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231511231511B000LRH7TEA4QCTSYLS5CP7Carole "Jeremiah 20:9"0051321574400Excellent Cold-Pressed Extra-virgin Olive OilColavita Olive Oil is excellent. It is manufactured in Italy with Italian olives. It is a cold-pressed oil, meaning the olives are crushed without use of heat or chemicals. No heat, of course, means more nutrients; No chemicals, of course, is no chemicals!! I use this oil in my cooking (red sauces), sauteing vegetables, fish, meats, in salads, and for dipping with bread and freshly ground pepper or a cheese--such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano. My favorite use of this oil is in traditional Italian Bread Salad (Panzanella). Amazon's price, however, is quite high $36.99!! I get it locally for $26.99. Of course, I have the benefit of living in the Chicago area, where excellent Italian products are available. If you consider the cost of shipping a 3L can, then amazon's price (with the retailer's shipping) is competive!
231512231512B005JEKO6WA1O8Y2Y9953XXIYesi1151340064000A bit smaller than I expected but I can't wait to see it grow and will definitely reorder!!I ordered this plant along with two other plants (philodendron and spider plant) and when I received the box that they came in at first I thought, "hmm, I will probably receive the rest of the order the next day." All three plants were inside this fairly small box. It's not a big deal I just thought plants would be slightly bigger. Okay the plant itself is cute!!! Can't wait till it grows I have it on a window sill that gets bright light but no direct sunlight.
231513231513B005JEKO6WA3JK97FOFF8N8PYunus Rajabiy "Alex Sage"1151333152000Both plants came in good shapeI bought two of these nighttime oxygen emmitting mother-in-law's tongues. They're good to place in where you sleep for a healthier air exchange according to a website "top indoor plants for air purification". Since oxygen is highly required for recovering process during beauty sleep rejuvenation, they recommend about 6 plants per person for its optimal effect. I'm not sure of the size, however, according to NASA a human requires 6 waste tall plants (particularly carbon monoxide (human exhale) to oxygen converting) to "survive" in the room completely sealed from air. Note that it's to survive, not for optimal oxygen saturation, though that wasn't mentioned on that page. Didn't mean to change the subject, but that was the reason why I purchased these plants from this seller other than a high quality service and quick shipment that I truly appreciate.
231514231514B005JEKO6WA287VUK9FZB88HPuzzler0041333584000Black Star Birdsnest Snake PlantMy plant arrived in good condition. It is full and healthy looking. There were some brown tips on some of the stems, but the plant looks good after clipping those off. I believe that is customary for the snake plant (mother-in-law's tongue) though. I am pleased with the plant.
231515231515B000LRH7TYASCDD61EI5C9Bpatrogers571151315267200greatit is a great product. taste is wonderful and will buy it again. price is right also. it is something great for every kitchen
231516231516B005OOGTBQA2SUIKWQTSO3GGPeter Harrison0011338163200WAAY overpriced compared to local groceryI love Anna's Ginger Thin cookies, and was hoping to find them through Amazon
in quantity for a discount bulk price. But this price for an 8-pack is more
than double the per-pack I pay at my expensive gourmet grocery store in NYC.
I am very disappointed that Amazon can't find a decent supplier at a sane price.
Guess I might go for it if I was marooned on a desert island, but, otherwise, FUGETTABOUTIT!
231517231517B005OOGTBQA30U0F5OXX8EQCChantal P. Beason0051325808000Next best to homemadeI buy many of these every year and give them to associates for Christmas. Everyone loves them including me! To top it off any problems with the order and the shipper is right on top of correcting it. As always Amazon and vendors are the best
231518231518B007AVPN9AA32T1GDZ9JDAG0peanut0011349308800bad seedsDid what package said but nothing came up .So i dont know what else to review .A waste of money. Mrs.Glenda Logan
231519231519B001FRE0ZSA3T1HDGXUWCKUPSansfx1151318723200Delicious! Vegetable Enhancer!I received my first bottle of this Viking Smoked Salt as a stocking stuffer. I like to cook and I started using it w/everything! I feel this really enhances the flavor of the veggies. It is especially delicious on roasted vegetables.

1. Turn oven on to broil.
2. Prepare a baking pan with foil.
3. Lay out my veggies (asparagus, brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc) in a single layer.
4. Douse with extra virgin olive oil (evoo).
5. Sprinkle liberally with Viking Smoked Salt.
6. I sometimes add ground black pepper and ground garlic.
7. I leave the veggies in there till they start to get golden brown but I really like them kinda charred... About 8-14 mins.

