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231601231601B000JL8S4AA1UA0P468XI74GFORDF1500111348876800Flaky and poor qualtiy large dog bonesI ordered these as I have ordered from Amazon 24 inch dog bones. These arrived and appeared to be the same however, definately were not. These came apart in little pieces and broke like potato chips. One of the primary reasons to order these bones is so they dont come apart in little pieces. They were paper thin amd broke apart in to smaller pieces way to easily.. These were definately a cheap poor imitation of the ones I recived before.. I will throw away the remaining 3 to avoid further probelms with my dog chocking on the small pieces..... Stay away from this seller.......
231602231602B000JL8S4AA3FQZW8H6WVY3Ictrain0611323734400Worst company to deal withI have been waiting for almost 2 weeks and still have not got any information or tracking on my order. I have tried to contact this company and am also still waiting on a response. I also found the 24" rawhide on another site for half the price and received my order in three days. By far the worst company to deal with, they don't seem to care about their customers in my opinion.
231603231603B000FDDJ1YA1K1VVE8F24IKGsustre91151332547200DIETER'S DELIGHT*****What a great surprise! Something so delicious and so low in calories! Each cake (or as I would say cracker) was
16 calories. An average serving of 3 cakes only 48 calories - NO CHOLESTEROL, NO FAT AND SUGAR FREE! These
cakes were textured, chewy, tasted so good and were a great size. I tried the multigrain first. Outstanding!
You can munch on these whenever you have a food craving. So filling! No binging! Better than the 100 calorie cheese puff bags that only leave you hungry and wanting more. I ate a whole bunch of these cakes and still lost
a few pounds. I have now ordered all the different flavors, so when the dieters find these, there will be a run to buy and I wanted some before they were on backorder! Enjoy these - you will not be disappointed!

231604231604B000FDDJ1YA3EIOMC103PG7WHonestly1141322784000good, but not greatthey need to improve packaging so it doesn't become uncrunchy after opening.
Suzie, see packaging of Mr. Wheat products.

low low fat, vegan and tastes great
honestly, not many food products like this.
wish i had found out about it lot lot sooner
great for health, convenient, delicious - need i say more!
231605231605B000FDDJ1YA1K8PBCHA6YW40S. Anible1141284854400Not my favorite flavor, but still very goodI prefer the lightly salted brown rice variety for taste, but these aren't so bad. If the stores ever ran out of the lightly salted brown rice variety, I would eat these while reminiscing about the others. :) Suzie's is now my favorite brand of rice cake, and I really love that they are thinner and slightly more dense.
231606231606B000FDDJ1YADIL8KZJ2ZBT4Linda E. Moore1151283212800These are excellent!I'll definitely buy them again!

I only have one complaint: the product is shrink-wrapped, which means that, once I opened it, I had to find a container to put it in. Any container. Anything that is reasonably air tight ("ordinary" rice cakes come in a recloseable bag).

TO THE MANUFACTURER: Packaging is good advertising! Why not give me something I can reclose? Just a thought....
231607231607B000FDDJ1YA2EEIW3PVVTN7Xlisa1151273622400wonderful snack!I love to munch & these are a wonderful low-calorie & healthy snack.
Thank you, Suzie!
231608231608B000FDDJ1YA18CQ3TU9MISJYLW Raboys2351266364800not your average rice cake!These extra thin multigrain puffed "cakes" are not like ordinary, air-filled puffed rice cakes. They are quite thin and more solid, which means you don't end up with a mouthful of air. They have a nice, balanced multigrain taste - not overbearing or "grainy". They are good plain, with peanut butter, or my favorite - with a drizzle of dark amber agave syrup.
231609231609B000FDDJ1YABYRDWMS3LSLERuth B. Radin "Ruthradin"0051348012800Wonderful alternative to regular rice cakesI love these thin rice cakes. They are a perfect, much lower calorie alternative to regular rice cakes. I am able to have three of these for the "price" of one - and they are delicious!
231610231610B000FDDJ1YA2DU4Y9RYDPUFIJoan A. Grealis0051339200000Tasty and healthy!These thin morsels are great as a low calorie crunchy snack that is also healthy. Dip in salsa or alone they can stave off hunger because of their beneficial carbs!
231611231611B000FDDJ1YA21L5LQZ7ACSVSLynn M. Marziale "Yummy & Healthy"1251299456000Healthy & YummyThese are the most tasty multi-grain crackers I have found. I eat them AND use them as NON-FATTENING treats for my dogs (per the Vet's orders) ... most pet treats are pretty fattening and not nearly as healthy as these puffed cakes.
231612231612B003IDSE8GA3EUOE51TPGZ8HOhio Woman0051302825600Beautiful flowers that last a long timeI received 2 bunches of these Dendrobiums from Just Orchids and what a lovely surprise (Thank you Steve G). The flowers are brightly colored and so visually stunning.
Every time I look at them I am pleased by their beauty.
It is now 15 days later and most of it still looks good. They looked perfectly fresh for 2 weeks and in just the last day a few of the blooms are drying up. I am removing the very few blooms that are dried and I'll see how long these stunning flowers continue. You would never know that it's been 2 weeks since they were delivered.
231613231613B003IDSE8GA2BMWYYZ1WNSLLAmy Krapiva1311285200000orchidsthe item was never delivered which is most likely a problem on the shippings end, but the item itself was received at the post office later then what i expected which resulted in me having to buy flowers elsewhere and still paid for the ones here. I E-mailed "just orchids" explaining my situation and they responded with no customer service and very rudely. I will not be using this company again
231614231614B000EY7PA0A3GYBGBZI5GYTRob "rwjiii"1151291420800Wonderful and SpicyThis is a great product, truly hot and wonderfully spicy.
It is made with red and green jalapenos, read and green chilis, and NO corn syrup.
This is just great on beef, and poultry sandwiches, and great as that special ingredient on soups, and chili. I love this stuff on just about everything, bread, crackers, etc... If you like mustard with a real kick, you have found it.
231615231615B000EY7PA0AX5X01YRTMF66LiliMac1151269561600WONDERFUL HOT HOT SPICY MUSTARDIf you love mustard, and love HOT (pepper Hot) 'n SPICY - you'll surely love this mustard as much as we do. It's wonderful!! However it's so hard to find in stores, that I resorted to looking it up online to order -- that is how much we love it. I typically mix it with mayo to slather on bread for sandwiches with the fixings... takes care of the desire for a "hot fix" and condiments at the same time without having to resort to throwing on hot sauce and/or jalapeno (or other) peppers.
231616231616B000EY7PA0AN0FOP593ZVZMMeathead0051350691200Heaven in a bottleBest mustard ever! Long time Beaver Mustard customer, just cant find this flavor in any store near me.

