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230911230911B001TIQPLUA2UE0TDVQJ1FJFArianna M Brigle1131338076800Eeeehhh...Flavor was light and the syrup was thin. 2 people used half the bottle in one sitting. Would not buy again, not worth the money.
230912230912B004G4CZF4A8J1FZJXME0PCRP0051299196800LOVE IT!I just received these strawberry gummies and they are exactly what I had ordered!! It was packaged nicely and the gummies are yummy and fresh! Delivery was very fast too! Very satisfied! I will definitely order again! Thank you! :)
230913230913B00012PPFWAZMOM619PTO5BCarryit0111184025600not so goodmade a pot of this coffee and none of our guests like it. it was bitter and strong no matter how much i decreased the amount, i gave it away to needy in-laws.
230914230914B001H3V2LKA1CVFUQ1PGSIJLT. Adlam "professional consumer"1131311120000Was Hoping for the Best, But was DisappointedI've had good luck ordering my favorite childhood candies from Amazon in the past, so I expected nothing less from this order. Unfortunately, these are not the Now and Later Cherry candies I remember. Now and Laters (unless you specifically get the soft and chewy ones) are supposed to be solid hard candy. What I received was melted and squishy, and the texture was *nothing* like I recollected, which was probably a result of improper storage or being kept too long. That said, the taste was adequate, which is why I gave it 3 stars as opposed to 1.
230915230915B001H3V2LKA2IBJWCA2L4YS0Suzanne E Hockett0021330819200DisappointedThe product arrived in a timely manner, but the taste was not very good. They did not taste fresh at all - seemed stale. Would have returned if I had time to get them from another vendor.
230916230916B000BRPPSOAPGJS57KFVP2PDavid Hallow "Unca Dave"0051142640000Wonderful!When it comes to black bean chicken, it was love at first taste. Unfortunately, when I asked the restaurant's owner where she got her fermented black beans, all she'd tell me was "Chicago." Well, that narrowed it right down! I'd given up the hope of ever making anything at home even noddingly similar.

Then I found Lee Kum Kee's Black Bean Chicken Sauce. I was astonished at how good it was! And it's easy, too! On the package they suggest dicing shallots and stuff, which I did the first couple times I prepared it. Then I got lazy and just chopped up a fist-sized sweet onion. Outstanding! The only other things I add are soy sauce to taste and about a tablespoon (again to taste) of Szechwan chili sauce.

'Scuse me now. I'm down to my last envelope and need to order some more right away!
230917230917B0000DG58SA4UKBG3M5U5TIWestley0041090972800Very Good Hot SauceAccording to its makers, Cholula has been available in Mexico for three generations and imported to the U.S. for about 12 years. Named after a region of Mexico known for its ruins and ancient sites, Cholula is quickly becoming a hot sauce staple in the U.S. The bottle is a classic, with the yellow label, picture of a woman, and wood cap (the wood contains a plastic cap so that the sauce won't be contaminated).

The main ingredient of Cholula is the piquin pepper (also sometimes spelled "pequin"), which is a dried chile with the formal name "capsicum annuum." In terms of flavor, Cholula is definitely distinctive. The dried chiles add a slightly smoky essence with more dimension than Tabasco or similar hot sauces. The heat level is fairly moderate, which allows the sauce to season your food while not overwhelming it. However, the sauce sometimes seems a little watery or bland.

Cholula adds great flavor to a variety of foods, although I like it best on scrambled eggs; a plethora of recipes are available on the official website. With only 20mg of sodium per teaspoon, Cholula is one of the best sauces available for persons trying to avoid sodium. However, it may taste a bit plain to persons who enjoy a high salt content in their hot sauce.
230918230918B0000DG58SA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0151309478400Versatile and not overpowering.(First of all, somebody is chasing me around and negging all my reviews so don't pay any
attention to that one NO vote.)

This is one of the best easily available hot sauces for regular people with normal tolerance
for spice.