I have also used in sauteing vegetables (mushrooms, green beans, brussel sprouts, etc)

1. Turn on stove to a medium high fire.
2. Prepare a large frying pan with evoo (just enough to cover the expanse of the pan).
3. When oil starts to separate, drop in vegetables.
4. Coat veggies w/oil from pan (add more if needed). I also sometimes add a few pats of butter for taste.
5. Sprinkle with Viking Smoked Salt.
6. Keep mixing the veggies.
7. I turn off the fire when the veggies are al dente(still a little bit crisp) but that is up to you...
231520231520B001FRE0ZSA1EKD56QNIBLIFNever Again1151229126400Wonderful to look at, Tastes good tooSalt is just salt? Not really. Few things this expensive are worth it. This is
231521231521B001FRE0ZSA1YDUQZIVYCNGHCorvus "corvus"0111304035200Not as described.This product is advertised as smoked salt. It is, indeed, smoked salt.

What the seller fails to tell us is that curry, onion, and black pepper are also ingredients.

It is more like onion salt and may be good for a rub, but it is definitely not what I thought I was purchasing.

I contacted the seller and their response was "The ingredients are indeed salt, curry, onion, and pepper, which is not an indication that this product is not smoked salt."

I cannot recommend this seller.
231522231522B003NQQK3EAM2I5VZKDS0IIDaveZ. "homeowner"1151233705600Nature's Miracle OilThere is a quiet epidemic in America caused by excessive sugar in our diet and overuse of antibiotics. The epidemic is Yeast (fungus) overgrowth, and it has been estimated that upwards of 85% of Americans suffer from it, many without even knowing. Fungal overgrowth has been linked to cancer and other diseases. There is a simple test called the "SPIT TEST". Do a search on these subjects and take this test. If you have the symptoms, purchase this product, Nature's Alchemy Essential Oil of Oregano. Take as directed (usually 1 drop in water or juice 3 times daily). Oregano is one of the most potent anti-fungal agents in existence, and it is completely natural with virtually no side effects. Make sure it is wild oregano. Don't take my word for it, do some research. This product worked great for me, and cleared up a stubborn yeast overgrowth problem in just weeks.
231523231523B001EPQO50A2B3O38ZUQQWBYAmazon shopper "rk4321"0011302220800Basic salad dressingWe are very disappointed with this "dipping oil". I've been using separate ingredients, including high end olive oils, vinegars, etc and decided to give this pre-mix a try for dipping various freshly baked breads. Visually, it looks congealed and cloudy, with more than 12 months left on the "best before" date. The taste and aroma from this product is very close to a low end Italian salad dressing. This is being sold as more than that and that's where my rating comes from. We can't use it, can't donate it or return it. Lesson learned.
231524231524B00474EIG2A3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer1151346889600This may be the very best guacamole mix ever - if you like your guacamole SPICY!I really like this guacamole mix. It's very, very spicy.

I got two different brands. Actually I assumed that the other brand would be spicier, probably because of the rather bland name of t this product, <grin>, but Produce Partners Great Guacamole Mix Spicy was take-your-breath-away spicy. Both were delicious. I would feel good about recommending Produce Partners Great Guacamole Mix Spicy to anyone. Maybe it should come with a warning though, because it is SPICY! I love it.

I'll be using both in the future, depending on my mood. Price will have a lot to do with it as well. This one was a very reasonable price, at least at the time I bought. I know these things can change.
231525231525B00474EIG2AW18ZVGWEB4LQbluebonnet1151341360000Love this product!This is the best guacamole mix....have used it for years...very easy to make! Produce Partners has been hard to glad to see it on amazon!
231526231526B00474EIG2A2EFQW1VF3NENBHenryJTS1151338249600The Tastiests GuacThis guacamole seasoning is by far my families favorite. It has a lot of taste and is ridiculously easy to make! Just add avocados! Love it!
231527231527B00474EIG2A30NFGWLQWNACJBlue1151325376000easy & good!I've been using this mix for many years now and have not found another as good. Other mixes seem to have an "off" taste to them. I usually buy the "spicy" type, and add more or less mix to the avocados, depending on how spicy I want it to be.
231528231528B00474EIG2A3TTVPCOUGLHQWsanjay_mavinkurve0051347494400The best guacamole I've hadAmazing guacamole. I'd love to conduct a blind taste test, putting this guacamole that I can make in 5 minutes against guacamole from the best restaurants. There's really no reason to ever buy pre-made guacamole when you've got this mix.
231529231529B00474EIG2A3AV6NXXVOGFQCKacie Kay "MediaNubie"0051322265600Quick MixGood spicy flavor and very quick easy to use.
Great online buy as most stores in area don't have it.
231530231530B00474EIG2ARAL1EFVG2TG3Suzy Smith0051293580800Love this stuff!The store I usually purchase this from stopped carrying it and the other ones I've tried just have not been the same. I was happy to see it on Amazon, it is worth ordering online to have it.
231531231531B000NT35O6A42Y9YO2YS146Ann M. Radcliffe3331317859200Splenda flavorsI love these Splenda flavors and they are not that easy to find in the grocery stores. However, the cost of shipping was a SHOCK - $11.00! Not a bargain. I'll buy them at a store from now on. I wonder why such a light box of product would cost so much to ship? Ridiculous!
231532231532B000NT35O6A13S3XXRWQ9RUUDusty1151332979200splenda coffee sticksI have loved these little coffee sticks for a while and decided to get Mocha to try out.I have tried Hazelnut,Vanilla, and some others I can't think of right now. I really like them. They make plain coffee taste so much better and I seem to drink more with these. Don't know if that's good or not , but I don't care, as long as it"s good.
231533231533B000NT35O6A110OBDL06D0LBLH1121298937600old productThe store stopped stocking this, so I bought online, over 1/2 of the pouchesin each box are useless because instead of getting powder,it's hard as a rock in each pouch, so you can't get the product out.
231534231534B000NT35O6A3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1151271203200Great Tasting Coffee Flavoring - Highly Recommeded!Splenda Mocha Coffee Flavor is my favorite coffee sweetener. Being diabetic I have to avoid sugar, which is unfortunate since I really like sweet flavored coffee. Splenda makes several flavors in these convenient packets that help satisfy my sweet cravings (I use two packets in a largish coffee mug).

