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232231232231B0011DRYXQA2TMZXPWEQI347pumpkinspice0041288137600Mild, smooth, and delicious!I really like this tea. The spearmint flavor is delicate and mild. I was pleased to see that the tea came in a resealable plastic bag, so the tea stays nice and fresh. Some teas end up being something I have every once in awhile, but this spearmint tea is one that I don't mind drinking every day!
232232232232B003E75Y4SA295K4USZAZSHNC. Stephens "Ziztur"0051343001600Good for keeping weight on dogsI buy this for my two German Shepherds, who compete in Schutzhund.

It's a very dense food calorie wise, and so I feed my dogs 1/3 bowl of this, compared to half a bowl of regular Royal Canin German Shepherd food.

It costs the same as the GSD food, so I'm actually saving money by feeding the dogs less. It would be very good for dogs who have trouble keeping weight on because they compete/train a lot and burn a lot of calories or just have crazy loads of energy they burn all the time.
232233232233B00006IDK9A1WO808WBTK6SETiny Texan7731303344000Great product, but buy locally rather than onlineThe quality of these pirouline cookies is unsurpassed, but I was very disappointed with this purchase. It was shipped quickly, but arrived mostly crushed. Most of the cookies were broken and many were crushed at the bottom. We purchased them for a formal dinner and gifts. Unfortunately, because of their condition, we will have to purchase other wafers locally and eat these ourselves. I would not recommend purchasing this product through delivery.
232234232234B00006IDK9A9PNT3H16WT7SH. Chacon "S.C. Xyuppi"5531308441600Good but handle poorlyI received my Pirouline wafers after ordering a case of 6 cans, however, up to now, I have opened three cans and all the contents are broken or shredded due to poor handling.
I was hoping to use this to decorate cakes or served with a foamy cappuccino, but it is not possible now, since they are all broken and pulverized on the bottom.
Please don't get me wrong. The product is delicious but worthless to my purpose.
232235232235B00006IDK9ACYR6O588USK' Groovin' guy "music historian"5551295308800Pirouline Rolled Chocolate and Hazelnut Rolled WafersThe DeBeukelaer family has been making Belgium biscuits in The United States since 1860.

Pirouline is the only national brand of rolled wafers actually made in America. One bite and you'll understand why these delicious and light snacks can be very addicting.

The biscuit layer is light and flaky and the hazelnut chocolate inside makes for delicious snacking.

