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230782230782B000Z3P9FSAWWH7SW4PZKT2Bev0051322870400A safe treat made in the USA that all dogs love!!I have been feeding PureBites to my 13 year old dog for about a year now and she absolutely loves it..You can give it right out of the bag and it just sort of disolves in their mouths..I also sprinkle it on the top of her regular food when she is being a bit picky about eating, and that does the trick..Also very low in calories if you are watching your dogs weight.
230783230783B000Z3P9FSAB1NM2OD5JEAJoseph Owens0051320364800Luke's Dream Treat Makes Me Number ONEThis very special freeze-dried chicken breast product is adored by my Airedale, who slowly smacks his lips to enjoy every bit of flavor. He eats the small bits ever so slowly and politely begs for more. A major treat for Luke from Amazon.
230784230784B000Z3P9FSA2LCDMSAE157RHDaphne0051320019200The greatest dog treats!I have a very picky puppy when it comes to treats. She loves the purebites chicken treats, she goes crazy for them whenever she hears the bag opening or even crinkling. We have been able to train her to do simple commands with these treats. I love the fact that they are real chicken and that they will disolve, so she cant get choked on them. Love these!
230785230785B000Z3P9FSA1NGT2VNGLUW8EJulzC0051318464000dog love this !!!I've been buying this products for a long time now. My dog loves it and it's just dried chicken. No additives. There is some "crushed" product, but I sprinkle it over her food and she loves it. I don't mind. If you don't like that, try Prime Taste Treats - they are more expensive, but not as much "crushed" product. I'm a fan and more importantly, so is my doggie!!
230786230786B000Z3P9FSA1ZYOEHNLXL3HWgman0051316304000purebitesThese treats are amazing. when I first gave it to my dog he sniffed it for a while, after that she fell in love with the food. shockingly good quality for something sold at petco.
230787230787B000Z3P9FSA8FDD22RESEU9rhonda lately0041315180800Pure BitesThis is a nice product. Both my cats and the dog love love them. One of the problems I have is that they are very expensive. They also crumble and by the middle of the bag you have powder and some small pieces. But apparently the flavor is great...they all look forward to these. Not real sure I want them to get used to these pricey treats.
230788230788B000Z3P9FSA31ER2DX51BCMDL. Nave "lnave"0051315094400Great way to hide liquid medicationsWe use this to hide medications for our dogs. They love to get this for a treat. This product has little fat content so it works great for dogs on a diet.
230789230789B000Z3P9FSA12F2Y4MOWB2SFdvdmom "dvdmom"0051313452800Your dog will love you!This product beats all of the other freeze-dried chicken breast treats (and I've tried most of them!). Easy to break into small pieces and sprinkle over your dog's meals, easy to give it whole as a treat! My dog LOVES it!!
230790230790B000Z3P9FSA34DUDR25E9BR1Howard Wilson II0051312329600Cat owners can save money.This is exactly the same product that is available for cats, only in a larger package, larger bite size, and MUCH cheaper cost per ounce. Get these and a knife, your cat will be happy as will your wallet.
230761230761B000Z3P9FSA2MVFE0VJI0T4NAvid online shopper1151301875200My dog's favorite treat!!!I sprinkle a little bit of this chicken over my dog's food for breakfast and dinner, and he loves it! It's also the only thing that I used when training him. It's the best of all the pure bites products...the beef, cheese things, etc are all too hard, so my dog won't eat them. The chicken is a must have!
230762230762B000Z3P9FSA2YV8XMAA05F7MDebra G. "DG"1141295222400Fav treats for cats and dogPureBites Chicken treats are the best. Had previously been using Halo but found my cats vomiting from the last few batches. Found the Purebites and have no longer had any stomach issues with the kitties. Plus the dog loves them too.
The crumbles at the bottom are great over their meals when everyone gets a bit finicky so there's no waste!
230763230763B000Z3P9FSA36G7JTMJ6TBA5Jennie1151289952000Healthy Cat treatsI am a vegetarian and I feel bad that I never have any real meat to give to my animals as treats. They get so excited whenever others bring chicken or turkey into the house. My cats LOVE these treats. The only ingredient is natural USDA inspected chicken breast so I feel good about them eating these. They are marketed for dogs but they break up really easy into cat sized pieces.
230764230764B000Z3P9FSAY3PA3MOBX8OIWynne Wong1141266364800Wonderful natural treat Made in USAWe got these as a x-mas gift and this is the BEST treat! I am very careful about what I give my Shih Tzu who is a puppymill rescue and has health issues. This treat is a 100% natural made with 100% chicken and also VERY IMPORTANT is that it is NOT MADE IN CHINA. I never give my dog anything that is made in China (I have relatives in China and trust me you do not want to feed your dog anything that is made there) so there have been very few options out there for my dog. The added plus is that both my dog and cat LOVE these treats. My dog is more finicky than my cat and they both go crazy over these and b/c I know they are 100% natural chicken I feel confident giving them the treats. There are, however, two drawbacks and that is why I can't give it 5 stars. 1) A lot of the treats are wasted b/c they crumble and at least 1/4 of the bag looks like it is filled with sawdust (crumbs from the broken treats). Many of the pieces also crumble into pea-size pieces which are too small for a dog. Fortunately my cat does not mind the tiny pieces so I give these to him. These treats are also very expensive which I don't mind b/c the quality is so good but for this price, I wish so much would not go to waste. 2) Like another reviewer said, you do need to be careful b/c I have found a bone in them as well. I found a bone about an inch long embedded in one of the treats so now I am careful to inspect the treat before giving it to my dog. Even with these drawbacks, I still feel these are the best treats out there if you are looking for 1) healthy, 2)natural, 3) tasty treats that are 4) MADE IN USA. In my experience, it is nearly impossible to meet all 4 criteria. This is the only treat that does (at least for my pets where taste is concerned. My pets refuse to eat Newman's treats even though they are healthy).
230765230765B000Z3P9FSA2OPFJ7SMF3SM6Feline Friend1151250899200my cats love this!i could not find the cat version of purebites but it appears to be the same thing only larger pieces? i add water and mix in slippery elm bark powder (helps with upset stomach) and cosequin. he laps up every piece/drop. this product is available in larger bags and is priced a little less than another freeze dried chicken breast i've seen.
230766230766B000Z3P9FSA1LSISSA8BMTL6S. Farler "Loving my dog Sophie"1151223856000Healthy and delicious treat !!!Our dog Sophie can only have pure chicken treats due to allergy issues. These were recommended by our vet and she loves them, simply freeze-dried white meat chicken breast, perfect for her health and her "treat" needs. And they don't provide "empty" calories like some of the biscuits and soft treats do.
230767230767B000Z3P9FSA2LNUOJ4KD67X2P. A. Blair "yorkie lover"1151222992000pure bites chicken breastsMy pet LOVES this product. I wish there were more product in the package for the price I paid but I just won't be able to purchase it as often as I would like because of the price.
230768230768B000Z3P9FSA2YV4ZCO3PAQK5Jessipants3441229299200Great but has some "bits"Love this healthy treat for my cat! I actually grind it up into a powder, and mix with water on demand when giving medicine to my cat. I used to give him smelly wet food, but I just couldn't handle gagging 2 times a day...

