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232106232106B0092VQKR0A17HUNR8HP7S5Will Work For Tea0051346803200Will Work For TeaAnother winner from Red Leaf Tea!

The smell of the this particular matcha is tangy and slightly sweet, even though there's no sugar added to the flavoring. I prepared this my usual way - cold latte style. Two ounces of warmed water with a teaspoon of matcha and a half teaspoon of super-fine sugar - wisk until blended. I didn't try sifting the matcha this time, and it frothed up very nicely without any clumping. Six ounces of cold, creamy whole milk and the taste was so smooth and creamy with a bit of tang - just how I like my cheesecake to be!

After my first cup as a cold latte, I went for a second cup - this time as a warmed, straight matcha. The tang and creaminess are much less noticable the second time around, but the matcha base is much more prevalent. As the cup cools, the tangy taste comes to the forefront with the matcha and the creaminess lags behind. It's kind of like having two very different teas, which is pretty awesome for just buying the one! A creamy, dessert-like cup of tangy cheesecake with milk/dairy alternative or a green tea with a little tang - it's up to whatever kind of mood you're in!
232107232107B0092VQKR0A38RWVWOQPYJSALiberTEAS0051346716800Cheesecake, anyone? Why, YES please!!!I've tried this prepared a couple of different ways now. The first time I prepared it, I prepared it the way I would most Matcha - in the traditional way in my chawan (tea bowl) and whisking it until smooth and frothy. It is good that way. It has a delicious, creamy taste. Sweet. Really good, and tasting very much like cheesecake.

However, if you really want the FULL cheesecake experience, I recommend drinking this one as a latte, using warmed milk instead of water and whisking with a frothing tool instead of the bamboo whisk. YUM! The creamier texture and flavor that comes from using milk instead of water is really beneficial to this cheesecake flavored Matcha. All the flavor remains intact - it is not masked by the milk - and it tastes creamier and richer ... and let's face it, when you want cheesecake, you want that rich, creamy flavor and texture.

This cheesecake flavored Matcha is rich, smooth, and sweet, with the distinctive tangy taste of cream cheese and even a hint of buttery pastry. It makes a delightful pick-me-up for the afternoon, especially if you're craving something a little sweet. This will help curb those cravings for a fraction of the calories and fat!
232108232108B0092VQKR0A29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051346371200Like Home made quality cheesecake!!This particular matcha tastes EXACTLY like cheesecake and not that fake cheesecake made with inferior "cheesecake" stuffing stuff you can buy pre made in the store but real cheesecake made at home from scratch or from a fine restaurant or bakery!

It is not overly sweet either which I was surprised at because I honestly was expecting something more fake tasting and overly sugary.

I was both surprised and pleased when I took my first sip and realized this was the real deal! I still am amazed that Red Leaf Tea can get such excellent flavor from all natural sources into a matcha!

This flavor melded perfectly with the green tea base giving it a beautiful slightly sweet and creamy earthy flavor! I imagine it would be insanely good in a white base as well!

You can almost taste the crumbly cheesecake crust in this as well as the taste of the filling so you do get that whole cheesecake experience.
232109232109B0055COLKSA1PK9KQGJ97UB6Chris2251329955200Chicken Jalfrezi Curry tastes amazing with this sauce!I cooked a pound of chicken plus a half a pound of peas. That plus rice made for a delicious dinner! I paid $3.29 for this on sale at the grocery store.
232110232110B0055COLKSA2GPUWAEVGR8M7Mary WL Goodson "ktsmom"0051345593600INSANELY delicious!!!!My family and I love Indian food, so when my niece was cooking this up at her house and I got a whiff of it, I had to try it. OH. MY. GAWD. YUMMMMMMM!!!! It's VERY flavorful without being too hot/spicy. If you want it hotter you can always add some more hot spice to it.

I use my BIG skillet, sautee a bunch of onion in coconut oil to start, then add whatever veggies I have on hand: squash, greens, green beans, mushrooms, celery, ... you name it, I've put it in there, and it's ALWAYS delicious! When I'm making enough to have leftovers I'll use 2 jars, but if it's just for the hubby and me I use just one.

I generally make it with fish rather than chicken. I've been using wild-caught cod and it's just marvelous. Sometimes I serve it over quinoa, but mostly I just serve it as though it were a "fish stew" with the fish & veggies.