Cholula uses a blend of arbol and piquin peppers. Piquin peppers are actually very spicy, so I'd
imagine that the amount of pepper per batch is fairly low, because this sauce has no spice at all
for Heat Freaks like me, but a decent little kick for regular civilians. I would compare the spice
to a low-level, mild kick, similar to a standard Tabasco sauce or vinegar/cayenne/arbol pepper

What it lacks in burning heat, it makes up for in solid flavor. Like basically all hot sauces, it
has a tangy vinegar base but contains a generous amount of spice for a robust, smokey tomato sort of
flavor. Piquin peppers are very flavorful in addition to being hot. I think they did an excellent job
of retaining flavor, even if they downplayed the spice.

If you live on the planet Earth, you're in luck. Cholula is available just about everywhere. I'd honestly
like to push for this sauce to become the go-to hot sauce instead of the less flavorful, just-as-spicy
Tabasco sauce. This sauce's wooden cap makes it stand out just a bit more than the standard hot sauces
gracing the shelves of grocery stores and bodegas. Can be found locally for under $3.

Good for pizza, salsas, chicken, steaks, sandwiches...with xanthan gum thickening this sauce, it works
really well as a strong alternative to ketchup or mustard without being like either one of those. Very
low heat rating so conditioned for most palates. If you are looking for flavor more than spice, this is
a great alternative to Louisiana style sauces. I highly recommend it! BTW, after rediscovering this great
sauce (after 20 years as a Tabasco snob) I have upgraded this review to .....5 Scovies
230919230919B00359F8B4A1FSVY4HR7G6ZCJ. Leister "Jerry"0011339632000Greedy new sellerI purchased this product last year from Amazon for 40.95 with free shipping.
This company distributing it now jacked the price up to 68.00 plus shipping.
Shipping cost 28.99 which is only about 11.00 less than what I paid for Amazon's
case! Add tax in and you're looking at a whopping 102.94 for this now.
Although I like this product, I'll boycott until I can purchase at a
more reasonable cost!!!

The taste is a fruity carbonated flavor that I enjoyed. Not quite sure about
it's quality as an energy drink though. I gave it 1 star due to the cost now
102.94 versus what Amazon sold it a year ago at 40.95.
230920230920B00359F8B4A1MBJKR49D1K2QAva-Lisa F. Macon "Warning: May leap small cu...1231296172800Oh, The Inhumanity!We purchased a case of these for a Star Trek Dinner Party hosted for our oldest. We were so excited and couldn't wait to try them.

With great regret, I have to admit: didn't like 'em. Of the 20+ guests, only 5 or so finished a can. Perhaps the flavor was designed for an other-worldly palate??

Caveat: the description clearly bills this as an "energy drink." I'm not a fan of energy drinks in general, so others who are may like this. I found the consistency too thick, and the flavor too metallic/salty.
230921230921B000PKUT6UA3PBYMDZD5LE9CLuciano Tortorici "island sun"3351263513600FINALLY I HAVE FOUND IT !This product is very hard to find in the place where I live but, on the other hand, my wife needs it for her pastry preparation. I checked then on Amazon, ordered and received in a timely manner. We have now been using the product and found to be great for our need.
230922230922B000PKUT6UA3O2RT4OAALYOJazcook0051347840000Good ProductEasy to order! Arrived very quickly! Great stuff, would buy it again. It helped make great New England style hot dog buns!
230923230923B00121BQUEA2PX2INC17AK2Earthmother0051342742400Terrific Organic Earl Grey Tea!Aromatic and smooth! Very pleasing and flavorful- Not too strong or too weak but just right to add milk or not! Their Kuchicha tea is really superb as well and needs no sugar or milk.
230924230924B001EQ4KM8A11RXTAE39VBFIPeter M. Wallace "Tech Geek / Gadget Man Extr...121251202688000Awesome flavored candy from a company called Albanese (not the country of Albania).I ordered these from a tip from a friend that these were some of the best gummi worms on the market. I was hesitant - if I did not like them that would be a LOT of junk worms. I was pleasantly surprised - the flavor on these is better than ANY gummi product I have ever had - and I have had a LOT over the years - and have the waistline to prove it LOL.

This is really a LOT of Gummi worms, and I can't really speak as to how long they will stay good. I decided to vacuum seal one bag into more reasonable sizes and it is working REALLY well.

Just make sure you understand - this is 2 bags of 4.5 POUNDS of Gummi worms - a LOT.