Highly addicted, and want to put it on everything I eat. Just wish I could order this by the case.
231617231617B000EY7PA0AXCJU7SQPCUFPNimrod0051344556800IT BURNSSSS!I love this mustard. While on Reddit, I saw a text message from a guy's daughter stating, "You put that mustard on my sandwich? It BURNSSSS!" Right then and there, I knew I had to try it (damn my impulse buying habit). Well, you can only get them in a case of 6 on Amazon. So I gave a few away and kept three for myself. OMG, was that a mistake! I blew through those three within a month's time. I would put it on anything I could. Many times just on a piece of bread with nothing else, just for a snack. I'd even use it as a dip. It's awesome.
231618231618B000EY7PA0A2KZJUY83WPKN2Daniel Beaudry0051339545600ExcellentWhile I can find some flavors of the Beaver brand here in Vegas, I have never saw this Jalapeno flavor mustard. I ordered a case of 6 jars of this, and WOW, I love it. It has the heat, and it has the flavor, and it balances out well. My brother says it's too hot, but he is a wimp, lol. I think it is perfect. So much so that I continually look for more things to use it with. First thing I noticed when I spread it on a slice of bread was the colors. Very colorful with the red and green peppers in it. Looked like a xmas spread of some sort. I use it on samiches, fresh sausage, hot dogs, burgers. I am thinking of using an entire jar and mixing some oil with it to make a salad dressing out of it. This stuff is THAT good. You will find yourself like me, wondering what else you can use it for.
231619231619B000EY7PA0A2ZUESE2QVJEPACricket0051318896000Extra Hot Jalapeno Mustard was a Great Party HitSo glad I ordered a Pack of 6 Beaver Extra Hot Jalapeno Mustard. I gave several of our friends a bottle of it to take home. They also plan on purchasing more through Amazon. A great product!! I highly recommend the Jalapeno Mustard.
231620231620B000EY7PA0A2PGY0UH2ZII9Ystudent of life "crazycatz"0051304726400Best "special" ingredient EVER!!I have been looking for more of this in groceries stores and haven't found any and I'm close to running out...Thank goodness for Amazon! I use this on tuna sandwiches, BLT's, I add it to basalmic salad dressing and today I'm using it as part of a marinade for skirt steak. This is one of my favorite ingredients to add to recipes to add a little zip (or more if you're inclined to). BUY IT!
231621231621B001QGKF2AA2KXKB4WWGCSPQWendy R. Selvig "HealthyMom333"0041326844800Good CInnamon GumI like this gum a lot. I don't like the SteviaDent Peppermint very much, but the Cinnamon is really good. Unfortunately the strong taste doesn't last long, but if you are looking for naturally sweet gum that isn't bad for you...this is it. I have no affiliation with the company and just wanted to put my 2 cents in here. I really do like the cinnamon a lot!
231622231622B001QGKF2AA2XX9E448YAPX8T Tass0011308441600hmmmTaste bad. That bad flavor doesn't last. Not much chew in a piece. Just no reason to ever purchase this again.
231623231623B001DDH21IA2Q2GDB5XDYQV5From The Tree House1151290211200Out of this world.This is not just Sun Dried Tomato Paste. It has a delicate olive oil, black olive flavor, with dried tomato, Shallots and Tarragon. It isn't salty, which is a plus. I have painted it on chicken breasts, stuffed mushrooms with it, and spread it on Sour Dough Bread, popped it under the broiler, and the toast is fought over, which is this product's only problem. In glass with tightly sealed jars. Good Packaging. Highly recommended.
231624231624B001DDH21IA5HE6A709KLHKL. Nielson1141281398400Delicious, but not what I expectedI was looking for a jarred version of regular tomato paste for when a dish just needs the richness of a spoonful or two. This paste is very delicious, but not what I had expected. It contains sundried tomatoes, sunflower oil, vinegar and salt. I haven't tried it yet, but it would probably be scrumptious on bruschetta, or as a layer in Italian sausage bread, etc. Just not a substitute for Hunt's or Contadina.
231625231625B001DDH21IA1B0EIABSJTC3YR. Toles0021342569600Disappointed...After having the sun-dried tomato spread on a bagel at Brueggers, I wanted to emulate that at home(no Brueggers locally). I though I had found a suitable replacement at a reasonable price but was very disappointed. This spread is MUCH to oily. Even after stirring and refrigeration, the oil still sits on top of the spread! So I now have most of one jar in the fridge and 3 jars in the pantry. Haven't decided what to do with them yet. Oh well, my quest continues.
231626231626B000TFSM92A1K79OB1IBN8LTAndrew Arpin "Snack Cake Expert"121251263686400A Legend Among The Junk Food RealmHave you ever just approached a vending machine and realized that everything inside of it isn't worthy of your hard earned dollar? Sunflower seeds? Please. Cheese Doodles?! Get a life.

