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230730230730B002CJASXQA1ODKP5Y7DPMM1Doreen B. Bishop "Doreen Bishop cat parent"2251317427200WONDERFUL FOOD FOR MY TNR PROGRAMOne of the most rewarding projects I have taken on is fixing 60 cats for a TNR program. Purchasing the cat food and getting it home can be overwhelming BUT not when I go to Amazon. I shop their sales and purchase by the cases, I buy the ones that say Super Saver and get free shipping right to my door. What was once getting very hard for me is now made possible again. My cats love all the flavors and have a huge selection to choose from. The packages are easy to open and so are the cans. I wish the meat and gravy ones could come in bigger cans but I can't complain just smile and open 24-40 cans a day.Thanks Amazon and Friskies for making me part of your family :)
230701230701B000NGQ9VKA30V7DH4P4TJOSStacy R. Myers1351208563200Party Like a RockStarRockstar Zero is great for when you need an extra boost without the jitters and the sugar. Purchasing a case of Rockstar through Amazon saved me time and money. Rockstar Zero is hard to find and is also expensive. This is the best deal by far.
230702230702B000NGQ9VKA1MTNU1YITYMSRJames C. Clayton "J.C."1351179619200Best 0 Carb Energy Drink Out ThereI have tried a bunch of the diet and lo carb energy drinks on the market. Most are too sweet or have a funky taste. Rockstar has a light berry flavor with not too much carbonation. It does not leave an after taste and gives me the same energy boost as any of the others.
230703230703B000NGQ9VKA4B3AF0RAC2N4C. Huber "lilmoomoo"1351242000000Drink for the taste tooI'm very skeptical about energy drinks, mostly because of a possible caffeine addiction. I haven't tried too many (never tried Red Bull, so really...not that many :p), but this one is great. Granted, there is a lot of sugar in it (40ish grams) PLUS artificial sweetner to make a really sweet drink. But I like the taste, and I too find it refreshing. I drink Juiced Guava maybe once a week to enjoy and it perks me up but not as much as coffee does to the point I get jittery.
230704230704B000NGQ9VKA3AG5B0TQMUBQIRichard Cranium1351183939200The BEST deal on Rockstar Drinks!Dear Amazon,
Thank you very much for the order of Rockstar Drinks that I had ordered! Rockstar is my favorite drink and I was sooooo HAPPY to find it on Amazon for a very cheap price! I couldn't believe it! The Shipping was very fast and the drinks were great and between my Husband and I, were gone within five days! It was exceptional service and exceptional price! I would DEFINITELY order my Rockstars from Amazon again!!! Thank you!! ;)Rockstar Energy Drink, 16 Ounce Can (Pack of 24)
230705230705B000NGQ9VKA17YYBEVOR2MWEB. Maxwell4811285804800WHAT IS WRONG WITH ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ya for 10% juice rockstar......NOT

