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230791230791B000Z3P9FSA3RIS84XU0R9VEMusicgal0051310169600My Cat Loves This StuffMy cat loves this stuff. She has diabetes and these are the best treats for her because they are all protein and no carbs. I test her blood for glucose and have to prick her ears. This is her reward and she knows that if she puts up with me she gets a nice, fat free, carb free delicious treat. Take care of your pets and give them nutritious freeze dried meat/chicken rather than the junk food treats that are loaded with uneeded carbs.

Also, this is a great price and a large bag lasts for a long time. Cat and dog Pure Bites are exactly the same with larger pieces in the bag for dogs. Just break them up and kitties love them too. I also use the crushed treats to top off a meal and make it tastier.

When my friend's bring their dogs by, they always get some too. All of the pets love this product!!!
230792230792B000Z3P9FSAZZ1IR0AESY1ORd Brudner "rbchanel"0051306540800pure bites chicken treats for puppysOur puppy loves this product, and we will continue to use it and keep reordering. I recommend it to all who love their puppys!
230793230793B000Z3P9FSA1YBAQF4XGIKTBMrs. G0051299196800Great product, Great PriceMy 13 year old Lhasa makes the title Prima Dona seem tame. She is so finicky, we're at wits end. I got tired of making her treats and needed something to bribe her with. What makes it harder is that she can't have salt due to her severely enlarged heart. We went to a doggy boutique and the lady "knew" that she had something she would like. She tried EVERY treat she had and Michi just turned her nose up at everything! The lady finally said, I'll bring out the big guns, and indeed, Michi loved the freeze dried chicken breast treats. Unfortunately, I had to pay $12.95 for 2 oz. We were desperate so I paid it. PureBites are a God-send! Not only is the price more than reasonable, but Michi will do just about anything for them. I recommend these highly for anyone with a finicky dog, especially one with heart problems, such as Michi.
230794230794B000Z3P9FSA8A30DP4KFYYPBaileysmom0051296604800Kitty-ParmesanA few of my friends told me how much their cats loved this stuff so I decided to try it for my kitty. He goes nuts for it! I give it to him as a treat and crumble it on top of his canned food when he gets finicky. There's never one crumb left in his dish! Great stuff!
230795230795B000Z3P9FSA32QSAA73WFT8CAmy D. Clarke0051296518400The only treat my cats getOne ingredient, made in the USA. Fantastic, my vet says these are so good for them that I can free feed it. The only problem is that it's $$$ and my cats have stolen the bag from the pantry and ripped it open to help themselves!
230796230796B000Z3P9FSA1IPRUL5DBLO6QLisa Brandt0051294444800Very popular with my catsThese treats come in small (cat) packages and large (dog) packages. I save money by buying the dog size for my 5 rescued cats and breaking up the larger pieces. I have a timed treat feeder that is in use when we are away from home, and this is a big favorite with the group. Short of fixing them some freshly cooked chicken breast (tough to do when we're not home!), this is one of the healthiest and tastiest treats around.
230797230797B000Z3P9FSAPEILSU1T9T6KR. LONG "Mad Max"0051293408000PureBites Chicken Breast Dog TreatsMy 3 dogs LOVE these. I have to limit them as best as I can. I think they would eat all of the treats at once if I let them. Of all of the treats I have bought them, they like these the best. The only problem with them is that some of the package has more crumbs than large pieces. I put the crumbs on top of their regular dog food which they also love. Maybe Amazon could protect the packages better for shipping. I recommend this product.
230798230798B000Z3P9FSA1FHT4KITZKEXPurebites0051279756800Great yummy treatMy little chihuahua loves this treat. I crumble some and sprinkle them over his regular can food and he eats his food a lot quicker because of these treats. The pet store owner gave me this tip. He loves it and he loves the dried freeze liver treats too. I highly recommend.
