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231506231506B008OISJS0AODFMOUHD0RRMGFJones2251346803200Absolutely delicious!I received a free sample of Planters NUT-rition Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut peanut butter by mail. This is by far the best peanut butter that I have ever tasted! I've been eating it right out of the jar and enjoying all of the flavors and textures from the add-ins. I never thought to mix cinnamon with peanut butter, but it's delicious. If I can find this at a decent price, I will be buying more of it for myself. Sorry, Amazon, but $35 for four 12-ounce jars is NOT a decent price, not even with free Prime shipping. Not even close! I would consider paying around $3.50 per jar, but I won't ever pay $8.75.
231507231507B008OISJS0A236PS6PDH4OQFStudent of You1111347926400Not impressed at ALLThis product was not HORRIBLE, but I feel cheated. It looked so good, and the price of $4.99 for a small jar suggested there were some great add-ins. NOT.

The berry nut flavor is basically average-tasting crunchy peanut butter with some tough, dried cranberries thrown in. I was hoping the "nut" was a walnut, pecan, or almond (or all of the above!), but it's merely an unimpressive sliver of regular old peanut. After I got done picking the hard cranberries out of my teeth, I decided I would never by this flavor of overpriced, disappointing peanut-butter again.
231508231508B008OISJS0A5BQ1TSOCL4JZMomnipotent0051349740800I really like it!I received a free sample of the Planters NUT-rition Cinnamon Raisin Granola Nut peanut butter flavor, so I can only speak for that flavor, but I really like it! It tastes great on a slice of toast, on top of a banana or with apples slices. It does have chunks in it, so if you don't like having that type of texture it might not be for you. I saw my local Walmart has it discontinued for less that $3 a jar, so I'm wondering if they won't be making this much longer.
231509231509B000LRH7TEA3L2WR9AD3I43LJon C. Potter "lumper20"2231222992000Great Oil for PriceI buy this in the large tin to cook with. If you are looking for oil to dip bread, use as a special flavor, etc.- you can find an oil to suit your taste. Yet, this is good oil. Frankly, I like Il Fornaio from the restuarant in the NYNY casino/hotel in Vegas better. But, this oil is priced right for every day use. It is also great for salads and adding your own spices to. Get the 3L tin, and; you should be set for a bit.
231510231510B000LRH7TEA1EP7ITUDTNXC6Patrick Leonardi2251175126400One of the best,. Very Tasty!!!!!!!!This is one of the best olive oils you can buy. It is really tasty. It is awesome when used in salad dressings and even when making marinara sauce. It is also great when making garlic bread. I'm getting hungry already.

I love this companys' products (another example, their pastas).

Eat and live well!

Patrick Leonardi
231481231481B000LKUA40A3G4L7IL5BLF5YN. Hanby0051225584000Yummy!A friend and I compared this syrup to the best store brand grade B syrup I could find, and there was NO comparison. This syrup is so dark and rich in color and flavor. I use it for a cleanse, so the rich nutrients are very important. Not to mention the fact that it tastes yummy!
231482231482B000LKUA40A3JY464AXRL1W2S. M. Thomas0051182816000Very TastyThis is of excellent quality and it tastes great! I will definitely purchase more.
231483231483B000LKUA40A17F82D0KZUB9DLarry M. Milholland0151234137600OutstandingI purchased Spring Tree Organic Maple Syrup to detox my body.A receipe I acquired via the internet. I was truly amazed with the super great results -I was better yet extremely impresses with the price I paid via Amazon for the syrup. Thanks a million.
231484231484B0000BXJIUA1115ST6F5CWYPAmalfi Coast Girl5551145577600Cats run right to you when you shake this bagI picked up a bag of these treats at our neighborhood market. My cats think this is the best stuff on earth. My little darlings have not enjoyed anything as much as they appear to love these. The only problem with these treats is that the cats love them so much they sometimes get in little squabbles as each one tries to reach my hand before anyone else can get to the treat.

If you want to feed you felines an organic diet, and you want them to eat what you give them this is a great product. My husband continues to threaten to try one since they are all organic, and a nice mix of food that people would eat.

I highly recommend this for anyone with pampered felines. Mine give these three paws up.
231485231485B0000BXJIUA1A763Q8427ZGYMawrtyr0051332115200My cats love these treats!My cats cannot get enough of these treats. They're definitely on the expensive side, but I splurge on them occasionally because the cats enjoy them so much.
231486231486B0000BXJIUA2PNJTZC1DVLLBSaturnino Garcia1331203292800Good, not great, alternative to Feline GreeniesI picked these up along as a replacement for the Feline Greenies that I usually get for our two cats. They swarm on me and attack when I have the Greenies and they do the same with these but they don't seem to enjoy these as much. One of our cats likes them as much as the Greenies but the other one seems indifferent. If you feed them to her directly from your hand she will eat them, otherwise she just lets it sit there on the ground while the the other cat swoops in to try to steal it away. It would be one thing if she were a finicky eater but these are about the only things she doesn't devour upon sight.

