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230821230821B000EDBPI4A3B0XMZRQ1SXBVSteven Rossellini383951151884800You can call it dal or hummus & it's easyThe biggest pain to making authentic hummus from dried chick peas is removing the chick peas' skins after they've been cooked, after hours of soaking the dried beans, prior to cooking. Bob's Red Mill Chana Dal Beans removes the real work. While not exactly garbanzos, Bob's chana dal split beans are a very close cousin. Soak a pound for a couple of hours, rinse, then cook until softened, and run them through the food processor with a little cooking water, tahini, lemon, garlic, cumin, salt, and a smidgeon of turmeric and pepper flakes. One pound dry will make about three pounds of delicious hummus.
230822230822B000EDBPI4A3VUV8GAOUOWLJSandy B8851218758400Chana Dal Beans exactly as expectedI ordered these beans after reading that they are very low impact on blood sugar. They are the high quality you would expect from Bob's Red Mill, well packed and shipped quickly.
230823230823B000EDBPI4A3AYZX8I4MKZPRLorraine Keesh "- -"91051174780800Good Health on the Cheap!This product offers an amazing amount of nutrition, is very easy to prepare, versatile, and so inexpensive. Adapts to a large variety of herbs and spices for using by itself or combining with rice, lentils, and assorted other grains. A fine and ancient food.
230824230824B000EDBPI4A7AZ97AZGJ5DGBarbara J. Morris5551219536000A Real Comfort Food!I was eager to try the REAL Chana Dal. I'm glad I did. I've been experimenting with different recipes and I really love this bean. I haven't been able to find Chana Dal locally.
230825230825B000EDBPI4A3XGNWVD0GPOILynnette Hafken5551216684800Nice flavor, good textureI have made Dal with this twice, and I love it! The lentils don't dissolve into mush; they still have good texture, and it just makes a great soup.
230826230826B000EDBPI4A3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"4451240099200Made great hummus from scratchI don't really like garbanzo beans and found a recipe for traditional hummus using these beans. They cooked easily and the hummus was great.
230827230827B000EDBPI4A3HP5EJNR5FRAXR. Miller3351260576000these are great legumes!I had never heard of chana dal before finding it on Amazon, but I am so glad I did. I eat many legumes, and am always looking for something tasty, quick to fix, and easy to mix in with grains. Chana dal fits the bill in all respects. It has a very mild flavor, cooks almost as fast as lentils, and the flavor works well with brown rice, whole wheat or just about anything else. It doesn't cause the bloating that beans like pinto or navy do, and I can spice it up or leave it plain. It will be one of my main protein sources from now on.
230828230828B000EDBPI4A1D7SKBDFLSKFXN. Albanese-levin "Healthy Girl"3351225584000always good food from bob'sgreat food at great prices, we love bob's. i usually get the organic stuff so i ordered these by accident. but everything here is good.
230829230829B000EDBPI4A3NX6OJYZXKDB7Hummingbird1151323561600most healthy beanChana dal is one of the most healthful legumes because it has a very low glycemic index which means that it does not convert to a lot of sugar in the bloodstream when digested. Bob's Red Mill is clean and organic. I eat it frequently in my diet.
230830230830B000EDBPI4A141KXHWPWA3HLoretta Beaumont2341291420800Different and goodI wanted to get some Anasazi beans but they were unavailable so I decided to try the Chana Dal Beans. They are tiny dried beans (about triple the size of lentils) and took longer to cook than the directions indicated. They make a really nice hummus, which I think is far superior to using chickpeas.
230831230831B001W929D4A1PN32V36G1EY0Mia Bell "frugalbuyer"0011340755200Missed the markVery short fuse on the expiration date. Even though there were a few days left prior to expiring, these were very, very, stale. The cake was hard, the icing was stale and crunchy - tasted awful. In the waste-basket they went. I won't order these again unless I would be "guaranteed" freshness. Seller advertised these were fresh, they were not.
230832230832B001W929D4A3E6YAXDLBZFN2cdelight0031328400000Didn't live up to the hypeI have heard of Tastykake treats for a while, and when I saw them on Amazon, I thought it would be worth a try. I didn't think they were anything special. (Sorry to all the lifelong fans.) I tried three flavors, these were my least favorite. I liked the coconut cakes best of the three I tried.
230833230833B004B6X86WA1AXB527N0Q7UES. wuensch "Echoashtoreth"1111324339200RIPOFF!My title says it all. shop around and get it elsewhere - this is so not worth the price. no matter how sentimental these are to you at Christmas, for this money upgrade to the Asbach - at least you will begetting your moneys worth.
230834230834B0029JW96IA26ZK8QFWXN859dalepres "dalepres"111151301184000I've eaten these for 15 yearsI have been eating these pepperonis for 15 years. I have had two go bad in storage but that is not Bridgford's fault. They store for a year or more at room temperature if you keep them in a cool room but if one gets a puncture in the wrapper or exposed to too much heat, etc., then all bets are off. If the wrapper is still vacuum tight and the expiration date has not passed, then it should be fine. If the wrapper is loose at all or the product has expired then, yes, you might have one that is bad. If it is as bad as some here describe then it is my guess they are eating spoiled food. Not smart. But in 15 years of eating these, I have only thrown out two for spoilage and that is after having stored them for quite a while.

