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232021232021B002RSVOLMA2LXC5ZHHP0WXPLeah Maines0241269475200It seems to work but weak on taste.Celsius, Green Tea Raspberry Acai is a vitamin enriched beverage that contains all of the "good stuff" and none of the "bad stuff" (No Sugar, No Aspartame, No Preservatives, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors or Flavors). However the trade-off is simple "no flavor." This drink is very weak tasting with a tart after-taste. It doesn't taste bad, but it doesn't taste good either. The drink does claim to burn 100 calories or more per can, and it did give me energy (I think primarily from the B6 and B12 vitamins). I can't confirm that it actually burns calories. However, I can say that after drinking the product for several days--I drank one can each morning--I did lose a couple of pounds, and I had no bad after effects like you can get from other energy drinks.
232022232022B002RSVOLMAGV0RUQJHFW3Scortezhill0251269475200Celsius Raspberry AcaiThis is a good tasting drink that tastes more like soda than a flavored tea. It uses sucralose which gives this drink the characteristic chemical-like bitter aftertaste I notice in all drinks that use artificial sweeteners. If the taste of artificial sweeteners and the possible harmful health effects from ingesting them doesn't bother you then you will enjoy this drink.
232023232023B00155X14GA30H2335OM7RD6apoem "apoem"3351294185600ExcellentWhen we visit Louisiana we buy this by the dozens. When we don't visit Louisiana, we order it online.
This is not like molasses in taste but it is like molasses in use. We use this to make gingerbread and it makes a better gingerbread than using molasses or dark corn syrup. We often use this to put on biscuits instead of using honey. When I make candied pecans I use this syrup. My husband prefers this over maple syrup for his pancakes.

It is very thick and the colder it is, the slower it moves. As I said, it doesn't taste like molasses but it does have a bit of the aftertaste the same. It is used in our house interchangably.

232024232024B00155X14GA3CX0MAY8073S6Ernie32251285632000Best syrup in the world.I was born and raised in South Louisiana and have eaten Steens syrup all my life. It is like no other. A 1Qt. bottle at Walmart is between $4 and $5. Well worth the money.
232025232025B00155X14GA14IBXCIY9VSDRC. Lewis Tippett "DIY Plumber"0051284508800Best of the BestI have shopped all over the internet for pure cane syrup and this is the best value considering the quality. It is definitely more expensive than buying off the grocer shelf, but there are not any stores in my area carrying it. Plenty of cheaper, cut with corn syrup, varieties, but that just won't do. :-)
232026232026B00155X14GA39I6D8FJU0C4RElena J. Mccants0051236556800Authentic Sugar Cane Syrup!I love Steen's. I grew up on the Gulf Coast where there were several people who made sugar cane syrup at home and sold it throughout the neighborhood. Now it's difficult to find genuine sugar cane syrup in the grocery stores, even in the south. I was really happy when I found Steen's website and ordered their 4-pack. Steen's syrup is delicious. It was like being home again. Homemade biscuits and Steen's sugar cane syrup.... or homemade pancakes and Steen's. If you like sugar cane syrup you won't disappointed with this product. However, if you've never had pure sugar cane syrup, you may find the taste very strong and, for some, overwhelming. That's the nature of pure sugar cane syrup.
232027232027B00155X14GA3773AVUKTZXJSkschenk@csuchico.edu1251320019200Use this and die a happy person!I don't know about this particular product (as pictured and ordered) but this syrup is legendary! It's a cross between molasses and dark maple syrup, and is really indescribably delicious! Use it on pancakes or for a pecan pie, and you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. You CAN NOT get anything close to it once you're out of the south. Treat your self to something really special and buy Steen's syrup!

