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231571231571B0011CX2M4A37X7PUPILGAQ5James A. Suddarth2251290384000No going back to regular saltFlakey, not grainy. Dissolves pretty much on contact. Even flavor, not overpowering. Who knew salt could make such a big difference? Just pour some of this box into a ziplock bag and keep on your countertop. That's how I do it!
231572231572B0011CX2M4A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis1151341446400LOL at the Star of David on the box!Its koshering salt, not really "Kosher" and it has not been blessed by a
Rabbi in a clean room in Haifa or somewhere, this is the salt used in the
koshering process to extract the last drops of blood from cured meats.

Whats different between Diamond Crystal and Morton's? Well for one thing
there are no fillers or caking agents, and Morton's is ground rock salt,
much coarser and less willing to dissolve than the fine flakes you find
with Diamond Crystal. Also DC is distinct from other kosher salts because
of its extraordinary texture that easily crumbles between fingertips, its
smooth blendability and its exceptional adherence. Diamond Crystal is pure
salt and has no additives.

Ask any chef why they use kosher salt and they will tell you it tends to
have a clean, natural flavor and sprinkles more evenly than other salts.
Also, this DC is half as saline as table salt by volume, while Morton's is
2/3 as saline as table salt by volume. That means there is less probability
of over-salting. The general usage table looks like this: 2 parts table salt
= 3 parts Morton kosher = 4 parts Diamond Crystal kosher.

Anyway, if you go to diamondcrystalsalt(dot)com under the Culinary tab you will
find the store locator for your area. Also on the website is a highly entertaining
and informative "Salt 101" by Food Network's Alton Brown that will explain to you
why you should be using Diamond Crystal Kosher, and how. Never understood why
DC is generally found in the kosher foods section of the grocery stores, while the
Morton salt is in the spice aisle?

This DC product was also awarded the American Culinary Federation Seal of Approval,
which basically means this is the #1 choice of gourmets everywhere. Great stuff!

And despite any silly claims in the comments section, there is no such thing as
"Kosher" salt, its ridiculous. Sorry. LOL
231573231573B0011CX2M4A30STW784HQORJRichard E Davis1151331078400Pricing IssueGood salt. Check your local supermarket for a better price. Safeway is selling this same 3 lb. box of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt for $4.99.
231574231574B0011CX2M4A2MMJV9IXERNA1Quarter Twain1151312761600Redefines what salt should taste likeThis salt makes you wonder what in the world all the junk you tasted before really was. You need less and the flavor somehow is far more pleasant than common table salt. Diamond Crystal lends itself to any food or any recipe. Taste this and you won't go back.
231575231575B0011CX2M4A1ZXK19SEN91S0Harvey Hacker1151305331200Good stuffFree flowing flake salt, big size means that I had to transfer to plastic bottle to keep dry because box not good for long term storage after opening. Reccomend using a dry clear plastic juice bottle minimum 2 liter size. Works good on popcorn, sticks better tham table salt, not as good as popcorn salt.
231576231576B0011CX2M4AOWOCR3K9WAZ9m.vasquez1151304380800awesomeLoved it.
Very pleased with its texture
and taste
Will purchase again
231577231577B0011CX2M4A2K33VWYQC9C2Wjerry i h71051201305600Plain, Boring Salt; This one really is betterHave you ever flown into the SF/Bay Area, and seen those colorful pools of liquid in the bay? Ever wondered what these are? Well, these are salt evaporation ponds owned by Cargill. This is where they harvest salt for their Diamond Crystal brand of kosher salt.

Pity, this salt is usually dismissed as suitable only for pickling or making ice cream. I can buy this salt in smaller, 500 gram cardboard shakers like ordinary salt. I cannot honestly say that it tastes better than that other brand with a girl with umbrella, but Diamond Crystal is the one I always use for everything. Due to the rather large and bulky size of the crystals, you have to measure out twice the volume of this salt compared to ordinary, granulated, table salt.