These do have more fat (and more flavor) than bagged pepperoni. They do make great pizza but you will have a hard time slicing them as thin and even as some big factory - so just don't expect the exact look, feel, and taste. These are still delicious in their own right.

I have to laugh about reviews from folks who eat seemingly spoiled food and then say that anyone who likes this must work for Bridgford. No, I do not work for Bridgford. I just eat their products.
230835230835B0029JW96IA3B1360JOYS0GJExpectoPatronum3331326412800Great if you like solid/dry meat snacks.I eat this like a summer sausage with cheese crackers. I'm a fan of meat snacks like beef jerky and summer sausage.

I know that this is meant to be used as a pizza topping but all the summer sausages I have tried lately are very moist almost like Spam or potted meat. I like a more dry summer sausauge so I thought I'd try this.

This is very dry and solid. This is a plus for me.

If you eat it in thick pieces like I do, it has a grainy quality to it. The spices are very strong, distinct, and unique.

Where this loses points is the pepperoni casing that surrounds the pepperoni. In most sausages, the casing is so thin that you can't even taste it or know it's there.

The casing on this is thick and it tastes similiar to wax paper.

I don't think I'd buy this again even to use on pizzas. It will take me a long time to use the two sticks I have left.

It's a decent product but just not good to use as a meat snack. It's not worth buying it for pepperoni on a pizza, either, for me. I'll just stick to Hormel for that.
230836230836B0029JW96IA365ZRONRZDZGPJim C.3351308096000Rugged StuffThis is great pepperoni, but it's not for everyone. If you're tired of buying the limp tasteless mush they package precut in bags at the grocery store, this is what you should buy. It's good seared, baked, and raw. We've served it frequently with cheese and crackers. Many guests (but not all) appreciate the bold flavor. For a pack of three and with a subscription, this price can't be beat. It'll last you a good long while.

(Just make sure to cut off the casing before eating!)
230837230837B0029JW96IA23R5SVRNLE55ORenee McGinley2251307404800Haven't order online yet, but this is abolutely the BEST!The person with the negative view must have received pepperoni that had accidentally been punctured at some point. Something is definitely wrong. I have been eating this pepperoni for over 30 years and it is fantastic! Thirty years ago, my brother convinced me to put some slices of the pepperoni in my spaghetti sauce; it was outrageously good. I have used it ever since--me and my entire family.

I even eat it "raw" (can't be raw or it wouldn't keep). It's one of my primary snacks on the Atkins (and I've lost 25 lbs). I hope the nay-sayers try it one more time--they are missing out.

The super Wal-Marts sell it and they are always running out. And by the way, I live in Sacramento and I'm an instructor at a college; don't work for Bridgeford! I'm only online because Wal-Mart runs out so fast (just came from there) and I would like to buy a large supply I can count on. Actually, I have two, inch and ahalf pieces that I've hid from my husband in the fridge. I guess I'm addicted!
230838230838B0029JW96IA3F7NO1Q3RQ9Y0Juiblex4541298332800As expected.Haven't bought this online, just at the supermarket.
It's good on homemade pizza. Thick slices are amazing. Just peel off the casing or it warps the pepperoni into a concave dome that pools the fat. And there's TONS of fat.

Another tip would be to put the cuts on paper towels then nuke them. Good to get rid of as much grease as you can.

