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230731230731B002CJASXQA2P8O9FJM6ISGPKimberly Mcnamara "Kim McNamara"2251305244800My cats love Friskies and I love Amazon!My cats LOVE Friskies food and refuse to eat any other brand and I have tried them all! I'm glad they like Friskies though because they have good prices and a huge selection. Ordering from Amazon is even cheaper than the stores around my house and it's so convenient to have it delivered right to my door for free so I'm so glad Amazon offers the subscribe and save program on the Friskies cat food! :)
230732230732B002CJASXQA2N4DUHU7UCP1NDonna Musick "frenchie"2251304294400great value!I am just pleased that I can get a good value and that the product comes promptly. My cat is happy!
230733230733B002CJASXQA3L3HI0ECONAD2Maryallene Otis2241263081600Pretty good cat foodOur two six month old male DSH cats love this stuff, but I have to admit there isn't much they won't eat. We alternate the Friskies with more expensive food in hopes of keeping them healthy and not breaking the bank. Seems to work so far.
230734230734B002CJASXQA3MGU533SL3727donna1151348963200Cat FoodFriskies Cat Food Meaty Bits with Beef in Gravy, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)is great. It is so nice to have this on my porch and not go to the store just for cat food. My dog likes it too.
230735230735B002CJASXQA2TB7LPP6VW0LOPhyllis D. Bass "pbass1"1151330732800Good Stuff!I am so happy that I purchased this cat food because my cat absolutely loved it I gave him half the can for his first meall and the rest later, which really saved me money. I'll definitely purchase more in the near future.
230737230737B002CJASXQANP2X414OHQNSLaverne0031351123200damaged can in groupOne of the cans arrived damaged with a collection of bugs in it. The product itself is fine in the other cans, and I am using the rest. My cats really like this food and I have ordered it before with no smashed cans. I hope the company is not foisting old product on online shoppers.
230738230738B002CJASXQALM9TFWSG5PRSergey I0051316304000Great cat foodMy cat loves these. Good price and convenience with Subscribe & Save - just make sure to check the e-mails for the price changes.
230739230739B002CJASXQA3UF8PP4XBW3GOMargaret Shepherd0051291939200Cats love this foodI purchase this cat food via Amazon Marketplace auto delivery. The savings are amazing and I get to choose how much and when it is delivered, at a marked savings - very important since we have 7 cats and 4 kittens on our property. They keep away the rodents so I'm glad to treat them to this food which they rush to when they hear the can open. Check out this food and check out Amazon Marketplace auto delivery!
230740230740B003ZRXR0KA3HD4EZXQ6VK0QSurreallyReal4431336521600Product Good, PRICE RIP OFF - Picture is DECEPTIVEThis margarita mix tastes pretty good. The picture used is the larger size of this product. 33 oz is the much smaller, narrow bottle. $60+ for a case of 12 is NOT A GOOD DEAL. IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE. So, the product is great, but the picture is misleading and deceptive and the actual price per ounce is very over-priced. I was suckered by the picture and am offended by the price that I ended up paying and need to warn others to not be caught by this tactic.
230741230741B003ZRXR0KA1MK3MC9V0NHB3Hawk0041334534400Margarita Mixwonderful product, ordered for a party and it was liked by all. I would recommend this item to everyone.. great buy!
230742230742B005MKB0ZCANP5ZZGG9U7KZCugel the Clever0051348185600Extremely delicious-- the best sweet barbecue sauce I've ever hadI am not a bona fide cook, nor am I a barbecue expert. Most of my sampling of authentic down-south barbecues has happened on business trips, and I've sampled most of the types of barbecue sauces available at the local grocery stores. I happened to luck on this one at the grocery store the other day when shopping for something that wouldn't be too spicy for the chillun. We brought it home that night and used it to dunk pieces of chicken, and I was blown away.

I am at a bit of a loss as to how to describe the flavor. It is sweet and tangy, and slightly spicy but just enough to be pleasant-- I don't think people with even sensitive palates would dislike this sauce. In a way, though of course they have some different ingredients, this is like a much more refined, more delicious version of the Sweet Chili chicken nugget sauce from McDonald's, which we also like. (No, this is not the creme de la creme of food connoisseur reviews, but you knew that going in.)

The ingredient list on my bottle includes these items in order: water, vinegar, sugar, tomato paste, molasses, and honey, with less than 2% of salt, aged cayenne pepper, natural smoke flavor, modified food starch, dextrose, spice, corn syrup, caramel color, garlic, xanthan gum, onion, sodium benzoate as a preservative, maltodextrin, tamarind, autolyzed yeast extract, and natural flavor. Ingredients may of course change over time, so make sure to read the ingredients on whatever you buy.

I've only used it for dipping, not actual barbecue. As a grilling sauce I'd say it's ever so slightly on the thinner side of normal, possibly due to vinegar content, but would still work for grilling, especially with extra basting.

