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232291232291B001EQ4LY0A17MTAYH3SHPGJSpencer0041317859200Very satisfiedI bought these as a upgrade from a similar non-organic product. The flavor and texture is slightly better though nothing dramatic but the ingredients are much cleaner. They are a little smaller than I expected but I was very pleased and will continue to purchase them.
232292232292B001EQ4LY0A1BRXI1NDD22BDTammy0051317254400Love them!!!I love these granola bars. They have just the right amount of crunch. And for me, I have a very strange food allergy and this is actually something I CAN eat!!! Highly recommend them.
232293232293B001EQ4LY0A3O4UB3FWY7JEYS. Green0051295654400Love these. But disappointed that they are not wheat free anymoreThe last time I bought these they were wheat free. Now that I bought another 6 boxes they are not advertising on the box that they are wheat free. I had one and got stomach pains. I will try again to make sure it realy was these. Im very sad because these taste wonderful. 200 Calories per wrapped package, 5 in a box. Excellent peanut flavor.
232294232294B001EQ4LY0A1W0XPAMVR1T7Lyogagirl0051286064000Best rice-free granola bars!I'm allergic to rice and it's crazy difficult to find granola bars without rice (or rice flour, etc...). And thankfully, these are my favorite flavor, peanut butter! I searched high and low for something like this and now my local Fred Meyers stopped carrying them so I had to go online. They are crunchy with a good oatmeal peanut butter taste - salty and sweet but not too sweet. Alot like Nature Valley peanut butter granola bars sans rice. Great for breakfast or to bring along on a hike. Yum! If anyone knows of any other good rice free granola bars, let me know... Thanks!
232295232295B001EQ4LY0AROZR86IK0KO2Soe Mi Kyeong0051239408000BEST EVER!This is the best bar in the world...seriously..: )!
you'll know what i mean if you have a first bite of this.
Just right amount of sweetness and crunchy-ness!
With PEANUT BUTTER! and 100 calories for one bar!
This is not bad at all compared with other bars.
232296232296B001EQ4LY0A12KJTSYLNEULRKyle Zager0041237507200Very goodVery delicious bars. The only problem I have with it is that the texture's a little bit off. Besides that it's great.
232297232297B001EQ4LY0AX8JGGKA9HRX8Chris0041215993600Great granola barsThese are great! Our whole family likes them. They are wonderful as a dessert too! Whenever I really want crunch and Peanut butter this is what I go for. The only reason I don't give it a 5 star is because they do have too much fat in them. If eatting both little bars they have 9 grams. I tend to split it w/ someone or just eat it for breakfast! Still it is organic and does have fiber and soooo much better than a candy bar!
232298232298B001EQ4LY0A1JH0XTU3VNDSOJ. L. Reed0051212969600Great BreakfastI start my day with one of these and a handful of almonds every workday. I can't imagine a better way to get started. I have food sensitivities and most granola bars can be problematic. These bars never trigger a sensitivity. Also, I do not get a low sugar bounceback an hour later like some of the lighter, more sugary granola bars.

As far as taste goes, no other granola bars I have tried over the past 5 years can compare. One thing of note is that I have noticed differences in batches where some seem better (peanut butter in greater quantity and 'wetter' vs a dry batch). Both taste great, but the wet batches are finger lickin' good.
232299232299B001EQ4LY0A3833TOQ6P72H3G. Huguenot0051208563200Great snack or pick me upLove these, especially when fresh and crunchy.
Sad you only get 5 to a box but thats why you buy them in bulk.
Not too sweet and not too salty, perfect.
232300232300B001EQ4LY0A2A7TFJCG2GTLKS. Hong "hsj"0141338163200Nice NiceTastes good, and only slightly sweet.
Problem is I keep eating it, and the crumbs make a mess everytime.
Seems a bit pricy too.
232301232301B000TIKYC2ATSAWVR11NPPSAmber Fox "Amber"4451237680000"Big Daddy" is Right!My sister found out about smoked paprika thanks to "Big Daddy's House" on the Food Network. I use it constantly and find it as great a staple as garlic in cooking. Smoked paprika indeed adds a beautiful smoked flavor to foods without the barbeque grill.

Purchasing the small jars from the supermarket was getting too costly. By purchasing the 1 lb. size, I have been able to refill my little supermarket spice jar at least four times with plenty over. I am grateful to Wholespice not only for offering the paprika in bulk for an extremely reasonable price, but for their fast shipping.

