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230971230971B0051OH8DWA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051306713600Delicious and crunchy!I bought a case of 12 of these babies here on Amazon and love these Gerbs Toasted Onion and Garlic PUmpkin Seed Kernels. They are dry roasted and gluten-free and peanut-free! I wish they were offered again on Amazon in bulk so that they are more affordable. The shipping on just one box is prohibitive of my ordering.
230972230972B002J9HQMUA1HV8OP3Q05SWZMary Hsia "Mary"3351284595200Best Dog Treat on the PlanetMy dogs LOVE this. Over many years and with many dogs I've tried every dog treat there is, and this one is rated 5 stars by my dogs. They respond to it as if I'm giving them grilled steak. It's miles ahead of any other treat including fatty pigs' ears. If you want to treat your dog well, this product is IT.
230973230973B002J9HQMUAXH1A1ZGBCCSHSissy1151305072000Sergeant's Marinades the best!These Marinade have been wonderful. We use this to disguise our dog's medicine. She won't take the medicine any other way - not even in Pill Pockets. The only draw back, we can't find them anymore except online. We first purchased them at Sam's Club but they no longer carry them and neither does Pet Smart or Pet Co. Thank goodness for Amazon!
230974230974B001EO7J8WA1SH9WXFPGKGWZann king "amkshopper"4451274140800great balsamic reductionThis is now my favorite balsamic glaze: thick with a rich, deep flavor.
I will definitely buy this again.
230975230975B001EO7J8WAXSN49G3KN3U4A. Riccelli3351262131200best balsamic you can find!This product was introduced to me by a friend who has it imported from Italy by the case. I was excited to find this on It is labeled a glaze but we use it as a balsamic bread dip with olive oil...SO YUMMY!!!!
230976230976B001EO7J8WA22JE4LFIEJBAWerith rainer3351253750400addictive!I discovered Roland Balsamic Glaze at a local restaurant. It was drizzled on a caprese salad. When I finished eating the salad I dipped my bread in the glaze, and when that was gone I used my finger (while still trying to use good manners!). I was pleasantly surprised to find it on Amazon. This sauce is delicious and addictive! You will search for more foods to use it on because it is so good! Highly recommended.
230977230977B001EO7J8WADAHIMRA34Z9NJoe Nyc1111335398400The worst balsamic glaze I have ever tastedThis brand of balsamic glaze is horrible. I have tried many different brands, this glaze tasted old and bitter, the worst of all the glazes I have tried. I was lured into purchasing this glaze by its relatively inexpensive price as compared to other brands....but in the end it cost me more because I ended up throwing it away!
230978230978B001EO7J8WA2K1IBQ8OKEOXGLucky1111330387200Watery and not sweet and tangyIf you are looking for sweet and thick basalmic glaze pick a different brand! This has a very strange taste, tasted spoiled to me. I had a different one and fell in love, I could not eat will go to the garbage.
230979230979B001EO7J8WA1Y6JFEYF5MTZPTony C1151323734400Trendy cuisine in a bottle.This is a Balsamic vinegar that has been sweetened and reduced. Its dark, thickened consistency is ideal for use as decorative drizzle on appetizer or entree plates. A little bit should last a long time except that it is so tasty that you will want to use it on everything.
230980230980B001EO7J8WA2JUY2ZC1H8G6MTerri J. Stovall "Get Healthy, LLC"1151319932800Delicious!I drizzle this on French baguette slices with olive pretty and delicious. It is great on a Caprese salad, or to make a dressing. Thick and sweet, yet slightly tart. I just ordered another case from our wholesaler. We use it at our cafe, Get Healthy, in DeRidder, LA. My new favorite condiment. I may finally be able to get away from the fat-laden ranch style dressings! Highly recommended!
230981230981B001EO7J8WA26DEEA4TP89S4BigTFromAZ1151310428800Restaurant QualityMy wife and I like to enjoy Italian style appetizers yet avoid the ones really high in fat. So we tend to choose things like bruschetta, tomato with fresh mozzarella, etc. We also make the same at home. There were several places around us where these dishes were always better than what we were making at home. We realized they were using something other than regular balsamic vinegar. It had to be a reduction of some sort. So, assuming they were making this stuff in the kitchen, we asked owners of two restaurants how they made their glaze. To our surprise they both showed us a bottle of this stuff. It's sweet, a little pricy but you don't need much. It's extremely flavorful.

