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231151231151B003CRMC68ATMNWAOAL3EVQM. Bradley3351281484800Great taste and easy to makeI love this Pho! So much easier and faster than making my own! squeeze some fresh lime into it, and definitely add fresh cilantro!
231152231152B003CRMC68A20YOT058NGQ71A. Wen3351276214400Who knew you could have great & healthy pho at home!I love PHO! My kids love PHO! I just didn't realize how much sodium and MSG goes into PHO. It's also hard to make PHO at home.

A friend of mine introduced me to Happy Pho. I bought a case of it and now I eat it about twice a week. It's just about as easy to make as instant noodles. Then you add veggies, tofu and other stuff to it for some variety. It's pretty tasty and the spice packet (which doesn't have a ton of salt and msg) is pretty flavorful. My kids wolf it down as well.

AND it's healthy. BTW, I've lost 17lbs on a new diet that has included Happy Pho!
231153231153B003CRMC68ANRT0MT9P3IRYProfessor2251312243200Nutritious, delicious, easy to makeBrown rice noodles! What a treat, and the flavor packet for the soup creates a superb taste. If you want a nutrient rich dinner cooked in 10 minutes or less, try this Pho mix. I make mine with diced chicken or tofu, sliced shiitake mushrooms, chopped green onions, some hot pepper to taste (I usually use 4-6 pickled jalapeno slices), and fresh bean sprouts. I then pour the soup over a cup or two of fresh, chopped spinach (the heat from the broth will wilt the spinach). Squeeze a little lime juice onto the mixture, and garnish with cilantro. Yum.
231154231154B003CRMC68AGXHCA7OUZU0PMike Leland "Cheryl Leland"2251291161600GF soupGreat tasting and easy to make. It is also well suited to adding your own ingredients to your liking.This is the second flavor of this soup I have purchased....I want to try them all.
231155231155B003CRMC68AZSV7A27YLVNPS. London2251275609600love happy pho!!The shiitake mushroom Happy Pho is absolutely delicious! So flavorful, healthy and really easy to make. Even my one year old daughter loved it! I can't wait to try all of the other flavors. Thanks for offering such a great product!
231156231156B003CRMC68A2VG7R5T2K95ZEVsMOM "EVsMOM"0051350345600AmazingAmazing!
Taste is great and has the heathiest ingredients I've ever seen in packaged food. It has an un-heard of 5% sodium amazing for a packaged food!!!!
231157231157B003CRMC68A37KDLMVHS1G0XDb0051350259200Delicious. This is a must have for your pantryLove love this product. Excellent taste and consistency and holds a sauce so well especially delicious with the almond butter sauce. The bonus is that they are so healthy for you. The women who make these noodles and own the company are truly inspiring. more companies would follow their path.
231158231158B003CRMC68ABG3VSTLGGS6HTerri P0051350172800Love them noodlesSo tasty and healthy. Who needs to go out with noodles at home like these?? Fantastic product and gluten free. We're having so much fun trying different recipes with this product!
231159231159B003CRMC68A229ZW3P0GEPMLCatherjl0051350086400yummy!The noodles are delicious! Used for pho recipe & saved the spice packet to season chicken. Recommend to family & friends.
231160231160B003CRMC68A2C05MSPCOFWG9Detritus0051350000000Happy Pho makes me happyFirst off, the name alone makes me smile. These noodles are perfect for a quick lunch. I've been putting them in my miso soup at work. They have a great consistency, and they cook really fast. The box said 2 servings, but for me it's three. I love the spices they use- it makes for a warm and yummy soup.
231161231161B003CRMC68A2OWR5G2OAQF7CSincerely Yours3531283472000Not 'instant' to make and does require more additional ingredientsI love trying new food and being a recent gluten sensitive, I now had to find a substitute for my love of 'instant' noodles. So upon the reviews I was sold. However, this is not 'easy to make' as it does require you to have additional ingredients in the house: shitake mushrooms, meat (optional), for example. Also, what I was not expecting was the 'strong' cinnamon component in the soup base: I know cinnamon is good for you, but fragrant wise, it was strong to both my nose and taste buds. I am not sure where the mushroom flavor was going to come from other than when I add additional ingredients like the mushrooms?

