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231541231541B001HTJHWUA3DM83P7RGQPK7yttik3811305504000completely disappointed with false product image descriptionPhoto does not represent the product description. Bought this thinking it was the larger wine bottles (wanted to use for wedding) but I received the small soda-size bottles. Completely waste of time and money! Beware if buying from this seller... received really bad customer service! Now I have a bunch of soda bottles just sitting around! Never buying from seller again.
231566231566B00060055OA1CEZE5QSNCQ6Ythaddeus0041336694400strong flavorDutch Gold buckwheat honey - Try it on Toasted bread with maranatha sunflower butter , hmmmm.... This is a strong flavor - reminds me of molasses.
231567231567B00060055OA3HKZA48V9HMCAEsme Real-Lee0051336608000A delightful surprise.I was intrigued with how dark the honey was, sitting there on the grocer's shelf - I've never seen honey like that before, so I was curious. I was really pleased when I got it home and took a taste!

This honey has a slight hint of molasses to it, mainly as an after-taste that lingers just a bit. I like it very much. If you don't, then buckwheat blossom honey isn't for you. Otherwise ... enjoy!
231542231542B0016D1130A36LDA9339NE8QILikeAmazon "ilikeamazon"2251240790400The finest bagged tea I've ever triedBy accident, I tried this tea at a local restaurant. I was stunned! The rich nutty green tea flavor of Dragon Well Green came through with no hint of corrupt processing. Goes well with a slice of lemon (optional).

The box says to use boiling water, but I achieve better results with water that's a bit cooler with shorter steeping times: Large coffee cup with fresh water 1.5 min in new microwave on high with steeping 2.5 min (you can also reuse the tea bag for your second cup that way, too)...and considering the expense of this tea, you don't want to waste any. The large tea package can easily be used to store your tea bag for a second cup.

