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231061231061B00315HJ8CA1WRBFP5S6I8WYbkwysocki33413254624005# Giant Gummy BearWe purchased this Giant Gummy Bear in Cherry flavor for our son (who is 16 y/o) for Christmas. He loves is a bit difficult to cut but he is eating it up and sharing it with all of his friends! The flavor is much better than the smaller gummies! He is already talking about purchasing a blue one when he has eaten this one up! Thanks so much...Great purchase!
231062231062B00315HJ8CA9W2OJKM22TQConnor121651284422400GIVE ME MORE GUMMY BEARS!!This gummy bear was very not stale and one day after opening it was so good that i could not stop myself from biting it.
231063231063B00315HJ8CADKCH4SGJZGF8Cody2231335830400MehI bought this for my girlfriend who loves gummy bears. She had never seen one before so I thought it would be great. The bear itself is a great idea simply because of its size, although I wish they tried harder to perfect the flavoring. I ordered the cherry one and neither of us were impressed with the flavor. She loved it for its novelty, as did I. I just wouldn't be able to recommend this simply because it doesn't taste good. I ended up bringing it to work and putting it on the break table (anything gets eaten there). If you are willing to spend $30 for novelty purposes, then I suppose its worth it.
231064231064B00315HJ8CA3VAYYJ41C5JO3monkeelv2251332806400A lot of fun--it was a huge hit!I purchased four 5# gummy bears for our four boys and their families. The gummy bears were a huge hit! I purchased cherry, lime, lemon, and grape. Nobody mentioned an unusual taste and they are all gummy bear lovers. It's interesting how everyone is disecting the bear in different ways--face first, feet first, ears first, and so on. Maybe for Halloween I should consider purchasing the large gummy snake...
231065231065B00315HJ8CA27K5RT7VDB7BUStephan2251326931200A great gift for gummy bear lovers!6120... that's how many calories this guy consist of. Really heavy and big, after you finish this you probably won't be a gummy bear lover anymore.
231066231066B00315HJ8CAUFTA43L6AT2NRocks2251326931200GreatThe product was exactly as described. It was a fun novelty gift, exactly 5 lbs and the taste was pretty good. The process was seamless, I would order again.
231067231067B00315HJ8CA2FZE1MJ8OG7PPHunter672251322870400Amazing GiftI recieved this bear yesterday. And it is truly amazing how big it is. If you are looking for a great gift to make someone laugh, this is the perfect gift. Its awesome!!!
231068231068B00315HJ8CA195NDLY9TDPIJbootcamp2251311897600get onethings so yummy. tastes a little better and a little sweeter than a regular size gummy. u can feed the neighborhood with this guy.
231069231069B00315HJ8CA12SSW84H78NYJmisterrockman2251308700800big ol bearIf you love gummy bears or know someone who does, this bear makes a great gift, a little pricey at $8.00 a pound(includes shipping costs) but still will get a big smile when opened.
231070231070B00315HJ8CA1AUXR58VOTVMTThomas R. Friesel1131340668800AlrightI was surprised when it arrived just because its a huge gummy bear, but actually thought it would be bigger. I weighed it but it only came out to 3.5 lbs so that was disappointment. We still got enjoyment out of it, but for $30 I'd want at least whats advertised, 5 lbs. I wouldn't mind ordering another with assurance of getting the real deal. Maybe I can contact and they'll send me the right one
231071231071B00315HJ8CA3JHXW2OHZ5ENVMike M1151334016000amazingThought it might of tasted weird for being a 5 pound gummy bear but it tastes like a normal gummy bear (maybe slightly stronger) and lasted me awhile. Also this is not the worlds largest gummy bear, the largest is 26 pounds sold by vat19 and the stomach is hollowed out as a bowl and is completely edible
231072231072B00315HJ8CA1LXUWNKVMYD0Gdonna_cd51151331510400Giant Gummy BearMy son loves gummy bears and I purchased this for his 17th Birthday as a fun gift. He loved it! I think he liked it better than any of the expensive gifts he received. Taste is great. Hard to cut up for eating.
231073231073B00315HJ8CA1Z2D94W0R7DP4Karncakes1151330819200Great gift idea!I purchased the Cherry flavored gummy bear for my hubby as a Valentines gift and he loved it! It's really 5 pounds so it's a little difficult to eat (at first). It's a great gift idea, we got a kick out of it and the flavor wasn't bad at all, it was actually pretty good.
231074231074B00315HJ8CA884Q3FTWFD0QTrinity Rivera1141326931200Awesome!This is a fun gift! It's large and more than enough to share with the entire family. Nicely packaged in plastic and box.
231075231075B00315HJ8CA17Q9OS078NSVZCaleb0051348185600Gummy bearCame as advertised. Wish it was cheaper. Bought another mold and will be making it ourselves the next time to save some cash.
231076231076B00315HJ8CA3QOC6MIF4RZDQTennessee Will0051340841600Very Good ProductThe bear was great, good flavor, consistency, and texture. The only problem is that there is almost too much to eat. Almost. :) Would buy again.
231077231077B00315HJ8CA31MOM2IM4T6RDSmart Shopper0051339113600Fun GIft For Any AgeI bought this for my boyfriend's 31st birthday b/c he loves gummy bears (and I really had no idea what to get him)! The gummmy bear was a big hit! He hasn't tried eating any of it yet but it is on display and makes for a great conversation piece. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and unique gift.
231078231078B00315HJ8CA37YDYAA3Q0INWErin0051330214400Awesome gift!I bought this for my boyfriend for valentines day and he LOVES it. He has eaten the entire head, and is slowly working on the body. The gummy itself is very tasty! The only thing I didnt like was that the gummy bear doesn't have a butt, but it's really yummy and cute and he loved/loves it!
231079231079B00315HJ8CA3NWV65010VYC9josehadathy0051329696000Cherry tasted amazing!I ordered the red cherry flavor and it arrived on time. The packaging was slightly worn, a few creases on the cardboard but nothing bad. The bear itself was sealed inside a plastic wrapper. The flavor was very good. I was concerned after reading some of the reviews on here for other flavors but I must say that I was very surprised at how good it actually tasted. It is a little hard to chew but my girlfriend loved it! I got it as a gift for valentines day. Some might think it is a little pricy but I highly recommend this to anyone!
231080231080B00315HJ8CA3QGNSAI5VMZCBMansyn0051329350400Neat gift, tastes good tooWas surprised that it actually tastes pretty good. It's not sticky, which I was afraid it would be. Gave as a gift for Valentine's Day, and my girlfriend and I had fun eating on it. It seems heavier than 5 lbs.
231081231081B00315HJ8CA71F2UJFINOWHJust My Opinion0051329177600Great Gift!Who doesn't like gummy bears?!?! I bought this more or less for my hubby and he enjoyed every bit of it! That is all the bits that I didn't eat! It might actually taste better than smaller gummy bears simply because you can get a really good bite out of it!

