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232171232171B000KENKYEA2B7T1CSQLDHI8Yonni1251234915200Bob's Red Mill Cinnamon Raisin Bread MixMy family loves this mix! I make it in my bread machine on the 1.5 lb and medium crust setting. I use Light Vanilla Soy Milk or Almond Milk and add 1/4 c. honey. I have also used Agave Nectar in the GF Bread Mix. It is good without the extra sweetener, but it "kicks it up"!
232172232172B000KENKYEA1ZAAAEN5R6D89A. Bishop0121268524800gluten free eaters deserve betterI found the baked product dense and bitter.

I'm not GF, I just happened to try this because it was heavily discounted at the store and I like other Red Mill products. I regularly make my own yeast breads with white (wheat) flour, spelt, white rice flour, and/or whole wheat.

I followed the directions carefully, and the bread rose in the pan prior to baking like it was supposed to. The directions say it should bake 60-65 minutes or until bread reaches 205 degrees. It did reach 205 around that time and I removed it from the oven.

The directions are easy to follow and work, but I found this dense and tasteless. If it has flavor, that flavor is bitter. It is bitter like dark molasses (which is an ingredient). I like molasses cookies; this is just too bitter. I had to make coffee to eat a couple pieces. I threw the rest out.

If I was Gluten-Free, I'd probably experiment to make this less dense or less bitter. I can easily imagine that the other reviewers suggestions of adding a whipped banana or more spices or giving it extra time to rise would help. But I expected more from Red Mill.
232173232173B000KENKYEA38WW7OEEJIVGKPatricia A. Kline0321227916800Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cinnamon Bun MixHard to work with, but no less than what I expected from what I had heard. I'd like to be able to make sticky buns with it, so I am going to be experimenting to be able to give my Celiac daughter a chance to have some of the goodies we are used to enjoying during the holidays.
232174232174B0018CDV96A653OXVSZTKCGMN Boulevard1131331251200Quality Food But Puts Tartar on Teeth QuicklyI bought this food as it is rated as one of the best canned dog food that's out on the market. And although that might be true, after only six cans of this (mixed half and half with dry dog food), my puppy's teeth went from bright white to having tartar build up. My only recommendation is that if you feed your dog wet food, make sure to brush their teeth regularly.
232175232175B0018CDV96A3PFB6ORA0AAKAJulie0031336608000Dented cansAll of the cans came with dents. Some quite large. None seemed to have broken the seal in any way. Strange!
232176232176B00206RYT2A1LL2HF60MQRB4M. Dietsch "praisethelord"5551263254400fantastic!I have been looking for gluten free plain crackers for ages. Being pregnant, all I wanted in my first trimester was some plain crackers, but I thought I had no options being Celiac; there's some nice rice crackers out there, but they all are flavored with onion, garlic, BBQ, etc- not things you want during pregnancy! I found these recently in a local (high end) grocery store and was so happy to see "plain". I tried them and I had to laugh at myself for getting so excited over plain crackers. They are super good, with by themselves, or with butter, cream cheese, etc. They are great for soup as they are full of flavor and have a crispy taste. They are also not high in salt like most other crackers. Great buy too, I highly recommend if you, like me, just want some nice crackers without the salty "flavor" added to them.
232177232177B00206RYT2A3VJBJ5W4BVDD0Zede2251280707200Almost criedI used to live off of cheese and crackers...almost. Then I had a baby and suddenly had to go gluten free in order for my infant to not have colic. I bought these crackers the other day and it almost brought a tear to my eye when I took the first bite. I had forgotten how much I loved real crackers and these are the absolute closest I've tasted since going gluten free. Thank you Ener-G foods!!
232178232178B00206RYT2A3TAEV0ECA7X4NNanci2221273881600Too Fragile 4 MeAfter reading the reviews I was looking fwd to these crackers to supplement the excellent Glutino Ritz-cracker-like ones I enjoy. I love Ener-G Food's wheat-free pretzels, they are outstanding and a main staple with my meals & snacks. These crackers remind me of extra-thin graham crackers. They are fragile, dry, and tasteless and don't hold up well to anything other than a delicate scoop of dip. I was disappointed to say the least!
232179232179B00206RYT2A2E6BNQV79QNZ7L. Neumann0051347494400staple for a gluten free familyMy kids and I love these crackers. They are perfect for the days when we are out of gluten free bread. We just make cracker sandwiches. My children love to eat these with cream cheese and (canned)salmon spread out over the cracker. Buying from amazon is the only way we could afford these crackers, as they cost too much in the local stores.
232180232180B00206RYT2AAZIHL62I7ES3True North0051345939200These are my favorite cracker...Before being diagnosed as a celiac, a favorite snack was a handful of Zesty saltines and a cup of milk. *sigh* I have tried many gluten free crackers, but found them lacking. Nothing hit that zone for me until I found these crackers. It is an issue of texture. These have a texture like a saltine. (Don't expect little grains of salt on them, they do not have that) These are great by themselves, or they'll stand up to lox and cream cheese, sandwich meats, sliced cheese or spread with nut butter. If you're still looking for just the right cracker, try these, you may really enjoy them. I do!

