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231631231631B000TFSM92AG6TX1ZJHLMO7W. Dietrich "WD"1141238025600Satisfy the sweet toothI am not sure why I had such a craving for hostess products a month ago, but I did. So my wife returns from the grocery store with Oreo Cakesters and claims she could not find any hostess items (my guess is she had a coupon). So anyways I tried one and it was not bad. It was like a soft extra creamy oreo. Since I have always liked the white cream of the oreo best I was happy with the cakester. To me it is not as good as a hostess cupcake but it comes close. My wife really likes them as she has bought several boxes over the last few weeks and packs them as a mid day snack at work.
231632231632B000TFSM92A1QRYKQ2T5KOZQJillian Moon5751187913600Better than the cookies!!!!These are soooooo delicious, I don't know where the person that gave these 1 star got them from but I have never had a bad one. They are super moist and the cream is amazing!
If you love oreo's you will love these even more.
Warning: Once you try them you are guaranteed to be hooked!
231633231633B000TFSM92A2298O6GAMOQAQWilliam C. Meyer "Bill/Ginny-Howell, NJ"0051285718400Oreo Golden Cakesters Twin PackI love getting the golden Oreo snack cakesters. I only eat one of the twin packs,
it's only 110 calories! I tried the 100 calorie packs and they always tasted kind
of stale. Where these are always fresh! I eat one and put the 2nd one in a zip lock
sandwich bag and it stays fresh until I decide I need a snack!
231634231634B000TFSM92AEWYUPCNDV7HYModern Blue Argonaut3531202774400Not the best choice in snack cakesI found these snack cakes to be extremely dense and unfilling. They also fall apart pretty easily. The moist, dense, unflavorful chocolate cake also sticks to everything including your fingers, so beware. Not even my kids liked these, and well, they like just about everything including brussels sprouts.

What makes Oreo so great is the crunchy cookie and sweet white icing, but neither of those qualities have been replicated very well in this cake. If you truly want a snack cake stick to Hostess for the best quality, or Little Debbie for the best value.

I hope Oreo can revise this snack, because Oreos are a great, timeless product that sell themselves. I don't think many people will be repeat buyers of this particular product, however.
231635231635B000TFSM92A3MUXI9ON1ZN30Ky01513019616004 boxes later..These were on sale for $1 for an entire box of 10 cakes at Vons, 25% of the regular price, so I couldn't help but buy 4 boxes. I was addicted to these things while they lasted, but after about 2 weeks, I just finished the last package. Definitely delicious but crumbly and I was always left wanting more. The cream in the middle is soo good. As a kid I always thought it would be awesome to eat oreo cream like they do in the movie "Honey I shrunk the kids" and FINALLY my dream came true! Honestly, I will probably never buy these again, and I wouldn't pay full price for them because I am a cheapo, but they were scrumptious while they lasted.
231636231636B000TFSM92A2UB3DLGTRBHVTTomas Palmer "Littlebear"0151277337600Arghh these are way too goodMy wife went to the store with plans to buy some Oreos for us to snack on. Instead she brought Cakesters home.
I tried one and I was hooked.
Does the FDA know about this addicting snack? :-)
231637231637B000TFSM92A2IPOVTGQQJ3VFL. Gipson101811187913600AwfulThese things are awful. I was thinking I would be getting a soft, moist chocolate cake with creamy filling - similar to a hostess cupcake but with the "oreo taste" - these things are awful. The cake is stale in its consistency - this is not an old or opened package - bought em soon as they hit stores. The icing is about the same as the cookie - not creamy. The cake part is really just plain awful!! Stick to hostess cakes or plain oreos.
231638231638B000TFSM92AC9XS3AA292ZJSara2511197417600Yuck.Overly sweet, with kind of a nasty chemical flavor to them. Texture is soft and spongy and sort of artificial feeling in the mouth. Creme is softer and gooier than the cookies, and the cakes don't have enough of that great toasty cocoa flavor that Oreos still have.
I just didn't like these at all, it was very disappointing.
And for what its worth, they pair terribly with Australian shiraz. ; -)
231639231639B000TFSM92ABBQ6G7HA02WEBrian L. Carter "I read therefore I am."0411284854400Probably the most disgusting snack cack ever created.I can guarantee every reader of this review that not a single taste test was conducted for this horribly inferior snack cake. Maybe it was my epectation for something delicious that would satisfy my hunger for something cakey and chocolatey. It has its share of chocolate but it takes like spoonfuls of flour flavored with an inferior chocolate powder. And it looks nothing like its picture on the package. There's barely a thin layer of cream, so that doesn't help at all. Don't think for a moment that its a filled pastry. Its a brown ball of chalky flour and that's about it. A momentous, calamitous failure of epic porportions.
231640231640B003FSYU96A2GPPVDJ28RTXQdisapointed2211325721600bad purchaseI bought this from Amazon because it is not available where I live. NEVER AGAIN.
I bought this in December 2011, all 6 bottles expire in January 2012. Good way for Amazon to get rid of expiring stock.
231641231641B003FSYU96A2FHBY9VCLO20FLilith791111327881600DisappointingI bought a huge bottle of this from GFS in order to have it on hand for cooking. Big mistake, this stuff is more savory than sweet and sour. We are not fans. I will use it up, but it sure won't be eagerly!
231642231642B003FSYU96AOND1JSZHSWSHcmk "cmk"0051336608000Yum-This isn't anything like chinese duck sauce.-
This is: Sweet & Sour & Tangy.
It's really yummy to dip chicken strips into.
Also great to brush on chicken or pork Bar-B-Cue.
231643231643B003FSYU96A5J91M6W1BH8MS. Lee0251324252800Excellent ProductGreat Swt/Sour sauce. Use it to make sweet sour chicken and it's fabulous. Highly recommend it. Used it to replace chicken tonight from years ago.
231644231644B001BLRZW8A16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"2251228953600My favorite flavor out of the bottled frapsI love drinking these any time of year but especially during the summer months for a late afternoon pick-me-up at work. I drink hot coffee regularly but when I want something cool and creamy with coffee flavor these hit the spot and they are portable and easy to keep in the fridge at work and home. My kids love them too but I am not prone to sharing!
I only buy them when they are on sale as they can be an expensive indulgence.
231645231645B000HGGP42ATHGDJECNTVQ0Jack Fitzgerald1211323388800DisappointingNot hot enough. Package was much smaller than expected and price was way too high. Much better off with Blue Diamond Wasabi or Jalapeno. Very disappointed.
231646231646B003VN934MA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"1121339632000I Like Coffee NOT by the Gallon Though!Totally blown away when I received 4 cellophane packages of Maxwell House freeze dried coffee. The bags aren't resealable and the directions are for 2 to 4 GALLON urns...obviously a restaurant supply item. All I can do is shake my head, NOTHING indicates it as that type of product.