-- a forlorn southerner SO thankful for the internet! :)
232028232028B00155X14GA33A28ZGVVWEQBsophie "sio8bhan"0141285632000Order directIf you order from [...] I think you'll get the best prices and free shipping.
I'm ordering for the second time for nostalgia's sake. I live in New England, but my mom grew up in north central Florida. We used cane syrup at home growing up, because it could be found in western NY stores, AND maple syrup. Different, but equally good.
232029232029B00155X14GA3PEPY5C661GSSMarlaShane "marlashane"2921217894400Awfully smallI buy this syrup all the time when I'm down south, but forgot to bring it with me to Wisconsin. I ordered this expecting to get the usual size I buy from the grocery store, but this teeny thing showed up. The photo is deceiving - it doesn't state any where but the label that it is only 12 oz. I assumed since it was $8.99, that I'd get more! I think with shipping I paid over $15! I learned my lesson.
I did get it in a timely manner at least (but its all gone!)
232030232030B000E5C6RQA2UUN5R6JK7U22Tina Loflin "fyrefay52"0051289001600A first taste of fun!I first tasted Wonka Bottle caps in the little fun size package(three or four caps per little pack) just this Hallowe'en...and I am hooked. Sweet, not too tart, they linger in the mouth like the best candies I know(among them Fireballs, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey's know what I mean--!), and they have me scrambling to find a larger size of the stuff. Which, of course, let me to can find almost anything here!
So here I am an older 'young person'( I'm 58, I'll have you know--LOL) looking to find more of these little bits of fun.
What more can I say? Wonka delivered!
232031232031B001EO5WGSAQSNJ8HQ3WHMScyclista3331229212800I love cinnamon!This product was my first introduction to freshly ground cinnamon. I prefer the taste of Drogheria & Alimentari freshly ground cinnamon on frozen yogurt or oatmeal. It does grate out bigger pieces of cinnamon, not finely ground like I was used to seeing. I found the flavor of the cinnamon to be better than grocery store cinnamon but not as good as Dean & Deluca cinnamon.

I don't like that the cover just sits on the top, it doesn't affix in any way. That is, the cap won't stay on by itself when the bottle is not in an upright position. (What is with that, anyway?)

The flavor of the cinnamon is good but not great. In my opinion, the McCormick Cinnamon Grinder is better. The flavor of the McCormick Cinnamon Grinder cinnamon is richer; the cap stays on; and the ground cinnamon is finer but not completely fine.

So I recommend the Drogheria & Alimentari Cinnamon Grinder only if the McCormick Cinnamon Grinder is not available.
232032232032B001EO5WGSA2AMFW65LLALFIkzolady "kzolady"1141252281600Great in coffee and oatmealThis cinnamon is great for coffee or oatmeal. When you need a finer cinnamon, try McCormic's 100% Organic Saigon Cinnamon. It isn't powdered, It is finely ground and has a whole lot of taste.
232033232033B001EO5WGSA2DFC2L0QYAVF5D. Brock "love to read"0051348617600Been looking for this in storesMy husband loves freshly ground cinnamon and I had a difficult time finding it. When I stumbled upon this product I thought I would give it a try. It arrived timely and was extremely fresh which was a concern of mine. Would recommend both the product and vendor that sold it.
232034232034B001EO5WGSA1Y0ZBQP3WB53RCarolyn M. Appleton "Carolyn M. Appleton"0051344470400PerfectI looked all over the city for a fresh cinnamon grinder, but could only find the pre-ground cinnamon. Luckily, I found this brand on and now I am hooked. This is the second time that I have ordered the pack of three; fresh-ground cinnamon is an essential ingredient of my morning coffee at home. In addition, the company offers other types of spice grinders, and I'm considering those as well. Thanks!
232035232035B001EO5WGSA20WEEYX2YQXW1swans62500041335484800Use as promised-just be careful about coverI love this product line-the smell (and taste) from being able to grind fresh nutmeg or cinnamon on hot cereal, cool creamy yogurt, ice cream, etc is great. The only drawback is the cover does not fit snugly and frequently comes off when you don't want it to. Other then that-I love the whole line.
232036232036B001EO5WGSA1J52MX2YDWSU0these pretzels r making me thirsty1241212710400Wasn't too badI thought this was a nice idea, cinnamon freshly ground at each use. It is okay if you don't mind not finely ground cinnamon. I think I prefer the ground kind in my oatmeal. But it could work for you, depending on what you use it in.
232037232037B000R9Q3Z0A16H3JNMR9EWLAGaius Julius Ceasar0051329436800Very goodHere is the thing: I have had maybe 6 different Italian made/branded pasta's. This is pretty expensive one with price avg 3x the normal USA brands. Is there a difference between this and other? Is there a difference between this and organic? I can't tell either... I tried it 3 different ways: in Alfredo sauce, in red gravy with meatballs and tossed with olive oil, garlic, and olives. I simply cannot tell the difference in taste/flavor from Prince or this. Maybe it's a good thing then? And, given a choice, I would chose this, but likely not at the 3x price tag. There is 1 thing I did notice: this pasta and other Italian made pasta's are coated is something starchy? I assume it's to help in drying process? I am not sure. Also, they seem to be slightly thicker. It's hard to judge, but maybe 1mm thickness difference does make a difference?