The rice noodle cooks really quickly and does become 'gooey', so do watch out for that if you do add other ingredients to the pot.
231162231162B003CRMC68A3QXLSQVR1RX5MStormee1511295222400Bland!I ordered this because I mistakenly thought it would be a quick lunch option, like Cup 'O Noodles, except better, of course.
I was looking for something hot and satisfying - just add boiling water and you've got a meal.
But this is a mix with dry noodles that you have to prepare. You definitely need other things to go
with it, like veggies, tofu or meat, etc. And LOTS of other seasoning and spices, since the packet that comes with it is bland, bland, bland!
Too much cinnamon for my taste and even when mixed with veggie broth, needed loads of salt. (And I am not a salt person).
Very disappointed. I am now stuck with 5 boxes that have been sitting in my pantry forever.
231163231163B001SBB0A4A10ILWNFA80LIAEddieG2251289692800Excellent Wheat PastaI read an article in the NY Times on "gourmet" wheat pasta and the reporter specifically praised this brand so I tried it. Excellent flavor and texture and reasonably priced. Highly recommended!
231164231164B001SBB0A4A3W06L1DVTJ9PNM. Skinny2251261526400Excellent PastaThis pasta is hard to come by for me, both thru Amazon and locally. It is very good quality, quick to cook and forgiving, similar to vermicelli in thickness. Bionaturae products in general seem to be top notch, but this is my favorite of the ones I have tried.
231165231165B001SBB0A4A1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"1151343779200CRAZY good pasta (whole wheat or not!)- angel hairI converted to whole grain foods early on- I'm a distance swimmer and a long time vegetarian, so overall pretty healthy, but my cholesterol was rising (genetic), so the last frontier was going whole grain. And it totally worked, it's just that the pasta that was available was HORRIBLE. The worst whole wheat pasta on the market was the spaghettis, for some reason- it was like the thinner the pasta got, the worst it tasted. Every whole grain spahetti we tried was bitter or gluey or rubbery.

A few years ago, after trying pretty much every brand on the market, we stumbled upon binaturae. We went through all their larger pasta shapes, and finally, after months of craving a big bowl of angel hair, I ordered the Spaghettini.

The Spaghettini is sort of like angel hair- a thinner version of spaghetti.

And the taste? WOW so good. I mean, REALLY GOOD. In fact, I like it better than *regular* semolina pasta, which is saying a lot since I'm Italian and grew up in a house where pasta was on the menu every other day. And I'm not talking the crummy box kind, either.

The bionaturae pasta is not only tasty, but it's durable. What I mean by that is unlike most whole grain pastas, you don't have to babysit it while it cooks- if it cooks a minute too long it won't disintegrate or dissolve, and if its cooked a little too al dente, it still tastes good and is tender. There's no weird grainy, mealy thing happening. It's very hard to find a whole wheat pasta of ANY shape that not only tastes good no matter how long it's cooked, but holds up to super thick sauces and veggies and things like that. It even holds up to days of leftover reheats.

Love this pasta. So happy I found it- my cravings for giant bowls of angel hair pasta with some fresh tomatoes and a generous sprinkling of parmesan are now satisfied on a regular basis.
231166231166B001SBB0A4A20DGN9AUG89KUArlette Hunnakko0051336262400Best Spaghetti I've Ever Tasted!When I first tried this spaghetti, I thought I must have been eating cardboard for most of my life. This spaghetti has wonderful flavour! And being whole wheat and organic, it's good for you too. I love giving it as gifts to friends and they always love it too.
231167231167B001SBB0A4A2X8NZ4M5FDJC7Kats "katsinthekitchen"0051334534400The best whole wheat pasta bar noneI first tried this brand after Cook's Illustrated rated it as the best whole wheat spaghetti. As usual, they were right. Not only that, but their cooking method is one I've adopted as well with great success. Turns out you don't have to keep the heat on your pasta after you add it to boiling, salted water. Just stir it in, put a lid on it, turn off the heat and set the timer for whatever the package says. This method has yet to fail me. I no longer have to stand there stirring the pasta till it comes back to a boil and then guessing at how long it took for the water to come back to a boil. There are no more boil-overs and of course it saves energy. But best of all, the pasta is done perfectly. I have tried this method with all types and shapes of pasta and it always works. But even if you are reluctant to try this method, definitely try this pasta. It's fantastic.
231168231168B001SBB0A4A2IBGLLCQ7GMVQChristopher R. Johnson0051325116800Finally, one I like!I've been looking for a whole wheat spaghetti I can use all the time as I'm trying to eat healthier. A few have come close but none compare to Bionature Organic. The taste and consistency live up to the other positive reviews and the manufacturer's claims. It's particularly good for recipes that don't use tomato sauce like garlic e oligio.
231169231169B001SBB0A4A3ER2ZOTNJ8F6Ymdrybr "mdrybr"0051320710400Amazingly good whole wheat pasta at lastThis pasta is really delicious, better than "regular" in my opinion. It's light and very tasty unlike the previous chewy cardboard I had tried in whole wheat pasta. I read other reviews and was still kind of wary, but this is a winner for sure.
231170231170B001SBB0A4A26U1MTDMVFGH5flagstaff mom0051318118400tasted great, like semolina pasta!I heard about this on Americas test kitchen. It is the best whole wheat pasta I have had. tastes like semolina pasta. great texture espaecially. Give it a try you wont be disapointed. Nice and al dente.
231171231171B001SBB0A4A2L0JRIBLJL452jayvee0051314748800go organicWe use mostly organic products, we do not like anything that is sprayed with insecticides, mostly the fruits and vegetables. We even use oganic milk and soy milk. The pastas are ALWAYS ORGANIC AND WHEAT... The best place to order this in quantity and at a good price is through Amazon.
231172231172B001SBB0A4A2TEPMHBUOTSZEGR0041314230400Whole wheat spaghetti - ni ?Product arrived quickly. It was not what I thought I ordered. I thought I ordered spaghetti, turns out I ordered spaghettini. My fault. However, it tastes great, not wheaty. Just like I was lead to beleive from the cooking show I saw it on. Not completely happy but very satisfied.
231173231173B001SBB0A4A1WL4KDSNB3NJ2Just Another "Parrot Head"0051314144000Best whole wheat pasta EVERI've been eating bionature organic whole wheat pasta's for 2 years now, and I can honestly say this is the BEST whole wheat pasta I've ever eaten. THANKS AMAZON
231174231174B001SBB0A4A2SHUHMONLRZABDiscerning Viewer0051295481600Love it!This is the only whole wheat spaghetti my kids will eat, and it is very good! Even better, it's organic!
231175231175B001SBB0A4A3RVH9HUN9J4LZMichael3551272067200Best SpaghettiMany whole grain pastas are difficult to cook, and come out heavy and/or sticky. Not this product. Easy to cook. Wonderful flavor and texture. Extraordinary. It is to white-flour pasta as whole wheat bread is to white bread: More flavor, texture, and health benefits.

