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231001231001B000FA395IA2TYOJB7EKHLMJRobert Solomon "drrob1"1151226188800good and inexpensiveWhen ordered this way, they are < 1/2 the cost I've seen in local vending machines. If you like these cookies, this is the best way to buy them. Be careful or you may become a cookie monster.
231002231002B000FA395IA23ZIIX85CE17LSnakwell Lover2351297555200Loves SnackwellsAfter loosing well over 50 lbs on Weight Watchers, and being a cookie lover, I found that snackwells offer a good choice for a cookie craving. I like to buy them in bulk, and prepackaged so there is no question as to how many I have eaten. Amazon makes it very easy to buy in bulk, as my grocery store no longer sells them in bulk.
231003231003B000FA395IA3LSTGAP7LOV1SAlice Wakefield5851199232000Great for chocoholicsThese cookie-cakes are pretty darn good and chocolatey. A bit too sweet for my taste because of the marshmellow layer doesn't prevent me from scarfing down a few, and I do so guilt-free. Kids should love these since they taste like pure junk food, and I mean that as a compliment. Hard to believe they have zero fat.
231004231004B000FA395IA1WT1RLV6KTMY2Current Resident3511336780800Loaded with sugars and contains undeclared fats not a health food
231005231005B000FA395IA6D70S77UKA4KMonkeyGurl1221308268800A good deal?I love these cookies, generally, and the price is great here on Amazon, but sometimes I question where they come from. In March, I received a shipment (TWELVE boxes) with an expiration date of 12 March 2011. I thought that was kinda "iffy", and the cookies were a bit worn (they had that patina of old chocolate), but they were edible, so, okay. In April, the expiration date was sometime in the far future (September or October of 2011), so I figured the March shipment was a fluke. In May, the expiration date was *again* 12 March 2011!! They were PAST expiration.

Of course, I'm a carb freak so that didn't stop me from eating them, but, C'MON!! I'm almost scared to get my next shipment.
231006231006B000FA395IA3US2DEI207GSUCacao1241294531200Same cookie in Family Dollar for less.If you have a Family Dollar store near you and you like this cookie you are in luck. The same cookie-I mean exactly the same is sold under the Family Gourmet name. At one time FD had duplicated Nabisco's packaging, now its in a green and white box. These Devil's Food cookies cost $1.00 as oppposed to N's supermarket prices of close to $4.00 if not on sale. They are probably made in the the same factory. Plus they have a money back guarantee.
231007231007B000FA395IA2TQHXTE6SAUH3E. Hoover "Austen Fan"1251290556800Snackwell'sI had trouble finding Snackwells in the 12 in a case package. I was VERY thankful to be able to get them through We love these, as they are delicious, and it is a great way to limit the amount per serving.
231008231008B000FA395IABBBP0HLLXJZ9Rhonda Poynter "gannon'smom"1251290124800Repeat Purchase - Great Deal!I think that these cookies are a great deal through Amazon, because the packages are the exact same size and count as the ones sold at our hospital, where we spend far too much time. I'd suggest this bulk purchase to anybody who wants to break free of the $1.25 to $1.75 per pack that a vending machine or the cafeteria will wring out of you...even a convenience store gets right around that same amount, too, so again, just about the best price I can find!!!! =)
231009231009B000FA395IA132ETQPMHQ585Donna's Reviews "I Love Shopping on Amazon!"0151331596800Have always loved these...Have always loved these...Snackwell's Devil's Food Cookies, 6.75-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12) But now on Weight Watchers these are ONLY one point Now they are my favorite!
231010231010B000FA395IA12HZ0DEXGJIW8BCC0151321228800YUMMy husband loves to keep some in his truck for a snack. We are set up to get some once a quarter.
231011231011B000FA395IA37WBBSHFFYJ6GMarie0151275868800Snackwell CookiesThe most convenient way to buy and use cookies. I like the fact that I do not have to open a whole box to have two cookies.
231012231012B000FA395IA1BX4EZ3UGX2HXMT0141273968000Yummy cookiesI remember seeing these cookies and imagining how nasty they must taste. I tempted myself into trying some and was quite delighted. Granted, they are not the best cookies (that title belongs to Keebler's Soft Batch) but they are certainly an excellent substitute for those who like to eat cookies and not worry too much about weight. They're quite expensive at the stores (between $3.5-4.5 a box) so I ordered them in bulk from Amazon which bought per box cost down to $2.50.
231013231013B000FA395IAVL8500FA9KMZCrittercove "crittercove"0151266710400Not a ringer for Nabisco!I can't speak for anyone else, but I am most definitely not a spokesperson for Nabisco! I love these cookies. They are super yummy,not too sweet, not too "blah." They do not taste like a "diet" cookie. I like these as well, probably better, than your normal, everyday "who cares about weight" cookie.

I will say this. I am not a fan of marshmallow. I don't like marshmallow peeps, marshmallow in cookies, marshmallow "moon pies," any of that. I DO however, like the marshmallow in these cookies. So that said, it means the marshmallow in the Snackwells is very different than what you find in the above-mentioned snack/sweets. Therefore if you do like the peeps, moonpies, etc., you may or may not like the Snackwells. However, the marshmallow is such a small part of this cookie, I don't think it will matter. The star of this show is the fudgy chocolate.