THEN!......there were Oreo Cakesters. Not only will you buy them every single time you are within 50 feet of such a vending machine, you will become irritated and Hulk-like when certain machines do not carry them. In rare cases, people have been known to resort to cannibalism in order to fuel their Cakester hunger.

I'm sure you'd like to know details about the Cakester's composition, its preferred habitat, and its breeding habits, and I promise I will leave no stone unturned.

To put it simply, I have never met a real life person that does not enjoy Oreo Cakesters. Do not be fooled by the posers posting reviews about this lovely product. They are spies sent by Keebler to take down the competition. I wouldn't trust those elves. Would YOU?....

Now, you may be wondering about the texture of this bite sized dyno-mite snack. Well, I assure you they are made from only the finest ingredients from only the most elegant factories across the planet. If you treat your Cakesters with love and respect, and keep them in proper temperatures, I promise you will be pleased with the outcome.

Honestly, Oreo Cakesters transform my mouth into a wonderful world where everything is safe and delicious. The people of this world don't commit crimes or act unjustly. They only care about making your taste buds the happiest they can be. Let Oreo Cakesters into your mouth and into your heart. You owe it to yourself to at least give them a chance. Disappointment is not an option.
231627231627B000TFSM92A3VTD6ZXIL9JD9Charles Hepburn II "Yalskey"8951219449600Ya'll are crazy, these things are AWESOME!!!I love these things... they are like crack!

I can't believe the people on here that give these a low score. How can anyone have a different opinion than me? LOL just kidding.

Seriously, these are really good, but my friend at work tried them and said they were too sugary for him... not for me though!

These are almost like if you let a whole Oreo cookie sit in a glass of milk and it swelled up really big and soft... that almost the best possible sentence I ever typed in my life LOL

p.s. I'm a certified fat a$$, so I'm qualified to comment on these things. :-)
231628231628B000TFSM92A2ZK5VCQQ4AI18Roger3351208822400OMG these are the bestThese are quite possibly the best snack that was ever invented. The perfect size for a quick bite, or to get you through the day. You'll need a nice glass of milk to wash them down.

The cake itself tastes just like an Oreo cookie, but better somehow. The creme center is the real deal. I buy these whenever they're on sale, and take every box the store has. Now that amazon has them, I'm going to get them here!
231629231629B000TFSM92A1OZEX6BNJEDBMA. Barry "THE reviewer"3351189900800YUMthese are sooo good. they're pretty much what happens when you stick a bike pump in an oreo and start pumpin! My brother says they taste exactly like ho-hos, so I took a bite of one and started thinking of ho-hos. they do taste like ho hos, but with more cream and the chocolate cake has that oreo element that ho-hos lack. very good!
231630231630B000TFSM92A39B3LL554S1V9Cindy Fowler "42NUT1"2251190246400There's only one word: YUM!Oreo Cakesters Soft Snack Cakes, Original, 12-Count Boxes (Pack of 12) My husband and I were relieved when we had eaten the last of these yummy Cakesters because neither one of us could resist them. In order to prevent weight gain, we won't order another case, but a box at a time seems more reasonable. And we WILL buy more boxes. We hope that Cakesters are a permanent addition to the Oreos line.

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