LOL at the people eating them "raw" and giving it a negative review. What the hell are you expecting?
This isn't a sausage stick to eat like you just bought from a gas station.
The fat content is way too high be to eaten plain. Add chunks to a soup, bread, whatever.
230839230839B0029JW96IA2C90TZI8P8D9AK. Shinn4551274832000PleasedI wasn't sure what these pepperoni slices would taste like, (since Bridgford isn't a brand I'm familiar with) but was pleased with the purchase. Unlike the other review, there was no foul smell upon opening any of the packages. The taste, right out of the packaging, was great. Will definitely be ordering these again.
230840230840B0029JW96IAZXKAH2DE6C8APatricia A. Autrey3451281744000StupendousHow convenient it is to have a big stick of pepperoni on hand? Very! Now all I have to do is slice what I want for my pizza, chunk it for a salad or in pasta. It works for everything. Spaghetti sauce gets an extra kick with pepperoni added. I'm still working on things to add it to.
230841230841B0029JW96IA2L01339XV496VPatricia Smith2351268092800Nice to have on hand!My family loves homemade pepperoni pizza so this is the perfect item to keep in the pantry! Great flavor. The one thing I like the most is there is NO expiration date, only the fact that you must keep the package refrigerated after opening. So these are shelf stable and buying six packages at once means I will have them on hand when I need them. Will be ordering more!
230842230842B0029JW96IA2900T5UGS017Hjaws86753090051350604800great and low calorie!I ordered this product and absolutely love it! I will definitely order again and recommend to others. I have been on weight watchers and was really missing my pepperoni when I found this... 12 slices = 2 points :-)
I saw a few reviews that said this was not great and I'm here to say that's totally not my opinion. I think that it has even more flavor than regular pepperoni.
Has a great spice to it and works great to make a flat bread low point pizza without feeling like your skipping on taste.
230843230843B0029JW96IA1VMG2HXMG41ARStephen S. Connaway "avid reader"0051349481600food or in my case goodies Italian StyleWhat a wonderful surprise this turned out to be. If you love real pepperoni buy this. I recommend this wholeheartedly.
230844230844B0029JW96IA14F7MXMOGCOR8cehsr550041349136000DifferentI have been preparing pizza at home exclusively for over 20 years and only considered recently to purchase pepperoni in quantity to get a better price. I had tried several brands over the years but this brand has not been offered in my area. After reading other reviews I decided buying 3 pounds was not a big risk.
I knew not having a meat slicer was going to be a challenge but I also knew that "practice makes perfect".
The flavor is different from what I considered to be the best of pepperoni I had tried, but I have not tried any that may have been considered gourmet quality, and I like it. It is oilier but I don't consider it excessively oily.
The bottom line is that if you enjoy preparing pizza from home you should try this Bridgford pepperoni. I have had 2 shipments and both arrived in 3 business days.
230845230845B0029JW96IA2UAT1U5CL1DZEYoshi Ayarane0041348012800I hope you like spice.This pepperoni is chewy and a bit oily-- good if you're into that. It's also got a surprise in the form of a strong paprika aftertaste that kicks in about 10 seconds after you've eaten a piece (or two, or however many you're going to munch on at that instance). If you're sensitive to spicy food, this probably isn't for you.

Each package yields enough pepperoni slices to populate roughly two 12" pizzas (one if you really want to pile on the toppings).
230846230846B0029JW96IA1NO8VWEBV5M84holes0041347580800Tastes good, greasy, good for pizza.It's definitely good on pizza. My advice is to slice thin, as thin as you can make it. This pepperoni is GREASY!
230847230847B0029JW96IA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051346716800Awesome stuff!I love this! I do not buy it here, but at the store. I like it on pizza of course. But I also like to eat it right out of the container it comes in! It's good on crackers by itself or with cheese, on hot dogs, in soup & pasta dishes. It is a little drier than other products I've tried. But that is ok, because I don't like peporoni that is too greasy. This product also does not give me heartburn & many of the others do. I like the product! GOOD!!
230848230848B0029JW96IA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0041345420800Handy for "Seasoning"Off and on over the years I've kept a package of pepperoni in the frig because it's a great "seasoning" product. You can throw a few into just about any savory dish to add extra flavor. It works a lot like bacon in that regard, in those instances where you don't need a lot of meat, but a little helps to round out the dish. You can use these instead of adding flavoring fats too, like butter or olive oil. It adds variety and broadens your options especially for quick cooking, or when you are out of some of your usual basics and don't feel like running to the store.

The problem sometimes is that some brands of pepperoni taste a bit odd - perhaps chemically, or greasy, or papery and bland. These are good. I will say that these aren't super-intensely flavored, but to my mind that is good for my purposes. If you want to get an intensely flavored pepperoni for a particular application or for direct snacking, I figure you want to hit up your local Italian market.

I also like the size and thinness of these - they are very thin, which I think is great, because I typically would use these in circumstances where I would want only a few and well distributed in small pieces. I can use these whole where with some other brands that are cut thicker I'd typically have to cut them up some first.

These also taste fresh and have a nice texture.
230849230849B0029JW96IA2CG4JBROLYXXPEdward J. George0051344384000Ive' bought hundredsWe are big Pepperoni fans in my house but can't eat that much of the unhealthy real stuff. This is the closest to real Pepperoni that I could find and I've tried them all. (even Boars Head Turkey Pepperoni can't compare) I have had this coming in through Subscribe and Save as long as I can remember. Great on Salads. Even better heated.
230850230850B0029JW96IA3H1T4KIJW3NZHWilliam H. Houff "cville man"0041336262400A little greasy but EXTREMELY tastyI ordered 3 sticks and was pleasantly surprised that they arrived (in Egypt) about two weeks later. I got them home and immediately opened one because I have been craving pepperoni since I got here three months ago. The flavor is awesome. It's very spicy, but in a good way. Heat in the microwave for a few seconds to get some of the extra grease out of it.

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