232081232081B000P4XZF8A257Y0XQK3OM6TBrandon Hale "PSN ID: War_Lord83"2251245888000Delicious jerky!I bought a few flavors of Buffalo Bills jerky based on positive reviews that I saw here on Amazon. It is very delicious and tender, with just the right amount of barbecue flavor. I highly recommend this jerky to anyone considering purchasing it!
232082232082B000P4XZF8A14HK5I31UI1E4Garjo2251244851200Sweet & TenderThis is a great tasting jerky. Thick, sweet and tender. I prefer the teryaki but this is real close. Keep up the good work! (ship me some free and I'll be even happier!!). Thanks CCR crew!!
232083232083B000P4XZF8A2UTZ7HH4UKDZWD. Nakao1151333843200BBQ beef jerkyMoist, satisfyingly thick, and not overwhelmingly smothered with flavorings. Perfect camping food or just watching the game with a few brewskis. And it beats that dry, tough jerky in convenience stores.
232084232084B000P4XZF8A794GE4PNVPODGula1151325376000Great stuffAll of their Jerkies I have tried so far are very tasty, not too dry and not all soggy. Great flavor
232085232085B000P4XZF8A28SZB5UO9EAOSJohn H. Austin Jr. "John Austin 'bookworm & geek"1151314748800Great taste! Superior service!This beef jerkey is so good, it's addictive! I got a sample pack from this outfit with another order and tried it. It is moist, sweet, tangy, with a slick kick of heat. I will be ordering this myself again.

I cannot say enough good things about the speed and accuracy of the order delivery. They delivered way ahead of schedule, with the right products, in great condition.
232086232086B000P4XZF8A3TA5QO02YYYR6Girliegirl791151276214400Best Jerky Ever!I got the bbq flavor jerky as a free sample and LOVED it more than the other 3 flavors I purchased! It was moist and tender and absolutely delicious. Will be ordering more. Keep up the good work!
232087232087B000P4XZF8A5T9FG0W9C8UBMatthew Kordes0041342742400Good flavor but not greatBased on the reviews here I tried some of the jerky from Buffalo Bills. This is the only one I think I would order again. Moist, tender, very good flavor.
232088232088B000P4XZF8A1XFKWAR5STF0John Woods "TObject"0051334188800Very good jerkyWow, this is the best beef jerky I have ever had. I just ate the whole bag, and I was not even hungry. Very good quality cuts too, there was only one gristle in the whole 8-oz bag.

This jerky is very soft and juicy, as far as these types of products go.
232089232089B000P4XZF8A1PSAFYB19T4I1Hatchett0051318118400Favorite Flavor.You cant beat this flavor. The texture is splendid and very nice for a snack any time of day. Enjoy!
232090232090B000P4XZF8AGN4FXLIVXZC8K. Hong ": D"1231277769600Hmmm..These were very tender, but too salty for my taste. They weren't as salty as the Teriyaki ones though.. :d
I really LOVED Buffalo Bills Dead Meat jerkies so I thought I give these a try.. but I think I'll stick to the ones I love :)
232091232091B006H33ON4A3072VKAJZ18X0Meglet0011350777600Where's the appeal?It sounded like a good treat. But the actual product feels like a piece of boring plastic! Not one of the four dogs I give chews to - two of whom love to chew and aren't picky - found this remotely interesting. It has no texture, no smell, and it doesn't even seem like a natural product. Why would they be drawn to it? I found it weeks later discarded behind their toy basket (where unwanted "treats" go to be discarded by the dogs.) I tried to offer it again, and again, no takers. I was bummed.
232092232092B006H33ON4A3ADBA8DNGPG2Vwendy5001 "Wendy"0031347148800ElkWell it's a 50/50. The product is good, but the residue from the tag is on the antler so be careful if you don't want your dog to ingest it. My pup isn't "crazy" over it but has taken it out of her toy box a couple times. She still prefers Himalayan chews but I'm the one who likes to offer variety :-)
232093232093B006H33ON4A1BS1CD66CFGZ2Shell0051344124800Premium Dog AntlersI bought these for my Chi's and Pug Weenie. They love chewing on these and there is no smell or mess. I would highly recommend these for owners who have dogs that like to chew.
232094232094B0079LP198A1N06VT1559F69Bildo1384551336176000yummythese chips are so good. i found that these chips are hard to come by here in afghanistan but this company was able to mail these here to me. awesome.
232095232095B0079LP198A3U7JXTZJWRQFLGuoan Jiang "WenJ"2411346976000I Highly recommended.I Highly recommended.". Hei, customer!! If you like fragmentatized chips, this is the product for you. If you like to eat chips with a small spoon? You can not miss any of those.
232096232096B0092VQKR0AMFGHXXPTARZ8Infinite0051351036800Nothing short of amazingI've read only raving reviews about this matcha and the order couldn't come any sooner! The second you open the bag, the cheesecake-y goodness fills your nose. I decided to make it into a latte with soy milk and opted to not add sugar so I could get the full taste of the matcha. After less than a minute of whisking, the matcha created a nice blanket of foam. The first sip was heavenly and after adding some agave, the cheesecake flavor popped even more. This has become one of my favorite matchas and I'm excited to mix it with other flavors and make signature flavored cheesecakes.
232097232097B0092VQKR0A3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051349136000Cheese-less Cheesecake!I've heard great, great things about this matcha and I couldn't wait to try it. But real life stepped in and I didn't have the time to give it the attention it deserved, so, well, I had to wait to try. But I wait no more! Today I got to mix up my first frothy cup of cheesecake matcha goodness. I was stuck at the location I hate at work, so I desperately needed a thermos of matcha comfort and boy oh boy was I not let down! This is amazing stuff. Creamy and just that touch of tang found in a good cheesecake....yum. One of my specialities around this time of year is a pumpkin cheesecake....nom. I can't wait to mix this with a touch of Pumpkin Pie matcha and see how they go together.

