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230851230851B0029JW96IA8FIXU93NS7KSpull-it-and-run0051335571200Bridgford Pepperoni,Old World SticksPepperoni with a bite! Delicious for appetizers or Bridgford Pepperoni, Old World, 16-Ounce Sticks (Pack of 3)chopped finely to mix with scrambled eggs, and of course great on Pizza. Makes macaroni and cheese special also. Unexpected guests can be served speedy appetizers; just slice & serve with cheese and fruit! Love it.
230852230852B0029JW96IA1ZPM3RFYVPK9TTerry0051327276800Great Tasting...Bridgford Pepperoni,Old world, has to be one of the great tasting pepperoni's for anyone who likes pepperoni. I have had three orders of this pepperoni, the last being this past Christmas, wow what a surprising Christmas gift, and I will be ordering more in the furture.
Thank you Bridgford and Amazon for this great product.
230854230854B0029JW96IA29A01MFY2461QSalome Ellen0051325894400Always delicious!This pepperoni is a fixture at our family New Year's Eve party, and local stores have stopped carrying it. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon at a competitive price!
230855230855B0029JW96IA2A9X58G2GTBLPWolfee10051324252800PERFECT FOR PIZZA!Bridford Turkey Pepperoni, it has half the calories as regular pepperoni only 70, regular pepperoni has 140 calories. I found it locally and I have been eating it ever since, I use it when making Pizza and it tastes very good, I like it when it gets crispy in the oven on top of the pizza. I am not an expert in pepperoni, however this low calorie choice does a great job, it doesn't have any after taste or all that grease, maybe because it is made with turkey (less grease, fewer calories) and high quality ingredients. I love low calorie turkey pepperoni! Thank You
230856230856B0029JW96IA1JTQCIL88W9JVS.A. "bham"0041316563200The slices are, um, greasyThis review is for the regular sliced pepperoni. The way I use them is to nuke them in the microwave for a couple minutes and it makes a nice spicy pepperoni chip for a low carb diet. Kind of reminds me of thin slices of spicy bacon. Anyway I have done this with lots of different kinds of pepperoni. This pepperoni astonishes me at the quantity of fat that is thrown off during cooking. The grease soaks through several layers of paper towel. People talked about eating them raw and if you did, that would be a lot of fat! No other pepperoni I have tried has generated this quantity of fat during cooking.

Now once they have crisped up and you have gotten rid of most of the fat, they are crispy and quite nice. The slices are very thin, so if you go too long they will burn in a flash. I am going to try the thick sliced to see how they work.

**UPDATE** tried the thick sliced and they are perfect for my application of pepperoni chips! Way better than the thin sliced. Still amazed by how much orange grease comes off these things during microwaving, but when they are done cooking they are a great consistency and have a nice amount of kick to them. Kind of like spicy bacon. I imagine the thick would be very good on pizza if you don't mind some oil added to your pie.
230857230857B0029JW96IA1YIWN894GYC5Amazon Luvr "Bob"0041313452800Solid pepperoni, better than most supermarket stuffGood texture and spice. Nice n salty. Not "artisan" standards but who wants to spend $20 for a stick of pizza topping?!?
230858230858B0029JW96IA3V77LYT3OYE2PDufus0051250294400Excellent!This is the real stuff!
I was glancing through as I usually by Bridgeford from them directly, but in a pinch, some to give friends for the holiday without big shipping costs might be a good idea.
This is the real, old time, hard pepperoni with a spicy flavor that is great! I like it even more than the smaller sticks you find in some of the old Italian grocery.meat markets, mainly because of the spicy nature. (That's not to discount thos sticks, they're great, too.)
I don't just recommend this, I give it to friends as gifts. (Na, I don't wrap them. I just hand half a stick to them and say... Here, have some real pepperoni!)
230859230859B0029JW96IAEKYUXH5MF9EYDon3551286496000Delicious. Never buy Pepperoni in a bag!This Old World Pepperoni is worlds better in taste than your standard pre-sliced Pepperoni in a bag found in most grocery store which is relatively flavorless and uninteresting in my opinion. We bought this at SamsClub for years before they stopped carrying it and is great for our home made pizzas.
The Pepporoni is seasoned well and makes all the difference in home cooking!
230860230860B0029JW96IA3KVOGLD8EXYHHChris41311293667200Yuck!Those people who wrote positive reviews on this pepperoni are definitely their workers doing their job behind the computer.
These smell bad, taste bad and looks bad.
I love pepperoni, I love them cooked but preferably eat it raw.
They should be licking finger good. But Nope! Not these.
It has that after taste and before taste. Very strong beefy like taste.
Like that other one star review, it smells awful but not that bad when eating.
It is edible but definitely not enjoying ones.

