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232261232261B0000DG58TA1RMHRMRSTZ9DJH. McKamey1151264550400Tiger Sauce!!! delicious!!I tried this product in South Carolina over the summer and fell in love! It tastes good with everything.. Oddly really good in Deviled Eggs!!! I can't just go to the store and buy a bottle here in Indiana so I ordered it off of Amazon.. I was very pleased but it was gone way to fast!
232262232262B001KZMD9KA316PEISP38C8OS. Veeman "I Love My Life"0051293580800The best available!I've tried many baby food cereals and this is the best organic one out there IMO. We tried happy bellies and the babies would barely eat it (only if distracted). I can mix this with a little juice and water and they eat it happily! Wonderful product!!
232263232263B002HFQX7AA3NRVFBA3W4PAKGaPeach0051319328000Jasmine Green TeaThis is one of the best tasting green teas I have found and I have been drinking it several years now. I can always find it on Amazon at a reasonable price.
232264232264B0000DG58QAY81BBSXD7T3WMichele0051074470400PICKAPEPPAFor many years I tried various meat sauces: American, English, Chinese, Indian etc. looking for a particular tang that was good with all meats and some types of vegetables. It was purely by trial and error that I came across this marvelous Jamaican GEM. For the last 20 years, Pickappa has remained a standard condiment at my table. Pickappa has achieved a fine balance of excellent ingredients in this sauce that I have found nowhere else, (I have tried others when I could not find Pickapeppa, unsuccessfully). Thank goodness for the Internet and for having a portal from which to order Pickappa.
232265232265B002GJNHVWA3S6TH7OGNG7PJCharlotte8811295308800NOT an artificial butter flavor!I was HIGHLY disappointed to receive this product, all 16 ounces of it, to find out that it's not an artificial butter flavor for baking at all! It is actually SOY/SOYA OIL!!! You could use this to replace normal oil in recipes, and have that oil taste more buttery, but this is NOT NOT NOT an artificial butter flavor that you add to cookies and such in the amount of teaspoons. If your recipe calls for 2 cups of oil, you would use 2 cups of this to substitute, which would be like 2 cups (16 oz.) of oil with ~1 teaspoon of artificial butter flavor mixed in.

The whole reason I purchased this is because we have family members with allergies, including to dairy and soy, and our local grocery stopped carrying Schillings Artificial Butter Flavor that I usually use. If this CK product were simply labeled correctly on the front of the bottle pictured or in the product description, I never would have bought it! What this product would be good for is pouring over popcorn straight from the bottle, like the stuff they use at the movie theater. It is quite the same!

If you are looking for an actual artificial butter flavor, that you could add 1/2 teaspoon to your cookie recipe to give them a buttery flavor, as in AN ACTUAL ARTIFICIAL BUTTER FLAVOR FOR BAKING, try Wilton No Color Butter Flavor instead. We now use the Wilton's butter flavor along with Spectrum Naturals Organic Shortening (actually 100% Palm shortening, not hydrogenated) in any baking recipes that call for butter or shortening. I contacted the company, and Wilton confirmed the ingredients were as one would expect for an actual "imitation butter flavor" to be used in any baking.

Shame on CK for such false advertising and misleading labeling!
232266232266B002GJNHVWA3IF86O6W0GQ6JDana L. Filer1121330300800CK Products Artificial Butter Baking FlavorI find that this butter flavor is way too strong and almost has a chemical taste and smell to me. I had been using another brand for years and decided to try this one and discovered that using the same amount as my other brand was way too much and gave my frosting a weird flavor. I tried it again and used just a tiny bit and it was better but I think I'll go back to my original brand next time.
232267232267B002GJNHVWA2V2NOAQ4OHKMHD. Rancourt "tadabrer"1121327363200Sensitive to Heat and lightI want to use a butter flavor in (very warm) oil-for-popcorn-topping and in (hot) baking.

Although this product implies it is for baking, the actual packaging does not use the phrase pictured, and it adds the words 'Sensitive to heat and Light'. The packaging now says 'Artificial Flavor Butter'. The ingredients are: 'Vegetable or Soya Oil, Diacetyl, Butric Acid, Esters, Vanillan.'