ETA: During the writing of this review, I had to go heat up some chicken so I could have some of this sauce. Mmmmmm.
230743230743B002HFH6FSA3092YEF4GN3ZCKay2321280361600Good Coffee ~ Must too costly from AmazonWe have been buying this exact same coffee for two years from two different internet sellers.
Exact same product for about half the Amazon price. What gives?
230744230744B002MGO768A38G9OBUJNXM1ULaika Lou0051347494400Very deliciousGreat taste, very refreshing. Comes in other flavors too. Just sweet enough for me so I don't add sugar at all.
230745230745B002MGO768A13SWIUKZRAXBNF. Shaughnessy0051345420800Strawberry lemonade all summerThis is a wonderful product. I add a teaspoon to a cup of lemonade. Adjust for your own taste. Thanks Teisseire.
230746230746B002MGO768ACD4ORBZEJV6Carol "Edward"0041319155200I'm a very conflicted individual...Just smelling this bottle makes my toes curl in strawberry-induced euphoric pleasure. <3
This is really sugary though, and the strawberry flavor isn't as strong as it's smell. That makes me a sad person.

I think Teisseire would sell better if they expanded to a fruit-perfume business. Yes...
230747230747B002XY4U98A3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu2241282694400Crunchy and addictive peanut snackThis is a crunchy peanut snack out of the Philippines, despite the Japanese letters for "Nagaraya" across the top of the bag. It's got a satisfyingly crunchy fried outer shell surrounding a peanut on the inside. The concept and texture is similar to Wasabi Peas. They look very similar too, except without the kick and green color.

Original is Butter Flavor. The nuts smell like a stick of butter that's been in the fridge, but depending on how much flavoring powder is on the nut, you may or may not taste the butter. I had 2 handfuls right now and there's no detectable butter flavor. The rare times I do taste the butter, it had the taste of powdered milk, not real butter like American-styled popcorn flavorings like Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Microwavable Popcorn, Naturals, Buttery, Salt and Cracked Pepper.

This is an all-natural product, with no preservatives, colorants, or artificial additives. 6 servings per bag @150 calories (60 from fat). Low sodium (85mg or 4% of daily intake), 0 cholesterol. Aside from providing calories, there's not much nutritional value except for fiber (1g, or 4% of daily intake) and iron (2%).

Healthier than potato chips, this particular flavor was not to my liking. I'm glad I tried it, but it's not something I'd buy again. Nagaraya - Garlic Cracker Nuts 5.64 Oz. might be a bit more tasty.
230748230748B002XY4U98A3S27F5UDBTPNVmatanga0051303948800addictive treat!Warning: These are so addictive.

I first bought these in the Philippines and have just recently found them again. The combination of cracker and nut is outstanding, it's so very tasty.

I would rank these in my top 5 snacks. The butter is the best flavor for me but I would love to try the BBQ ones!
230749230749B000Z3P9FSA2ZSTNSUS16F3QI_buy_the_chicken121251279584000This stuff is greatI buy this product for my two cats. I know there are dogs on the cover, but they sure go ape $#!^ for these chicken bits. These are great treats to reward any animal, they are healthy and don't have any invasive odors like a lot of other pet treats. I hate to admit this, but I have tried these treats as well, don't judge me too much I know you have thought of it as well. Aside from being a little bland, they are pretty good, put a little hot sauce on them and it could pass along with most of the frozen snacks that kids eat. If you are looking for a premium treat to give to your pets I suggest Pure Bites.
230750230750B000Z3P9FSA1PU9GCX6AB40DLynnster1010113232160002 bags rancid! calling company today!UPDATED APRIL 2012: I'm returning 6 more pouches of PureBites Chicken today, after first calling the company for instructions. The same rep (female) who responded to my complaint in Dec 2011 took my call today, but not knowing I had called before, she kept insisting there has never been a complaint about rancid bits before. I told her I called in Dec and she said "someone else likely helped you". Not wanting to argue, I moved on, but she clearly lied to me so I thought I should update about this. I was asked to include a note this time, to say where purchased but that has nothing to do with the fact that the company thinks it's "acceptable" that some fat is getting thru via processing. Fat cannot be freeze-dried so it will turn rancid even if freeze dried - read my original review and see how this was answered the 1st time I called last year...Very disappointing that the company doesn't care to hold the processing plant's feet to the fire about fat getting in, but then to lie to a customer is not good. But they will honor their satisfaction guarantee! So the only way to get this issue resolved is for all of us to get refunds. All you need to do is send the proof of purchase and your invoice to the address on the bag, along with your name & address. I find that about half of the bags are rancid. Dogs don't care, but cats won't eat rancid anything so very expensive if issue is ignored. Pls help make this company fix this issue by sending proofs in and forcing them to refund. Companies ignore issues until their wallets get hit. I hate to do this, but my cats beg for these and I'm going broke replacing rancid bags!

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I bought two 6.2 oz bags of PureBites Chicken for dogs, first trying out a small cat size pouch found at PetSmart, and then moved up to the dog-sized bags/chunks, which I crumble with my fingers to get them smaller for my cats, who love this product BUT both of these bags purchased on Amazon had rancid chunks that smushed into slimy/greasy mush when I crumbled them.