Besides the taste test, I like the fact that they are big enough to actually force them to chew them. I noticed that our cats would swallow the Greenies in one gulp which seemed to defeat the purpose of the tarter control. With the Purrlicious, they have to chew on them a bit before they swallow. That being said, I am a little disappointed by the lack of feeding directions on the package. The Greenies package tell you exactly how many to feed them but no such info here. I wouldn't be so concerned if the vet hadn't told us that one of our cats needs to lose a pound or two.

Overall, these are OK but I don't know whether I'll continue to get them over the Greenies since they are a lot more expensive.
231487231487B0061LRT9CAACU2YQK8A5NGMarcia A. Amen "MARIO"0051351123200fast shipped, easy to orderThis was great ordering by the case, my cat loves the gravy and
it is very convient for him. Will buy again.
231488231488B0061LRT9CA2QJHUMBOYTG39Imo Gene0051347235200Cats absolutely love this!Cats just love this cat food. To give them a little better diet, I buy a higher grade can cat food and top it with this cat food. They eat it :-)), and I'm happy!!
231489231489B001BKTI4MA3F0TKTHJF1UQQLaura Grabowsky "Laura, mom of four"0051348531200tastes great without sodiumThis is great. I don't know why more companies don't make low-sodium foods. I have also had the medium flavor of this brand salsa and it was good also
231490231490B001EQ5P6IA17J23XGHDUBIKMark Gurfinkel "Mark"2251292889600For the Cuban-style espresso (finely ground, dark roasted) - this is itIf you enjoy darker, richer, full-flavored espresso - look no further. This is it.

Try it Cuban-style - make your espresso stronger add a full teaspoon of sugar for a dark, strong and sweet nougat paste that will linger in your mouth all morning. Highly recommend!
231491231491B001EQ5P6IA2W2HG2N6MRE7NRian Troy "bob"1141282694400Good Coffee Good ServiceAs usual( I have this on a standing order) it gets shipped in a timely fashion without a lot of wasted packaging.
231492231492B001EQ5P6IA1THRE69V8ZSG1THE UP TOWN KID0031333324800Great coffee...Terrible price...I LOVE this brand of Bustelo. But at $39.99 for four cans, that's almost $10.000 a can. I rather grow my own dam coffee tree!
231493231493B0076FC7LMA2LUTZV3VKH430M. Kao0051336521600yummmyOrdered it for my daughter and she loves the tea :) I've tried it a couple of times and love it too.
231494231494B000LRIIBKA26NFK7RGM2K1BRose M. Olesen3351295222400The BestThese are the best Grape Leaves, period. They are quite large, but very uniform in size. They are true California quality leaves.
231495231495B000LRIIBKA3OGP9GK47MKXpaabear05631301443200Grape Leaves are ToughThe grape leaves are tougher than expected. Those of us with false teeth would be had pressed to bite through them. There is no refrigerate after opening warning on the lable nor is there a use before date.
231496231496B000LRIIBKA159YBVZO8N3TJCathy3441290038400Perfect Grape LeavesI received my order just as they said i would. First time i have ordered this product and i was very pleased. I would order again.
231497231497B000LRIIBKAI56USMC9F0SYSandra L. Oravetz "SandiO"2351315958400Grape LeavesVery good! The leaves are uniform size and of excellent quality. well priced and afforadable. Will purchase this product again. Thank you
231498231498B000LRIIBKA3RTSZD1EOCU9MAdolph Hofmann "acf2guru"1211334620800ToughI totally agree with the other one star reviews, these leaves were not edible, the veins were like wire. I followed my recipe and cooked these for 1 hour.
231499231499B000LRIIBKA2G281JE3Q2H1UMP1211333929600tasted good but the leaves were too toughThese grape leaves tasted pretty good, but they were very tough even after cooking them a while. I found them to be overpriced and not tender at all. Not a good value for the money.
231500231500B000LRIIBKA2EZ03EYRDSWTHlife_lime1211332979200grape leaves are TOUGH!!These Grape Leaves are very thick and veiny and no matter how much you boil them they will not soften. My mother used to pick grape leaves directly from the vine but only the "young" small leaves, not the old ones because they are tough and difficult to chew. This jar is full of veiny, large "old" leaves and even after cooking the stuffed leaves for over an hour, they still remained thick and chewy and not easy to cut, even with a knife. I will never use these again, hopefully other brands are better!!
231501231501B003OP8MU8AYWUHB7N8XGZQEvelyn A. Getchell "Evie"3351284854400An organically grown coffee of exceptional quality and valueI have become a bit of a French Roast snob, tasting as many as I can in search of THE one which pleases my palate best. So far The Bean Coffee Company Le Bean Coffee (Dark French Roast), Organic Whole Bean is that very best one and when I need decaf, The Bean Coffee Company, Le Bean (Dark French Roast), Organic Whole Bean, Decaffeinated, 5-Pound Bags is the one I choose.

