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231390231390B003FDC2I2A1DIFL0333QPEBMarcus T. Brody2241280448000GREAT!I'm a huge fan of ready to go drinks and smoothies, and when I saw these in my local health food store, I almost became giddy. After tasting it, I DID become giddy! This stuff not only tastes AMAZING, but it's also the healthiest ready to go drink on the market. Digests well, tastes amazing, very nutritious.

My ONLY problem with this formulation is the use of Cane Sugar as the sweetener. This formulation, if it's supposed to be truly healthy, should replace the cane sugar with brown rice syrup, or some other sweetener with nutritive properties. Cane sugar is damaging to the body, even when "organic".
231361231361B003FDC2I2A35YZ5GSBIHDCARabbit In NH "rabbit2976"31111335744000Sorry to disagree but........Seems most people love these Orgain shakes. This fact really, really makes me wonder. I don't normally like to leave negative reviews of anything, but I feel it's my duty to express my difference of opinion. I have tried only the "chocolate", and I use quotation marks because it tastes like no chocolate I have ever tasted in my entire life, and I'm a girl who knows her way around chocolate. It was absolutely the most disgusting protein drink I have ever tasted. If you put bark mulch, lawn clippings and a little bit of manure in a blender with milk and drank it - that might be a close comparison to the taste of this stuff, in my humble opinion. I can't even believe I spent money on these, or that anyone else does. Maybe if you're one of those people who drinks wheatgrass or eats carob like it's really chocolate, or one of those other "healthy" and a way too earthy concoctions, you'll like it. If you have normal tastebuds, run - don't walk - the other way from this stuff.
231362231362B003FDC2I2AHYZT4T5YLE9GAD5551284076800Surprisingly Tasty!!I first discovered Orgain (chocolate flavor) at Farm to Market. Although very skeptical, I found the high protein content to be appealing, so I purchased it, and cautiously tried it a couple days later, room temperature. I was delighted at its great taste! And after reading the nutrition label, I realized this could be an extremely healthy and great-tasting solution to being too busy (or too lazy) to prepare food. I ordered a case from Amazon, and chilled them... even better, IMO. Now, not only do I feel healthier, less hungry, and have more energy, but I also broke through the pound plateau and have lost weight since I started drinking Orgain. I've recommended it to family members, and I continue to drink it myself. I'm so glad I took an uncharacteristic risk and tried it.
231363231363B003FDC2I2A28XKMLM8857MKS. Jafri101211348963200Thanks for ruining a great productThis shake was one of the last shakes I could find that was both energizing, good for me (especially the non-gluten part), and helped me gain weight. I recently had 2 surgeries, and was looking forward to using orgain to get better. Had I known they were going to completely botch the formula, I would've ordered 10 cases beforehand.

But I order 3 cases a month ago... and they were so undrinkable i assumed we got a bad batch of spoiled ones. But there were 3 separate cases like this... with the individual drinks inside tasting 'spoiled'. The expiration date seemed okay.

Well, now its clear that the product wasn't spoiled... the formula was spoiled.

I'm just so, so disappointed. Orgain had become a major supplement towards my health and recovery process after an injury I sustained last year and was hoping it would continue to be so during my recovery phase after the surgery.

That's the type of mindset this drink was created for, right? A doctor made it because he knew the need for healthy, essential amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and organic blends to help someone gain weight, especially if they're been sick? A formula he concocted after beating cancer? Why not stick that??

Am very disappointed to see this cheap change destroy the product that the brand was about.
Why should anyone prefer this over any other pre-made drink other than its hypoallergenic aspects? Many of the younger, healthier guys who're drinking this because it was simply better for you ounce for ounce than other mixes... well, good luck keeping them now. Especially with the huge change in taste. Just... augh. You can't even get it down.

Am very sad to see such an amazing product be gutted without warning to its loyal consumers. If there really is a Doctor out there in charge of this company... well, I hope you still have a say in it, that you're reading these reviews, and hopefully that you'll evaluate your altered product for yourself and decide whether or not its something you would've preferred to the old orgain when you were recovering and rebuilding healthy mass. I imagine you would say - "no" - the old orgain was far more beneficial.