I just had one of these new 10% juice version and they taste like crap, WTF is wrong with rockstar why change something that was so good to something that tastes like crap now..... goodbye my beloved 50% juice untill you return (if ever) I shall miss you. oh and circulation just hit my area with this crap.
230706230706B000NGQ9VKA1LIM4V7Q6LJJJN. Cao2511272153600New formula is absurd!When I found out Rockstar Juiced recently changed its formula to 10% juice, I was heartbroken. I instantly fell in love with the drink when it first came out. Its 70% juice formula was to die for. When they changed it to 50% juice, I was a little disappointed since the drink seemed a little unhealthier. However, since the difference in taste was minuscule and since 50% juice is better than no juice, I let it slide. The new Rockstar Juiced is disgusting. It is packed with more sugar and calories compared to the old version and the difference in taste is very noticeable. The after feeling I got from drinking the new one was very uneasy and unsatisfying. I was an avid drinker of Rockstar Juiced. I drank at least one per day, sometimes two. I will now have to revert back to coffee & redbull. At least I am not completely heartbroken since some of my local grocery stores still carry the 50% version. But once they are completely out, goodbye Rockstar Juiced. I will miss you.
230707230707B000NGQ9VKASSEO964U0VI7No Dough "No Dough"3711278115200New reduced juices from 70 to 50% and now 10% YUK!We drank the new reduced juice unknowingly and thought yuk what's up with this did we get a bad batch? I searched the new can, knowing it appeared simular but could not find the 10% as it was cleverly hidden in the back. I then went to my recycle bin for an old can and compared. No longer proudly displayed on the front 50% real juice. I have justified this expensive,tasty and addictive treat for years and alloted 1 per family member per day. Now this case is going back and we are done with Rockstar until they bring back the higher real juice formula. I even had a stomach reaction to this one and I tend to have a goat gut. Bad taste bad product change and pissed that they reduce the juice keeping the price the same 2-3.00 per can, another misguided by greed rogue corporation. Now I cannot help but wonder if that blogger that rants that Rockstar is owned by Nazi's has some credibility. My wife really resented the fact that the new packaging was predominently identical to the old decieving her into purchasing a product she did not want or like.Back it all goes.
230708230708B000NGQ9VKAJ4EUJTPKEQ0WMichael R.021129142080050% to 10% Juice? New Rockstar Juiced Fails to RockBeen drinking Rockstar Juiced since it came out. I hardly noticed the 70% to 50% change in their formula, but the new 10% forumla is horrible. Where Rockstar was once the best energy drink out there, this change in formula will easily put the other energy drinks with juice on top. Hope Rockstar sales plummit and they can see their mistake and make the change now.
230709230709B000NGQ9VKAZFYB8QVKT3ASM. A. Schexnaider "SKEPTIMISTIC BUYER"0251207699200Wow, was that chick on the video high?Ok, besides the really FAR OUT review of the Rockstar Juiced Mango being trippy, but the juice you get, and the JUICE you get do not make you act like that, but a REALLY GREAT ENERGY DRINK none the less!!! More sales on it would be awesome!
230710230710B000NGQ9VKA1GQMKO3FN9M6IDiago0251182038400Rockstars...ummm...rock?Actually, I work third shift and its these bad boys that keep me going most of the time. They're pretty addictive though if you like the taste, which is certainly not for everyone. I'd definitely try it out from a local grocery store before shipping yourself a whole 24 pack of them. It also comes in Diet, Guava, and Juiced, of which I personally only like the guava one.
230711230711B000NGQ9VKAV9Y3O7QVT0Q4unhappy "madmaxwell6"491128580480010%??!?!?!?! how wrong is that????ok, I must have missed out on some kind of product review or something.... becuase I would never have agreed to this change in rockstars juiced drinks. I had one today for the first time and all I can say is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for killing the one engery drink I actaully liked!!!

I hope rockstar thinks again really soon, becuase as of this moment I am off the soft drink band wagon.
230712230712B000NGQ9VKA2CVO0IO47FLCS. Johnson "True Rock Star™"2651198454400Quite possibly the greatest drink ever!I bought this back a while ago, and I'm still reaping the benefits of drinking this miraculous beverage. I feel more alert, my social life has improved, and my urine has a wonderful neon yellow hue.

Even though it is sealed quite nicely in it's case, after you are able to remove the can, you may want to cool down your energy drink. My preference was to put the cans in my refrigerator, but you could get a similar effect by setting the cans in a snow bank, or by using ice cubes in a glass to cool the drink down. My first problem came when I was ready to drink the Diet Rockstar(tm). I looked at the can and was perplexed as to how to open it up, until I noticed this clever "tab" at the top that would pop open a perfect sized drinking hole to use.

Once I opened it up, I quickly poured the entire contents of the Diet Rockstar(tm) into my mouth and then swallowed it. I had heard of people not caring for the last few drops of a warmed can, so I figured that it would be best to drink it before it had the opportunity to warm up. What a great decision that was! Shortly afterwards I felt a burst of energy surge through my body and I was more productive then I have ever been in my life. Normally I would take a 8:30am nap at work, but not today. Was was ready to work and to get everything completed in a orderly fashion. However, a problem soon surfaced as there was no more work to do for a few hours and I had all this energy to burn off.

