They are so costly in the store, so this is a great way to buy in bulk.
230554230554B007PA32OEA3UKNHZHG4687DAnnette4541295308800Good coffeeThe coffee is a nice deep blend. The price, however; is high considering many retail stores are now carrying this brand for cheaper and no shipping. I will continue to buy this brand of coffee however I will no longer purchase it on line.
230555230555B007PA32OEANOD28P22F3YOjazzy1151324252800Really good coffeeSo far, this is my favorite blend of coffee. It has a delicious flavor. Bold but not overpowering. I will definitely be buying this again!
230556230556B007PA32OEA24BG4B6F3NUT3S and K Reviews1151324080000My favoriteI have tried many k-kup varieties and this is my favorite. Mild, perfect for someone who likes a mellow coffee. Add some Vanilla Coffeemate and it is HEAVEN. A great start to my day. I brew it into a disposable cup and my commute becomes 100% more enjoyable.
230557230557B007PA32OEA3966TRSIWW4Q2Tinybear "TechGeek"1151323734400So far the best tasting Keurig coffee cups I could findI was recently given the top of the line Keurig single cup coffee maker from Costco that came with a lot of different flavors to test out. This Nantucket blend was easily the best of the bunch. It truly is a great tasting coffee and I can't believe it comes out of my Keurig.

Now I do drink a cup of coffee every day and I'm not fond of the waste that this product produces so I actually have one of these ekobrew Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Brown, 1-Count and grind my own coffee. It's cheaper and better for the environment and it's what I use for myself. However, the fine dust does pass through the filter so I don't like to give it to guests. I don't mind the dust though that settles at the bottom of the cup and for being much cheaper I don't mind.

These cups though I save for my guests so that they can get a great cup of coffee without any of the dust. And they all love this coffee.
230558230558B007PA32OEA1LLMTLL2EESAMslemmy1121318204800Too Weak for Me Turns White After Adding Cream
230559230559B007PA32OEA2FXNP3WH78866Mom1131312416000k-cupsThere ok have gone way up in price. Now that I have tried the Dunkin Donuts k-cups not sure if I will be going back to green mountain.
230560230560B007PA32OEA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle1151311033600Delicious medium-roast blend with complex tones Length:: 1:30 Mins

Delicious medium-roast blend with complex tones (5 stars)

The name belies an intoxicating medium-roast blend that fuses flavors from Central America, Indonesia and East Africa. The Nantucket Blend is deliciously complex - a mélange of four coffees from three continents - opening with the aroma of berries, spice and wine and soft floral undertones and finishing smoky and sweet with a touch of French Roast.

According to the Green Mountain Coffee website, the blend's origin dates back more than 20 years ago, "created at the request of a loyal customer who lived on Nantucket Island. The blend proved a winner, and the name stuck."

I drink Nantucket Blend black, using Keurig's small mug (7.25 oz) setting. My wife, who will often add creamer to darker roasts, also enjoys this blend black.

In summary, this medium-roast blend is a new favorite in our house. We first purchased Nantucket Blend during an Amazon sale for about 55 cents per Keurig cup. Regular price is about 66 cents, 15 cents higher per cup than other brands. Is it worth the additional price? Yes, but keep an eye out for sales.

Added bonuses:
Nantucket Blend is certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.
Green Mountain Coffee is Fair Trade Certified.
Green Mountain Coffee is organic.

Rating: Five stars.

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230561230561B007PA32OEA1JYQUZIIRLB82Copperwoman1151307664000a cup of warm comfortMy granddaughter bought my Keurig Brewer and it came with a huge box of various coffee's. I enjoyed them all, however im not the dark coffee lover. I do not like that sour, acid taste you get from some coffee as an after taste left in your mouth. This Nantucket Blend of Green Mountain is excellent and never leaves that undesirable after taste. I do like Neuman's Extra Bold, but its not my number one choice. With this coffee you loose none of your flavor from adding cream. I just love it and its that one little extra I do for me....hope you enjoy.
230562230562B007PA32OEA2JTA9GYHUFJETZt and Ej's Nana1151291852800nantucket blend k cupThis is our favorite coffee. Easy on the stomach, good tasting, not too light, not too strong, just right. Highly recommend.
230563230563B007PA32OEA3CG93783LP0FOYarii1151287360000Yummy, smooth coffeeNantucket Blend is perfect. It's a smooth medium blend with just the right amount of caffeine to wake me up in the morning. It's almost creamy and it almost tastes to me like it has a very slight vanilla flavor to it. But don't take my word for it being slightly vanilla as I'm definitely not a coffee connoisseur. I guess I think this because it's so creamy and yummy-tasting.
230564230564B007PA32OEA2OWYO5RRERMKWMDB1151286409600A little bit of heaven every a.m.It doesn't get any better than this in the a.m. Brew .. sit back .. sip .. and ENJOY!
230565230565B007PA32OEA2WVKTQBZVYESBGato Sloth "G sloth"1151286409600Great coffee at a great price!I love the variety of K-cups at Amazon. Green Mountain is awesome and the prices are fabulous. I use them at work daily.
230566230566B007PA32OEAM6WHLFEL9JM2S. Burke "Showtime"1151282608000My favorite!!We order this blend all the time! I'm note sure how else to describe it but, to me, it tastes like coffee smells. If that makes sense. There are plenty of other blends that smell great, and then you taste it, and BLECH!
This one is a winner everytime!! Keep an eye out for this 2 ~ 24pack on sale. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!
230567230567B007PA32OEA321B5DIQCYBLKRC from GA1141282435200One of the best...The name is not very exciting, but don't let that deter you from tyring it. It is a great cup of coffee. It is not overly strong but absolutely not weak. No bitterness and no aftertaste. It has some very subtle flavors that I can't quite identify and that makes it a unique experience. This is one of my "go to" blends and I keep more of it on hand than the other varieties.
230568230568B007PA32OEA261PG63GDOSO0Joanne3441317168000Great coffee but k-cups are becoming a luxury!Coffee is great, delivery was great BUT k-cups are quickly becoming a luxury.
Now that many of us know what we like, the price of the k-cups is through the roof. I know the price of coffee is way up, but at .62c cup, or $60/month for at-home coffee (about the lowest I've been able to find for k-cups), this 3-4 cup a day user is likely to be filling her little make-your-own-k-cup device far more often.
230569230569B007PA32OEAQQLWCMRNDFGISteven A. Peterson5731294876800Nice coffee to start the dayI enjoy starting the day with a cup of coffee. Once upon a time, I just used instant. Some were decent quality; some weren't. Then, I tried Mr. Coffee. Sorry, not my cuppa! Back to instant. Maxwell House had some nice instant.