I'm now looking for a new supplement shake. Very sad to see the old Orgain go.

Anyone have any suggestions for other similar brands?
231364231364B003FDC2I2A1OYZOD8CDFN59jay4411350864000New fomula BAD TASTE Are u serious?Used to buy 10 cases per month but there was An immediate difference in taste when they decided to change the formula and ingredients. Orgain, you are a teriible company. You're product used to taste good, now its garbage and taste like its spoiled. Your company deserves to go out of business for being so oblivious to your customers. Look at the reviews you morons, people are noticing.
231365231365B003FDC2I2A6YN52P8K1R7NAlex O. "chandler52"4421349136000Taste and Composition ChangeAs other reviewers have pointed out, I am also disappointed in the reformulation of this product and in the fact that the company didn't properly disclose this information. I buy this in bulk for personal use and, as others, also thought for a minute that I got a shipment of expired or spoiled product. To clarify, both the taste and the consistency have changed from before. The product is now thicker and overall tastes closer to typical protein drinks which for my personal taste is a letdown. There are dozens of other protein drinks on the market and this one had a distinctive taste and consistency that are now both gone. I will look for a replacement, since this is part of my daily diet.
231366231366B003FDC2I2A3K2CU1E2XCP9BLola3321350691200Orgain Formula ChangeI sent an email to Orgain and they said that they did change the formula but they will be brining back the original taste soon.
Vitamin Shoppe also told me they recalled the cases they had in stock and will be shipping out a new batch soon. Hope it tastes they way it use to!
231367231367B003FDC2I2A2OFKDPPTYSX0ZDanielle3321350259200Not Happy with New FormulaAs someone with digestive issues, I was so happy to find Orgain to help me gain and maintain my weight. The ingredients are superior to most products out there and could serve as a meal on the go. The new formula change, however, was not for the better. It leaves a chalky aftertaste and just does not taste as good as the original. As someone who does not have cancer, I also liked that I was getting additional anti-oxidants in the original formula. I am not sure who they used as taste testers, but the original was far better than the new stuff. I seriously hope they consider going back to the original formula or making some changes to improve the new formula.
231368231368B003FDC2I2A16BM9Y0SAI6NSPsychotic Parakeet3351330732800You can't find a better product than this!I first tried this product at my local Whole Foods grocery store and loved it! What I really enjoy about it is that I'm not drinking junk, no chemicals, no additives, no food coloring... Nothing bad! Both flavors, the chocolate and vanilla, are tasty! I'm also vegetarian and a majorly picky eater, so this product really suited my problems of not intaking enough protein.

What made me a believer in this product is that I was given a suggestion to drink a protein shake, ala Orgain, about 15-60 minutes after working out at the gym. I've given this a test trial for a week and noticed dramatic results. I recover faster, easier, and I'm energized after the fact. I sleep better at night too. I missed dinner the day that Disneyland was open for 24 hours for Leap Day and took one of these along. I felt great the whole night, only had three hours of sleep, and absolutely no fatigue when I went to work plus no ill-effects the following day.

My boyfriend would scrunch up his face seeing me drink these. He also is now a supporter of the product by caving into one of these yesterday night. He came back home after playing a 1 1/2 hour match of ping pong, was really sleepy and tired, but wanted to go back out to play badminton. He drank one of these and about 20 minutes later, felt good enough to go play badminton. He said it felt like he was never tired initially and was still feeling good after playing for an hour.

Instead of reaching for a Red Bull, soda, coffee, or something else with a ton of caffeine for a boost, drink this. I subscribe for a monthly shipment for both flavors of this product now from this site for the free shipping + additional discount. You won't regret it! Thank you,, for carrying this phenomenal product!
231369231369B003FDC2I2A3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo3351316736000I bought 14 cases of Orgain....Was looking for an organic, pre-made protein shake. Years of drinking my own concoctions left much to be desired.