P.S. When my family dines at Cracker Barrel, I take in a few of these to top with butter and jam whilest those around me enjoy the biscuits and muffins. Works great!
232181232181B00206RYT2A3LY4TANZPVVAHbromya "bromya"0041340323200I want to re-order these!We have recently become gluten-free converts and these were one of the first items we bought. They are very crunchy, have a great texture and are really great with cheese. They are a little plain by themselves but still decent, but we really enjoy them with toppings because they do not take away from the flavor of the toppings. The thing that really bothers me, however, is only ONE month later when I went to re-order these a little early (I signed up for subscribe and save) they went up $6!! It seems lately that every time I sign up for subscribe and save, the price goes up substantially from the original order. I wrote to Amazon about this but got the typical canned answer that they will send the message to higher ups and they value feedback, etc. The Charmin tissue I ordered went up $20! This is a disturbing trend. You have really got to keep your eye on the pricing with subscribe and save or you will take an unexpected hit. Anyway, the crackers are good.
232182232182B00206RYT2A2AOC5J4310UO0judy lutt0031336089600Not great but edible.I ordered these crackers b/c I wanted a GF cracker and the reviews were decent. One reviewer even claimed that this cracker was as close to a saltine as GF person could get. More's the pity. This cracker isn't a saltine nor does it taste like one. It is thin and crisp and brown, more like a thin graham cracker without the flavor. Tolerable but definitely not a saltine. It doesn't seem like making a decent GF saltine should be so difficult but apparently it is.
232183232183B00206RYT2A2IFXL4RI7EU0TLinda B. Gesling0051334620800These are the best gluten-free crackers!!I have tried a LOT of gluten-free crackers and have found these Ener-g crackers to taste the best. They are particularly good with peanut butter and cheese and just about anything. They actually taste like real crackers.
232184232184B00206RYT2AOBFTXXQGTC56A. Paul0051333843200Best Texture in GF CrackersThese have the best texture of any GF crackers I've tried and a nice flavor, though like most GF crackers they're badly under-seasoned. Lightly brushing with water or butter and sprinkling with some kosher salt vastly improves them to something which resembles the 'stoned wheat thins' crackers from the grocery store.
232185232185B00206RYT2A38GZXP37E358Enomad "blueriver"0041330905600Helps me forget I'm a celiac.These are the best-tasting, best-crunching GF crackers ever made. Before celiac (BC) whenever I was not feeling well, I would pull out the saltines. These aren't as salty, thank goodness, but they are like soul food to me now. Two problems: too often several crackers in a box are shattered. To minimize this, I cut the cellophane packets very carefully with scissors, once across the top, then down each side. But still there are some that were cracked before I got them. Second problem is that they need to be scored across the middle so you could have a "daintier" and neater serving.