Highly recommended!
231568231568B0011CX2M4A30UN1NQHLCFF0Deborah M. Donnison "Deb"6651331683200Excellent salt / Price issueI love this salt but the price, here, is way out of line. You can buy a case of 12 at for $30.00something out to $3.09 per box. A case is a lot, but it just goes to show that this salt can be found for a much lower price. Publix used to carry it, although today, my hubby says he could not find it there. Men!
A humidity issue was mentioned in another review...I live in Florida at the beach and I have never had a problem with this salt. I have probs. with regular salt but not this. I keep salt in a small, open dish on the counter and when the humidity reaches about 90-100% I can still grab a may stick together a tiny bit, but nothing to fret about. This salt also has recommendations from various culinary associations and institutes, and Alton Brown.
231543231543B000GCLB64AUDGPNC93GNOITKTSR>0011347235200Bait and switch
231569231569B0011CX2M4A1BDACFCGVTHJXR. Siever "moser"6651266364800salt like no other!!I have tried a lot of salt over the years, and the first time I tasted Diamond Crystal Salt, it was like I had never really tasted salt before! It is the best!
We grind ours with a mortar and pestle before putting in a shaker.
231570231570B0011CX2M4A1XUBB73WNM93UEd3351284249600Salt for the GrillI use this salt as an ingredient for meat rubs when I cook on the grill. The salt melts quickly into the meat. It does not have the "metal" taste and has less sodium then table salt. Adds a hint of salt flavor to the rubs.
231544231544B004JM9QZ0A14JIQCR65GERPChef1151308873600BEST BBQ sauce ever!I've tried most of the Korean BBQ sauce out there and this one is the BEST by far!
This is my recipe using this sauce on some chicken thighs & drumsticks.
Starting out with 5 lbs of chicken, wash and let dry. Add 2 teaspoons of salt and 2 teaspoons of black pepper and mix them up thoroughly with the chicken. Then add 1 tablespoon of Tony Chachere's creole seasoning and 1 tablespoon of Paprika. Mix them all up. Then add a moderate amount of this BBQ sauce in. Let the whole thing sit for about 5 hours or so and throw them in the oven. Add some oil on the pan to prevent burning. Cook for about 45-50 minutes at 450F. Try this and your family will love it!
Pro tip: This BBQ sauce can be found at Asian supermarkets for about $7.
231545231545B005U20B02A1BU77JI9IWNW0Jay0011346976000Disgusting!This was the worst garbage I've ever boughten, It's a horrible Hamburger Helper imitation, for almost double the price. Stick with Hamburger helper, you'll be happier.
231546231546B00914ZI26A1Y64LZSBVHG2Jdb20000151349222400its growing on me.At first I wasn't crazy about the flavor compared to homemade lemonade, but you can't beat the convenience of the K-cup.
231547231547B0032Y4Z0WA15UXFXH7CSU9YNina Escover1141332115200Realized its Smallwell it's a fave thing for my bf.. but i guess its a lil too small for a big KID like him..
231548231548B0032Y4Z0WAFT76U9IPWJMAmanda3421314403200Cute jar, DONT EATSo the packaging was not correct for "food" items, the gummy bears were all stuck together onto one side, all gross. And they were cooked almost hott and gross. Im going to have to go buy new gummy bears to put into the jar. Not worth the money. Get a normal jar for gummy bears.
231549231549B000HQKXA4A58N07M0ZCYMBValentina2241200096000Very good, but not as great as Classic MaruchanI liked these ramen noodles, but the taste is very Asian, with distinct soy sauce flavor (not a broth flavor). If I compare this to my classic favorite, Maruchan Instant Lunch, Maruchan has much more delicate taste, with clear chicken flavor, like noodles in chicken broth. Probably would not buy this again, but may try chicken flavor is they make it, because noodle quality and veggies were better than Maruchan.
231550231550B004R6AV84A2WIDUC1GX42VOrenatae330051349654400Wonderful cheese blows Parmesan out of the water!
231551231551B004R6AV84A1RBGACG4MQ2XQYankee0051328054400Winning Cheese!I was told about this cheese by my cousin in Ohio. I used it and won a meatball throw down with it! Wonderful flavor in the meatballs!
231552231552B000YZTKUWAQZ996YO8N4IFsheila r. london0041311120000gimbal's sugar free black licorice chews must be made in the middle east!Last year I purchased Gimbal's Fine Candies Sugar Free Black Licorice Chews in the 10 pound case TWICE. The cost with free shipping was $46.00. Now it is almost DOUBLED in price. Ridiculous and Outrageous. I like the item but its pricing is a rip off. Are they getting the materials to manufacture this from oil rich countries?
231553231553B000YZTKUWA35RZ151E70GPPD. R. Schulze0051304035200TastyI'm a diabetic that likes jelly type candies & these are great. But like most sugarfree candies, DO NOT OVER INDULGE! Various sugar substitutes can cause excess gas, stomach pains & loose stools....enjoy with restraint. These chewy licorice bites are fresh but come with a hefty shipping charge.
231554231554B0036W60JEA28UMQ4FZSSX5Jbilal0051343174400greatorder has been handled properly and the macarons were fine. Thanks for the great service and resolving the glitch so promptly
231555231555B001VNGP22AJMYX6BWDEHZAHomeschoolMom382251320364800Great Product!I have been using this for years, getting it through a co-op. Was pleased to see it offered by Amazon at a reasonable price. Frontier makes quality herbs and broth powders. This product tastes good and I use it in place of regular beef broth in recipes. Highly recommend!
231556231556B001VNGP22AEK026X4KYVZFDona E. Russell "donarussell"1141329177600good flavorThis is a good broth flavor, though it takes a lot of it to do the job. Not very much salt in it either so that is good for those of you looking for low sodium products. I have to add more salt for my taste. No MSG. Good product.
231557231557B001VNGP22AL89HQ19N0EXYCarolyn Blakeney1151327536000Convenient, humane alternative to beef brothAlthough I have a few recipes that I go to for making my own"chicken" style dry broth mix without the bird, I haven't found a go-to recipe for a "beef" style broth mix yet. Frontier fills the void and buying it on Amazon is the most cost-effective way that I've found so far. I like the results in recipes more than some other cheaper brands tried to date. My only caveat is to be aware that it includes salt (as almost all broth powders do), so taste as you go when cooking, and add additional salt to your recipe only after tasting the broth first.
231558231558B001VNGP22A39NA03ZUZNXMVoodoo Annie1151326326400WONDERFUL staple for the vegetarian pantry!In this product, Frontier surpasses itself in flavor and quality! The broth delivers a smooth, mellow beefy taste, and when added to gravies, seitans, roasted potatoes, or vegetarian roasts, the taste really comes alive without adding too much salt. Any time I cook for non-vegetarians, I trick my guests into believing I'm a WAY better cook than I am, just by adding this powder to my recipes! LOVE IT!
231559231559B001VNGP22A4ZL3CWE9XHDNjoop0021346371200very disappointingI've been using Harvest brand vegetarian broth mixes for years but to get them requires a 30-45 minute round trip drive to the specialty market. Feeling lazy, I ordered this off Amazon. It seems pleasant enough when you dip a finger in the mix but to get water to taste like anything you have to use a ton. I get low sodium but this should be titled low flavor. It's more sweet than anything and I have to add a ton PLUS salt and other seasonings to make a decent broth. I won't buy this again.
231560231560B005AIXHIEA3R8BFURZ9WINTN. Heckmann0051312761600Perfect cakes, fast shipping - VERY happyBought these for a blackout cake lover (and critic) who was VERY HAPPY. They're beautiful, delicious, moist cakes of goodness. They arrived on dry ice within 2 business days... will definitely order again!
231561231561B00060055OA341BG8RMH8QWNotATameLion9941102204800WHEN IT COMES TO HONEY...You cannot beat Dutch Gold. They are economical, generally not hard to find, and offer a fine variety of honey products (their Tupelo honey--suspiciously not listed, as of this writing, here on Amazon--is my all-time favorite).