I also like Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Flavor Blends for Coffee, French Vanilla, 30-Count Boxes (Pack of 6).

Highly Recommended!

231535231535B000NT35O6A142KNOVM8E3ZHollie H0051349136000Mocha Splenda for Coffee is GREAT!I love having Mocha flavored Splenda for Coffee in my morning mug of coffee. Its so much easier to make coffee at home and have my "cafe mocha" as soon as I wake up! I only wish more stores carried this product and kept it in stock.
231536231536B000WFPNVEA3BKZKEUPRZ4P5Jack0051343952000Great product, great company!I placed an order for this cat food after having moved to a new state. The package was sent to my old address...which was an error on my part. After weeks, I never received the package at my new address and was unable to contact the new renters of the home. After sending Pet food direct a message through Amazon, they were more than happy to send a replacement package at no charge to me! THANKS!! I will definitely be using this seller again in the future!
Even better is the Fromm cat food product itself! My cat previously had trouble with some dry foods giving her an upset stomach. After changing to Fromm cat food she never had stomach problems again! She loves this food and meows and meows when it's time to be fed.
Thanks Pet food direct and Fromm!!!
231537231537B000WFPNVEA1KJURYEGNGJDUS. Fuller0051342396800My cats love Fromm foodsMy cats all like the Fromm foods. I like both the dry and canned varieties. It's really made their fur even silkier and seems to have cut down some on the fur balls, which is a definite plus.
231538231538B008RB95JQA1OAZUFWJYJYS3Charles Love "Clove"121251186704000Don't be fooled, this is not what you get in the supermarketLike so many things in Italy, the Italians have elevated this vinegar-making to high art.

This product, "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia", is made from cooked grape "must" that is aged over many years while it is transfered into ever smaller barrels of different woods. Through this aging and evaporation process, this product matures into a very unique "condimento".
After a minimum of 12 years, a sample of this product is given to a consortium where it is evaluated against the standard for "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia". If approved, this product can be given a "silver label" = 12 years old, a "red label" = 25 years old and then there is this current product, a "gold label" 50 to 75 to 100 years old. The consortium places the product in their unique bottle and then, and only then, can the product carry the name "Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale."

There is not a simple way to describe the taste other that to say "if you have ever tasted vinegar, it is NOTHING like that." This is a product that used in drops on fine cheese or over perfectly ripe strawberries or just drizzled over a perfectly cooked porterhouse steak.
You do not make salad dressing from this product!
The Italians categorize this product as a "digestivo" (after dinner drink to aid digestion) or a "condimento", used as I described above.

All you have to do is have a nice person put 2 drops on your tongue, then you will understand everything I've written above.
231539231539B0046D7JDIA21K9XVHM5AZNQKelly0051343606400Great!Great tea. We prefer anything that is loose leaf compared to a traditional bag, and this one is a good one! Would buy again.
231540231540B001HTJHWUA4JS8BC0B8Z65umm2_90051330128000Favorite Sparkling SodaI absolutely love this, of all the lorina flavors it is in y opinion the best. I initially bought these from my local WFM but it cost a lot more and are only available in the larger glass bottles so these are wonderful family loves it, nice and portable :-D. Not overly sweet, not alka seltzer flavored like sparkling water!

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