But my family wanted a Keurig coffee maker, so--for the holidays this year--I bought one. The coffee that came with it was a Newman's Own blend. Pretty bold and tasty (better than instant and quite a bit better than my memory of Mr. Coffee). I recently ordered this through Amazon. It is not quite as bold as the Newman's Own k-cup coffee. But it does have a smooth taste that starts the day off nicely. So, I have encountered two good coffees for the Keurig coffee maker!
230570230570B007PA32OEA2XAGN52M9R30YGrumpy Old Man "Sven"5731292889600Great coffee but very priceyOrdered this product without reading what i was getting ... dumb on my part.
My wife loves Nantucket Blend. I mistakenly thought this was for 2 boxes of 24 k-cups because of the price.
Much cheaper to pick this great product up at Kohls or Bed Bath and Beyond if you have access to them.
230571230571B007PA32OEA2IUEHSJE57RQ0MW2341291161600Great tasting coffeeJust got this coffee in the mail today, it arrived early on the estimated delivery date. I am currently drinking a cup and its smooth and goes down easy not really acidic. I use half and half and splenda but I was be good with just cream,milk,half and half etc no sugar or sweetener needed. 48 cups for the price is a little much considering there are places that sell 96 for 51$ also you have to factor in the cost of shipping. If your looking for K-cups in bulk try otherwise this is fine.
230572230572B007PA32OEA35AO7QDM0R116jwalton "4forjen"2351269302400Medium..smoothI have not found a bad "Keurig" coffee version yet. This one included. Since receiving my machine I have been to Starbucks..maybe twice since the beginning of January. I used to go 5X a week. My husband is LOVING this gift, Starbucks is not.
230573230573B007PA32OEA3UOYYQS5Z47MSDavid A. Levin "DaveL"0051351209600Morning CoffeeGreat coffee at a good price. I'm a subscription buyer and I buy this month after month. What more can I say?
230574230574B007PA32OEA8INT3NMHRUS4Kimberly J. Karas "a New England mom"0041351036800Didn't buy on Amazon butSince getting my Keurig machine I have been experimenting with variety of K-cups. I didn't get this on amazon but caught it on sale at the local market. It's a good basic cup of coffee. While trying to figure out flavor preferences (with things like caramel, blueberry, etc.) it's nice to have a basic that you can rely on. Some of the flavors aren't strong enough and some of the other brands or roasts are way too strong. Nantucket blend is a happy medium.
230575230575B007PA32OEA3I8EAFM9XGMMGmommy24130011350950400Wrong coffee receivedI received medium roast. Didn't receive the correct coffee shown on picture. Disappointed by this. I suppose ill try as its a lot of my trouble to return
230576230576B007PA32OEAL2MYSBH9I40IMarilyn Daggett0051350950400Great coffeeThe Keurig Green Mountain Nantucket Blend Coffee is great. The flavor is pleasing and not too strong or too weak. I like using the subscription plan.
230577230577B007PA32OEA2R946H6OFWS6Udeanna0051350950400nice smoothWonderful smooth taste. I love this brand. Great for my first cup in the morning or any other time of the day. Great price. Smooth taste.
230578230578B007PA32OEA1WNR7Y56L7Z0PJocko0051350777600No complaintsCant beat it for the price. Will buy again. Looked around for a while it couldnt find any good deals
230579230579B007PA32OEAGM70PNLZAE6FLinda0051350172800Great Everyday CoffeeLove this coffee! It is my everyday go to coffee when I want plain, non-flavored coffee. I actually use one k-cup to make a medium and a small in a large coffee cup. I find this strength perfect. Amazon has the best price and I love the packaging of the 50-count package. Recycle the one box--very little waste!
230580230580B007PA32OEA1J58X3WYJ1MVES. Eaton "verbena42"0051350086400I love this CoffeeI love this Coffee! I love that I can sign up with Amazon and get it delivered to my door and not have to search in the grocery stores for it, which half the time I can't find it. Way to go Amazon, thank you!!!

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