I saw a local PBS TV show about these salt ponds, and it sure seemed like a top drawer gourmet product commensurate with the other, gourmet food products that the Bay Area regularly produces. If you want this gourmet, SF salt,you will have to buy this Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, as Cargill does not sell it to anyone. I am glad the ridiculous craze for 'gourmet' salt has faded, and that twenty dollar containers of 4 oz. of salt are sitting on grocers' shelves gathering dust. This brand is the only one you need.
231578231578B0011CX2M4A3DXCWWRJPRIS3Simone2351291075200Perfect for cheesemakingI bought this product for cheesemaking, which requires flaked salt. Amazon has the best price I have found. This salt sticks to the cheese curds and dissolves quickly. It's perfect!
231579231579B0011CX2M4A3H9S06RFG6FCZMatthew A. Dotson0041336003200Great salt, Bad boxDiamond kosher salt is great. It's got a nice clean salty taste without metallic after tastes. It's great for seasoning meat and about everything else you use salt for.

What I don't like about Diamond is their spout on the box. The one on my last box completely broke off, and my new box's spout is already showing signs of it's mortality. 3lbs of salt requires a lot of opening an closing of that spout, and I wish they'd reinforce it a little better.
231580231580B0011CX2M4A2MIP3AQVSF2SSProduct Master "PM"0141337299200Great salt, but at a cost -- and what a cost it isNot sure why Kosher Salt has to be so expensive, but there is just no substitute. These lovely flakes are, by far, the easiest to handle in the kitchen, and one thing you can absolutely guarantee: this is clean salt. Clean, clean, clean!
231581231581B000JL8S4AATHUN0PJ0MG0PR. Cross "LVWolfman"4451308787200Good for big chewersMy mother's dog (a black German Shepherd mix) will go through a "normal" sized rawhide chew in one night. So I got him this one. Weeks later one knuckle is still left and well chewed. So I think this is good value for the money. Warning, it IS very large. Give it to a Chihuahua and have your camcorder ready so you can post to YouTube. LOL
231582231582B000JL8S4AA78BD4L1BAZKFBrian NY3351313280000Great for aggressive chewersI have a one year old lab/pit bull mix who will chew up a 10" rawhide in a day. We've purchased two of these 24" rawhide's and they each lasted about a month.
231583231583B000JL8S4AA1G4PKWK923IALVirginian3351288569600Just what I (and my dogs) neededMy two border collies can eat through 10-inch "rawhide rolls" in one evening (that's one bone per dog). That gets expensive! These 24-inch bones with knotted ends are a better deal. I give one to each of my two dogs and the bones last 3 weeks. I ordered these at the end of September. Noticed the Amazon price went up by $1.72 per bone in October. Not happy with the price jump, but it's still a better deal than the 10-inch bones.
231584231584B000JL8S4AA320O1Z5XQ12URAmanda S.1131327017600Doesn't last very long with a very aggressive chewerI bought this 24" rawhide because several reviewers said their dogs worked on it for a very long time. Unfortunately, this was not the case with my 100 lb. Labrodane. He was pulling off large shreds within 2 minutes, had it broken in half within 10 minutes and chewed one half down to the knot in less than an hour. While I don't think this is a bad quality bone, the rawhide is not as thick as other bones I have purchased, which I am assuming is why he was able to tear it apart so fast.
231585231585B000JL8S4AABBLH1XWZF8UStephen1151321315200Awesome bone!Got this for our retriever / doberman mix...she loved it! At first it was so large that I think she was a bit intimidated by it, but after a few days of coming up with an attack strategy she went right to town.

...and finished it in 3 days.

Typically a large rawhide lasts about 4-5 hours for her, so it was definitely a value. Also, it was hilarious to watch her run around the house holding onto it.

