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232341232341B000EUH1TYA2GUDRP1K40JZWKimberly Mashek1151213833600Spirutein Blueberry is AWESOME!I have been using this Protein mix for years now. I absolutely love it! It is the best way I have found to get that extra protein in your diet. It mixes well, tastes much that I seriously crave it each morning. I really hope they never stop selling it. It is my favorite! Thank you!
232342232342B004M0YBB8AEI2LMUVMR2Yjanet0051350432000Peace Cereal Goji BerryDelivery was quick. My family and I love this cereal. We have it every morning. I will continue to order this product in the future.
232343232343B0000E5L20A280S2RUWCPD0FM. Baird0051339459200Delicious teaI have purchased this tea in sachets in the past and really enjoyed the flavor. This bulk package was a great value. I have been enjoying it both hot and iced.
232344232344B0000E5L20A2D77V379ANQE6C. Kolberg0051320451200One of my favoritesI don't typically choose fruity teas, but this is one of my favorites. Many of my family members love it.
232345232345B0000E5L20A2UL9LY9Z86AQSLauren Rosencrantz0041149724800tasty.I'm usually not big on fruity teas, but this one is tasty and very popular. My mom raved about it.
232346232346B000P7345GA1M9126YPQPS3LLarry F. Rogers343551212796800Fantastic Blend for Fast Growth....REVISION: Below I said to stop using Nitrogen later in the season, but I have had to adapt that recommendation. Over the last two years, early blight has stricken tomatoes nation wide, including places where it was relatively rare like New England. Entire farms have been wiped out, especially organic farms.

Early blight can be treated with a fungicide, but you need new stem and leaf growth to compensate for the leaves and stems lost to blight. You will have a smaller crop at the end, but losing the plant will result in many fewer tomatoes.

I found after several of my plants succumed to blight (no tomatoes, a couple of branches of leaves, etc.) that providing the rest a good dose of late season nitrogen helped them enormously.

So, I would suggest now, until the early blight has run its course (maybe never) you should use Miracle Grow Tomato Plant Fool all season and don't try to overinduce the flowering and yield of your tomatoe plants. Two live healthy plants with average yield are way better than one dead one killed off by blight.

Watch for, for more info.


I always plant with manure (raked into the soil, about one 25 pound bag of dehydrated manure per 10 plants, about 2 feet apart and spaced 3 feet per row) and some fresh garden top soil (just placed in the hole where the plant is, not throughout the garden).

If you remember, it is good to mix in lime as well about a month or so before you put the tomatoes in the ground. It helps by providing calcium to the plants and helps prevent blossom end rot. Although, I rarely have had any problem with that here, it can depend on your soil, so better safe than sorry. If you forget, don't worry, things will work fine without it for the most part.

I plant the tomatoes deep, relative to the size of the plant. 1/3 down into the soil or more depending on the size. Before I do I place fresh garden top soil in the hole and water it. Then I place the plant firmly in the muddy mixture and surround it with more fresh garden top soil. I have not found that different brands of gardening soil are better, so any cheap bag at your local gardening shop will do. I have never lost a plant doing this. People talk about other ideas like using 80 degree water to water the plants or using special techniques to keep from hurting the plants. But I have never used any technique like this. Hose water is fine as is rain water.

I do not fertilize my tomatoes until a couple of weeks have passed and they have rooted and grown a bit. I let the manure, new garden soil and lime do the job.

After that, every two weeks, I apply Miracle Gro, and when I do, the plants are more vigorous, grow faster and I have fewer problems with the plants such as discolorations of the leaves or bug infestations. I have heard numerous folks say to use less or more than the directions, but you know, the 1 Table Spoon per Gallon of water always has worked for me. About a gallon for every three plants when they are young. A bit more when they get to be 2 feet or more. The box does twenty plants for the period of the season I use it.

I use a bucket or watering can for mixing. I have not had good luck with the automatic dispensers attach to the end of the hose and it seems to waste fertilizer. But your mileage may vary.

When the plants first start to show fruit and have reached about 3 feet, I stop using Miracle Gro and switch to a no-nitrogen fertilizer. I find that by the time the plants are 3 feet tall, their root growth is fantastic and their leaf production is strong, so I want to focus on flowering and fruit production. Something that reads 0-10-10 or even higher is fine. Just absolutely no nitrogen.