I stumbled across Orgain at Whole Foods; bought 1 of chocolate and 1 of vanilla, was instantly hooked. I then went to Amazon and was able to buy them for < $2/container, which is the cheapest price anywhere! Did I mention I purchased 14 cases worth? That should tell you how much I love Orgain. Too bad Amazon doesn't offer the iced mocha flavor for Prime shipping and subscribe & save.
231370231370B003FDC2I2AIOPIWA4Q6GAJveronica s3341308787200Great protein alternativeI used to drink these daily as a meal replacement while feeling very poorly. I was able to maintain a level of energy that I would not have had otherwise. They are also delicious-tasting when cold. I found I couldn't really drink them at room temperature. They're convenient on the go and I feel good about the ingredient list. I prefer the chocolate but actually found the vanilla very pleasant as well, almost like melted vanilla ice cream or rich vanilla soymilk. The chocolate is a bit chalky, but more in a cocoa powder sort of way, so not bad.

As someone who doesn't eat much meat or dairy, these are a great alternative for me once in a while. I was nearly living off of them for several weeks last summer, and feeling reasonably good while doing so, but then sort of went cold turkey. The bottom line is that real, whole foods are always going to be better for you but if that isn't an option, these are a better alternative than junk food or nothing. I still have a case and a half left and will probably consume them here and there, sparingly. I do recommend them, especially in place of typical protein supplements.
231371231371B003FDC2I2A3ITJE5EFR1UNiamerikai2211350172800Highly Disappointed in Sudden Flavor Change & Store UnavailabilityI've been researching Orgain online trying to figure out what happened considering I used to live on it but now can no longer even FIND it. Like many of the other reviews mention - I lived on this stuff for breakfast and would purchase it by the case for months. I immediately noticed the flavor change that other reviews have mentioned (I always ordered the chocolate flavor) and agree the new ingredient flavor change was NOT for the better. I was very disappointed.

Then I suddenly realized that Orgain was no longer available at ALL in my local Whole Foods where I used to find it in both the shelf and chilled sections of the store. I then noticed that my 'subscribe & save' case shipping from Amazon quit shipping entirely after a years on-going subscription. I mentioned this to the friend who first introduced me to Orgain only to hear her tell me that our very popular and local vegetarian grocery store, Rainbow Grocery, has also quit selling it. I assumed that Orgain went out of business but I am still finding it online here at Amazon (just no longer with subscribe & save option) - and the official website appears to be up and running (with Whole Foods still quite confusingly being listed as a retail provider). I checked another Whole Foods retail store in another city and they, too, have quit selling this product which leads me to believe that Whole Foods has backed out entirely.

Super frustrated and really disappointed on all counts. I am actively seeking, like other customers, a new replacement. I tried Muscle Milk the other day -- GROSS!
231372231372B003FDC2I2A22GXZP67W68ACLisa2211350000000HORRIBLE change to the original orgainI had my whole family hooked on Orgain. I made my kids drink one every morning with their breakfast. It was my breakfast every morning as well as my husbands. We loved Orgain so much that we had several cases auto shipped to us every month. Then a couple months ago, we thought we got a bad batch of the iced mocha and so we returned them and tried getting them locally in a store by us. Same horrific taste. At the same time, we were dropped from the auto ship program and it was getting harder to find it in the local stores in that flavor so we assumed they changed the formula but the Vitamin Shoppe had no idea and there was no indication on the packaging saying that there were any changes made. So, we tried switching to the chocolate fudge. It was delicious so we just changed our auto ship to the new flavor and for a couple months got by with the chocolate fudge. Then, we got dropped from the auto ship again and had a harder time finding it in the stores. Apparently, they changed the chocolate fudge formula also. I just got 2 new cases and they have that same DISGUSTING taste that the iced mocha had. Needless to say we can't drink it anymore, will be returning what we have and actively trying to find a replacement drink. I can't tell you how disappointed we are. All I can say is that unless they change the formula back, I'll never buy it again. It isn't even drinkable. It's absolutely revolting!
231373231373B003FDC2I2AY3AVLL5IWW9Russell Fanelli2251346457600Price increase.Let me join my voice to the chorus of people upset with Amazon for the price increase for Orgain drinks. As others have mentioned, the price has gone up from $28. to $44. Even though this is an excellent product, I will no longer be buying Orgain from Amazon.