Anyway, good product, tasted good, just not sure if it justifies the price tag.
232038232038B000JCKJ8MA3091RP0SPZLMNBB0041316995200Great Birthday GIftI included this gift box in a birthday present for my friend's 50th Birthday. She was happily surprised with candy from our childhood. (Although, there were a few that we didn't remember.) It was a well made happy gift. I highly recommend it.
232039232039B000X5YM7OAMHUE4A12KNUZJanice Tumberlinson181851214870400great tasteI bought this salt on a lark because I didn't want to drive 40 miles to the nearest store that carried natural sea salt but I will buy it again. The flavor is wonderful. I'm not a big salt eater, never have been, just don't like the taste of commercial salt but this sea salt is wonderful. I real winner that enhances the flavor of food instead of covering it up as regular salt does.
232040232040B000X5YM7OA5GUBJQGBXZAYJoni L. "Joniisthecoolest"151551292803200Delicious! Amazing! Worth the dollas!I bought this salt after listening to a podcast of the Splendid Table with a man named Mark Bitterman. Yes, Bitterman (not Bittman). He wrote an entire book on salt Salted: A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes and recommended this salt as an everyday "table salt" alternative. It may not be the most appealing color, but it was what I would expect of a product called "Gray Sea Salt" (or Sel Gris, if you know some French).
As someone who has thus far in life considered Kosher Salt the "fancy" alternative, I now know where I will continually spend a little extra for a lot more. I've put this on everything, from roasted chicken to potato soup. If you rub together your fingers as you sprinkle, you can make a fine coating, but it's perfect in soups because it has such a high-moisture content that it sticks to its own bag. If you are a die-hard iodized table salt fan, this is not the salt for you. It tastes and looks substantially different from your everyday grocery-store salt, and behaves very differently when used in cooking. If you are baking, and the recipe calls for "salt," you may want to taste before you stick it in the oven, and start small, and add as you taste. The moisture content may also alter certain more sensitive recipes, so you it's best to plan ahead if you wish to experiment.
The flavor difference is truly indescribable. I think I would prefer to use this in savory dishes, as that is the flavor palette it gave me, but it may also work well in desserts or on fruits that like salt.
I encourage you to do a taste test as soon as you get it home against your regular table salt. You will immediately thank me, other enthusiastic reviewers, Guérande, France, and the Bay of Biscay.
232041232041B000X5YM7OA4TV5ATBWI4RGL. Evatt101051226275200It sure is saltyThe granules are larger than Kosher salt so when I sprinkled it on a salad, I got these intermittent explosions of salt - very nice. I don't use it in cooked dishes [common salt will do], just a sprinkle on whatever needs to have fresh salt. I approve of the extra minerals also. Amazon's price is far cheaper than what Food Network entertainers are asking on their websites.
232042232042B000X5YM7OA612Q0EF0OD2LMaine Reader4441288828800A Valuable AlternativeOur favorite finishing salt is Fleur De Sel De Camargue but for this price, this salt is a terrific alternative. It's crunch and spark completes the taste whether its a salad or the main course....and try it in caramels!
232043232043B000X5YM7OAJ1OMON1TA56SLeann Mcclellan "Lmc"3351231459200sea saltThis is always an excellent alternative to the idiozed morton's
great finishing and cooking salt.
232044232044B000X5YM7OA1EDU5XI6P8ZTQEric Fleck5641308614400Not good for salt grindersHeads up: Amazon system suggests this as an add on for salt grinders. This is not for grinding since it is already ground correctly (not fine but for seasoning and finishing).
232045232045B000X5YM7OA8T5U4ZDTZ3Z5Chuck "2251304726400
232046232046B000X5YM7OA3OSC9JG9Y9Y9KEalo "ealo"1151305417600ExcellentI tried tasting this salt by itself and then tasting some other brands of sea salt that I happened to have. No doubt that this was the best tasting with no weird bitter or metallic after taste.
232047232047B000X5YM7OA2C6DRG73LYYOCJipcee1151294012800Sea SaltThis is a lovely finishing salt. Just a few grains on food adds a delicate flavor and crunch. Very reasonably priced, too.
232048232048B000X5YM7OA6IGUUEJ3EW4TLinda Green0021344211200Coarse Gray Sea Salt from GuerandeThis sea salt did not work well in the MIU Salt Mill. No matter how I adjusted the mill, the salt 'stuck' and clogged up the mill grinder. It appears to be too 'wet' or 'sticky' to grind properly - at least in the MIU mill.
232049232049B000X5YM7OA2L3DIJB8792PJWanda Marsh "Ramblin' Rose"0041343692800Gray Course SaltThis order arrived within the 5-7 day window. I haven't used this salt before. It is quite moist but seems to work well in the grinder ordered with it. I may try regular course salt the next time.
232050232050B000X5YM7OA4E7P1W1QP37YAuntielee0051340755200UUMMM GOODThis was added to the salt crock that was purchased as a gift. They love the sea salt. It is different from the salt that we have here.

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