I have tried other fertilizers for my plants. Nothing has worked better than Miracle Gro and some brands seemed to not work at all. I have always been satisfied with Miracle Gro and stick to it for great tomatoes and strong plants.
232347232347B000P7345GA14YT3IFBBKSRT. Burkes7751247356800consistent resultsI have used this product for many years in three different locations in the Boise, Idaho, area. We have a short growing season, so I use it to give tomatoes and peppers a boost. I apply it every two - three weeks during the summer and have excellent yields. A single box of this lasts me several growing seasons.
232348232348B000P7345GA2Q6556HZ62DCVitsmylife4851278720000It is a miracleThe best way to grow 6ft pepper and 6ft tomato plants is to use this food. It is awesome product. I use it on everything in my garden and it works lime magic. My sunflower plants are 8ft tall and the flowers are bigger than a car steering.
232321232321B002GCYCHWA23DSQSH7K5GECGary Z "conundrumz"1151330732800Il Casolare UEV Organic Olive OilWe "found" this olive oil while traveling in Sicily. It's so good, I feel like drinking it at times. Seriously. It's buttery and smooth, clean and flavorful. So much better than anything you can buy routinely in the USA. Worth the premium. The seller, Italian Products, is outstanding, too.
232322232322B002GCYCHWA39WGIYX2CAWWBNicolas Dario Latourrette Bo "Nicolas"1151326585600DELICIOSOEs un delicioso aceite de oliva, hoy lo recibí y ya lo he probado. Me sorprendió el delicioso aroma y el sabor excelente que tiene. Muy recomendado
232349232349B000P7345GA2PJQ6HS4ONTWOTina Heinle "net buyer"01051269907200tomato foodMiracle grow is the best. I hope I get some big fat healthy tomatoes this year lol
232323232323B002GCYCHWA2GG1T22BIQ3JLT-Man0051350604800Amazing Olive OilThis is the same olive oil we picked up last summer while in Italy. It is amazing. I never knew stand alone olive oil could have so much flavor. I searched all over for something similar but nothing matched the quality. We were ecstatic that it was just as good as the product in the Old Country.
232324232324B002GCYCHWA1XPE0WCC6RYVOAnthonyT0051345766400Casolare Olive OilThis olive oil is very good quality, smooth and excellent flavor, definitely worth purchasing, I use it on salads, planning to buy more.
232325232325B0054TWQ3QA1LNH4CTHLGPLFKari S.4451323993600My favorite instant noodles!!So long cup noodles! I've switched to Bowl noodles! As a broke college student, pack of 12 for such a low price is awesome! These noodles actually taste good and are better tasting than the cup noodles. From my experience, when it says pour hot water and leave. I leave it for 5-10 minutes because that makes the noodles more fluffy and soft, and less raw-tasting. The spicy kimchi flavor is also my favorite!! It's not too spicy, just the right amount!
232326232326B0054TWQ3QA19DENWC1O39C7Stephen A. Joe1151331596800Bowl Noodles Kimchii ordered the soup because the food in the mess hall over here in Afghanistan is real bad
so i use some chicken and add it to the soup.
232327232327B0054TWQ3QA2EESLUTO9X2TSTing0011345507200I didn't taste anything kimchim in here.Nong Shim's noodle that you need to boil to eat, it's good. But these ones, the noodle's texture is totally different . It's the same as those cheap ramen noodle. The seasoning is not good either. I will never buy this kind anymore.
232328232328B0054TWQ3QA29SL443S0BDKQA. Smirnov0051344902400Love these.Quick to make, tasty as hell. One downside is that they're packed with sodium (as most "just add water" soups are). If you're a fan of kimchi or hot and sour soup, you'll like this.

Tip: get a turkey sandwich on white bread and dip it into the soup. Holy mother of cheap cuisine!
232329232329B0054TWQ3QA2UG220UJU5DORichie0051344470400So Good!I never really liked cup noodles or bowl noodles. To me they have always tasted too plain and lacked flavor. One day my mom bought one of this product for me and told me to try it because her friend's son loves it. I was hesistant at first due to my prior experiences, but I decided to give it a shot anyways. First Impression "WOW!", and I am glad to say now I am an addict. This bowl noodle is of high quality, even if the price is low. The seasoning that is supplied, is so delicious. It is spicy, but not to the point where you will be tearing, it is just enough to give you a kick. My favorite part is the soup, it's spicy and has an amazing taste and I just cannot get enough of it. The bowl however comes with a lot of noodles, so if your not a fan of the soup you will still have a lot of noodles to munch on and after 1 bowl it should fill you up, but I am warning you now that everytime you have one of these your going to want another one right away. Overall, amazing product and I eat this very often. I usually buy it from my local grocery since it costs about 88cents per bowl and I don't have to wait for shipping.

