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232141232141B002NGZ1OOA1HZHZ9XH5RR7NMattie "Mattie"3351303603200Good Substitute For FreshI usually make my own gnocchi but these worked as a good substitute for a crowd. I'll keep them on hand. I made them with a sun dried tomato cream sauce and our daughter in law went out of her mind over them, next I'll try them in the gorgonzola sauce and hope she likes them as well. All in all if you don't have the time or inclination to make them fresh these will work decently.
232142232142B002NGZ1OOAQPMVJHCHLWW3KayCee "208muffins"2251296172800yum- quick gnocchiI love gnocchi and generally only purchase it when dining out. I bought these on a whim b/c they were on special. They shipped fine-- though there was a lot of extra packaging. Tonight when my families dinner plans fell through, I thought I would try them for a quick dinner.

They were fantastic. I followed the directions - throwing in some fresh asparagus in the water at the last min. then made a quick cream sauce. They were truly wonderful - one package was enough for my very hungry teenager, husband and me. I was especially happy with the texture as the last brand of gnocchi I purchased was just a bit gritty.
232143232143B002NGZ1OOAR7TAEEUDHMUBKathryn S. Leon2251280707200Gnocci's Are Delicious!While these are about the same price I'd pay in the store, since I am disabled and cannot drive they are of value to me. Definitely if you buy them on sale! This is a good brand, so don't worry about quality. We recommend them highly.
232144232144B002NGZ1OOA32ZCPXCHDKJSAB. Kenney2351316995200What I expected.I've been very happy with Don Bruno Gnocchi. This is the 2nd I've ordered the 6 pack. My family enjoys it and I will be ordering again for sure.
232145232145B002NGZ1OOA1F6GEQV1XYI9Xchaserp2351315094400greatvery good product love it will buy more when I am done with what I purchased,Would recomend to those of you who like a different type of pasta
232146232146B002NGZ1OOA2RN61PVKJYCDAAmy B.0041325721600Arrived on time and deliciousSent these to my mother-in-law for Xmas. She can't get them in MO and fell in love with gnocchi after trying them for the first (few) time(s) in NYC. She was ecstatic when these arrived (I sent them straight from the seller). Apparently they stood up to the memory of the real fresh thing back east, repeating 'yummy' over and over again to us after she cooked them. Also, she is not one to complicate a meal so I'm sure she made them as instructed and added an average tomato sauce and was still excited about them.
232147232147B002NGZ1OOA3SZV9CGGU5Z0AElaine Tobias1251300233600WowExactly what I was looking for. Tastes great in chicken gnocchi soup. It definitely won't get old at our house!
232148232148B000KENKYEAZHFZBIFMI0COMelissa Place "Mel"121251244505600Delicious gluten-free breadI think this bread is wonderful. I make it by hand (not in a bread machine), and I don't even have a mixer. I just put the ingredients in a bowl and stir it together until combined and pour it in my bread pan, and it turns out perfectly delicate, moist, and tasty. When I proof the yeast, I have found that it works better if I add a pinch of sugar to the water, and I also give the yeast 10 minutes to foam; 5 minutes didn't seem to be enough. Because of this bread and the whole grain mix, I see the GF diet as much more feasible. It's great bread even compared to gluten breads. And I find the bread sweet enough just as it is. I've found it's best to let the bread cool completely, slice it, and then freeze it, otherwise it will get hard and/or mold more quickly since it's not full of preservatives. It toasts up well.
232149232149B000KENKYEA1OUPSQ8EGXXZGSarah M. Mcculley7751241308800Good!I was afraid that my yeast was already dead, because the bread didn't seem to be rising very much. I added a very ripe banana to the mix, and I left the bread on top of the oven while the oven was preheating. It took awhile for it to rise, so then I opened the oven door. Within an hour the dough rose beautifully and the bread was delicious. I was so happy to have gluten free bread that actually had some flavor.
232150232150B000KENKYEAXBYIF1EEIKSZJosie4451243209600gluten-free cinnamon-raisin breadThe cinnamon-raisin bread mix is delicious - plenty of raisins and the cinnamon flavor is just right. I am so happy to have found Bob's Red Mill products. I was so tired of eating the cardboard-like gluten-free bread carried in the stores.
232151232151B000KENKYEA36PG3D7ILZEU2Emily Rich "poet tree"2241284336000INCONSISTENT RESULTSMAY 2012 UPDATE! Once again, every loaf has turned out differently. I followed the directions to the letter but it turns out differently every time. The last loaf was pretty good, but, the one I made today came out small, hard on the outside, with areas inside that were still raw dough! I think it is time to take this off my list!