When a restaurant proudly brings me their gluten free crackers, I shudder. They are pure cardboard. Once I took some of these in with me in my big purse. I enjoyed happy hour much better.
232186232186B00206RYT2A34ZN2ECCO6DAQslecker0051326412800SALTINES!!!Despite reviews from other buyers, I purchased these and REALLY love them! They taste as close to a saltine as I can remember. They are much thinner and yes, they do break easier, but I was able to gently spread cream cheese on them today for lunch. The box is surprisingly small, but they fit more crackers in it than do the Glutino cracker boxes. And there were less broken despite the fact that they were packed in tighter. The glutino ones are good, but these are cheaper and I like them much more! Buy the 6 pack and $3 a box isn't bad for a delicious GF cracker!
232187232187B00206RYT2A3DC7VKPGXC1VMM. M. OCallaghan "MickieMo"0051325376000plain, but tastyThese crackers are plain, without seasoning & flavors, but quite tasty. These are great with cheese and can also be ground for breading. Good value for your money, if you are buying a pack of 6.
232188232188B00206RYT2A1U6MFNWXH1CZ1photog "photog"0051323820800great Gluten Free crackerThese are my favorite Gluten Free Crackers. I do enjoy some other types also, but these are large and flat, very thin and crispy. This cracker is great for lunch or snacking with a slice of good cheese.
232189232189B00206RYT2A3NQESHWE0GQL8Midlojen0051322956800Best GF CrackersThese are my favorite gluten free crackers. I think they are the best plain GF crackers on the market. They are great with cheese or peanut butter. They do crumble a little bit, but if you break them before you put your cheese or PB on, they're great. I even eat them by themselves when I am desperate for something quick. Amazon has the best price.
232190232190B00206RYT2A3FKUHO1T9S4S1M. Vest0051322438400As close to saltine as a gluten intolerant person can get!There aren't many gf crackers out there that taste good. Especially if you were diagnosed with a gluten intolerance late in life and have tasted the awful for you, good stuff. These crackers are fantastic and well worth the price Amazon has them for, I used to pay closer to $5-$6 per box.
232191232191B00206RYT2ARX8562FHJ0K0Allergy Free Mom0051308528000Wonderful!They are spectacular and my son loves them. Only wish they were cheaper. He can really chow throught these. Must have.
232192232192B00206RYT2AK7MTD2A7GRP7kay marion0051304294400Thanks EnerG for maintaining your standardsThese are the best completely gluten free crackers I've found. EnerG maintains strict standards for their gluten free products
232193232193B00206RYT2A2WYPKZEDJJ0R6Marion in San Diego0041302566400Very good GF crackerI like these instead of GF bread at lunch. Good toppers are chicken salad, egg salad, or tuna fish salad. No seeds!
232194232194B00206RYT2A1XWMVQKJVTZMDKathleen Mullins0051297209600The Best Gluten Free Crackers!I've tried many gluten free crackers and these are the best. A tender crackers with a satisfying crunch. Good by themselves or with soup, chili, cheese or jelly.
232195232195B00206RYT2A2AV6EYCQ5OA30grandMOM0051294012800Good crackers in a small boxI got the 6 pack for my husband for Christmas since he has not had any crackers in over 2 years. He says they are quite good; he especially likes them with cream cheese. They taste like a cross between a saltine and a captain's wafer.
My biggest problem was that I didn't realize how few crackers made up a seven ounce box - so few for the price (Although I couldn't find them any cheaper anywhere else.).
It is GF, has no MSG or related products, no aspartates.
232196232196B00206RYT2A1B6FJJVRJ033UGranny Nanny0051276992000Ener-G crackersThese are the best G-F crackers we have tried (and we've tried several). They have the same texture and taste as wheat crackers.
232197232197B00206RYT2A1V5DU3P7CVZQWJ. Duncan0051265932800Close to saltinesThese are the closest to saltine crackers I have found. Like most gluten free crackers, they are a bit bland tasting, but are much like saltines in taste and texture. I have even salted them and tapped off most the salt; enough stays in the little holes that I will eat them plain. They work well with cheese, peanut butter, and soup. I like the taste better than the Glutino crackers.
232198232198B00206RYT2A1VYLUTM6GOI44kjmills0051260921600great, crispy crackersThese are great crackers. They are heartier than rice crackers, they have a nice crunch, and they are firm enough to dip in dips and soft cheeses. I've only had their onion flavor, and while I'm not a fan of onion, I still enjoyed them. I look forward to trying their other flavors (if they have any) or even just plain.
232199232199B000H6648OA3OX9A3N155S6WR. Griffin81011264723200RIP OFF!!!When you buy this chocolate sauce, you have to pay an extra $11.99 (as of 1/29/10) for the pump. If you buy it directly from Ghirardelli, you pay $1 more per bottle, and they send you a free pump with each one. So, at least for your initial purchase, you save about $11/bottle. As for the sauce itself, it's fine.
232200232200B0002DJNK8A1G95KH9JDMYCMsandy k0051288828800My dogs love these treatsWhat a special cookie for my 4 legged friends. Vanilla is a flavor they were not accustomed to and they now sit at the counter, noses pointing towards the cabinet where the treats are stored, their expression asking me if I'm nuts for not understanding what they're begging for! I recommend these to all.

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