If you've never tried smoked paprika, please give it a try. If you enjoy using it as much as I do, please buy it from Wholespice. I truly believe that you won't be disappointed.
232302232302B000M7TH46AJJGUAYI9Q5ZNC. Scrivo "book worm"0051265414400sensationalThis olive oil is the greatest addition to my kitchen. I use it for that spark of lemon flavor when cooking seafood or chicken. It is fabulous on salads also. Any recipe that calls for citrus and oil...its in there.
232303232303B000M7TH46A30YGU7T77R5OSLynne Bratton0051243728000Olive oil pressed with lemonsGreat product! I love the flavor of this olive oil.It is wonderful on many things, but I especially like it on tomatoes.
232304232304B000M7TH46A1V6UA45A8YZ6J. Paul0051234483200excellent purchaseThis olive oil is the best I have ever had. First given to me as a gift, my husband and I got hooked using it on fish, sauteed vegetables, and as a light salad dressing, sometimes with a bit of apple cider vinegar. A little goes a long way, so it should be used in small doses. In quality and price, it is like liquid gold and worth every penny.
232305232305B000M7TH46A3EB7LZY4SO8S4Shelly "food/cooking enthusiast"0051232236800Bellissimo!This is a wonderful olive oil - distinctive , smooth lemony flavor. Perfect for salads, tossing with vegetables and pasta or as a special occassion dipping oil. So glad to see Amazon carries it in the larger bottles. Expensive - yes - but the flavor is worth the price.
232306232306B000M7TH46A3NM78LWC75OVTAdrasteia0051218931200The BestI love Olive Oil with Lemon. It adds such a great dimension to everything from salads, to pasta, to meat. Agrumato is the best I've tasted. The smell is wonderful. Every kitchen should have it in the pantry. Thanks to Taylor Farms for quick shipping. I used to be able to buy this locally but when the store stopped carrying it I immediately found it on line through Amazon and Taylor Farms.
232307232307B000W7V7X0AHIK7BUXFRMT8David Bower1151298592000My Wife's Choice for Cornbread Dressing!In the past my wife would bake cornbread in the preparation of cornbread dressing; as a result of this more complicated alternative we didn't have cornbread dressing all that often. When I say cornbread dressing I'm referring to a stuffing mix that is served as a separate dish and never sees the insides of a turkey or chicken.

I'll freely admit my love of cornbread dressing; I'd request my wife make an abundant supply so I could enjoy it for weeks afterward. It could even get to the point of having to freeze individual servings so they wouldn't' spoil in the refrigerator. I did and still do really enjoy cornbread dressing!

Then we entered a new age; an age of easily and quickly prepared cornbread dressing. As you might expect my wife has never been interested in returning to the old do-it-yourself method of preparation. What is also pleasing to me, as a consumer, is the very good taste the Kraft Stove top dressing has; it doesn't leave me wishing for the old ways but is an entirely satisfactory replacement and a lot easier and faster.

She has always cooked the dressing on the stove top in a large pan and uses around six boxes of the mix. In addition to following the directions on the side she always sautés onions and garlic and adds that to the mix along with sliced mushrooms and chopped up giblets if available.

The results are delicious and relatively quickly prepared. As a result we can now have cornbread dressing more often which pleases me greatly!
232308232308B000W7V7X0A153MWK99CQVWKLisa Risdon0051322438400stove topwas excellent stove top dressing cornbread was a nice and flavor for the turkey we had for thanksgiving made it different and quick and easy.
232309232309B001TO5HEUAF8AD9NFSF60ALove my dog0051332115200The BestDelicious. Put it on EVERYTHING! Great for steak sauce. Don't know mustard if you haven't tried this one!
The jar looks good too! We got one for ourselves and on second ocassion, another for a friend. One jar had plastic lid and second one had cork lid. Our friend found the cork lid easier to put on/take off than the one with plastic lid.
232310232310B001TO5HEUA2RCJF3HH149VRhalfmoonbay0011329436800unopenableThe top of the mustard was unopenable. The plastic chipped, the red pull crumbled. Product must have been sitting around for a long time. What do you do with a jar of opened mustard with no top?
232311232311B005WFYNTCA2D3ZEQ3SNQ4G3John0051345593600my favoritethese are my favorite i tried the other flavors i just dont seem to enjoy them as much as these the banana with the walnuts just killed it for me all the others are just sorta plain to me i guess i highly recommend this
232312232312B000KPXLSIA3PKDBNT4FLMXJA. Evangelista0051206576000Great for KIDS!It can be difficult to find really healthy drinks that kids will love. I tested this tea on my nephew and it was a success!! Not only did I get him away from soda but he's being healthy. When you use the gravity tea maker from Tavalon, it makes it a fun experience for the kids as well!!
232313232313B002L4AD46A20G0URDF5AKCNBo Lorentzen "Photographer"0051334102400The UPSCALE office coffee cupVery comfortable 12 ounce office cups.