If you want really good, really consistent bread, try Gluten-Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread. I bake a loaf a week and have never had a failure. It is a full-sized loaf, real sandwich bread size slices that hold together well for sandwiches. Love it!

I bought a case of this bread mix a while back. I've really missed cinnamon raisin toast since going gluten-free. I'd made three loaves. One turned out so-so, and, the other two were complete failures! I added sugar for the yeast to feast on, but, that didn't seem to help with two of the loaves. I was disappointed and had decided I wouldn't order this again. However, I had one package left and, last night, I decided to try it in my bread machine. Since I couldn't find the paddle, I mixed the bread in a mixing bowl first (probably a good idea anyway). I added a tablespoon of brown sugar to the yeast and water. I used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil. I mixed it for about three minutes in my electric mixer...much longer than the suggested time on the back of the package. I put it in the bread machine and set it for a medium loaf. Well, it worked! This bread is the best I've gotten out of that machine since I went gluten-free! The slices are actually "normal" sized and it is delicious! So, I ordered another case and I will let you know if I get the same excellent results again!
232152232152B000KENKYEA18WSOPZE440M0didgeridoo "diana"2241266624000Filled with RaisinsI was hesitant to order another gluten free bread mix for fear it would turn out dry and tasteless. This bread mix was fantastic. I let the yeast sit for 5 minutes as directed, but let the batter sit in a loaf pan for an extra 30 minutes to rise. The cinnamon and raisin flavor is just right and the bread does not feel like cardboard! I would also recommend testing the internal temperature as recommended to prevent hardening. This bread mix is much better than the cornbread mix. Amazon shipped the item quickly and in perfect condition (as usual).
232153232153B000KENKYEA8VLQLQNSV3JWThe Wanderer "2211239926400
232154232154B000KENKYEA278JALYLPF675J. Payne "jp"2251235606400a real treati have been gluten free for 6 months now and have really missed treats like cinnamon buns...i made this bread this morning on the gluten-free setting of my bread machine. it came out perfectly andwas just what i needed to satisfy that craving. from the other reviews, i think that perhaps this one is really meant for a bread machine.
232155232155B000KENKYEA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"1131334966400Purchased at the Local GrocersI purchased this at the local grocery store, which is actually a chain, called Sprouts. It looked so good and I had read some rave reviews on here, plus used some of his other products that were great Bob's Red Mill Wheat Free Biscuit & Baking Mix, 24-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4) and so I thought this was a "Shoo In" for good bread. I was to take the bread for Bible Study Breakfast, so I bought a bag and could not wait to give it a try.

I easily mixed it up and did (thankfully) add extra raisins though I was cautioned that I did not need to do so and popped this into the oven. (I did not have a breadmaker at the time). It smelled wonderful while baking, and looked great when it popped out of the oven. I proudly carried it over to the Breakfast, where I sliced it since it was now cool, and presented it for the attendees to sample a slice or two. Great quality butter was right beside it.Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter - Unsalted (8 ounce). After slicing, I popped a small group of crumbs into my mouth expecting to savor the wonder. YEEEECH. Well, maybe not QUITE that bad, but close.

The bread DID have some raisin flavor. Thank goodness for the extra handful of raisins. If I were to do it again, I would add two handfuls. But otherwise, it was dry and fairly tastless...Thank the good Lord for the Butter. The Butter was good enough that no one really said much about this loaf of bread.

After the first pass and choices of goodies, I noticed, that on the second time up, people took one of my other breads:Dassant Cinnamon Chip Bread Mix, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6) orDassant Pumpkin Spice Bread Mix, 16-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). So at least, I was saved from all out banishment and you KNOW that is what happens to Bible Study Ladies who cannot cook!

So again, I do not recommend this bread as it is dry and tasteless. If you MUST make it, add raisins liberally prior to baking. Purchase good butter to go with it. Ice it too! But--just go with something else if you can.Leonard Mountain Hazelnut Raisin Bread Mix, 17-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) or make this because I have and It is Yummy:New Orleans Gourmet Foods Traditional Bread Pudding Mix W/raisins, 8.75-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)!
232156232156B000KENKYEAF8QDK3G4QZ5NR. Styn1111233014400can't believe this is a Bob's Red Mill productNormally I love the Bob's Red Mill products, but I made this one, had a couple slices from it and ended up throwing it out. It came out hard and barely tasted like cinnamon raisin. I would recommend a bunch of their other products (especially the pizza mix) but I would advice against buying the cinnamon raisin bread mix.
232157232157B000KENKYEA2RRV625H1QEH1D. Tye2341235088000Add 1 bannana for 300% improvementThe secret to this product is to add one beaten over-ripe bannana.
It will then be BREAD rather than BRICK.