Just some additional information on how to prepare:

1- Open Lid halfway and fill up the bowl with water (about 3/4).
2 - Open the seasoning package, and pour it all in the bowl.
3 - Mix it up, cover the lid, and then put it in the microwave for 3 minutes.
4 - Once timer is up, let it sit in the oven for an additional 2-3 minutes and your ready to go!

Boiling Water
1 - Boil Water
2 - Open Lid half way, and then open the seasoning package and pour everything in.
3 - Pour the boiling water into the bowl (about 3/4)
4 - Let it sit for about 2-3 minutes and your ready to go!

Fun Fact - The longer you let the noodles sit in the hot water with the lid covered, the more water it will absorb, and it will lead to the noodles being thicker! So if your someone who prefers more noodles than soup, let it sit for about 5-6 minutes before you start munching.

Let me know if my review helped! If you have any questions or comments please let me know and I will get back to you within the next day.
232330232330B0054TWQ3QA12D1F0XB6E4POBEN0051344297600Finaly, NO MSG !!Im buying this again now that it has no MSG. I stopped buying the original Kimchee bowl noodle cause I was worried on what MSG did to me. This one tastes more flavorful, natural and doesnt need MSG to make it tasty..I can tell the difference and this one is much better
Companies, please take note. WE PREFER NO MSG IN OUR FOOD !
Im glad I came across this one..
232332232332B0054TWQ3QAPOCYN40X6KRTChris Colburn "swim coach/IT professional/lin...0051344124800Best Ramen ever!Nong Shim has been making kimchi ramen for decades... I first tried it about 20 years ago. I was so glad to be able to find it on Amazon that I now get a case every quarter! It's my favorite ramen... I often eat them with tuna and salsa for a complete geek meal :-)
232333232333B0054TWQ3QA2VZLBO77LM4EXSienna Nicole0041341705600Nong Shim Bowl Noodles...yum!The soup is pretty good considering the price I paid for it. The seasoning does not really taste like kimchi, but I still like it.
232334232334B0054TWQ3QA25MZGZ7751X5QManuel "Moe" G "Moe"0051341273600yummy, nice heatNong Shim is a wholesome brand made in the US, with entertaining plant tours

delicious noodles and broth, add oil, fresh veggies, protein for a quick great meal

As a South Korean company, the Kimchi flavor is solid
232335232335B0054TWQ3QA1MHK19QSCV8SYRock N Roll0051338163200Spicy Kimchi Noodle Soup, JUST RIGHT, Very GoodNo MSG, Very Spicey but it is delicious.

The best Noodle Soup.

Iwill definitely buy more.

The size is Big and the calories are low for a lunch.

Quality and Taste
232336232336B0054TWQ3QA1C84XDZRU0UZVEvelyn "Evie"0051334707200Yummy SoupCame packaged accordingly, and very, very, very, very delicious! This is a good product and it was packaged properly! A+
232337232337B0054TWQ3QADNZC2QN1XQZXBrian C. Davison0051329782400Very tasty and easy to prepareThe spicy kimchi flavor is much better than the typical chicken or vegetable flavors. Quic and easy to make too.
232338232338B0054TWQ3QA8WAYVOKYBLO6Rane Wallin0051313625600Very tasteyI'm a terrible cook, so i am always looking for things that are quick and easy. I really liked these noodles. They were not too starchy or chewy, like some others I have tried. They were a little bit spicy, but not too spicy. I don't care for foods that are very spicy, and these were fine for me, so I think most people would not have a problem with them. I will definitely order these and keep them around for when I am in a hurry to fix something.
232339232339B0054TWQ3QAJBF0L0KVJG8Jshirlan "Shirley Diederich"0041313452800Very tasty noodles.The Nong Shim Kimchi Noodle Bowl makes a filling and very tasty lunch. Very easy to prepare and one of the most tasty noodles microwave products I have used. I did not add anything to it, it was good just the way it came.
232340232340B0054TWQ3QA5AOC9LFA2U6WMad's Mum2511315958400NOT the same as their other kimchi!!!i bought these when they stopped having the original nong shim kimchi noodles available for subscription. they are NOT the same and htey taste awful!!! there is a super strong fish flavor i do not like. they are nothing like the original kimchi noodle bowls. if you want the yumtastic noodles that are my favorite ramen instant noodles ever, go here - Nong Shim Bowl Noodle, Kimchi, 3.03-Ounce Bowls (Pack of 12)

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