230799230799B000Z3P9FSA2UHIWD2VN01KNglitzychic0051278892800a REAL treatFirst off, my dog will do ANYTHING for these treats plus I don't have to feel guilty that I'm giving her filler food or potentially harmful preservatives, it is just plain old freeze dried chicken. The best part about the chicken in comparison to other doesn't smell and breaks apart easily into smaller pieces! A bargain to buy the huge bag- lasts me months.
230800230800B000Z3P9FSA36OQAHZ4KH4RIGlenda L. Taylor0051273968000Great Dog TreatsPureBite Dog Treats are the only treats my 20 month old Bichon/Shihtzu cares about. Having something healthy that she loves as a reward when we're working together makes it all worthwhile.
230801230801B000Z3P9FSA6WBEMFJ7S6X4I. White0051265414400Pure Bites Chicken treats for dogsThis product is the only treat my toy poodle will eat. In fact, all the canines in my neighbor see me and Declan and run to us for treats. I will buy no other.
230802230802B000Z3P9FSA2B6CZ0VA9WTHPCecilia D. Wood0051232841600The Only Thing My Dog LOVES!!!My dog is about as picky as they come. We have the hardest time finding something that he will eat, But He ABSOLUTELY LOVES CHICKEN PURE BITES!!!
Every night he expects his treat! He typically doesn't bark but if you start to go to bed and Don't give him his Chicken PureBites, he will sit on the bed and look up at the container we keep them in and bark. When we get them down, he hops around like a rabbit because he is So Excited. Now, if we could only find some dog food that he LOVED this much, we would be doing Great! Snickers ABSOLUTELY LOVES THESE!!! Nothing any better as far as me and my husband are concerned!! Thanks PureBites,
230803230803B000Z3P9FSA3AY9E63CA95HKevin Chavez0051228780800Puppy loveMy three month old yorkie mix, Gizmo absolutely loves these treats. Every time he hears the bag crinkle he would run up and sit patiently waiting for his treat. They sell Purebites at my local petshop along with various hollistic brand dog food, so I know it's good. When Gizmo became picky about eating his kibble a pet shop worker suggested I sprinkle pieces of this onto the kibble, and it worked wonders for his appetite. The chicken is easiest on his stomach, I've noticed with too much liver Purebites he begins to have diarhia. Otherwise, I higly recommend this.
230804230804B000Z3P9FSA39FLPUWTNESK0Roy Levow0041220054400Good quality but the dogs are unenthusiasticThis is a good quality product with good size pieces and few crumbs. However, my dogs are not enthusiastic about it. They much prefer the liver.
230805230805B000Z3P9FSA1K59WO5DHJV85L. Horn01313219200001/3 of product is powderMy pets love the chicken treats. But over the last 3 purchases, 1/3 of the bag ends up as powder, which sticks in my pets' throats. Working out to $35/lb -- that's some very expensive chicken. So I expect to be able to use more than only 2/3 of the product. Maybe I should try to make my own.
230806230806B001G0MG46A2C7XSQSH7H94SAlan5541306022400YummyI got this as a gift for my wife. She really likes it, but it is just a bit more work than your typical hot chocolate. Although she says it is worth it, the extra step of heating milk instead of water for this hot chocolate makes her not choose it sometimes.
230807230807B001G0MG46AY0WXTO7B9ROPsteamduck43 "The Realist"1151315267200Best instant hot chocolate you can buy.Some hot chocolate mixes contain little actual chocolate, and taste like it. This is not one of those. It tastes like it was homemade with pure cocoa. I havn't been able to find it in stores.
230808230808B001G0MG46A2SM0RC2BDLFU4Tanvi0041351209600Delicious!This was a gift for my brother, and he finished it within 10 days of its receipt. Need I say more!
230809230809B001G0MG46A22200AUZF7RW5Jon E.0051340928000great tasteThese taste great, and better than the more generic swiss-miss types. The chocolate tastes nice and rich. My family likes this product quite a bit.
230810230810B001G0MG46A1YL5XYFQ8AM8ZChristina0051332979200nomOf course this is great with whole milk and some whipped cream on top. Absolutely dreamy. Nice and rich. Pricy but cheaper than a coffee shop.