I highly recommend this product and would suggest that everyone purchase as much as you can. This drink will change your life and make you complete all of your activities with ease.
230713230713B000NGQ9VKA15VKKP1HRN5TYgot dents?0311303776000Rockstar Juiced is a joke now!I used to buy these everyday! [sometimes twice], but since they changed the contents to merely water and artificial crap! I dont buy at all!!!They taste terrible now............ WHERE'S THE JUICE !
230714230714B000NGQ9VKA20X1WRPHAMF6BJason Buechler3911265155200Buy directly for waaay cheaperIf you live in the continental US, you can by most (all?) of Rockstar's 16oz cans, in 24-can packs, for $48 WITH FREE SHIPPING.
230715230715B000NGQ9VKA2AF8V41IQ97EMEric Ivers "Grand Poobah"0421226188800Shipping costsThought I was buying direct from Amazon, but wasn't. Product was fine, shipping took longer than expected, and shipping costs nearly doubled the price. I will be much more careful on ordering from Amazon, not just ordering through Amazon, in the future.
230716230716B000NGQ9VKA2RHV42BTJSVONLiolania "In2Jesus"52031195084800Hides the medicinal flavor, but.... Length:: 2:29 Mins

This is my review, and yes, I fudged, it doesn't have pineapple juice, it has mango juice in it! Either, way, just watch the review, and all will become clear!

God Bless ~Amy
230717230717B000PI0016AOIVU3TIX3MTQThalee2221297296000Not completely satisfied right nowI ordered these Monday night and received them Thursday afternoon, very quick delivery. The only ISSUE is that the product information stated 58 madeleines were in the box for [...], but when I checked there were only 44 madeleines in there. I am still trying to discuss this issue with them but I haven't heard anything yet. I feel that if your product information states a particular count, then there should be that many in there; otherwise change the product information so there won't be an issue. Very upset right now because I was charged more than what I should have been for these. We will see what they decide to do, and I will post back again.
230718230718B000PI0016A3FZZRW0XQSB6XIslander0041344038400WITH THIS "SAMPLER" VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFEBuy this in a spirit of fun , surprise and adventure, and you won't be disappointed.
All Donsuemor cookies are heavenly, however,
don't expect the same thing to be in the package every time, or you will be disappointed.
With this "SAMPLER" it's important to remember that variety is the spice of life.

This is a "grab bag"; we never know what we're getting when we order this, in spite
of the advertisement stating (quote)
5 variety of flavors to satisfy all of your cravings. Traditional, Dipped, Lemon Zest, Chocolate and Dipped Chocolate
(end quote).

For example, our last "SAMPLER" box contained several ALMOND CAKES, delicious but SURPRISE!
And the box had none of the advertised chocolate variety at all.

Donsuemor probably puts "new" varieties into these samplers to get folks to taste them, but if so,
they don't bother to notify the customer when they're changing the contents.

Donsuemor, you have these choices:
Advertise the new variety as included,
or give free samples of new varieties to the customer in addition to what you told them to expect.
But maybe that's why you call this a SAMPLER.

The count isn't always 58: we have gotten less than the advertised fifty eight (58) number of cookies.
In addition, the inside packaging varies with each order;
sometimes cookies are packed as bags of six, sometimes as two of a type per bag, and sometimes as threes.