I prefer organically grown coffee and this is 100% organically grown Arabica beans. The fresh flavor has great depth and is rich and smooth. The beans are beautiful ~ dark and glistening! The aroma is heavenly. The beans are low acid and antioxidant rich. This is truly a coffee of exceptional quality!

The Bean Coffee Company, Le Bean (Dark French Roast), Organic Whole Bean, Decaffeinated, 5-Pound Bags is also an exceptional value at Amazon. The price per pound with Amazon's Subscribe and Save program is better than the price per pound of organic French Roast coffees I have purchased elsewhere and the quality of this coffee is much better.

I'm very happy to have found this wonderful organic decaffeinated French Roast coffee!
231502231502B003OP8MU8A1AJDR6I589IHBMike London1151340150400Great Coffee!Before trying this coffee, I got the "392" stock number from Whole Foods (Organic French Decaf also), but at $13.99/lb., it was no bargain. This Le Bean product tastes better to me. It's a rich and wonderful blend. The Le Bean is probably the best decaf I've ever tasted. It's rich and smooth. The company clearly cares about producing an excellent product. I look forward to it every day.

When I called the company a while back, I found they use a C02 (Carbon-dioxide) process, not a water process for decaffeination. From what I understand, this process, as opposed to the water process, just means it doesn't take out quite as much caffeine as a water process. But I believe the process is just as safe - no chemicals used/added as possible with other decaffeination methods.

I had a small issue recently where the 5 lb. bag I ordered felt a bit light. Using a scale I had previously verified using known-good weights, I weighed the bag and found it to be almost a whole pound underweight. Amazon, to their credit, refunded that order immediately upon hearing about this issue. I'm confident this was just an accident, but I'll post back here if it happens again.

Finally, 5 lbs. is a lot of coffee. Therefore, I freeze my 5 lb. bag. Although Le Bean apparently does not recommend freezing, I seem to recall reading a book called "The Book of Coffee and Tea" that actually recommended freezing to maximize the length of freshness (6 months frozen in bean if memory serves). Moreover, I taste no difference between the beginning of the bag and the last beans after the bag has been in the freezer for months. Your experience (or taste buds) may be different.


Update: The most recent order I got had the correct weight of coffee so I'm confident that the initial experience I listed above has been better quality control before the coffee goes out to make sure the weight is correct. THANK YOU Le Bean for fixing this under-weight issue so quickly!!! :)
231503231503B003OP8MU8A579NSHGCXQIXE. Murphy1151329955200deliciousexcellent taste. very impressed. I am disappointed though that the price has gone up significantly since I bought it back in December. Beautiful beans - great aroma and flavor.
231504231504B003OP8MU8AKQV4BDJY1F2KDouglas "Quality Driven"0031348358400Coffee RETAIL inflationOn September 10, 2012, the traded commodity price of coffee was down 40%, year to date, yet, the RETAIL price remains at historically high prices. So coffee producers are buying the crop at 40% less than in December, 2011, but retail prices have increased or remain about the same.

As a consumer of coffee, you may want to ask yourself, WHY????
231505231505B003OP8MU8AK8SNCO6QDJJ7Michele0041347926400Good coffee, but caffeine content is pretty highI found this bean to produce tasty coffee (I've been cold brewing it for iced coffee), but was rather surprised at how much caffeine is still in the bean, despite its "decaffeinated" status. I am very sensitive to caffeine (my heart races and I feel very physically shaky and anxious from it), and I get this response from this bean. Just FYI for those who have the same sensitivity.

UPDATE: I just want to reinforce the message here that the caffeine content in this bean remains high. It seems to me that this is a caffeinated coffee, though I believe them when they say it is decaffeinated (I believe it is decaffeinated, but not uncaffeinated). I have been really struggling with the caffeine in this coffee (suffering caffeine's effects on my body), because I have so much of this bean (purchased 5 pounds) and I like the coffee.

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