The company admits this happens, said it's part of the processing, nothing can be done, but it's not acceptable, and they will refund once I send proof of purchases & invoice to them.

So it's hit or miss, and the company just an FYI to warn others to check their bags!

For those feeding this to dogs, and not breaking up the chunks like I do, please take note of this and check on the chunks before feeding. You can also detect a faint rancid odor if there are rancid bits in your bags.

The reason for the rancid chunks, according to the company is that pieces of fatty chicken do get in, and fat doesn't freeze-dry, so without preservatives, it will go rancid. I knew that, but had hoped they could offer a promise to correct this; they can't and have no intention to do so. So I'll keep buying and hoping I get good bags, but will certainly take the time to get refunded whenever this occurs.

The product is excellent when you get a good bag..just check each piece before feeding, or if you have a good nose for rancid odors, take a whiff and you'll smell the slight rancid odor, and can return the product.
230751230751B000Z3P9FSA13UZYV6A1EKS0James R. Davis7751227225600cats love it too !this is an all around product. i carry some with me all the time. i live in an apartment complex with 206 units. i'm the only one,that all the dogs and cats great with ( i think ) a smile. crazy huh? my three cats love it too. just great. jim
230752230752B000Z3P9FSA2QDTQVEVVJA5Julie Hutchings "Napa Mom"5551229040000Amazing treats! My pets love them.We purchase both the Chicken and the Beef Liver for our dogs...and the cats love the chicken. Really, where else beside the butcher's shop can you get 100% meat with nothing added for your pet? These are great for training and for an everyday treat. I can't wait to try the Cheese product when it comes out. get the most for your money, sprinkle the dust at the bottom of the bag on top of their food.
230753230753B000Z3P9FSA1NMLNH40B9XM9Angie3351318291200More for your money!!I purchased these treats (packaged as cat treats) in a small bag at a high-end pet store. I give them to my kitties when I call them to come in (thereby ensuring that they always come when I call) and they love them. In an attempt to save money, I searched online to see if I could find a bigger package and was delighted to find this large package marketed to dogs.

I simply cut the dog-sized pieces into smaller kitty-sizes and give them to my girls. We're all happy and this big bag will last us a long time!
230754230754B000Z3P9FSA27MKVPX4IT8CFkayko "kk_zeph_tall"3351299456000Great for cats too!My cats love these treats crushed on top of their food. I mix it with their dry and wet food. Sometimes I just give it to them as a snack in between meals. I love the fact that it is pure freeze-dried chicken with nothing added.
230755230755B000Z3P9FSA156PS6M9F2BZKAva2251302393600Best Treat EverI use these for my cat. You get more bang for your buck if you buy the larger dog treats and just break them into smaller pieces. She gest them while we eat dinner, if she stratches on her post, or does something very cute. I love these treats because I don't feel guilty giving them to her.
230756230756B000Z3P9FSA2204TDQRT7RCVmcgrawlvr281151329264000Best Product!This is such a great product and my cats live for it! It arrived at my doorstep before the estimated arrival date without any problems! Much better price than I can get in the store! I will be reordering soon!
230757230757B000Z3P9FSAU49TV5S64GT8catlady1151315612800Cat loves these!I had purchased something similar to these at a cat show. But when I tried to find them in stores it was nearly impossible. I was so happy when I found these. My loves them and gobbles them up. It is the only cat treat she will eat and I have tried them all. she hates all other treats and just walks away. But these she begs for literally. If you have a finicky cat like mine, these will be a hit. I even sprinkle it on her food so she will eat it, and the dust at the bottom is great for that. I highly recommend these treats for cats.

Update: I have continued to purchase these and they are still the only treat either one of my cats will eat. The older cat has apparently taught the kitten these are the only treats worth eating. Still a great product and I have never had problems like other reviewers had.
230758230758B000Z3P9FSA2MQA5PTV2QPXPJanet Lowe1151309132800GREAT for dogs AND cats!I had been buying the PureBites at a local pet food store at a considerably higher price. Since both my dog AND cats love these treats, I was delighted to find them cheaper on Amazon. They are pure chicken, which is wonderfully healthy, and the best part is that they don't make my dog thirsty or have loose stool as so many other treats can do. I think they're GREAT!
230759230759B000Z3P9FSA3BUGCB190CCM4John B.1151306886400See my other reviewI reviewed the cat version of this product. My cats go berserk over this stuff! The dog version is the same, just in bigger pieces. I break up the large pieces before giving them to my cats.
230760230760B000Z3P9FSA2WSGQ7OGS6FGBstature "stature"1141303603200The cat and the dog love this stuffI rate this a 4 star because of how it tends to have a great quantity of powdery crumbs in the bottom of the bag. The dog will lick it up, but with a powder, he tends to inhale and cough so I end up with unusable powdery crumbs that I can't give to the dog straight from the bag. Overall, this is a great product because it is just chicken and both the dog and the cat love this stuff. I frequently buy the biggest bag and will continue to do so. The good pieces are cubes of chicken, and are dehydrated and crunchy. Since its dry, its easy to handle and give to the dog or cat as a treat. The bag has a zip closure to keep it fresh.

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