"What the **** do I do with Buckwheat Honey" you ask?

Here's what (you will not be sorry--try me on this one):

Get yourself, or better yet: make yourself, some pankcakes or waffles. Then, while they are just about done, get a small pan and heat it over a medium flame. Throw in a teaspoon each of unsalted butter, backstrap molasses and some Buckwheat Honey. When melted/mixed, pour piping hot over your pancakes and/or waffles.

Voila! Breakfast Bliss. Morning Nirvana.

I give this Honey a stomach-felt recommendation.
231562231562B00060055OA1W5RTY18MB9FGB. Barber5551150243200Dutch Gold Buckwheat Honey is greatI have been using this product for several years. At first, people think it's too strong, but once used to it, other honeys seem almost tasteless. Besides the robust flavor, buckwheat honey is rated by nutritionists as having the most nutrients.
231563231563B00060055OA1LVZOF50GB2N4Mortar&Pestle3311325376000Not my cup of teaMy wife wanted to try this after seeing it highlighted on Dr. Oz as the best sugar alternative for hot drinks. We tried it in coffee and tea and the flavor was so strong it overpowered the flavor of the drink you were adding it to. No thank you Dr. Oz.
231564231564B00060055OA1ORZKYPMHLRUCJancal1151341532800Powerfully strong but healthy buckwheat honeyI have been doing extensive online research to lower my LDL ("bad") cholesterol with diet, and one of the recommended foods is buckwheat honey. It has the most antioxidants of any other honey, and though the taste is super-strong (a cross between molasses and a strong herbal cough syrup such as Buckley's) and not pleasant to eat by the spoonful, it does very well blended in a hot drink like coffee or milk, or in cooking such as part of a marinade. For total taste elimination, try putting a tsp in strong tea such as herbal peppermint. Dr. Oz has recommended using it to sweeten coffee instead of sugar because you need less with the powerful buckwheat honey taste. This brand Dutch Gold is reliable, I have always used their honeys because there is never an allergic reaction (i.e.hives) which I have had from other brands, even expensive ones. I really like the plastic squeeze bottle which is easy-pour and dripless, and usually only found with the plastic honey bears.
231565231565B00060055OA1I5YD2S7QFUJBGaylon V. Ickers1141160352000Great stuff!I agree with the writer who suggests making it a topping for hotcakes or waffles. I, however, use it straight. I also suggest buyers look on the Dutch Gold website for recpies. My office loved the roasted walnuts topped with buckwheat honey.

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