This may work a bit better when baking in the oven so you can monitor rise-time, but it also improves the product 300% when using a Zoj* bread machine.
232158232158B000KENKYEA30FDLUYJJP9G7Chris0051343606400Raisin BreadGreat! Absolutely delicious gluten free raisin bread, if you are gluten intolerant, you should try this bread!! My son has celiac and we've tried many different gluten-free products, this bread was moist with just the right amount of sweetness.
232159232159B000KENKYEA33Q3MRUMOXMGQRenee Klopfenstein0031329696000great bread substitute, but little flavorHave tried other BRM products and LOVE them (cookie mix, pizza dough) but this was practically tasteless! The bread was easy to make and had GREAT texture, so I'll invest another $5 and try to add some flavor (I see that others recommend a ripe banana) such as molasses, honey and/or vanilla and hope for something yummy as well as nicely textured.
232160232160B000KENKYEAXDGA4I367NXRCarol Matt0051326931200One of my favorites!This is a great bread! Great taste, great texture, lots of raisins. YUMMY.Turns out wonderful each time. I don't think you will be sorry. Try it!
232161232161B000KENKYEA2AV6EYCQ5OA30grandMOM0041310428800Good change from plain bread.Good flavor. Great with cinnamon and sugar for snack. Bakes well. A little heavy. Lasts quite a while in frig. Doesn't mold as quickly as Hubby's sandwich bread.
Only $4.16 on subscribe & save - free shipping.
It is GF, has no MSG or related products or aspartates.
232162232162B000KENKYEA23LO4ENP8FFP6JS North Carolina0031300492800New to gluten freeI am new to a gluten free diet and as another reviewer stated missed my occasional piece of toast in the morning. I purchased the Bob's Red Mill Cinnamon Raisin Bread mix with high hopes due to the reviews as well as the reputation of the company. I used my bread maker as directed and while it was baking it filled my home with a cinnamon smell that had my hopes up. It came out looking good, browned well and looked like an ordinary small loaf of bread. I sliced it when warm and it tasted a little flat with those bites without raisins. While it was definitely better than the rice bread that I bought from the freezer section of my grocer, it still leaves something to be desired. I tried it again a few days later after toasting it and again it has a slight aftertaste that I just do not find appealing.

I will keep trying and may try to add a bit more spice the next time.
232163232163B000KENKYEALXTLRCHPYGHHtrix36 "Deb"0051299369600Tastes Great.We bought this bread mix to try for my husband with celiac disease. We own a Cusinart breadmaker and are very happy with the way it turned out. We will purchase it again.
232164232164B000KENKYEA2Q7PNQHWW6E2MM C W "Tabitha Cat"0051285545600Really deliciousThis cinnamon and raisin bread mix was a delicious gluten free find. I had to start baking again after 20 years of bakery-bought bread when I discovered I have an allergy to gluten. The mix is very easy to use and more than meets my raisin bread cravings. All of Bobs Red Mill gluten free products have worked out well for me and always taste really good. I just have to learn how to bake well all over again!
232165232165B000KENKYEAKZ0UFVMAG9R0Ellen0051278892800Yum!We have had varied success in finding gluten-free/dairy-free breads that we enjoy, but this one we do truly enjoy! It has the flavor we're looking for as well as the texture and moisture. If you, like us, think a piece of cinnamon-raisin toast is wonderful in the morning, this is a great one to try. It's economical and delicious!
232166232166B000KENKYEA1PNQXHXXNV0G1Bob Fischer0041277769600Awesome ProductGreat product, worked out really well, my wife loves the taste.
All of the Red Mill products are fantastic.
232167232167B000KENKYEA13CFZW3W5ZWBBGracia M. Harrison "Smokey Mt."0031265760000Good MixTrying this for the first time, first loaf was nice, could use more spices?
I'll work with it and review again later
232168232168B000KENKYEA1PHD45LNDEFX7P. Moore0051243987200Excellent breadI've been GF since 1997 and know firshand what a struggle it is to find good tasting bread. This cinnamon raisin bread is very good and works well in a bread machine. While it's not quite sweet enough for me (I could probably add some sugar), it's great for a PBJ sandwich.
232169232169B000KENKYEA26HJQZQ7PL83CDE gf mom0041241395200Good Sweet TreatAfter recently moving to a GF diet we were looking for a simple sweet treat. This even works well in a bread machine.
232170232170B000KENKYEA1VZBP5SGGHCU6Barbara "GF Cookbook Junkie"0051238025600Gluten Free BreadBobs Red Mill gluten free bread mixes are the best! We love the Homemade Wonderful White Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, and Hearty Whole Grain Bread mixes. Believe me, we have tried them all and these are the best!

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