I have tried a few other things and so far every product is of phenomenal flavor above and beyond any other candy products I have tried.
230925230925B001EQ4KM8A1UD92AEZZT495A. L. Mccullough5551193097600Great dealI bought these to make dirt and worms for my kids and their friends.These came fresh and are very sour the ones at the supermarket are more sweet.These come in two 4.5 pound bags one bag will last you awhile because they come full.All the kids love them so whenever i run out i will buy again.
230926230926B001EQ4KM8AZH989CRPVZG1J Astin4451209686400Soft And SourThese are delicious and soft sour gummy worms, which come in two bags of four and a half pounds each. The flavors are lemon and a red cherryish flavor, lemon and green apple, and orange and blue raspberry, which is a rather odd flavor combination. The best thing about these gummy worms is that they are sour all the way through, so you can bite them or suck on them without all the sour going away. Would buy again.
230927230927B001EQ4KM8A2C9I8NSJE0P3Dvgsmike3341263945600Pretty niceWith many sour gummy worms, you'll either get worms that are not sour enough, or are so sour they hide much of their fruit flavors.

These particular gummy worms maintain a strong fruit flavor. When you open the bag, the fruity smell comes pouring out. It's quite nice. It smells like fruit punch. When you bite into them, they hold a fruity flavor very well. The flavor is not dulled out by the sour coating.

On the "sour" scale, I'd rank these as moderately sour. They're not the most sour you've ever had, but are sour enough to taste it despite the strong fruit flavor. I'd give the sour a 3.5 out of 5. It seems like they tried to strike a balance between fruity and sour, and it gets pretty close.

If you are looking for gummy worms that are VERY sour, you'll want to look at another brand. But these are pretty nice overall if you want a good fruit-sour balance.

One word of caution. 9 pounds is a lot. Actually, this was the first time eating sour gummy worms that I've ever experienced that "sugar rush sickness" like when you eat too much cake icing. This took me by surprise. So you will want to eat in careful moderation. As you should anyway. I mean, it's 9 POUNDS OF GUMMY WORMS. :)
230928230928B001EQ4KM8A3633AHHEV5ZV5Awesome College Student2251328140800Awesome gummiesFirst off, know that you are getting A LOT OF GUMMIES. You have been warned.

These taste great. They have a sugary coating, and a sour flavor that permeates the entire gummy. Compared to something like sour patch kids, these are softer, don't initially burn your tongue with an intense flavor, and don't get annoyingly sweet. The sour flavor is there in the entire gummy. That's about it: they are soft and sour; the best gummies I have had.

If you would are worried about these being too much, they are really just sugar, so they can keep for a very long time as long as they are in a sealed container.
230929230929B001EQ4KM8A1N456HM5R8OUFDaniel Z.1151319414400Satisfied my cravingWell, I was sitting there studying and suddenly I had a craving for sour candy. Since my roommate wouldn't share his, I figured I'd go to Amazon and this is what I ended up picking.

These worms are great. It's a little on the sour side compared to the sweet side, but it's a good limiter that helps you stop when you've eaten enough.

What I didn't expect was that the different colors are actually different flavors. Blue is raspberry, red is cherry, yellow is lemon--well alright this might be par for the course, but prior to eating these I hadn't had sour gummy candy in over two years. It was a nice surprise to see these worms actually had flavor (a bit too much lemon though)

It's a lot of worms. I leave the bag open, which I probably shouldn't, but I only notice them getting a little tougher (actually kinda nice), with no drop in quality.

Basically, you'll get exactly what you think you'll get. And it'll be nice.
230930230930B001EQ4KM8AHQFWUN77ANXBT. Gerber1151314144000Good tastingI read all the reviews and decided to try these myself. They are very soft, kinda squishy. I am used to buying the Trolli gummi worms from Costco, in the huge bag, but they don't seem to carry them anymore. These are better tasting in my opinion. They are slightly sour. I like really sour candy, and these are not even close to really sour. Did I mention that they are soft, soft, soft? I prefer a little harder gummi worms, but not a big deal. It must be because they are so fresh from the factory. You get 2 bags, and that is a lot of gummi worms. For the price, this is a good deal - and with free shipping, how can you go wrong? Good fruity flavor, with a hint of sour. I will buy again.
230931230931B001EQ4KM8AVMLU4PUVDSXBFern1151260403200Best Sour Gummi Worm I Have Ever Had!As a long time Haribo purchaser on amazon i would routinely buy the 5 pound bags of Haribo gummies for $15........then i recently discovered Albanese........not only are you getting twice as much candy for the same price, the flavor is twice as intense!!!! If your a sour gummie fan these worms are a must try!!!!

