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230881230881B003OP8KXMA19MKHZH1D8NUHRobert Cournyea0031337299200Stale HappyI sent this as a gift to my Mother and even though she was happy with the gift, the products themselves were not prepared well enough for travel. The chocolate recieved in the package ended up being one large "glump". When I asked how she enjoyed the pretzels and cookies she said there was none, but she did receive something that was so stale and hard it was not edible so she had fun playing with her food rather then enjoying it like I would have hoped. Makes me wonder with a company that deals with food and sending it as gifts? Do they check their products before sending?
230882230882B003OP8KXMABFJ7QWFP289IPhoenix AZ0031337126400so - soI am being very generous with giving 3 stars ---The 3 tower boxes measure just 7 inches tall - just so you know! In mine, the top box had chocolate covered raisons--melted together - but we do live in Phoenix, AZ and it's over 100 here now. The second box had a package of toffee covered peanuts, and the third box (bottom) contained a small package of honey mustard pretzels and a small package of chocolate chip cookies. There were no added peanuts or paper fillers in mine but the small package came in a fairly large mailing box so when you opened it, it was a bit disappointing to see the gift size. The raisons were just so so - not great chocolate - the peanuts didn't thrill me, the mustard pretzels were good and the chocolate chip cookies was a bunch of crumbs - a soft shortbread type cookie (not what you'd expect for chocolate chip) - but the crumbs tasted good! I suppose you can use the little boxes for something else later. They are attractive and the gift was thoughtful of the giver but I doubt they read the reviews first.
230883230883B003OP8KXMA14IXDBY1HB362lexi0021332547200jipdidn't get chocolate cherries. i got rasins. didnt get pistachios. i got almonds. that sucked ! RIP OFF ! I was disappointed.
230884230884B003OP8KXMA2GSCVV3KOTBZMsnob "know it all"0041325548800enjoyed this much for gift givingSmaller than expected but greatly appreciated gifts. positive feedback from family members. will give this gift again next year. thank you.
230885230885B003OP8KXMARCKI9C1AA326Cat Woman0031325289600Picture larger than lifeThe tower of sweets is beautifully packaged and is of good quality. The only issue I have is that I thought it would be larger than what it was. Still, when you compare candy pricing at a specialty store, this is an overall good product, and I will probably purchase again next Christmas.
230886230886B003OP8KXMALDYKB0ZY68LEHelenC0021323561600Less than expectedItem description does not match product received -- certainly not a medium. All four packages which filled three small boxes were very small single servings and one package was pretzels -- not really a "sweet." Even though this was purchased during a discounted promotion, the price for value received was still poor. Need to pay attention to the product weight versus "medium" designation.
230887230887B003OP8KXMA2ZZQ2R7OC2734Elana0151340582400A very good & inexpensive giftNot quit sure why such negative reviews. Chanced it & sent this to my sister & she loved the variety of sweets & best of all - for not feeling too guilty after eating the whole thing! The presentation - albeit a tad small - was very pretty as well.
230888230888B003OP8KXMA1D1ID1RKKFYQSjennay0151339545600FixedI ordered this for my boyfriend for father's day. The food was disgusting. We didn't even bother trying the "black taffy", which was nothing more than very bad licorice. The next were some kind of nuts with a sweet shell around them. They were disgusting. They had no flavor and what flavor they did have tasted a bit like dirt. The next two things were chocolate chip cookies and some other type of cookie. We figured how bad can they screw up a chocolate chip cookie....Well they were dry and tasted horrible. I ended up throwing out everything, and you have to understand we don't throw out food, at all. I was terribly disappointed. I just figured that I trusted Amazon, so I should be able to trust the products they sell. This was not the case.