The description indicates the coffee is packaged in Maxwell House Glass jars to preserve the flavor.
231647231647B003VN934MA1X84HP17EPNK6perty ny0021325203200not what i expected!this coffee comes in bags, not containers. very annoying. also it looks different than regular maxwell house, the coffee crystals look like tasters choice, and it says freeze dried coffee on the bag, which it doesnt say on regular maxwell house
231648231648B003VN934MA2A1XJVK1I0NWHPat Mitchell0011318464000don't like itI thought this would be great because it is Maxwell house, but I put a pack in a container, and it dried out before I could even use it all. I do not like this product at all!!!!
231649231649B0045KDDU0A33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"7741328572800makes a proper pancakeIn trying to eat a little healthier I'm reducing my gluten intake (gluten/wheat may not be the best for arthritis/inflammation) so I gave this gluten free Bisquick a try. Surprisingly, I was pretty impressed with the flavor which to me tastes almost as good as regular Bisquick.

I followed a reviewer's suggestion to let the batter sit for about 15 minutes after adding just the milk; the batter looked better and was a nicer consistency after the resting time. It was a little hard to get all the lumps out of the batter though and because I have limited GF experience I wasn't sure whether further stirring would gum it up so I left some lumps in and they dissolved while cooking.

The texture of the cooked pancakes was very SLIGHTLY gritty. Makes pancakes a little thinner than with regular Bisquick however thick enough that I'd say they are just right.

I used a cast iron griddle to make the pancakes, which made them barely crisp outside and nice tender inside - *very* good!!!

The taste is close to regular Bisquick but a little more "plain" - I use real maple syrup and sometimes preserves, and with either of the two toppings I had a very good, very tasty short stack. See photo added.

My only quibble is that this mix is a little pricey but I'd rather buy this mix than other GF products I've tried that are just as pricey and don't taste nearly as good.