Perhaps when enough people have stopped buying Orgain, Amazon and the makers of this product will come to their senses and bring down the price to former levels. I can already hear readers of this review saying, "Nice try!"

Does anyone have recommendations for products that do the same thing as Orgain, but for a reasonable price?
231374231374B003FDC2I2A3KADHJLQ8UUOEVictory2241338940800Pleasantly surprisedTastes pretty good. Actually tastes like regular soy milk. Has a few more calories than I expected (255), but not a big deal. I hate protein shakes, so saying this is good is a leap for me, but it's pretty good.
231375231375B003FDC2I2A68HABQUH08G3Janelle2251337558400LOVE LOVE LOVE ORGAIN!!!!This is a staple in my house at all times. I use it as a meal replacement since i try to eat 4-5 small meals a day at about 250 calories, which is what Orgain has. It also has an antioxidant berry blend and a greens blend mixed in which is unlike any other protein drink. But the best part is it tastes like chocolate milk and i always want to drink it. AMAZING!! Chocolate fudge is the best flavor by the way. No need to even go to the vanilla or mocha since the chocolate is so delish!
231376231376B003FDC2I2A3LY2GBBTINSJATennyson2251329264000OrgainI am on medications for cancer and among the many side effects of the treatment is loss of taste and appetite with a resultant weight loss. Orgain was recommended as a food supplement although I had been using Ensure. I found Orgain to be not only delicious but it has had a very positive effect in terms of halting weight loss and providing excellent nutrients. Since there is no lactose content it is also far more tolerable. Recommend highly.
231377231377B003FDC2I2A1ZRKGV3H9EY55Sunshine Girl2251328918400Love this newest flavorWhat can I say? Orgain is the best protein shake I've ever had, and I've tried many of them over the years. Out of the three flavors, this newest flavor is definitely the best. I have used and continue to use Amazon's 'Subscribe & Save' option for all of the Orgain shakes, as I drink them at least four to five times per week and don't have to worry about searching for them all over town. In my area, the Whole Foods by me sells out often and generally only has the Vanilla Bean flavor in stock (my least favorite). The local health food store, hardly ever has them as well. So, I was quite happy after finding the Orgain shakes on Amazon, over a year ago.

Nutrition wise, I can honestly say that there is definitely an increase in energy after consistently drinking these, but not in that unnatural, over stimulated way that caffeinated or chemical laden products can sometimes leave you feeling. I use them as meal replacements when pressed for time, when my appetite is light, and/or an hour before working out...for the energy boost.

Cost wise, if you're on a tight budget, this product might be a bit of a splurge, but is still less per shake, than the average latte, or fast food meal. Which is obviously, not as healthy for you.

Currently, I switch between drinking the Cafe Mocha and Chocolate Fudge and would highly recommend this product. For those like myself, who work in an office setting, these are a great option to keep in the work fridge, in order to steer clear of that office snacking area (the vending machine, that co-worker who loves to bake, the Friday doughnut day, etc.).
231378231378B003FDC2I2AJ23ES8NUHQ45Eddie2251327276800The best OrgainRich, creamy, a genuine chocolate taste - this would be satisfying even without loads of nutrients. The fact that it's nutritious makes it all the more satisfying to drink. Keep it going!
231379231379B003FDC2I2A1X52NCRAKJS0FDiane "Healthy and Fit"2251325894400Great TasteI saw this in a wellness email I get and checked out their website and was impressed. I was able to locate this at my local grocery store and tried the chocolate, vanilla and the coffee mocha. I only liked the chocolate the other two flavors were doable but I would not buy again but that is just me as I typically find that drinks with these flavors do not suit me. I really enjoy the chocolate and can drink it cold out of the carton without having to add/blend anything with it which makes it a great grab and go meal/snack. The price from Amazon is cheaper then the grocery store and the subscribe and save / auto delivery make it that much better. This will remain as a go to item in my pantry.
231380231380B003FDC2I2A3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo2251322438400FINALLY, Amazon offers Prime Shipping for the Mocha FlavorI am a huge fan of Orgain; stumbled upon it a few months ago accidentally, when I was looking for an organic, high quality meal replacement/protein drink with no artificial sweeteners. I don't like stevia either. I love the ingredients list on Orgain- organic whey & milk proteins!!, brown rice syrup to avoid that sugar crash, and a great blend of vegetables and fruits. I can't even tell from drinking that it contains kale, beet, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes. The 16g of protein per asceptic container is perfect and ideally sized.