After leaving complaint with this company they refunded my money and were very helpful.
230889230889B003OP8KXMA1U7CQP8GNC1NKAntoinette0151336089600good gift..but..I sent this to a friend for her birthday..i made sure i put a note that said it was from me but to my suprise i saw on facebook that she didnt..i told her i sent and what was on tge card..she said it was to her from her..she did love the gift said it was beautiful and yummy!
230890230890B003OP8KXMAKWKBT7LY1XETK. Boggavarapu "Book connoisseur"0141316822400nicechocolates were nice . no complaints. quick delivery. i am happy i used amazon. its a good gift for some one you care and cannot be at that place to wish them .
230891230891B003OP8KXMA39BH5X562E7P2Jackie3751288742400Great Gift - Great PriceBought 50 of this gift towers to give out to my associates & everyone looked & tasted to perfection. Thank you for a great gift at a great price.
230892230892B004OL4EJ4A16RIT5IBD85PDMiracleseeker8286651315267200Yum!This is my favorite hot beverage! It used to be called "Orange Cappuccino," and I bought it locally. Then, for some reason, everyone stopped carrying it, and I was devastated. After a search online, I found that they changed the name to "Orange Cafe," but I was unable to find it in any of the stores that carry Maxwell House. I'm a repeat customer year round and really appreciate the convenience of having it delivered to me, the easy transaction, the price, the swift delivery, and the free shipping.
230893230893B004OL4EJ4A1CJF34OJFBYV7Barbara J. Corn "Barbara J Morgan 'World Trav...2251315094400This is the best!I have been drinking Maxwell House International Coffee Orange Cafe since I first found it years ago. Now I use it to flavor strong black coffee I need for migraines. It makes it palatable as I am not a black coffee fan.
It's good chilled too. It has a nice orange flavor which gives it some zip that the other International Coffee's don't have. They are just very sweet with out much flavor.
230894230894B004OL4EJ4A38K6PPNQXQEQFTammy Huskins0051326412800Just what I was hoping to find.This particular product was for a gift exchange for Christmas. This coffee is very hard to find in stores but it is this person's favorite coffee. I was told to look on (who knew?) and they might have it there. I was very excited when I found it and the shipment was quick and the Christmas gift was enjoyed. Thank you!!
230895230895B004OL4EJ4A31R08K17DW85IOld Time Racer3911305849600WORST EVERThis is the worst coffee General Foods has ever produced. It has a strange odor and an unpleasant taste that will send you for the mouth wash. I hope I can return the four cans I purchased. The Orange series has been my favorite for years but this one is a disaster.
230896230896B00126ICN8A1SS2WQ02YQR8ZGary Hagen3321334880000Prime? NOTThe steaks they showed were not what I received. They were not prime and they were really thin. I would not purchase this again. :(
230897230897B008DNQIJSA3SYVC7DZBDU2CElizabeth E. Scanlon "noyb"2211342396800ugh!!Absoslutely disgusting! Searched all over for this stuff because I thought it sounded awesome, but it tasted more like burned popcorn and nothing like s'mores.
230898230898B000196I1AA2QUY2A42OV1CJZemo0051323043200Yummy!!This is the "good stuff"! I have tried a few of Costellini's products and they are all tasty!!
Give this a try...
230899230899B003TMVHX0A15CCQLICLK4KFMichael R. Smith2251309824000Will Set You FreeMo Hotta Mo Betta got me started on this stuff. Call there and the dude that answers says, "mohottamobetta"! The place is a museum of hot stuff, talking everything from sauces to suckers. Trouble is, most hot stuff stores charge like they're selling jewelry. Scotch Bnnet pepper sauce is a good example, but prices are all over the boardwalk and you can find a bargain if you search. Walkerswood is a bargain, some kind of wonderful. Buy that stuff, it'll set you free, friend.
230900230900B006L2B8KMA1VOWNIZG9SX63Menace2116@aol.com0051326499200Amazing CabThis wine is truly amazing. It has a nice amount of acid up front that will go well with a nice steak or lasagna. The middle has a nice cherry essence and it finishes with a toasty coffee finish.
230901230901B0000DG58WA20FD94D97B4RSC. Potter0051318377600Sooo Tasty!Another great product my parents have turned me on to. I love putting this on my tacos, roasted chicken, and always in my scrambled eggs!
230902230902B0055ERIWOA1N9IXKPFC6Z6ABintang0051347667200My 2 cats LOVE LOVE LOVE Earthborn wet foodThis is a great product made with whole bits of tuna and mackerel. My 2 cats won't eat pate type food and it is difficult to find chunky wet food that is also grain free. This food (all flavors) meets all the requirements . . . my cats love it and I know that I am feeding them healthy food. This company has never been involved in a recall, only puts in quality ingredients and has a 100% money back guarantee.
230903230903B00126ESLIA2XJ389GP89VBImythreesons4411311724800Unaccommodating, Poor Customer Service, Awful ProductI ordered these steaks for a dinner party. I contacted the seller to let them know that my guests had more than enough negative comments on the steaks. They had said that they were inedible, that they were grainy and fatty. There was also a comment that they had shrunk considerably in size. We spent well over $300 for this product only to be extremely disappointed. We wound up throwing the half eaten steaks out. When I contacted the seller, they could careless on what my guests had said. Couldnt care that we wound up throwing away over $300 in steaks and did not want to credit my account nor re-ship the product to satisfy a commitment.