I will try again, but my (only, single) experience was to add it to very warm organic coconut oil and pour it over popped white organic popcorn; the result was an odd flavor and a sweetening effect.

My main focus is to buy/try something else altogether, but I will try this product again after trying coconut-oil-only to see if it is the 'sweet culprit'.

I usually have butter, but was looking for ways to increase coconut oil in my diet [...]
232268232268B0029YA89SA14I4G6NE1AEHJWilliam P. Woodall101021284681600Good taste - poor packagingThe good news - the cookies are tasty and fresh. The bad news - the most current packaging (summer 2010) means the contents are powder by the time they reach you. In the past, Salem used a well-padded interior honeycomb packaging which protected the cookies. The newest packaging offers virtually no protection, and the cookies are mostly reduced to crumbs and powder.

These cookies are very thin, paper-thin, and crisp. It's hard to eat just a few!
232269232269B0029YA89SA2I0M7H3M9KG2OE. Mason5511266624000Crumby packagingThese are extremely thin, delicate cookies. They are delicious, but I will not order them from Amazon again. I sent them as a gift and my friend reported that only half the cookies weren't broken. Almost half of them were reduced to crumbs, and a few were broken into pieces large enough to handle. They were sent in a box with no padding, just a couple of air-filled bags, one of which was completely deflated. Such a disappointment!
232270232270B0029YA89SABKAYGZQHIU63Cookie Lover3331270857600Broken CookiesThis is the second time i have ordered Moravian cookies through The cookies in themselves are delicious, however, most of them are broken because Amazon does not ship them correctly. I will not order cookies from again.
232271232271B0029YA89SA1926ZO7KQDQJOKathy2231315872000Moravian Meyer Lemon CookiesThese cookies have a great, lemony taste. The only bad thing was that they're thin and many of them were broken.
232272232272B0029YA89SA1EXP66TC83NQ1L. Mcdermott1151314576000Spicy, yummy goodness!The first time I tried these we had gotten them in a gift basket at work. It was love at first taste! Not your typical ginger spice cookies. First, they are paper thin, well maybe not paper but perhaps potato chip thin. Which makes them as addictive! They also have a little more bite on the end of the flavor. To me they are my favorite cookies! I can see having these with ice cream, whipped cream or just all on their own. They are the best!
232274232274B0029YA89SAXNY7LAYNRXICSchmoo1131294444800Crumbly, as was saidFirst off, these taste wonderful. However, they crumble which is very annoying.

Mine came fully intact but as I take each one out of plastic wrap inside the tubing, they just crumble in my hand before I can get them to my mouth! Almost seems like they are too fresh and need some time to firm up!