I'm gonna try to put these on pizza and have it cooked all the way.
Or else We're gonna throw away 6 packs of these.
230861230861B0029JW96IA22NSA5IXUWDM3Thomas Jefferson51811266364800grossThe first thing I noticed after opening the sealed bag was a godawful smell. It really slaps you in the face. The taste, well, it's not as bad as the smell, things things are edible, but I can't really say I would enjoy eating them. The good news is that after eating about a few of them, it totally killed my appetite.
230862230862B001UO5FR8ABTKZKAWOK4DChuntersgun3351326153600awesome cornmealThis is the best cornmeal. I made regular cornbread and hot water cornbread with this meal and both were outstanding. Also fried some oysters with this meal, it gave them a great texture and flovor.
230863230863B00411PW20A32D28977BOJTAGlen0011331251200WAY OVERPRICED!Store prices are $3-4. This is $8.49! And the price per ounce is wrong -- it says $0.53, but it's really twice that.
230864230864B003AD41R2A3ANETCTMAN1NPJJ1151303603200Pure heaven!I absolutely love any kind of chocolate, and I have tried so many different kinds. However, I have to say, that this Ferrero Collection ranks somewhere near the top of all of the many chocolates I have eaten; yes, it's that good.

There are 24 chocolates in the container made up of 8 chocolates of each of the 3 different varieties. The first kind is the Rocher, which is a chocolate wafer covering some delicious chocolate cream filling which is then covering a hazelnut. This is my least favorite (mostly because of the fact that I'm not a huge fan of hazelnuts), but it is still very tasty indeed. The second variety included in this collection is the Garden, which happens to be the favorite of my family and me! It is another wafer topped with coconut flakes; this wafer then covers a divine coconut filling that is supposed to cover an almond, but to be honest, I never tasted the almond. The final chocolate that composes the collection is the Rondnoir, a chocolate wafer covering a chocolate cream filling which is covering a dark chocolate "pearl" or ball. This will be the favorite of those who love just pure chocolate delight, although everyone else will probably devour it, too.

Overall, I am very impressed with this collection! It is amazingly delectable and is a fantastic gift for any chocolate lover. I recommend it for parties, gifts, or really for anything where people will be eating. It is an awesome collection that will have your taste buds tingling in delight the moment you taste your first chocolate!
230865230865B000196I1KA1EMUMEFXVH3ZAsnowman247 "Scott"1151252540800best white chocolate sauce/syrupI have tried many that i didnt like. This one is by far the best I've ever tried. :)
smoother mellow taste. Highly recommend this product.

White Decadence-White Chocolate Sauce
230866230866B002ZX37NCA3TQLFXWG3HJICKatMom "KatMom"1151285372800Love this stuff!I was introduced to this by my sister who lives in India. I use it straight out of the bag as a snack but I also love adding it to things to kick up the flavor (like a salad).
230867230867B002ZX37NCA2PDFZTEN1UIC9Andrew G. Stow0051347321600Delicious, but crazy pricing hereI love this stuff and can't be trusted around it. However, the 200g bag is less than two bucks, including tax, at my local Indian grocery. Maybe if you can't easily get it, it's worth it.
230868230868B003OP8KXMA1YOCTQ7TD6I1AStephens373711290988800ripoffThis box had less than five dollars worth of products. Two ounces each of pretzels, pistachios, coohies and 2.3 ounces of chocolate covered cherries. I feel like I totally wasted the gift certificate that was presented to me. The boxes did contain enough foam peanuts and crumpled paper to fill them out.
230869230869B003OP8KXMA2KUXIG5W6YPT9Lilly79911322697600DisappointingVery disappointed with this item because the illustration showed it contained pistachio nuts and there were none in my package.
230870230870B003OP8KXMA2TPMKUL6Q6WJJd.nguyen8811323129600$3 Worth of Food for $20Don't waste your money on this item. Looks deceivingly big online but when you actually get the item you'll be really disappointed. There's about $3 worth of candy and you'll be paying $20 for the box. I felt conned after receiving the item and wanted to return it. However, Amazon has a NO RETURN policy on food items, even if you have not opened it. Live and learn. Last time I buy food items with Amazon.
230871230871B003OP8KXMA2XMMI7VO2WPB0Term "Term"101121304812800DisappointingOrdered medium Gift Towers for both my Mom and wife. While they were pleasantly surprised and everything appeared tasty, I must admit I was not pleased with the quantities. Just small bits of treats (3 oz packet of chocolate peanuts, a couple of wrapped cookies, etc). The image is misleading as the center box is mostly filled with straw to compensate for the paltry serving of chocolate peanuts. Not worth the $20+. Better to buy couple of nice boxes from Dollar Store $10 worth of better chocolates & treats.