Oh cheesecake, I have missed you desperately. Cream cheese is one of those things I absolutely cannot have or I'll be ill for days, so cheesecake is, unfortunately permanently off my menu. But with a little beauty like this in my tea cupboard, I find I don't mind nearly as much! I want to try mixing this with all of the flavors in the Red Leaf Tea catalogue, and I'm sure every one of them would be delicious!
232098232098B0092VQKR0AS9UB97EO5PD7Meghan Donovan0051348963200Can't go wrong with cheesecake.Cheesecake matcha basically sounds like a dream come true. I'm not sure why I didn't order this with my first order. If I can get matcha that will satisfy my cheesecake craving without all the calories, I am definitely going to try it!

I received this with my order of tiramisu and caramel, and although it had the least distinctive smell and flavour, it definitely still had an authentic cheesecakey-ness that was so worth it. I think the best part of this was that it wasn't just matcha that tasted like cheesecake - it tastes like what I imagine matcha-flavoured cheesecake would taste like (I haven't ventured into the world of baking with matcha because I am the only one who would eat it and I really don't need to eat an entire batch of cookies, cheesecake, etc. By myself!).

Sweet, but not too sweet, with that little hint of tanginess that you get from cream cheese, this is a perfect after-dinner tea. I am going to make it again and do a better job - I had it iced the first time, and I think that is how I will prefer it, but it wasn't quite cold enough. I took it to work in my timolino and forgot to put ice cubes in! That will be a necessity next time. I can't wait to mix this with a few other flavours!
232099232099B0092VQKR0A2R0HI0E7UBI2CH. Gullen "bookworm"0051348876800Yummy!Okay so let's break this down to if you like cheesecake but don't want the extra pounds then this is perfect for you! I wasn't quite sure about ordering this one as I wasn't sure if I would like the cheesecake flavour... well I'm glad I did add this one to my cart as it was worth every cent. I make this one half matcha half milk and I've been adding marshmallows it makes it a bit more fun (and fancy!) The cost is reasonable the company's customer service is fantastic. There is no reason you can't order this tasty treat right now :D Just writing about it makes me want another cup :D
232100232100B0092VQKR0A3FD3PC1MVMM2HSoftRevolution0051347840000Can't go wrong with cheesecake!I love this matcha every bit as much as I thought I would. I have tried three flavoured matchas from Red Leaf, and they are quickly becoming my favourite beverages.

This particular matcha has a full, creamy flavour and texture. You can almost even taste the cream cheese tang. There's also a bit of cookie-crust going on here, which I love!

When I first opened the packet I was delighted with the aroma. It smells sweet and decadent, almost reminded me of matcha ice cream! Must be the sweet creaminess of the cheesecake flavour combined with that familiar, distinctive matcha scent I know and love.

This one has become a staple for me, and although there are lots of different flavours I'd love to try, I know I'll always make sure to have some of this on hand. It is so delicious and versatile.
232101232101B0092VQKR0ATAF98JNSVCPMMRawlins20051347667200Perfection in a cup!It has been far too long since I've had some matcha so I decided that tonight would be as good as any to remedy that situation. This cheesecake matcha is seriously smooth and has a very strong aroma that makes me want to double check and make sure there isn't any actual cheesecake somewhere in my kitchen. I've had this matcha several times now and each time this flavor is spot on to a real, creamy cheesecake. You can find out more about this matcha here (and pick up some for yourself!):[...]
Initially, I tried this matcha traditionally in my chawan and it was creamy and rich. I was pleasantly surprised that the color was a vibrant green instead of being muddled by the flavoring. Even though the cheesecake flavor is front and center, it is tempered nicely with a smooth, fresh matcha aftertaste that prevents the flavor from being cloying. The matcha also whisked up quite well with no noticeable clumps and I didn't even sift it!