Since I ground it into a fine powder, I did notice some pea-sized bits of hard something, most likely bone. This might not be an issue for a big dog, but for my small, old cat, I have to be sure to pick these pieces out. Just be observant when feeding your pet.

I used to buy this product locally, but I found they were selling it for over twice the price per ounce, so this is a GREAT value!
230769230769B000Z3P9FSATW0F683ZIU0OCamMBA0031350259200The quality of the chicken is questionableI just discarded 20% of the bag. Some of the pieces had chicken veins (dark purple spots), others had fatty parts to them. A few pieces weren't completely 'dry.' This is the first time I've tried this brand and it looks like they use thigh meat in their mix, whereas the other companies I've purchased in the past seem to use only breast meat? It just looks much more yellow -- I don't know exactly what it means -- I guess I'm just used to seeing bright, white, crispy pieces when I buy the other brands that Amazon offers.
230770230770B000Z3P9FSA5NM61JE1QH40Sandy0051349308800Best Pure treat for the USAMy Yorkie is a picky eater. A friend tried to get her to eat many different treat type products and this is the ONLY one she liked. So its the ONLY one we buy!!! She looks forward to her treats.
230771230771B000Z3P9FSA1OI15XSWJ8FFXScott Butler0051347408000Loved by allMy 2 dogs and my 2 cats go crazy for these things. I also like they are Made in America.
230772230772B000Z3P9FSACT32VYIKCOLXSFL "SL"0051344211200Great ProductOur 2 dogs (humans) love these treats. I could not find this larger bag anywhere except on Amazon for this price. Bought 2 bags and got free shipping. Don't have to pay more for the smaller bags at the pet store. These are the only treats we give them. Pure chicken, nothing else. Love 'em.
230773230773B000Z3P9FSAWMS5FQU44ZPTM. Christensen0051341619200Cats & Dogs Love them & Made in USAWith the recent recalls and bad health-related notifications of cat & dog food treats, I wanted to try a new treat that seemed healthy, easy to store, and above all...Made in the USA! I tried these PureBites. Both my cats & dog absolutely clammer for them. You get a lot of bite sized freeze-dried chicken breast pieces & they are low in calories. With 3 pets, the bag will last through a month. The cost is worth it to me....for the safety and happiness of my pets. Will continue to order these.
230774230774B000Z3P9FSA195CRZ9PWAIRFD. B. J.0011341187200Jacked up price 33% in the last three weeksThis review isn't about the product, which is great. It's about Amazon jacking up the price 33% in the last three weeks. Here's a big F-U to the greed which is destroying this country. How can 3oz of freeze dried chicken cost $10? From $6.50 to $10 is a joke.