I purchase at least 5-6 cases of Orgain a month, because I drink 2-3 a day. At least 1 as a post-workout shake, and the others as meal supplements. Orgain also helps me stay awake at night for evening classes, and are more preferable to consuming Red Bull or 5-hour energy drinks. I credit Orgain (along with a healthy diet) for helping me lose weight and pursue my fitness goals.

Big fan of the sweet vanilla and chocolate flavors, was hoping to try the Cafe Mocha flavor, but Amazon didn't offer any with Prime shipping...until now! The coffee flavor is delicious; there's a slight coffee-ish aftertaste, but I like it. Its flavor profile lies somewhere between the more neutral vanilla and the stronger chocolate flavors. There's also no caffeine in the Mocha varieties. Unlike the vanilla flavor, I'm happy to report that the Mocha flavors do not seem prone to whey protein aggregation.

Do yourself a favor and grab a Cafe Mocha Orgain! Pop it in the fridge, and it'll be like drinking a nice iced coffee from Starbucks, but much healthier. Just a final caveat; the Cafe Mocha flavor seems very popular, and frequently goes out of stock. Buy it when you can!
231381231381B003FDC2I2AC6KI8NW75JZTJane Schmane2251317168000Great product and outstanding Orgain customer serviceI have been a fan of Orgain for over a year now. I recently subscribed-and-saved so I get a shipment of the Vanilla Bean flavor monthly. I have delayed gastric emptying and the Orgain drinks are helpful on bad days. They are way better all around than the alternatives for meal replacement drinks. I recently had an unexpected quality issue with the most recent carton she received, so I contacted Orgain about the problem. They replied promptly, offered a replacement, and followed up thoroughly. The quality of customer service I received was great--you don't get that very often. The company really seems to care about putting a quality product out there and keeping their customers happy. Orgain: Keep up the good work. Amazon: Keep offering good deals on this awesome product. Everyone else: Try Orgain, you'll be glad you did.
231382231382B003FDC2I2A1L0PVKM2AVHCVSarah Beth Whetzel "sbdubya"2251312416000Amazing!!!Best protein drink out there. I've been drinking protein shakes for over 10 years and have tried every single brand available. The powdered, the ready made, the big jugs, the protein water, etc. This tastes so good it should not be healthy! And on top of the great protein, there is nothing bad in it! Even my two boys love them. The chocolate is the best, in my opinion, but the vanilla and mocha are still better than anything out there. I travel all the time for work and now that I've discovered these great drinks, I have to figure out a way to get 5 of them in my checked luggage for every week that I'm gone from home! That's how much I love them!



231384231384B003FDC2I2A3GG0FQOM7GHS3Michael's2Cents2251302566400Amazing!!!I absolutely love these shakes! Previously, I was mixing my own protein shakes (chocolate whey protein with unsweetened diluted coconut milk, and a banana blended) every morning for breakfast. Since I found Orgain, I no longer have to clean my hand blender every day and waste five plastic cups a week or carry around a dirty cup until I get home from work. The taste is amazing (the vanilla is decent, but not nearly as good as the chocolate) and the nutritional content and organic ingredients are exactly what I was looking for. It's smooth and creamy (not gritty) and, don't worry, you only taste chocolate, not the vegetable extracts, vitamins and minerals (the vanilla tastes significantly more mineral-and-protein-powder-like, that's why I wouldn't recommend it). I have a degree in nutrition, I am a semi-professional chef, I'm active, and I'm very picky with what I eat, so I'm impressed that I like a product like this so much. Usually there's something I would want to change (like removing artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, etc).