I deviate from the cooking instructions slightly by bringing the water to a boil, lowering the heat, then adding the pasta* (and never return it to a boil). I usually cook for about 14 minutes, which is four minutes longer than the instructions, but at a lower heat. I add sliced mushrooms to the water while it is cooking. After draining the water off, i add freshly crushed garlic, 2-3 tablespoons of heart-healthy Nutiva hemp oil, and basil leaf puree (when available) or rehydrated dried basil leaves (when fresh basil is out of season). Add a glass of red wine, some vegetables & sardines, a dab of raw sauerkraut on the served pasta, and this is the perfect meal. And it's heart-healthy too. I don't add any salt to the water while it's cooking, but do salt the pasta to taste when served. Occasionally (rarely) i'll use a little tomato based spaghetti or antipasto sauce, but this pasta really doesn't need it. Most pasta sauces contain sugar, and more salt than if you just use a salt shaker and salt your pasta to taste. (Most people don't realize that sugars containing fructose are metabolized directly into fat by the liver, and can be bad for the heart.) Hemp oil has nearly a perfect ratio of Omega-6 to 3.

I've been buying this pasta by the case for years now, at local grocery stores, when it goes on sale. Just noticed that Amazon carries it. Amazon's price is as good as most of the sale prices, so will probably start ordering it on-line and save myself the trouble of looking for sales and special ordering it from my local store. I just bought four cases last week.

* I add about 1/10 of the package of pasta at a time, letting the hot water soften it so it'll bend in my pot. I add each subsequent bunch of pasta in the same manner, but staggered from the other bunches. Maybe this isn't necessary for this product, but it is a habit -- developed from cooking other whole wheat pastas over the years -- to ensure adequate hydration of all the pasta & prevent clumping. I then stir the pasta about three or four minutes later, once it has softened up, to ensure none of the bunches have clumped (have never found this pasta to do so, but again habit). I add the mushrooms about half-way through cooking, and stir once more.
231176231176B000VDA41GA1P27BGF8NAI29Alice in Wonderland1151312329600I love it!Milka is one of the leading producers of chocolates in the world. Founded in Switzerland in 1901, the brand quickly spread throughout Western Europe. In 1990, the company was acquired by Kraft, and their wonderful chocolate is now available throughout the world!

I love Milka's Alpine Milk chocolate. It is absolutely delicious - not as sweet as many American chocolates, and with a rich and creamy texture. Want to try a great chocolate? Get Milka's Alpine Milk chocolate!

(Review of Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate)
231177231177B000VDA41GA2O0NWHHYB1XA9Rachel Stock1151196640000Got Milka?I am thrilled to be able to purchase these through Amazon here in the United States! As the previous reviewers have said, it is a popular brand in Germany and Europe, and for good reason. It is my family's favorite chocolate. Milka, as the name implies, has a creamy mouth-feel and is not overly sweet. It is the kind of chocolate you will savor, more than a typical American vending machine sugar fix. Try it!
231178231178B000VDA41GA24WJHCQI3V7BSEillas1151195171200Absolutely Heavenly!!This chocolate is creamy and wonderful. I practically lived on this Milka chocolate when I visited Germany. It's a popular brand there. Once you taste it, you can see why. I can't say enough about it. I'll be ordering some when it comes back into stock. All chocolate lovers should get to try Milka. Love this stuff!!
231179231179B000VDA41GA3NFXA0LTEAA5ZSyb1151193443200Extremely YummyI havent actually purchased these here yet, but I grew up with the Milk Brand in Europe, and I am SOO pleased to see them here for sale. All I can say is if your a chocolate lover, you WILL LOVE MILKA, its in no way close to any of the chocolate I've had here of just regular store brand typs. So if you need a small push, here it is, you wont regret it, I dont know anyone how doesnt absolutely love it when they taste it.
231180231180B000VDA41GA60NJCHGGOHTMJustin Hardy0051346025600Absolutely fantasticThe best I have ever had. Seriously creamy, smoothe, and delicious. A must buy for any chocolate lover or one who is looking to start with the best.

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