230904230904B001HBTNEKA2LNHG36X5U0KRRandall S. Higgins "Proud "PopPop""2251265932800"Kick it up"Add an unusual crunch and taste to your signature martini or bloody mary with one or two of these. Great taste and the right amount of heat.
230905230905B003BWFLKSA2PO8EEXG3NGSLsocialshopper0431294876800Stay Alert GumIs this the same company that makes STAY AWAKE GUM? I have a had a great experience with that product. Chew the gum, I feel energized and not bloated from drinking a large can of liquid.
230906230906B0046D46K2A1USQ3SFNZM7S3M. Davis "Timber"1141348185600Halloween in a cup! (may be caffiene free?!)** I have edited this review to make it shorter, I had some background of my history with tea as well as how I typically make my everyday drink to give others a sense of how I make that tea. all that information is now located in my profile. I have also changed this to a review assigning points for scent and taste (W/WO sweetener Cold/Hot)

Ingredients are not listed completely on item so here they are in the order on the label word for word: Organic Honey bush, Organic Rooibos, Buckwheat(contains no wheat!), mace, cinnamon, ginger, toasted rice, pumpkin flakes, pumpkin flakes, caramel pieces, pumpkin seeds, candied peanuts, sweet potato, natural flavors, stevia leaf.

*I have no idea what mace or the "natural flavors" are.Reading over the ingredients I am led to believe it is decaf or at least very low on the Caff-o-meter. Rooibos and Honeybush are both naturally caffeine free and in my short research buckwheat is as well (or very low). I'm not against caffeine at all but I appreciate knowing what it is and isn't in

-Smell - In bag (4) Steeping (3.5) - when you first open it the bag smells amazing! Steeping also provides an enjoyable scent


+Unsweetened : Hot (3)/Cold (3)- This has a natural sweetness to it but not super sweet, I still prefer my added sweetener, but drinking it plain I now know what people talk about when they are saying the teas have a natural sweetness and nutty flavor to them. this may be attributed to the stevia that is in it as well.

+Sweetened: Hot(4)/Cold (4.5)-It seems that my sweetener or maybe the pinch of baking soda, adds a bit of body and boldness to the flavor and exemplifies everything. I am deducting 1 point from the cold because while this tea tastes amazing, I think I'm more enjoying the Rooibos flavor and not detecting as much pumpkin as I may like, but it is definitely there. While not my thing I bet this would be amazing with some milk added to make a chai.

*I prefer my teas Iced and 1 cup to .5 packet of sweetener. So unless it wows me, without sweetener will always be lower in points so to compensate I add .5 points to the unsweetened taste average.

-2nd steep(4) - The hot tea on the second steep is somewhat of a letdown but the cold is still tasting great, if possible even better (I steeped for 10 minutes).

Overall Average: *3.5 stars

Overall: I love Halloween and was looking for something to get me in the mood, and this one does not disappoint. Before this I was just adding pumpkin pie spices to black tea, it got me by but I knew there was something better out there. I am pleased with this tea, as mentioned earlier I believe this is decaf, also due to being rooibos based (no tannins) it will stand up to longer steeping times without getting bitter. One thing I would recommend to the seller is to offer other sizes on amazon, but I am very glad that they offer this "sample" size because I am hesitant to purchase the other brands on here that are in larger increments.

Feel free to read my other reviews I will be adding more as the season progresses (this is my first).
230907230907B0046D46K2AN7PFLY2LOV41Burnadette Cerda0031349827200Nice nutty flavorThis tea did not have as much as a pumpkin flavor as a nutty flavor. I had to add pumpkin spice pie and a little all spice to get the flavor I desired. But it did have a decent taste. It steeps nicely and it's not over powerful. It's a good fall tea. But if you are looking for that real pumpkin flavoring you will need to add your personal touch.
230908230908B0046LF8HYA3LYNMSU91W4WCJohn F.D. Taff "John"2221323561600Cloves? Really? Where?I bought this along with several other Roland tinned teas. This was at the bottom of the heap in terms of taste. There is a faint, and I mean faint taste of cloves with this tea. So faint that it's not really worth it if you're actually looking for some tasty clove tea. The tins are nice, though.
230909230909B0046LF8HYA1ZPY91VE3IDN1J. Offenbach1121323907200Such a slight spiced clove fragranceThe Roland Ginger Tea/Canisters, 2.5000-Ounce (Pack of 8) had no scent or taste of ginger whatsoever, so I had high hopes that the Roland Spiced Clove Tea/Tins, 2.5000-Ounce (Pack of 8) would compensate and I could create a blend of chai using both teas from Hong Kong. Oh well, at least I can get a whiff of cloves with this batch, but I will need to use a lot of other spices to make a delectable chai. If you're looking for a strong clove tea, look elsewhere. Should you want some cute tins for gift giving and the flavor isn't a great issue, perhaps these will work for you. In creating my gift bags, I'll include both tins of teas with some fresh spices. My purchases of Roland teas are now complete and I would not recommend them. They really could be marked simply as black tea leaves with a slight floral hint. I expect that after the tins are opened, it's only a matter of days before they all taste the same.
230910230910B001TIQPLUA3P8SSQ21NTZ0CCybermed Rick3331316822400A bit disappointingThe syrup lacks substance. Not at all like say Country Kitchen's butter pecan syrup. For the price I was a bit disapponted.

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