For the person who felt the cookies were bad, I wonder if there could have been a small hole in the packaging and they were, in fact, stale. I don't typically have any sitting around long enough to go stale, but when I do, they do lose their positive attributes!

I think my only "complaint" about this cookie is the fact they are so good, I end up eating too many, taking away any advantage of the fewer calories they contain.
231014231014B000FA395IA32DDKLY942A84PrinterCPE "damnsilly1"0141261526400Good product at reasonable priceThis is a tasty snack with acceptable calories and nutritional values. With Amazon's "Subscribe and Save," the cost is considerably lower than at the supermarket.
231015231015B000FA395IA35I8V3H9XJAB9flash0151240099200Son has maintained weight loss with these cookiesWeight loss camp recommended these as a snack, and they have helped my son
maintain his weight along with many factors. He enjoys them and doesn't feel deprived in the low fat diet our family adopted after his weight loss of 40 lbs.
231016231016B000FA395IA17VTZG4KY8N2EA. Hoffman2631248998400Dry. Easy to tell that it's fat-free...These 5 star reviews are likely written by somebody paid by Nabisco. These things are definitely NOT sheer indulgence. Crazy. Dry as sand... outer chocolate covering is just weird... strange flavor... just don't expect much.
231017231017B000FA395IAVLF04K08IT0GJ. Angeles1621243900800Sent me the wrong productI got the wrong item. I paid $20 and I got an item worth $5. They refunded me the money
231018231018B000FA395IA2APHQA8UQTV0Marija01311217635200My taste buds were overloaded after having just 2 cookiesWith all the talk of Snackwells being low in sugar, their cookies seem to be a little sweet on the flavoring side. I had several of these as a midday snack and my tongue didn't recover until early the next morning the things are so sweet. Don't munch on these before bed either, I guarantee you will up at least until the wee hours of the morning.
231019231019B002SZMBUCA3MX017YVCICRXShoppergirl1251284681600Teavana is good stuff!This tea is so good! Even my kids who don't like tea like this one, when combined with the strawberry lemonade one especially. It almost tastes like a juice, but still has that distinct tea flavor. This one tastes better cold in my opinion.
231020231020B00521GRAEACAIEIV03NBHYJ "Mom of twins"0031321228800Good deal, shipment tasted slightly off, as if the oil they use to help keep them from sticking together is starting to go rancid. Mixed into oatmeal it's not really noticeable, but eating out-of-hand is not pleasant. Otherwise, these would have been a good deal.
231021231021B000YKD30AA2C5SLR6D8POYVTod A. Knudsen "mile26er"1151217808000nutro helps show dogsI had tryed many dog foods such as Iams and blue buffalo and they left my dogs coats flat and dull. And i had a hard time getting them to eat it. I took a friends recommendation to try Nutro and i have been with them since then. My 13 year old still likes to go out and run a mile with me. People ask me at dog shows what i am using for shampoo and i tell them it is not the shampoo it is the food.
231023231023B001YJ7Z0YA22GVMQKAGZW2ERonald J. Little "rjl"4551264809600A little varietyEnjoy this product with lunch. One pack gives a "crunch" to lunch and limits the caloric intake.
231024231024B001YJ7Z0YA3H89R19DALIKVMom1151310083200Great for portion control!!!Very helpfull in controlling portions...just enough to satisfy with no chance of overindulging. Eliminates any guilt about eating a whole bag of snacks. Quality was excellent, even the popcorn (bagged popcorn usualy tastes stale) but this was vety good.
231025231025B001YJ7Z0YAMC708Y8VAWSOspagetti0041339718400ok ?this stuff is good :P but it only gives me 3 months before the exp. date :/ :( :P :P ....
231026231026B001YJ7Z0YAVA5SZXJU6OJYmanny pacquiao0051334620800good product, varietyI really like the box of Cheetos. is a good variety for the fam. my kids love it. I reccomend you to buy it.
231027231027B001YJ7Z0YA39MSZGATAY9W9Martha Washington "Kerrn"0051328400000Quick DessertsThis is great for the kids, quick snacks. I have even made a quick pie with about six of them. Just get a premade crust and throw in the puddding, banana slices on top and whipped cream. I say I made it (crust and pudding, homemade) LOL
231028231028B001YJ7Z0YA3852D3OTK66Y2KB0031324252800Great deal if you plan to eat them quicklyDisappointed that the expiration only left me with 60 days to consume all 30 packs. Everything else as expected including quality of the product.
231029231029B001YJ7Z0YA1E6UZWJKSRNM4Jasmine0051308441600They are all so good!I'm always looking for a snack that won't undo my entire workout and I figured since these are all 100 calories, they would be perfect. I ordered this for work mostly since i'm always snacking at work and let me tell you, after 1 week almost half of the box is GONE! my co-workers love it and so do I! I ordered them for the Cheetos mostly but they are all very good. I'm definitely going to have to order another box soon. yumm!!
231030231030B001YJ7Z0YAZPO9B2RSWV8VLarge Marge0041304812800Bought three to get one100 Calorie Snack Packs Variety - 30 ct. I bought this item to get the baked cheetos in the pack with popcorn and something else. I didn't like the sun snacks, but the popcorn and cheetos are my favorite. I would like to find baked cheetos alone.

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