Bought it for one of our friends pitbulls too, it's a great dog gift!
231586231586B000JL8S4AA2943XNTMVETZQGSD-Mom "Zayla"2331304121600Puppy Loves It But Eats It Too FastMy 45 lb lab mix loves these 24" rawhide bones but they only last 48 hours at best. She's like a wood chipper when she gets going. So according to her it is a 5 star product based on how much she loves it. But in my judgement it is sort of expensive for 2 days of chewing. I will buy this product occasionally but will seek a more economical alternative. My guess is that most dogs will not chew it up as quickly.
231587231587B000JL8S4AA2MMR5O9CUYSZ8Rager2351265414400Big boneMy dog loved this large bone! It actually lasted 2 weeks or so before it was gone.
231588231588B000JL8S4AA245QIVP7OBHTLJada0051344556800Great for the priceHave a doberman mix that chews most bones in one night. This one will take a little while for her. Shipping was quick and the price was great compared to smaller bones for the same cost. Will be buying more.
231589231589B000JL8S4AA2MOL334MXEUQMJosh Gadolin0051343088000LOVED!We purchased two of the rawhide dog bones for our two dogs - we have a pitbull mix and a boxer, both who go through rawhides like they are going out of style. We had spent 30$ at Petsmart for a similar product, but they didnt enjoy the Petsmart ones as much as these ones. They went through these ones like CRAZY!!! I HIGHLY recommend them.
231590231590B000JL8S4AA2IEUSZIW4T5Z3Luci0041342137600LUCI likes themLuci is park husky park Great Dane she is 100 pound dog and chews these up alot 1 week not tobad the other I bought from the name brand stores last 1 day
231591231591B000JL8S4AAS416PYGT7AWTLENORT0051335830400Great for BIG dogs!I have a 120lb. Rottie and he was so ecited when this bone came to him in the mail!!! It was a great size for him and he loved it!
231592231592B000JL8S4AAN37UBW4ERQI9cquestazon0041329177600happy about price more than anythingShipping was fast! The bones are good quality. Some are smaller than others but, they are thick inside. My pitbull loves them! Saved 2/3's by not paying $16-$20 each at pets stores. Will be buying them here from now on.
231593231593B000JL8S4AAPS79UQ581PLHS. L. Murphy "Rain Dancer"0051326067200Well worth buying the biggest for your large breed dog!Kept my 9 month old Golden Retriever intimidated for 3 days trying to figure out how to handle this massive chew. After one week, he has chewed (maybe) 10% of the rawhide bone. I've purchased the typical rawhide chews only to see my money devoured in a day. This large, heavy rawhide chew keeps my Golden entertained for hours every day and is still going. Would highly recommend for your large breed dog who likes to chew, and chew, and chew.
231594231594B000JL8S4AA3LE6Z0H1SHISACando! "Lopo"0051319155200This is one big bone!Our Siberian Husky loves to gnaw. She spends hours day after day chewing on this bone. It lasts a long time (much longer than any others that I've tried) so I think it is $ well spent. Keeps her busy and happy.
231595231595B000JL8S4AA195N2F0AS11KSN. Mercedes "Natmer5252"0051305504000Fun dog bones ....I have 2 Jack Russells and they love these bones...they are not small but not too big for them :-) they cant get enough and they last long and they dont smell after a few uses like other ones.
231596231596B000JL8S4AA72FFIWZYY6YGJ. Talley0051238803200No complaintsThe bones showed up quickly and were good quality. I have no complaints and would recommend the company and product.
231597231597B000JL8S4AA21QIHAN8BTITDSwissyGirl1251287014400AWESOME BoneMy Greater Swiss Mountain Dog didn't know what to do with this bone at first b/c it was so massive. I ordered 3 of them and cannot believe the size. Well worth the money. Buy more so shipping is less! Will definitely purchase these again.
231598231598B000JL8S4AABHOWR1POIRJTCharles Jost1251246320000More than expectedI ordered the 22 to 24 inch bone for my dog. It arrived quickly and was more like 36 to 40 inches which was nice. The dog really liked it. It costs a lot to ship so I would only go this route if you cant go to a store. (I am in Iraq) The company had great fast service, if they sell other things that ship cheaper than a 4 foot bone I will use them again.
231599231599B000JL8S4AA16PV0E7KJOSFXRobert J. Liszi "Ida-Boy"1251168300800Big Bones for Big DogOrdered several 22" to 24" rawhide bones for my dag for the holidays and shipment was prompt... Even a ribbon on the bones for my Champ!!!
231600231600B000JL8S4AA3LEG7LU1VP4TCAllison Rutherford2451295049600My dogs LOVE theseI have bought these large rawhides for my two large dogs (shepherd/st. bernard and lab/retriever) and they last for several days to weeks and the dogs just love running around with them more than with smaller ones. However, they can be messy on carpet.

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