Two sliced tomatoes, a tablespoon of olive oil, a little garlic, salt, pepper and some of this glaze makes the best quick and dirty tomato salad you've ever had. We are snacking well these days!
230982230982B001EO7J8WA1BNE04ZHGYGBTB. Christensen "bcstargazer"0051344816000Tasty!!This stuff is sooo tasty. It is about the consistency of honey, not too sweet but still has a hint of sugar. We use it on vegetables, fish and is a great marinade for beef.
230983230983B001EO7J8WA2BLW59T12B3NMjt "jt"0051343174400Will not disappoint !!This glaze is super smooth and yummy. I have tried all kinds and it is just as good as the ones I buy in Italy !!
230984230984B001EO7J8WAXRE4D220ZBRQMBSS0051326326400LOVE ITI tried and tried to make myself like regular balsamic vinegar, but couldn't quite find the love. This, however, is addicting. So wonderful on tomato, mozz, and basil with some EVOO.
230985230985B001EO7J8WA20JB7115YFRZUKSmash "the buyinator"0051325548800Fantastic on pizza, etc!What a worry-wart, the reviewer concerned about the plastic bottles. The product is in plastic so it can be squeezed onto foods. Seriously - now we've got to worry about any food packaged in plastic in addition to everything else? OK, rant over. If you can overlook the horrors of the packaging *shudder*, then prepare yourself to delight in a wonderful, versatile, VERY shelf stable and delicious product.
Does it have the complexity of very old, aged, syrupy balsamic that costs well over $100/bottle? Not quite, but for 10 bucks a bottle, it's a hell of a deal and sure to impress any guest. I LOVE it drizzled over my homemade pizza, especially on top of prosciutto, figs, carmelised onions, etc. I put it on after cooking. It's ok for dipping, but personally I find it a little thick for this. Salads, YAY! bruschetta, YAY! Sandwiches? YAY!!! Excellent product. Snap it up - the second bottle should keep nicely at least a year. I first found it at a Seattle specialist food importer and they told me that people get addicted to it and keep coming back looking for it. The price here on Amazon is comparable.
230986230986B001EO7J8WA3IYESLZEL5NFQJanet0051310428800Balsamic GlazeFor anyone concerned about calories, sodium or fat, this product is perfect for you. The flavor is delicious and guilt free. We have used it on salmon, chicken, salads, something to dip bread into, and even wonderful sprinkled over tomatoes and cucumbers and mozarella cheese.
230987230987B001EO7J8WA2IHHQPJC4XO3MCornelia Gunderson "bittchwoman"0051308355200Love itI use this glaze on everything. It is fabulous over fresh veggies or tossed in a salad. I make caprasi (sp) salads all the time and just drizzle this glaze over the top. It is also delicious drizzled over brie cheese. You can just about put it on anything.
230988230988B001EO7J8WA1B57O0DL30UTYKO0051306108800Roland Balsamic GlazeI love this Balsamic Glaze, the flavor is outstanding. I am receiving this item every three months and am saving money over grocery store prices.
230989230989B001EO7J8WA2820BVPQONJE8vicki5000051294704000delicious!Wonderful product. I bought both the Original and the Tamarind balsamic glazes. Thick, flavorful, robust glaze for cooking and as condiment. Intriguing, innovative design of the bottle is also noteworthy. Roland food products sold here at Amazon can range widely in quality, but this is definitely one of the best I've tried so far. You won't regret ordering this delicious product.
230990230990B001EO7J8WA3D44VGIO6RX6RMarilyn0051292803200Fantastic!A local pizza shop makes their gourmet pizzas with a balsamic glaze. I love making my own pizzas at home, and their pizzas are just awesome, so I went everywhere looking for a good balsamic. I found one at a grocery store - it was "ok" but not great, so I ordered this. Absolutely fantastic. My very picky husband now complains that I don't make pizza often enough. I've tried several other recipes using this glaze - blockbuster every time. Very rich and flavorful.

I have now discovered that Roland makes different flavors of Glaze - i wish they had a variety pack... this fascinates me. I may have to try them.
230991230991B001EO7J8WA2L4LUQCMWBFVOWorld Traveler0251318377600Just vinegarThis is plain and simple vinegar paste. I wish I had of bought a plain bottle of vinegar instead of spending $10. for each bottle of vinegar paste. 20 calories per the way. Oh well you live and learn I guess and it's pretty good on ripe tomatoes. :/
230992230992B001EO7J8WA18ZP8SFD2VC3AMariel2911309478400Plastic squeeze bottleThe description claims this balsamic comes in "jars". I should have examined the picture more closely. This balsamic comes in a plastic squeeze bottle. There are already enough health concerns around plastic containers without adding something so acidic to the mix. Combine this with the heat encountered during shipping and the combo only gets worse.