Thanks for a great product. Best way to keep loyal customers is to F*** them over. Keep up the good work!
230775230775B000Z3P9FSA2XWV0A7ZT7K50dog lover 120051333152000made in USA my dog loves thisdog loves it cant get enough
less expensive than pet food stores
your dog will eat these up BUY NOW
230776230776B000Z3P9FSA1TWZ4MJQM6W2VThe Amateur Librarian0051332633600the pets love theseThese are always a crowd pleaser with cats and dogs alike. with pure chicken breast, not too much to worry about in the way of additives, random gross ingredients, etc. Would love to see an organic version!
230777230777B000Z3P9FSA2E3QC1A8AIWDLlearntoadjust0051331942400my cats love it!Following the reviews of this product, I purchased this as a treat for my cats. It was love at first sight! I need to break it into smaller pieces before feeding them to the cats and they go crazy for it. I'm surprised because the food itself doesn't have a very strong odor (like some of the other cat treats) but it was enough for the cats to know it's "treats time". Will definitely purchase again.
230778230778B000Z3P9FSA1LWNCVBB63WE4DiscreetInvestigationInc0051331856000Love Love LoveThe picky beagle absolutely loves these treats. I give them to her crumbled on her breakfast as well as individual treats throughout the day. I'm happy I found something she will eat daily and not get bored with.
230779230779B000Z3P9FSAUJAR2G086VT5Blue0051327968000Great for ferrets to!All 4 of my ferrets go nuts for this stuff. Even though theres a picture of a dog or cat, it isnt specific to just one species, its great for all of them! The ONLY ingrediant is 100% chicken breast which is perfect for ferrets an is the most healthy "treat" out there, better then the other junk like N-bones, bandits etc. They say the best treat is meat, so this stuff is PERFECT! It takes time for them to get used to it but once they did, they started doing tricks the 2nd they see the bag.

There has been a huge increase in there coat and there energy levels. And since i started putting it in there food they even eat alot less because there getting filled more with meat as well. I support this treat for dogs, cats and ferrets :D!
230780230780B000Z3P9FSAMBIFRHLCFVGSCheryl Fontaine0051325548800PureBites freeze dried chicken treatsI bought a small package of this some time ago as I was having trouble finding something to hide their meds in (both cats and dogs). They love this stuff!

They haven't gotten bored with it, or learned that I sometimes bury their meds in it. Works way better than pill pockets, pieces of cheese, peanut butter, or even a bit of roast chicken. When using it to hide meds, it's easier to soak a piece in a little broth. The pill doesn't have to be completely hidden, just kind of indent it in a bit, let the dog smell that treat and he'll gobble it right down.

Also, there are always crumbs and bits at the bottom of the package that I sprinkle on their dog/cat food and they seem to enjoy that a lot - one of my dogs won't eat anymore unless he's got the chicken crumbles on his food.

I'm completely sold on this product.
230781230781B000Z3P9FSA1SD9FQY5KVGQHJudith King0051324598400Great, healthy treatI have a picky eater, diabetic dog. She has to eat before I can give her insulin. I sprinkle a little of this on her food and she starts eating like it's doggie caviar. Totally healthy and my dog loves it.

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