After the initial success with this matcha, I couldn't wait to try it as a hot cheesecake latte. Although the thought of hot liquid cheesecake is not necessarily my idea of a great treat, I was confident that the quality of Red Leaf Tea's product would not let me down. With a bit of sugar and the addition of warm milk, this latte was so great! I downed it in no time flat and had to make another immediately.

Tonight, I'm having this as a cold iced matcha with a teensy bit of sugar and enough milk to complete the cup. The flavor seems to really pop when prepared this way and I'm certainly wondering how I made it for so many days without drinking this or any other of the great flavors from Red Leaf Tea. A couple of weeks ago I made a delicious matcha cake and I think it would be amazing with this cheesecake flavor as the base! Now to figure out what the next flavor I'll try will be...
232102232102B0092VQKR0A2DKVL26ZX0WGSSil0051347667200Creamy and Delicious!There is nothing bad that I can say about this Matcha from Redleaf. They have hit the flavour right on the money. If you love cheesecake, or are even on the fence about it, try this matcha. It's like biting into the best cheesecake slice you can imagine without the guilt of calories and sugar!
232103232103B0092VQKR0A3J6TE3SKSYBUIDaisy Chubb (Ash-Lee)0051347580800Dreams really do come true!Okay, I was wracking my brain to think of which matcha I had left to review. I actually had to go into my cupboard and sort my Recently Added to figure it out... it was CHEESECAKE! How could I forget?! I've been drinking this glorious Matcha almost every day, not even kidding. I know it'll be the first I run out of and the first I run back to order more of! I might get a tin just for this one, because I know it will be in my cupboard forever. Dear Red Leaf Tea, never stop making matcha!!!! Love, your adoring fans!

I have had 2 amazing cheesecakes in my life. One was purchased on a trip to Vancouver from the market on Granville Island. It was tiny. It was expensive. It was amazing! The second was this week from a place called Broadway Cheesecake (something like that) here in Halifax. They have so freaking many kinds of cheesecake, it is crazy! 8 bucks a piece, but the pieces are HUGE. Why am I telling you this? Because this matcha trumps them. It puts the power of cheesecake into my little hands, adds green tea powder to make it amazing, and tastes like heaven on earth!

That may seem a little dramatic, but it's the only way I know how to truly show how much I appreciate this matcha in my cupboard. The taste is tangy, thick and a bit sweet. If you add sugar it has the decadence of a perfect cream cheese icing. If you add milk (I tried 2%, almond and vanilla soy) it's a slice from a fine bakery (or cheesecake from home, arguably the best kind!). If you drink it hot - it's fresh from the oven! Iced? It's a perfectly chilled and dense New York piece from the fridge. I could go on, but I guess what I'm trying to say is: Any way you slice it, this Cheesecake Matcha is the best of the best - it has the power to turn my crappy tired morning into an awesome day. Just sayin'.

One of the best features of this flavour (and many of the other dessert matchas) is that you get the delicious taste of a rich cheesecake without the tummy-ache and super full and heavy feeling. I won't say without the "guilt" because I am highly against self shaming, especially in the food department. With that in mind - this tea doesn't completely replace a cheesecake. I'll still eat my fair share of cheesecake! What this tea DOES do is let you have cheesecake every day - even if your tummy is full or your wallet is empty! THAT my friends, is the magic of matcha :D

Thanks for reading this ramble. I'm kind of passionate, can you tell? ;)
232104232104B0092VQKR0A3CDS9U77I38RDS. T.0041347062400Cheesecake MatchaI love that I am able to find such dessert flavors in a tea. No calories!
This tea is creamy and tangy and makes quite a comforting cup!
I think that it would be delicious with a splash of milk or some sugar, but it is enjoyable by itself.
232105232105B0092VQKR0AAH6764FP1GOZClara English0051346976000Perfect Cheesecake FlavorWOW is this stuff good! The cheesecake flavor really comes through, adding a creamy decadence to the cup along with cheesecake's signature tang and even a little bit of crusty goodness. It doesn't overwhelm the matcha flavor but balances with it, making this sweet treat not overly dessert-y but great for drinking any time of day. It's great straight or as an iced latte, perfect for a mid-afternoon pick me up! All the taste, none of the calories--what more could you want?

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