The decorative wrap is a nice touch, though I think it is a bit sacrilegious to make a mirror image of a Matisse image. :-)

This is our favorite cup for the office and we buy them frequently.

Note the case come without lids, if you need lids buy those separately. I find a ratio of 10 cups to one lid seems to be right in our office.
232314232314B003NCECVUAE9SJNAX1H7KHtf5551287187200Excellent white popcornI prefer white popcorn to yellow, and it's getting impossible to find white popcorn in the grocery stores around here, so I ordered this because the price is good. It pops well and tastes good. Of course, I don't actually know of any popcorn that DOESN'T pop well and taste good, unless I screw up the process. In case you're wondering about ordering this much popcorn all at once: I looked it up, and most sources say you can store unpopped popcorn for up to two years before it starts to lose moisture. You'll have to transfer this to something airtight, though; it comes in plastic bags closed with twist ties.
232315232315B003NCECVUA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051350777600Amish Country Popping CornThis popcorn is not for those who want hulking pieces of popcorn, as these are tiny tender pieces. It is my favorite popcorn and has been for at least three years. In fact, this is the only popcorn I will buy and the only popcorn my family wants. I like to pop it in extra virgin olive oil, a smidge of real butter, and sea salt. The result is the best popcorn ever. I highly recommend. Pop some and enjoy! Flavor over size rules the day here.
232316232316B003NCECVUA4XDHN31VPUZWCharles Chase1311296086400no good for oil-free poppingThe shipping cost is excessive but even if it were free shipping this popcorn does not work well in either my oil-free microwave popper nor in my air popper...In either case it leaves far too many unpopped grains and under popped grains. Those that do pop are not tender like most other white popcorn I've used....I wouldn't use this popcorn even if it were a gift.
232317232317B0076FMGTAAAEN2X0G9EACJEspecially For You "NL"0021341878400Poor SelectionI picked up this box at Cracker Barrel for my fiancé since she's never had salt water taffy and it was only about five bucks. Fralinger's is supposed to be one of the best and is still produced in America. Unfortunately half the box consists of two flavors. We had a total of exactly 40 pieces, 12 of which were licorice, 8 chocolate, and the rest still only consisting of 3 or 4 flavors. Given how many different flavors are listed in the guide included in the box, we feel very cheated to have not even received most of them. The ones that are not licorice do taste pretty good and have that great taffy chew, but don't let the box get above about 75 degrees or you'll have a very difficult time separating the taffy from the wrapper.

If you like licorice give these a try.
232318232318B002GCYCHWA3QFW1YQFKAZ2XNom de plume "rawpetmom"5551294963200Lovely, assertive oil and great customer serviceI ordered this oil just before the holidays. Unfortunately, the bottle sent to me leaked during shipment. When I contacted Italian Products, they were courteous and apologetic and told me to discard the bottle, that they would replace it. Well, they did -- with two bottles! One was sent as a generous apology/thank you gift. These people want your business!

Did I mention the oil? It's cold pressed and unfiltered (you can tell -- it's cloudy), young, fresh, and fruity with hints of grassiness. It warms a little in your's delicious drizzled on greens or over soup. I haven't had it with pasta yet, but I'm sure it will be wonderful. It's a rich, assertive oil if that's what you like.

I tell you this with great trepidation because I want to be able to keep ordering it!
232319232319B002GCYCHWA1NYTVP7HEU4EAMichael Keller5551280880000Wonderful Olive Oil from a Great Retailer!This olive oil is fragrant to the nose and wonderful on the pallet. Packaging and the provided pour spout are top shelf. I consider it a great value and must have item in my kitchen. Couple this with fast shipping and great customer service from Italian Products, can not go wrong.
232320232320B002GCYCHWA1YRZ9IYF0YY0XJL Morrison1151347840000One of my Favorite things!I lived in Gaeta Italy, 7 years ago for 2 years. Tried many olive oils. Il Casolare unfiltered extra virgin is the best. Buttery oil that tastes like a green olive should taste?? I used to buy a 32 oz bottle for only 7 euro.....I brought home 13 bottles. to the USA...used over the years and it stayed fresh. kept it in a cool dark room. I recently ran out, and was delighted to find on line with Amazon. I don't mind that it costs $30 for 25oz. I was just glad to find it as I don't have plans in the near future to return to Italy. Someday!!

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