230872230872B003OP8KXMA40ZF13ERAR9LHappy Mom91011322697600Wish I could give 0 stars...Don't waste your money... You get more stuff in a package of Russell Stovers.... Disappointing! I would rather order from Harry and David!
230873230873B003OP8KXMA3E4L4I553M2NDJENNENE A ELLIS6611323734400very disappointedI ordered this based on the photo and the description of "medium". It is extremely small and not worth the cost in any way. I will not order from this company again.
230874230874B003OP8KXMA3TVJDKHR03FCNSherry A. Cardoza6611323561600deceivingI wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased this RIPOFF!!!! I had to by another gift to go with it so I don't look like a cheapskate!!!
230875230875B003OP8KXMA2IFKMKKXV8AVUDaniel R. Dreifort "REVIEW-BOT-9000"4411327622400Head to the drug store and buy some pretzels. You'll be better off.The presentation is top notch but the quantity and selection of treats is awful. I gave this and a Ferrero Rocher 48 Piece gift box to somebody. Their face lit up upon opening the Ferrero Rocher, but there was no similar face-joy upon opening this gift tower only to find a small bag of popcorn and a couple little handfuls of other bits. Also, the Ferrero Rocher costs less. This gift box set would be a decent deal for $5 at a drug store just b/c of the great presentation/packaging. But you could buy its contents for only a few bucks. If presentation is what counts, buy this for sure! (I did not sample any of the goods, so I can not comment on quality.)
230876230876B003OP8KXMA3820MCII91XKMelissa A. Pointer "PIE"3311325462400Tiny!This Christmas tower of sweets was actually samples of treats. I was very disappointed. The description was very misleading. I will never purchase this product again. Everything was sample size. I could have brought good snacks at the mall for this price and had plenty for everyone.
230877230877B003OP8KXMAZ5358PV76HR7marlene tichenor1141340841600thank you Broadway Basketeers for making my Dad special.My Father's Day Tower of Sweets arrived immediately, but the product was a little short and was a concern. I left feedback letting the seller know of my concerns. They immediately contacted me with an apology and a promise to investigate. Today I received another email and they will be sending a replacement package. I know it will be a big surprise to Dad and I know he will be happy when he gets to try the treats! Thank you Broadway Basketeers for outstanding customer service and concern about the satisfaction of your customers. You are greatly appreciated.
230878230878B003OP8KXMA3KASO1PKJQOO0RVD1111336521600Totally misleading!Whoa! Don't know why I didn't do my due diligence and look this up carefully before placing the order. It's teeny, tiny! And one of the boxes my mother-in-law received in the tower for Mother's Day said "For Valentine's Day" on it. The packaging is more Valentine's Day/Christmas wrapping. Definitely not what I expected, and I feel a bit cheated.
230879230879B003OP8KXMA8R2OIFK59MB3Denis Dugan "Double D"1111333670400DISGUSTEDI am not going to rant. What I will say, is that the picture is bigger than the items they send out. You do not get your moneys worth and they are packaged up in a horrid fashion. They were told my items were a hift but that did not stop them from sending it as if it were just some half assed shipment to a warehouse. I am disgusted, I feel cheated and I am embarrassed that my family thinks I went the cheap route again. Fact is, I purchased three separate arrangements to have delivered and they barely looked as if they could feed one person. I am horrified that Amazon allows these people to sell on their site.
230880230880B003OP8KXMA268YTCAVFL9TDtani0011346457600oldcookies where crushed product was left over from fathers day what a way to send a gift dont buy nothing is freash poor product company broadway baskeers sell old product hat should be off the market you can image how i felt sent a small get well wish with old food as well as crushed items dont buy unless you want to feel as bad as i do plus they dont care about customers because they never responded to this or to try to make it right. special note to amazon this was never response from this company broday basketeer that company doest care

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