Very pleased with this product and highly recommended.
231650231650B0045KDDU0A2240M5DJ92STFRosemary in GC4451339804800I can eat pancakes again!!Having been Gluten Free for the last 15 months, I've really missed Sunday morning pancakes! I've tried other brands and even attempted to "do it from scratch," but the pancakes were HORRIBLE! This brand is so close to "real" wouldn't know the difference! My non GF husband tried a bite (or two) and gave his thumbs up! It's back to Sunday morning pancakes for me!! Thanks Bisquick!!
231651231651B0045KDDU0A308E59LCJWHIXtellitlikeitis3341337731200love the product, but it took way too long to get itI was pleased with the flavor and ease of use of the Gluten-Free Bisquick. I made a pizza crust with it, and it was pretty tasty. I used the recipe from the Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cookbook. The crust was golden brown with a little crunch to it. My teenager even finished off the last two pieces that I had been looking forward to eating when I got home from Mass. He normally won't eat anything gluten free that I make unless it's cake! I was very disappointed with the amount of time it took the vendor to get me the product though. It took just over of 2 weeks. I will look for another vendor from now on!
231652231652B0045KDDU0AEK6KR144GJ6Mlinda0051350259200best everI was shocked how good our pancakes tasted
231653231653B000FDDJ1OA3R67RXORWPT6SLore Schindler "Lore"1151167782400Tastier than rice cakes!I first discovered these wonderful Kamut cakes in a health food store in the Boston area. I got so addicted to them, that I have been ordering them by the case from Amazon (I can't find them in any stores in Southern California). The flavor of the cakes is much like the smoky flavor of Kashi puffed cereal. They are no fat, and high fiber, making them perfect for Weight Watchers who want a tasty treat that will fill you up. If I want them a bit sweeter, I put a touch of jam on them, but they are great just "naked". If you want less salt, try the regular puffed cakes. Also available lightly sweetened with agave.
231654231654B000FDDJ1OANARB64IRUAAZJamie Voetsch "jamers"0051315785600WOW! Not what I expectedMy best friend suggested these to me to help curb my salty cravings. These are AMAZING, low calorie and a perfect snack. I was not expecting them to taste so good but they really are amazing.
231655231655B000FDDJ1OA13L71VHQ6V1HYWcubed0051272758400Tasty old grains snackI bought these at my daughter's request after trying some her friend gave her. I was prepared for more bland, nasty rice cakes, but these are excellent. Just enough flavor. The price is great for these healthful, as well. Don't hesitate.
The agave sweetened version is great, too.
231656231656B000FDDJ1OA3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"0051225584000Love these puffed cakes! Are the best!I am crazy about these kamut cakes. I use them with everything now, With all my various raw nut butters, And any time I need a snack, I've tried them in the spelt too, but I've had better luck with the kamut, the spelt I occasionally hit a hard seed of some sort, But they're good too, The lightly salted seem to taste the best in these, I'm not into the Agave sweetened and the plain were a little blah, I order these by the case and they don't last long, I can assure you, I hope Amazon does everything possible to keep these in stock,
231657231657B0002UEMF2AJ7KSERB9DN01crftygrljz0051238198400These are so cool!These are just like the ones you had as a kid. The come boxed and pre-packaged. They look really cool and are a great gift. Way cool product.
231658231658B007PM9YLWAKY1YTYZNP1VMWendy1151347062400My absolute favorite!!!I originally received this coffee as a gift from a co-worker, and I became addicted!!! It makes my house smell amazing in the morning when it's brewing, and it is by far the best tasting coffee I've ever had! I drink coffee every day, and I look forward to starting my day with this stuff. :)
231659231659B007PM9YLWA8JQ2EH65VSRTR. C. Kinkaid1151346112000Great Flavored CoffeeI really enjoyed Green Mountain's seasonal coconut flavored brew but also put off that it's, well, seasonal. So I began a search for a new flavored coffee and ended up ordering this. The flavor is nice, subtle, and lingering. The coffee itself seems somewhat uneven in grind, but using the Aeropress negates that. Consider this my replacement. Will order again!
231660231660B007PM9YLWA3SWCA2NEHRL0ZXL1151339804800Beautiful in your mouthThe Kauai Koloa Coconut Caramel Crunch is amazing. I drink a pot of coffee a day and I was getting bored of my usual name brands. I buy those little single pot bags every so often for a change and they're okay, but THIS is some amazing coffee that I will be buying more of when it comes back in stock. The aroma is so powerful and delicious that I can smell it on the other side of the house. It's not cloyingly sweet and doesn't taste artificial, with a crisp coffee flavor that simply hints at the coconut and caramel. One of the best cuppas I've ever had.

UPDATE: Since I first reviewed this coffee, I've tried 8 different other brands and bought an 8-cup french press for brewing a pot and an aeropress for the one-cup pick-me-up. This is still far and away my favorite tasting coffee, EVER. It's even better in the two press brewers.

My only problem is that this coffee doesn't come in a whole-bean or at least in a special grind for french press. Even so, you're missing out if you haven't tried this.

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