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230641230641B000ZD5NLSA1RF6KTD1ITRW2Mommy Pilot2251266537600Best Tea Ever!This is the best tasting tea. It has a wonderful aroma also. Buying it like this seems to be the freshest and best buy. The Lana's Tea House that sells it is a fast shipper,sends a sample with it. They also give you tips on brewing a good cup of tea, etc.
230642230642B000ZD5NLSA10SXEY0KLC42PJ. Hunnicutt "for true flavors"2251200096000Luxuriously deliciousI first purchased this marvelous tea on a whim from a Lollycups kiosk. It was a revelation. Smooth, fragrant, wonderful taste. I was thrilled to find the 50 sachet bag. Delivery was prompt, even at holiday season. Highly recommended for anyone who takes pleasure in a truly sense-satisfying drink. To me, when cold, it tastes like ice cream.
230643230643B000ZD5NLSA36FJV424ISECRErin Webster1141326585600All-around good tea!I was looking for a tea that would please everyone to use as part of a shower favor. All other Harney & Sons teas I've tried have been good, and the description of this one sounded like it might be perfect for the favors. I got it, tried it, and loved it! A nice light black tea with notes of vanilla. Paired perfectly with sugar cookies!
230644230644B000ZD5NLSA2W6XC9DQW778QDenis Altudov "Denis"1151324339200The best teaIt's the same great tea you can buy in tin cans, but in bulk package. I buy these bags to refill the tin cans.
230645230645B000ZD5NLSA248P6F309UXRFDuffy Grove1151315094400Best flavored black teaThis is a long time favorite.............I drink a lot of tea and this is my favorite flavored black. The aroma is delicisous!!
230646230646B000ZD5NLSAU735ZUJXQW9RJessica Childress1151313798400Great!Love this product. Such a delicious tea. Tastes like chocolate, caramel, and flowers all in one. The only negative is that i thought by buying the 50 sachet bag, that I would be saving money. However, after later doing the math I realized that the price of tea bag in the 50 count is about the same as the small canister.
230647230647B000ZD5NLSA385QAN521YQZCparissuffren1151290988800Harney & Sons Paris Tea the Ultimate Flavored TeaFrom the moment you pour the water over the lovely mesh bag you know by the wonderfully fragrant scent that rises to meet your nose that you are about to have a moment out of the ordinary with this tea. It is perfection as far as hot beverages go. It is my favorite, a hard choice because they have many delicious teas to choose from.
230648230648B000ZD5NLSA1FBLRWE64Z6SGD. McCarty "broncodustin"1151288224000Tasty TeaI sampled Harney & Sons Paris blend at a local coffee shop one morning when I felt like something other than my usual cup of coffee. It was outstanding, and quickly became a nice alternative to my favorite hot beverage. After a time, I my delight in the Paris blend intensified and I purchased a pack of 50 from this seller. I shared some with friends in the office and now it has become the local favorite. Excellent product! Good price! I would (and have) continue purchasing Harney & Sons Paris from this seller.
230649230649B000ZD5NLSA2OQMRAOZQUACEJames A. France "Jim and Jane France"1151259971200My favorite teaA friend gave me a sample of this tea to sample. It's now my favorite tea, and when I serve it to guests, they are impressed.
230650230650B000ZD5NLSAPC9R6BGPWJJ0dee0051345334400Well worth the wait!Our local coffee shop uses this and I couldn't wait to get some for my home! I love the Paris Tea! It has a wonderful smell that and even a better taste.
230651230651B000ZD5NLSA3MO1W166VC4AUVirginia R. Bell0051339977600New FAVORITE iced tea!Just love this or cold. Cream and sugar...or just plain. Great flavor. Each sachet makes at least two tall glasses of tea!
230652230652B000ZD5NLSA280S2RUWCPD0FM. Baird0051339459200Fine tea!I had to try this tea based on the positive reviews of this flavor, with descriptions of caramel and citrus. It is delicious and just as described. Perfect tea for cold weather, but it also makes a nice iced tea with lemon.
230653230653B000ZD5NLSA34M3ZF3BACKF5Cathy0051335571200WonderfulI had this tea at a tea. Enjoyed it so much I came home and ordered the sachets and the loose tea. I even shared it with a friend who also enjoys it. Harney makes a number of teas I really enjoy.
230654230654B000ZD5NLSA2X2M3UPUFAW5Gjollyxian0051334534400fantasticthis is my second 50 sachet bag. I love this tea! its flavorful and the aroma is wonderful. this bag is a great price too!I would recommed this product!
230655230655B000ZD5NLSA2VGWIWYA5OY0GTxTWS0051334361600Full-bodied and smooth teaAs someone who kicked the coffee habit recently, I enjoy teas that are flavorful/full-bodied (not fruity) yet smooth to the taste. This tea fits the bill perfectly! If you like breakfast tea and/or coffee, this is right up your alley!
230656230656B000ZD5NLSA3FA5KSX6X31GRGigi Foucault0031330992000Good but delicateHindsight is 20-20: This tea may not have been the best purchase for me, because I have grown very used to full-bodied teas (Yorkshire Tea) and tisanes (Good Earth). It is lovely but very, very delicate.
230657230657B0058RNYU8A3F6JA9CO0AGRGL.L.0051329264000we all love M&MI got this for the kids and they all love it. The tin case can let them to store some tiny toys or some secret treasures they found from nowhere. Plus red and green can't never go wrong on Christmas.
230658230658B0058RNYU8A2O42649TJX3AHPricepal "pricepal"0051325030400Can't beat M&M'sCute little tins that contain two fun packs, great for Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc. My kids loved them.