Found an easy solution - I just emptied the entire contents into the tube they came in and I just drink them. LOL
232275232275B0029YA89SA2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford1151262908800A little pricey, but ohhhhh so good!I get these every year at Christmas to go with all the usual home-baked goodies. These are very thin crisp spicy cookies, with tons of flavor in a small size. Everyone that tries them absolutely LOVES them. Until I find a local source for them, I'll keep ordering them from Amazon. (The other flavors are equally good, too!)
232276232276B0029YA89SA3NWEIIJEH2K34Kathryn D. Goebel1151246924800cookies great....but too many broken onesI love the cookies and have for years. But this shipment came with too many broken ones.
232277232277B0029YA89SA2MTHFX4CDA50VJ. Lee1151231459200I love these cookiesThese cookies are very thin and crisp and remind me of gingerbread with a slight kick. Everyone I have given these to wants to know where to buy them. These normally sell in 6oz tubes for about the same pice in department stores so this is a great deal.
232278232278B0029YA89SA2E7RQLTP9L6UBGordon Klock0051335916800Great Canned Cookies!These cookies are fantastically tasty,& arrived with only a little breakage (other reviewers complained of this, but given how ridiculously fragile these cookies are, it's not surprising).Perhaps the packaging folks at amazon were more careful-either way they arrived in good shape, the cookies themselves are quite tasty & remind me of lemon "Trix" only WAY better (I consider it a good sign when a food item brings back seemingly random childhood memories) they are so tasty in fact, that I'm eager to try their other cookies as well...the cans are useful when empty too....
232279232279B0029YA89SA3RTJH7IDGAP88BEVERLY WILBURN0051329955200Excellent cookies.These cookies are delicious and remind me of Christmas. However, they do not ship all that well. About a quarter of them were broken into small pieces.
232280232280B0029YA89SA270LWF2CQ1021Pat C "Reader who likes to cook"0031327795200Not as good as I remember`I've bought these cookies before and they were just wonderful. But these were not as good as I remember and the packing makes it difficult to retrieve a cookie without breaking it.
232281232281B0029YA89SA3FQE6N1IRE61BJulia Eppstein1321236038400"Too Much Clove" a review HaikuI like spice cookies.
But these were cloyingly sweet.
I threw them away.
232282232282B004724Y86A135XHGMBR0OWFFrances R. Dickman "Duchess of Westbury"0051350691200Love These Raisins!Great idea to buy raisins in smaller packages
232283232283B000S4I140A1YTVI0I5SUKOJIjamica "MS"0111347408000DisappointedThis is actually the first time I ordered the 3 grainFeldkamp Three-Grain Bread , 16.75-Ounce Vacuum Packs (Pack of 12) bread. Since i was not sure if the bread comes like this I did not comment on it. I actually gave half of it away as sort of "little gifts" and every body told me the same thing: The bread was brittle and sort of to wet to actually handle it. So know i got thousands of crumbs and try to figure out what to do with them. Very disappointed and would not order again.
232284232284B001EQ4LY0A3MH1RD8BXQKK3P Mabe "P Mabe"161651315699200Yum!These granola bars are light and crisp-- I love the crunchy-ness and the sweet oat flavor!
TWO bars have:
Cal: 190
Total Fat: 8g
1g Saturated/ 0g Saturated/trans fat
Carb: 27g
Dietary Fiber: 3g
Soluble Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 10g
Protein: 4g
Calcium: 4% and Iron 8%
Product of Canada.
They're Kosher too, if that helps.
232285232285B001EQ4LY0A3RRYJ73T27AM3Y. Sawyer "Go organic!"2251255910400Great crunchy granola bars.These bars are so crunchy I just love them. When I say crunchy, I mean crispy crunchy (NOT HARD that you can break your teeth). They are all organic and have 3 grams of fiber per serving. A great snack to grab on the go. Highly recommend!
232286232286B001EQ4LY0A3UMQ0DI6Q4YVSN. Bettencourt1151196985600Love everything about them!Great taste and organic too! Can't beat that. Highly recommend these for the peanut butter lover!
232287232287B001EQ4LY0A2G7JFSS6HEUFXHs' mom "Hs' mom"1151194393600my whole family loves theseI'm so glad that Amazon carries these b/c they are almost always out of stock at our local grocery store. These taste like Nutter Butter cookies but much healthier. We love these!
232288232288B001EQ4LY0A1FCMQT7KJXCIQPragya0021349654400Not a fanI had tried Fiber One and though I loved it, I was looking for something organic. After reading the reviews, I decided to give Barbara's a try. I had an immediate disliking to its taste. After trying it repeatedly, I still can't come around to its taste. I guess it's not for everyone.
232289232289B001EQ4LY0A3DD96LN8U1NMcitygal0051327622400These are excellentI started out buying Nature's Valley brand of the same type of bars. I must admit that, flavor-wise, the NV is superior---but only slightly. I eat organic, so I'm sticking with BB brand, and believe me, they're delcious. I like smearing some peanut butter on these bars. Honestly, it's better than peanut butter pie.
232290232290B001EQ4LY0A1XTE3IHX65GTZOlena_p "Olena"0051319241600Great Organic snackI have tried so many different bars (Kashi, Cascadian farms, others), but I have never had a better bar than this! It is great, not too sweet (a big deal for me) snack. It is also organic - what not to like?

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