So , each time you order this same SAMPLER expect surprises.
Do not expect to receive the exact same assortment of 5 varieties of 58 cookies
packaged in exactly the same ways.
Each time you order this, you'll get a different assortment packaged in a variety of different ways and the variations are literally UP FOR GRABS. Again, all Donsuemor cookies are heavenly, but with this "SAMPLER" remember, variety is the spice of life.
230719230719B000ZO37MOA2ZVK1N8RRABLWAnne Marshall1151265414400Nyons olive oilOlive oil from Nyons is a marvelous and well known product from an area near Provence. It has a delicate flavor but one that can be used in many ways. Having spent some time in Nyons where we discovered this wonderful oil we were delighted to be able to order it on line. The bottles arrived in perfect condition and a treat to have in our Florida kitchen. Anne
230720230720B007GC4IR6A8V3N7JPT6NH0Jennifer Alves0051335225600Very good!My husband like a lot the Cuia e Bomba para chimarrao, the cuia is beautiful ! Very faster delivery and item in perfect condition. Thank you so much!!!
230721230721B006C1GWXKAP6DF1G87SQKQD. Davis0051337904000Grove Square Caramel Cappucino K-CupsThe best flavor of all the ones tried. and I tried them all. I put in a couple of ounces of Bolthouse Farms - 32 g./per bottle protein - Mocha Cappuccino - instead of creamer. Then just put in your K-Cup of Caramel Cappuccino -- YUM !
230722230722B006C1GWXKA2RDY3NZ49KVN3atplaynow0051336348800Great StuffThis is a powdered product in a K Cup, tastes similar to the coffees that one might buy at a quick stop out of a machine. The guys at work LOVE it.
230723230723B002CJASXQA35XOVRG0FBO9Drhymingdictionary111141307404800Saved my cat's life twice?About 6 months ago, I found out that my kitty has kidney disease. He was extremely ill, and I was planning on putting him down if he got any worse. About that time, I got a few different cans of Friskies food. He liked the Senior Meaty Bits best, and would eat almost a can a day. He made an almost full recovery very quickly.

Fast forward a few months and my kitty gets very sick again. He's worse this time, has trouble walking, and won't eat anything consistently, which makes the disease even worse. I was actually planning on where he would be buried. I tried to feed him meaty bits, and he absolutely loved it, but he would just lick off the gravy. I decided to try putting it through the food processor, and sure enough he gobbled it all down. I guess the meaty bits were too hard for him to chew in his weakened state.

Now it is the only food he will eat consistently, and he begs for it. I know it is meant to help with urinary infections, but I wonder if it helps with kidneys too. I am so relieved to have found my product, and I hope my kitty will be eating it for years to come.
230724230724B002CJASXQA26A2G0P73IE5ZK. Berger6651277164800Solved my cat's urinary problemsAt about 3 years of age, our cat would have bladder infections several times a year (straining at the litter, staying there for 5 min+ at a time, only a little urine and it was blood-tinged). We had been feeding her only on indoor cat dry food. After many trips to the vet and rounds of antibiotics, I read that some cats with this problem do better on wet food - something to do with not drinking enough water or just not getting enough fluids in general. For the past 4 years, she has not had one bladder infection! Friskies Chicken Dinner in Gravy Special Diet is the only one she likes the taste of.
230725230725B002CJASXQA8FJHPCMKR28FLinda5551262995200cat foodThis cat food is especially for cats with urinary problems and it has worked great for our cat. It is a little bit more expensive than buying it at Kroger, but having it delivered a case at a time is worth it.
230726230726B002CJASXQA2AM2K58ODNP13spiralated3351334620800Cat's love it!My cats love it, I love that friskies is on subscribe and save. Also, it has helped keep my cat from having repeat bladder stones without having to pay for expensive food or starve her to death making her eat something she doesn't like. Whoohoo for friskies.
230727230727B002CJASXQA3HHRQBSECP697Starla Slade2251337212800Excellent priceVery happy with the price. The cats LOVE it. I keep these on hand all of the time and even our picky eater has no problem gorging herself on this!
230728230728B002CJASXQA73HPJDXJYD15Charlotte Brownlee2251331424000Friskies Cat Food Meaty Bits Special Diet Chicken Dinner in GravyMy cats like this food, especially the gravy. It is nutritious and has quality ingredients. Friskies is the way to go.
230729230729B002CJASXQA24LZNFLWIOVEKDesignStuff2231329868800Good product, great shipping, lots of dented cans.Once in a while I need to order these overnight, as I did with this - it's wonderful to be able to get them so quickly, but I do wish they did not use MOSTLY dented cans. It doesn't always happen, but in this shipment it was the case. It's not due to the packaging, as they were very well packaged. They apparently choose dented cans and as these cost more than in the supermarket, I don't appreciate it.

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