I live near Los Angeles and the only place I can find Orgain now is at Ralph's for $2.99/ea + tax and they do not offer any sort of discount for bulk purchases. They used to carry it at Whole Foods for a month or two and would offer 10% off if you bought 10 or more, but they have recently stopped carrying it. If you like this product as much as I do, the cheapest way to get it is to subscribe to have it regularly delivered through Amazon, giving you an additional 15% savings from the already low price and you will also receive free shipping!
231385231385B003FDC2I2A3IKSAIQW0VYQSJennifer2251288224000Tastes greatTastes amazing, and surprisingly fills you up. Great to have on the go especially in the morning and I'll feel full until lunch time. Also Amazon's offer is an amazing deal. At my local Whole Foods, each go for $3.50
231386231386B003FDC2I2A2BMFOZSEXR9OTAbby Mann2241286928000Not As Good As Chocolate, but Still An Excellent Choice!I've been searching since the days that Kashi stopped producing their meal replacement shake mix for something that tastes just as good and is just as good for you. I've tried both available flavors of Orgain, and the Vanilla flavor I find to have some whey protein taste...I don't enjoy tasting whey protein but still find the drink palatable. The shake tastes great at room temp and amazing chilled. I appreciate that there's some remnants of veggies and fruit in the shake too.

Potential downsides:
It's not all oil, sugar, and protein....although its mostly that... So it's not exactly as good as sitting down and eating a sandwich. The shake is only made in pre-measured little boxes so there's no opportunity to save some money with a tub of a dry mix. The shakes are expensive too. The trade off is better ingredients, instead of unpronounceable and artificial junk found in say, Slimfast (although that too is mostly oil, sugar, and protein...just from worse ingredient sources). The shake is also not vegan if that's something you're looking for. There's currently only 2 flavors of the shake too, so if variety's your thing, this isn't a good shake to try out long term. I wish this had more veggies and fruit in it though...vs. 50 mg each of a fruit and veggie blend.
231387231387B003FDC2I2ANJIPE3ZRX51Lpgirl2251285718400Best meal replacement I have ever hadOver the years I have tried many meal replacements. Becasue of my need to have no preservatives and no junk I can not pronounce in my drinks it got pretty inconvenient and messy so I went to bars. With Orgain I get everything I want and more. Most of all it sustains me for about 4 hours. The taste is fantastic both chocolate and vanilla. I feel healthy when I drink it. I have been on weight watchers for 6 weeks now and with the help of Orgain I have lost 13 pounds and am nearing the 190's which I have not been in over 6 months. If you are wondering the point value it is 5 which seems a bit high for a small drink but most meals at this point value will sustain you for this long and if you have no time to cook, prepare and need the best alternative on the market grab an Orgain!!!! you won't be sorry
231388231388B003FDC2I2AOUYT5F1WZDZKTumblewords2251285545600TastyI'm dedicated to healthy eating but once in a while, mealtime shows up before I'm ready. Orgain fills the bill with its rich flavor and quality ingredients. Warm or cold, Orgain is a delightfully special drink.
231389231389B003FDC2I2A21W189BUSB7RVJyde2251281398400Good ProductDefinitely the shake/smoothie you should be drinking!!!

It has all the nutrient base covered, it's taste great, easy to carry, I got this once and now i'm Hooked. It's basically a meal replacement drink that contains all your important nutrients and protein.

If you want to lose weight and feed your body with good stuff, this is your DRINK!

It's that simple.

So my little advice to the founder: Dr. Abraham, if you are reading this, you have done a good job in producing the first pure organic nutrient rich meal replacement drink, please don't be tempted as most other product manufactures have done or are currently doing by putting profit before people health. I'm sure you get what i'm saying.

I hope you are successful and orgain makes it BIG

So fellow consumers this is a 5 star!!! You won't be disappointed. I hope.

Disclaimer: I don't work or anyway associated with Orgain. I'm a regular consumer like you who LOVES this product. it's that simple. I'm surely not paid to write this review. I just want to spread the good work of Orgain.

That's it!

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