Unlike Haribo these sour gummies have the sour flavor not only in the sugar like coating on the outside of the worm but the sour flavor is prevalent throughout the inner gummie worm itself, a intense but not overpowering sour flavor that you taste until the last bit is gone.

If you've never heard of Albanese brand gummies and your hesitant on the wont be sorry.....absolutely the best gummies! They have the most intense flavors i have tried so far gummie wise that i have ever eaten in my life and the price can not be beat! These are a must buy.....and check out the regular assorted flavor gummies as well......unbelievable.
230932230932B001EQ4KM8A31IH5J65U5RMZ011grad0051329609600Big fan of these!I love thes types of candies. I'm a big of can of gummy bears and this does last a while. You're getting two 4.5 bags so it definitely should last you a while unless you plan on putting it out at a party or some big occasion. I'm glad I purchased them I just love them.
230933230933B001EQ4KM8A2RCMSBPODJPMYXiadane0041318464000Amazing Gummy Worms!This is the third time I've ordered candy from Albanese and although all their products have been amazing, I still have to say that these are by far my favorite. (I've ordered the 12 Flavor Gummi Bears and the Sour Gummi Bears).

However, I ordered this product around mid-October and when my worms arrived they were molded into a thin rectangular box shape. I had to peel off each gummy worm and some melted together. Nonetheless, they are still delicious and I don't mind at all. I understand that some people might.
230934230934B001EQ4KM8A1Q9YNC9O19SMKmr_dogbert0041314403200Excellent quality and value for moneyGreat worms and a great value for money. A bit on the sour side, as the sour will overpower the flavor of the worms, which are quite enjoyably flavored, so I took one star off. I have been pleased with other albanese products as well
230935230935B001EQ4KM8A31BRE1E807U37Bach0041313539200DONT ORDER DURING SUMMEROnly order during the winter months. they arive melted together when you order them during the summer. When they are in good condition they are very good.
230936230936B001EQ4KM8ANSXEKVU3Y9BA4Geist0051304467200Really are the best sour worms.Love these things, I was skeptical about buying such big bags, I don't eat a lot, I'm a dude weighing 140 at 5'9. Not proud to say, but I went through 1 bag in 2 weeks and the bags are 5LB each! Flavorful and the most sour worms I've ever tried. The only other company I can think of that's somewhat close is Trolls, but still these are the best ones out there.
230937230937B001EQ4KM8A18E0WTHW8Y18PGummis0051300060800The best worms for the best valueIf you are a true lover of SOUR gummy worms then these really are the best you will ever find. They are a personal favorite, I could never get sick of them and me and my friends love sharing these. They are soft, sour and just overall delicious.
230938230938B001EQ4KM8AACOVFXWDN9H7laura1234560041297641600amazing! but very sour!these gummy worms arrived fresh and fast and they have a great flavor and texture. but after a few worms in a short period of time, your tongue begins to hurt because they are so sour. so beware if you have a senstive tongue!
230939230939B001EQ4KM8A10C0C57JNGGR8Andrew Wolf0051276387200Delicious sour gummy worms!I was tired of buying gummy worms two packs for a dollar at the local gas station. Sometimes I would get packs of worms that were fantastic and tasted great, but others were just not good. This was my first purchase of food through Amazon and I have been working through the worms a handful at a time. Great worms. If you're tired of buying "sour" gummy worms that aren't sour -- buy these!
230940230940B001EQ4KM8A2D3MU9UNJVD95K. Ishida0031275609600Too sour, not enough sweetI really wanted to like these sour worms. I love the Trolli sour worms, but gave these a try after reading the positive reviews. I agree with Ana that these worms were way too sour for my taste. However, they did smell wonderful and fresh. And you can't beat the price if you like extremely sour gummy worms.

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