Price was perfect too!
230659230659B000NGQ9VKADUBL0AIOCBH3Ryan D. Huether "TJ"5551296172800Best Rockstar on the marketExactly what I need mid afternoon. This is the best tasting of the low carb sugar free energy drinks out there.
230660230660B000NGQ9VKAGVPGATH8XA5PMatt3341306195200Rock until they drop...With the subscription program I have these delivered once a month. I can rock until they drop... them at my door.
230661230661B000NGQ9VKA39650P2CZUUC9Bonnie Brody "Book Lover and Knitter"1151348876800Great Afternoon Pick-Me-UpI love Rockstar energy drink. Even though it has hardly any calories, it does not taste like it is artificially sweetened. It gives me a nice afternoon pick-me-up and I love the fruity taste. The drink is augmented with ginseng, guarana, B vitamins, and other good stuff. While it's probably not the healthiest drink on the market, I love the taste. I'm one of those people who can't drink water and need to find other sources for hydration especially since I live in Florida where it's very hot. Rockstar and Blackberry Ice are my drinks of choice.
230662230662B000NGQ9VKA28ELEMNR1EB13NyJonesy261151313798400Great for diabeticsBeing a type 1 diabetic I can't have the regular energy drinks with the insane amount of sugar and carbs, and for a while I've been trying to find a diet alternative that works and I've finally found it with these Zero Carb Rockstars. It doesn't impact my blood sugar, it tastes good, and wakes me up like an energy drink should plus these 24 packs save me a ton of time and money. these RockstarsMy husband drinks these every morning (he doesn't like coffee) so getting these delivered to our front door with free shipping is AWESOME! Save us money too cause it keeps him out of the stores in the morning where usually he is tempted to buy other stuff like junk food!
230664230664B000NGQ9VKA46GQN01XAB47Keli J. Thomas "Infrequent Buyer"3451252022400Zero Carb = BESTAs I work nights, I've tried almost EVERY energy drink out there. They usually taste like vitamin-y candy.
This is the best (besides Juiced Guava... Less calories. When you drink 2 a night, that adds up).
As I sit here, sipping the lovely purple liquid, I contemplate how to describe the flavor. Sweet, hint of fruity? I dunno, but it's VERY enjoyable. I visit 7-11 nightly, was all bummed out because they were out. Got Monster instead and whined at my 7-11 guy. He told me to put the Moster back and went and grabbed me some from his stash in the back. What a winner!! :-)
I like RockStar Zero Carb (blue can) WAY more than Redbull or Bawls. Though I do enjoy Monster's HitMan energy shots, though too much caffiene too fast. Prefer to slowly consume throughout my shift....
Hope this helps someone.
230665230665B000NGQ9VKA2TRU7HURHTFX6C. Powell "20,000 books in me"3451203638400ROCKSTARThey say this is an energy drink. It has a lot of minerals in it but I just drink it for the taste. Somehow it really refreshes my thirst. It's hard to find and not cheap but it's a 16 oz. can so you get a lot for the money. Ilove the taste. I have no more energy than with any sugar drink and I've heard a lot of tall tales about these drinks. Just drink it if you like a well flavored drink. It's good.
230666230666B000NGQ9VKAFW7TX0B0IXY3Lynn M. Knurek "lynnmarie240"5751179619200Best tasting energy drink out thereI was buying this from the companies site---don't its cheaper on Amazon...
230667230667B000NGQ9VKA9L9IYLEJO9JXEric Higginbotham "Higginbotham Family"2321317859200Bad Packaging! One Short!We were expecting a case... but no - we got 23 cans thrown recklessly in a box that arrived with a hole in it - some of the cans were dented! Will not be making this purchase again unless we can be assured this will not happen again.
230668230668B000NGQ9VKA3RFRY03BR3K6KWondertwin2351308787200It's my go juice!I love, love, love Diet Rock Star. I think it's, by far, the best tasting diet energy drink out there. I drink one every morning instead of coffee and I call it my Go Juice. If you do subscribe and save it's significantly cheaper.
230669230669B000NGQ9VKA2AMZRQLO1N55Xcedarbase2341203292800works for me!having one with or after lunch totally eliminates the urge to find a quiet niche and cut a few zzzzz's. i have a large capacity for caffeine so rockstar does not make me jumpy at all...just eliminates the drowsys. the flavor may be an acquired taste but could be worse. a small price to pay for the buzz.
230670230670B000NGQ9VKA1HN0WW8H4MYC6Nicholas Moses0051348963200The king of energy drinks!I started drinking Monsters in high school, usually one or more a day. I tried Red Bull, Nos, Amp, Rockstar, and tons of other varieties, but it wasn't until I found Rockstar Zero Carb that I discovered one I really liked. I normally hate things that are ambiguously flavoured "wild berry" or something similar, and I don't usually enjoy diet beverages. Rockstar Zero Carb is the exception to this rule. I'm in my 20s now, and I don't drink energy drinks every day, but when I do drink them, this is the kind I prefer.

As a side note - this packs in a lot more "energy" ingredients than most energy drinks, and I've always felt that I absorb them better without the carbs. And if for some reason you have no sense of self-preservation and drink four or even five of these beasts in a single night, you don't have to worry about all the awful sugar you'd get in the non-sugarfree version.

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