They come in a tall, slender, 3.25 ounce tin and the tins are great for storing pasta or writing instruments afterwords.Highly recommended.
232236232236B00006IDK9AYM1BAEQZH7XC. L. Yelenosky3451285372800Product Excellent, Seller not so muchI do love this product and that is why I buy online because it can not be purchased locally. However I have to say this time the seller obviously did not do a very good with their packing because most of the product was broken up into pieces and there was a lot of waste at the bottom. I will not purchase from them again.
232237232237B00006IDK9A1PPHBVQ8X21PCAlice0051348444800pirouline rolled wafers, chocolate hazelnutI like this product very much and is going to order it again.
I recommend it to all of my friends.
232238232238B000H171CCA16NKZQUI8JU3LJrjohn020051341878400DeliciousThis kikoman marinade is the BEST. I have used it with many types of beef from beef tenderloin to sirloin. It always adds a nice flavor and makes the meat oh so tender. You really only need about 20 minutes in the marinade and you are ready to grill. I had a hard time finding this at my local grocery stores so I ordered this. I've already used at least 5 of the packets.
232239232239B000H171CCA3MPYR32QFLUBLMichael Savidusky "Spiker"0051272067200Meat Marinade For GrillingOur butcher told us about Kikkoman Meat Marinade for grilling thick pork chops or chuck roasts. Mix powder with 2/3 cup water, pierce into meat on both sides, and marinate for 15-20 minutes. Tenderizes meat, adds wonderful flavor, and hastens cooking time on grill. Family and guests love the results. We've used it for many years, but it's not always in stores.
232240232240B001AY24PEA1AW1YRASFZSJSJ. "teacher"0051349136000this stuff is amazingThis stuff is amazing; I can't believe I found it! 17 years ago I taught in Japan and used to chew this so much (not while teaching, mind you!) that my Japanese friends bought it for me as gifts when I left. This both brings back fond memories and is so delicious--it's a taste I haven't found anywhere else in a gum! I am not sure if it has aspartame, though (which I try to avoid).
232241232241B000R7RKEAA2DDQAWC05CNHTC. Jones141531223596800Not as AdvertisedI was expecting 60 bags of Doritos, Cool Ranch. Instead I received 2 boxes of 30 count Classic Mix of Cheetos, Fritos, Lays Classic, Lays BBQ, 2 Doritos and 8 Doritos Nacho Cheese bags.
232242232242B0012DM8ZYA435KUVVQBFOVK. L. Miller2251236211200A Classic!One word, classic! My husband wont eat any other brand as they dont compare. These are perfection in a bag! It seems there is less salt than a few years ago which is fantastic but they still taste delish!
232243232243B0012DM8ZYA2P1YV1633ZX8Wbeach grandma1151329264000FANTASTIC SAVINGSI wish there was some way to tell everyone about Amazon's warehouse deals in the grocery section! SNYDER's Pretzels are extremely well known. To find them on the warehouse deal was amazing. I got 12 one pound bags for apx 18.00! Usually, they sell for 3.29 a bag! These were shipped from Pennsylvania the home of the Snyder company in their own box with no room to spare (thus little to no breakage)! They have an expiration date of May 13, 2012 which is a little over 3 months from today(Feb 15)! This averages out to about a bag a week. These are big fat pretzels. One just fits in the palm of my hand. I tried one and it is absolutely NOT stale! This is indeed a fantastic find and savings!
232244232244B0012DM8ZYA29N66WIWNN8JKOne Reviewer0051348617600The Only Pretzels I WantThese Snyder's of Hanover Olde Tyme Pretzels are the only pretzels I want, I love everything about them. The size of these are one size down from the largest bagged size and are very lightly salted, which I enjoy very much. The texture is not rock-hard like some other larger pretzels I've had; rather, when you bite into one of these, it has a flakey, slightly (but pleasantly) crumbly texture that is easy to chew. The flavor is mild and just plain good. I enjoy making chocolate covered pretzels once or twice a year during holidays for my family as well as bundle up packages of regular and white chocolate pretzels as treats to give away, and everyone enjoys them. I have found these pretzels are also very good when one is getting over a sick tummy because they are so mild. I never cared very much for pretzels before until I tried this brand and have been buying them ever since!
232245232245B0012DM8ZYA1G1X16SEWDKHOReed More "Wanttoreadlots"0051348531200Crispy, low salt, flavorfulI'm a habitual pretzel eater and I've tried many brands, but most of the time I have to pick off the salt chunks before eating them. With these I don't have to so much -- the salt is perfect as is. Very crispy and flavorful. The best I've ever had. Unfortunately they're hard to find in my area. Fortunately has them available.
232246232246B0012DM8ZYA1D052VH4WKRNBRCarmer0051345334400Okay so I'm addicted!I love Snyder's Olde Tyme pretzels. And now Amazon has agreed to hand deliver them with scheduled deliveries. We're a match made in heaven! oh! Health-wise.....these pretzels have a lower salt content then most other pretzels. And Amazon's prices and scheduled deliveries are hassle free. All facts that are good for your blood pressure!
232247232247B0012DM8ZYA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0041341446400Really GoodI have bought several varieties of Snyder's pretzels on Amazon Warehouse. Like all of for me it always comes down to getting them on sale. may end up eating more than you thought you would..
232248232248B0012DM8ZYA20F1SEQWPH4TOpam Hinrichs0031315094400Old Tyme PretzelsThe pretzels were good but there were many broken pieces in the bags. I think this was from coming in the mail
232249232249B0012DM8ZYA2KCD2PFUDXPPXSuseshopper0051298592000Not too salty, good tasteI also grew up in Pa. and had Snyder's regularly. For those who aren't familiar, I particularly like this brand because they taste less salty, but have a good taste. For this particular one, they are similar in taste to the sourdough, but much easier to chew.For pretzel lovers like me, it is great to have them on hand at a good price.They are a "healthier" snack.
232250232250B0012DM8ZYA3QAAOLIXKV383Danny K. Tilley "Dan Tilley"0041297382400Snyders olde type pretzelsOur local stores rarely have this on the shelf. I prefer these to other pretzels because they are not too salty.
232251232251B0012DM8ZYA2RRD58H4MI4QSJean D. Viguers0051272153600so goodsince moving from Penna. to Texas, can not find my favorite pretzel, so glad to have found them on Amazon. Seemed like a lot of pretzels to buy at once, but with sharing them with friends, and being able to store them for quite a while its a great deal.
232252232252B0012DM8ZYAGNGQUHM50QCUdavelom "davelom"0051262649600None better than Olde Tyme.This is the absolute best snack pretzel you can buy, IMHO. Great flavor, just enough salt, not too hard and perfect for dipping or eating plain.
232253232253B0012DM8ZYALJ2KUXFTCP28Snorks0111315267200Too crumbly, not enough saltTo each his own, but IMHO, these are possibly the worst pretzels I've ever had. They don't have much flavor, and they are too soft and crumbly--almost the consistency of a crusty Lorna Doone cookie. Not much salt at all. I'd go for the sourdough variety instead.
232254232254B004NWS0PIA2HX1URMQU3XMEHeather1251330300800Perfect for my wedding!I ordered these for my flower girl to use in my wedding. The color looks just like what is pictured, and there are plenty for one basket.
232255232255B004NWS0PIA2UN1AZP9GNK8JEstella's Empire0111333929600False Advertisement.The image shown for these petals have a light pink hue to them. Instead what I received are two Pepto-Bismol colored bags of petals instead. They are WAY darker than the picture and I am frustrated that they would post such a false image for this product! So here's my picture:

False advertising=unhappy customer. :/
232256232256B002GWHBNOA2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer0051316563200Good stuffI found these beens very satisfying..about the same as Starbucks Breakfast Blend..get it on sale is the best! I roasted around 2# for 30 min...ahhh just right!
232257232257B0005YW1ASA1Q0QL0LFDPY69Regina F. Kyle1151176422400Yummy!I love this stuff. It's easy and fast to make and it's good for you. To make it a little less thick, I add a little more milk. Unfortunately, I cannot find it locally and have to order it on-line.
232258232258B002WVC4O0AYQMCUVLBZ03VH. Gaze "wolfie"0051294963200Excellent gift.I purchased this fruit box for my grandmother for Christmas. She received it in good time and said she really enjoyed the delicious fruit. It makes an excellent gift for those that either can't or do not want to have another box of junk food.
232259232259B0000DG58TA3895J8YTNSWO3Joseph E. Morrison1141316649600sauce great, cost outrageoousFirst of all, Tiger Sauce is my all time favorite steak sauce (among its many uses). It's sweet and spicy and complex.

However, I have found it in the grocery store for $2.50. I suggest people try to find it there first before shelling out $10 for it.
232260232260B0000DG58TA12YSW2P8SOLNXMeatbomb "Caroleva"1151295654400WOWI got this for my boyfriend for his birthday because he was always saying how good it is...and it's really good! It's a really versatile sauce that would go with poultry, pork and beef. It might be a bit too heavy of a flavor on a delicate fish, but it would be nice with a hearty fish like bluefish or tuna.

The sauce has a very good balance of caramel sweetness, smokiness, salt, tangy vinegar/fruity notes and spiciness. If you are very sensitive to spiciness, you may think it is too spicy, but if you enjoy spicy food, you will think this is quite mild.

It's overall a great sauce for marinades, dipping and adding to other sauces. Try adding a few tablespoons to chili.

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