It looks great coming out of the packaging. I was worried that it would just look like a glob of gummy, but it couldn't have looked more like a gummy bear than it did!

We kept it fresh by storing it in a big freezer bag and a week and a half later it tasted just the same as the day we unwrapped it.

Great gift idea and absolutely scrumptious!
231082231082B00315HJ8CA1MVLUS2ZHGHCCScott Brovlawsky111811313107200GreasyWhen I opened the package, the gummy bear was really greasy. It tasted like it was covered in some kind of butter cooking spray and was really stiff and tasted burnt. It was as if someone had microwaved it before giving it to me.
231083231083B00315HJ8CA1YW2NN3ILXD1refourre0151330819200giant gummi bearGreat seller. Item was as described and arrived on time. I gave it as a present and it was pleasantly accepted.
231084231084B00315HJ8CA1IBE6O5RFEVW0swagmaster172551333324800SWAGMy Lovely Gummy Bear was hand delivered to me at 8:30 in the morning. I is fantastic and tastes fantastic. My Gummy Bear is better than anyone elses without question. I challenge any other gummy bear to a swag-off against my gummy bear. Mine will win 9 times outta 10. No doubt.
231085231085B00315HJ8CA1N17CW43R0SL7Jess L0251328227200Awesomeness!The shipping was extra quick and the description was very accurate! It was great :-) It was my first experience ordering from Amazon, but it will definitely not be the last.
231086231086B00315HJ8CA2C6MKT9HL2GJHTum0251328140800Wonderfulltook only one day to ship. what you see is what you get. a large gummy bear. i still havnt tasted it but it looks good :)
231087231087B00315HJ8CA1PMSY6WXKA3UPGrammaBof51451331424000Steelers Win AgainThis was purchased for my grandson who has become an avid Steelers fan, along with his father and grandfather. Although the item was inexpensive it was made well and I think it may have been the best present ever. It arrived quickly and on time and was as advertised.
231088231088B00315HJ8CA1XFF11MZPQ04Tberushworthy913311329350400LiesThe world's largest gummy bear is in Austin. It is 27 lbs and in Campus Candy. It's $149.99 and the store is awfully loud. Back to my original point, this post is lying. I have not bought this product though.
231089231089B001M09BOSA3MZNRSDQ32UUHimsocrazy "frenzied reader"141551267488000the best breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack foodOkay,...they must put crack in this because I absolutely can't stop eating it. Sometimes, I have it three meals a day. It's only 140 calories a package and has lots of healthy reasons to eat it. I get it delivered through subscribe and save to save money and make sure I always have it on hand. YUM
231090231090B001M09BOSA3MX96YM4NT6HTJohn H. Macdonald7751295222400Weight loss aideI am trying to take off a few pounds, and have started to keep a food log, which requires that I have know how many calories are in each meal and plan my meals in advance. One of my standbys for breakfast is Quaker Instant Oatmeal, which I eat five mornings a week. Breakfast consists of two packets of Quaker Instant Oatmeal, which is 320 calories and a good percentage of my carb intake for the day. Add a little soy milk and some real maple syrup, and this keeps me satisfied until lunchtime at about 400 calories. The oatmeal is has a benefit to cholesterol management, as well providing some carbs for fuel for the morning. I've tried several brands, and the Quaker has always had a more substantial "feel" to it, sort of like "real" oatmeal. The budget brands have always had a tendency to "clump up" onme, for some reason. I don't just recommend it, I like the stuff!

Also check out the high fiber version: Quaker Oatmeal Instant Oatmeal High Fiber Maple & Brown Sugar 12.6 Oz - 12 Pack.

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