Note that this item is *not* eligible for return either.
230993230993B0025UBXVSA3VWWK10H1HAQKBarrybear0051350950400The bestIf you want a starter base you can add to or a quick pot of soup with spice and flavour do not think twice about Mrs. GRass. I known of it as a kid - I'm 58 and it's just the best.
230994230994B0025UBXVSA3K08NLGECMF7ZL. W. Hamilton0051270771200Super Soup, Better than super delivery!Love this soup and it is so hard to find in the grocery stores. It's super having it so handy and convenient on Thanks a bunch for the great price!
230995230995B002BUFUDYA1LKKZIK05ILFQMike0031327104000Great service, bad taste lifeWhen I ordered my tube of spearmint spry, there was a long delay in shipping, and when I sent an email to them, I got a reply immediately, and my gum was shipped soon after. Once shipped, I got the gum within a couple days and they sent me an extra 12-pack of peppermint spry with an apology sticker. So that was nice of them.

After tasting the spearmint gum, within seconds the flavor disappeared which I was kinda bummed about, but now I know. So far the longest lasting taste has to be from the peppermint (the classic spry flavor).

Hope you find this review helpful :)
230996230996B002BUFUDYA3N9LT8AMN8I7XD. Demrow0051279843200The well documented "secret" of Xylitol, and products with it:Xylitol has long been known to prevent/reduce the incidence of tooth decay. I am amazed that everyone isn't using more xylitol products in their everyday lives. Google it, and see - the benefits are many, and documented, and there are no negative side effects.

Just note that xylitol is dangerous for dogs to consume, so don't let fido get any. ;)

We use Spry gum, and granulated xylitol in place of sugar in our house. Also, for most diabetics, it's safe to use. (Check with your doctor, of course!)
230997230997B002BUFUDYA2I26662DA793VJulie M. Welch0151276387200Can't Beat Xylitol!So nice to keep this around for after a meal or naughty snack... and it tastes way better than, say, chewing on rock salt.
230998230998B0000TLEFQA2YFPSABEKR8TPr.everton "catlover"0051196985600huckleberry jam and jellymmmmm.....yummy! lovely low cost present for the hard to buy for, and hard to please. recommended.
230999230999B000FA395IA2S0IAHU1CR2GCMARY W.6811279929600GREAT COOKIES IF THEY ARE FRESH!Nabisco Snack Wells Creme Sandwich Cookies 1.7 oz. (Pack of 12) 20.4 oz. net
I purchased these cookies in the store several times and thought they were a great alternative to other indulgences. When I saw them on Amazon, I thought it would be a super savings. However, these cookies must be fresh, or they are simply not worth eating. The photo above is a very good sample of some very old and dried out cookies. When they were received in fresh condition, they were excellent, with soft moist cake and marshmallow and a chocolate coating that was a solid, shiney dark brown. In this photo above you can see a very dried out product with an old and pale, discolored coating. I ordered 3 seperate times, 1st box was "great" other two were not even edible. 1 FOR 3 MAKES THEM A VERY POOR VALUE.Nabisco Snack Wells Creme Sandwich Cookies 1.7 oz. (Pack of 12) 20.4 oz. net
231000231000B000FA395IA11PTCZ2FM2547D. Mikels "It's always Happy Hour here"1151238371200Thank Goodness For These Little Tasty SnacksI could eat a devils food cake a day. . .but then, I'd be so big I would require my own zip code. So I'm darn glad the folks at Nabisco came up with SNACKWELL'S DEVILS FOOD COOKIES. These are the real deal: a little devils food cake, surrounded by a marshmellow layer, covered in chocolate. Zero fat, zero cholesterol, only 50 calories--but this little snack sure doesn't taste like no fat/no cholesterol. It tastes like sheer indulgence, and that's always a good thing.

So I always keep a box around when the sweet tooth starts to take over and I'm needing some guilt-free pleasure. SNACKWELL'S DEVILS FOOD COOKIES. Devilishly good.
--D. Mikels, Esq.

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