230811230811B001G0MG46APEJVQUT96AH6Jenny Lou0041330128000yummythought this was creamy with a nice chocolate taste. Would probably splurge and purchase again.
Better than the usual Swiss Miss taste!
230812230812B001G0MG46A1GXNX073E42ZMScotty0051324598400Good stuff!I gave this to my girlfriend as part of other birthday gifts and she loved it. Tastes great! I recommend this product to anyone who likes hot chocolate!
230813230813B001G0MG46A1PUZ429Y07HQSM. Rae1221328140800Not As Good As I Thought It Would BeGood chocolate but somehow I was expecting that "With a name like Ghiradelli" it would be a cut above everything else on the market. I thought it was no better than Nestle's, which is still my favorite. Also, I was expecting a larger individual serving package but, like so many other manufacturers, Ghiradelli has downsized the size of their serving packet to make a 6 oz. cup of hot chocolate instead of an 8 oz. size.
230814230814B003EMSMAQA3RQWH5J4217TLFine Point Sharpie0031338336000No blue!!I ordered these fruit slices for a candy buffet at a wedding. Chose these specifically because they included blue in the photo and the bridesmaid's dresses are blue. Candy arrived packaged neatly. Very flavorful and fresh. But NO BLUE!! It is clearly in the photo. The red is also monochromatic, unlike the green "rind" depicted. Please post a photo of the actual product being ordered, Amazon!
230815230815B003EMSMAQA1UPVOCN1GHJAQD. Foster0051331596800Fantastic!!I think fruit slices taste great! I had a small problem with the product and had INCREDIBLE feedback from Boston Fruit Slice. They really stand behind their product. I love the fruit slices and will stick to this brand thanks to their customer service.
230816230816B003EMSMAQA3FZHUBBGLNR8FR. Stephen Gates0051331164800Just Like Old TimesFruit slices were delicious...Just like I remember as a kid. Package arrived promptly and I received exactly what I wanted.
230817230817B003EMSMAQA3NBC2N1J8ALQOhappycustomer0051326326400Exactly what you expect!The fruit slices are awesome, some are softer, but never too hard. They are sweet and really worth it! I wasn't so sure about buying candy online at first, and I was a little wary of this distributor, but I must say I'm very happy! Great job, thanks for the awesome product!
230818230818B003EMSMAQA380BQ5JL8WF29D. Palmer "bookb"0051325635200AWESOME!We miss getting these at candy stores in New England. The candies were soft and perfectly gummy. Fresh! And of course, very yummy. Expensive... but worth it every once and a while.
230819230819B003EMSMAQA1XJB5KPMDDP6OIrene0051318896000Labor Day Cook Out Candy TreatThis item was sent to a senior citizen home, for their Labor Day Cook Out. Everyone simply loved the candy and thought it looked so colorful. Thanks for offering the item.
230820230820B000EDBPI4A1LZJZIHUPLDV4vegancompassion "anattanupassana"707351195776000Vegan Natural ChoiceVegan. Natural. Excellent quality. Chana dal is one of my favorites from when I lived in India & Nepal. Dal is the primary protein source for vegetarians in South Asia and can also be a great part of any vegan diet. Here is "Greg's Flavorful Chana Dal" recipe: Pour safflower oil in bottom of crock pot or deep fryer (.25"/.5 cm) and heat; after hot add minced fresh ginger, minced fresh garlic, minced fresh onion, and minced fresh habenero or chilis (optional) to taste and cook/stir for 1-3 minutes; add 3 parts water for however much chana dal you intend to cook and boil; then add chana dal; cook and occasionally stir for about 1.5 hrs or until creamy consistency. If preparing small portion, then do first steps in small frypan and transfer to cooking pot so oil is not too much. This review is out there for those for whom this makes a difference. See all of my reviews for more great choices. Check out "Vegan Grocery Favorites" and "Vegan Grocery Top Ten" in Listmania. Your "helpful" votes count and will be greatly appreciated to benefit the search of others. Thank you.

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