Amazon Fine Food Reviews

232471232471B0043J98XOA886XLK4C5ETFRick1131337212800Its good but not good for you!High fructose corn syrup out the ying yang! You figure people wouldn't have to complain any more to get companies to do the Right thing about this ingredient and others that may not be or have been shown to be bad for human consumption.
232472232472B000E16996A2NJE251XHMIZCfialafield "Kristie"1151238025600Good stuffWas really fast and easy to make, mixed it with some chicken and it tasted wonderful
232473232473B000E16996A332QMALTU5MW4janjill "janjill"0051255392000Love thisI love this! It is easy to make and tastes great. I make it as is when my vegetarian son is around or as a side dish or add meat for an easy meal for myself.
232474232474B000E16996A9GIGJUB98JNRChen Sun ""0041245283200a thinner taste teriyakiTeriyaki usually has a strong taste, but the version here is a bit bland. This variety is not nearly as good as Annie Chun's black bean noodles. Healthy ingridient noodles though.
232475232475B000E16996A1NOPWIDBSY40J. Misuraca0121234310400Bland, not much nutritionI was disappointed in this product. Really bland, not much nutrition, boring. I am going to donate the rest of my boxes to a shelter.
232476232476B000E16996A1KXYO78W0T4GZFlorin D. Lung "Physicsologist"12511215993600Yuck! Annie Chun should pay my medical bill!I am growing more and more interested in Asian food. I am almost a regular at some nearby Chinese and Japanese restaurants (unlimited snow crab legs during the weekends, yum!), and I also enjoy Nongshim noodles, especially when I am getting creative and add extras.
That's why I ordered this set of teriyaki chow mein. It was the first time I tried Annie Chun brand.
Well, what's to be said? First, the noodles looked just OK, kind of like spaghettis. Of course I can get better Mexican fideos for less, but nevermind, I thought it is worth a try. The sauce was weird looking, but the bad part was when I tasted the combination. Ugh! It tastes awful, and I believe it caused me a stomach ache that lasted until next day. I almost went to the doctor.

I am not saying it is bad for you, but for me, with an European stomach, so much abused by the American processed food, this "Asian" processed food was too much. I guess you could be fine with an Asian stomach. Can someone borrow me one for the rest of the pack or should I toss it?
232477232477B001P2KCXCAVT6TJNOMMWPGSusan Veer "Card-Game Enthusiast"9951174694400Dogs LOVE Filling,...OnlyMy three dogs go crazy over any Dingo product. However, they are expensive compared to other dog treats and after our dogs have chewed out the meat filling, they leave the rawhide cover on the floor and beg for another Dingo even though they haven't finished the first one. Pig Ears seem to be a better value for the money because the dogs eat the entire treat and end up spending more time exercising their teeth. I'll save the Dingos for very special occasions.
232478232478B001P2KCXCA309PA3UH4NMGWM. Lurie7751255132800Our dog loves themOur small dog has been eating Dingos for 8 years and absolutely loves them compared to any other rawhide. In fact, she won't finish eating any other brand of rawhide treats we've bought her. I guess it's that Dingo "meat in the middle" that does the trick.

However, as of writing this review Amazon is selling them for eleven bucks when you can purchase the same 21 count bag for seven bucks at petguys dot com. They charge shipping, but if you stock up and buy 8 bags as an example, the shipping is only nine bucks. Also, online coupons are frequently available for their website.
232479232479B001P2KCXCA2I2XNE3M9K0I3Isaac H. King "aus849"6651256342400Going in circlesMy dogs love this treat, I buy it all the time.
One of the dogs spins around when he sees that
I'm giving him the Dingo treat. It keeps him
busy for a few minutes,that makes me happy.
232480232480B001P2KCXCAPYFBLGR261U0Velma3311347494400MADE IN CHINAI was looking for dog treats on Amazon that aren't made in China and Dingo came up. I've checked this brand before and unless they've changed where they manufacture Dingo's from, they care made in China.
232481232481B001P2KCXCA14CEAW83UN2B3Stitch3321321574400Too much RED DYE!!I didn't wanted to buy anything that was made with rawhide but a friend gave my pup a Dingo and he loved it. So I forced myself and brought my first bag of Dingo Dental Bones a month ago. Stitch loved it! I loved it too because he actually spent a good 45 minutes~2 hours on a Dingo Dental Bone. I didn't really like the red dye in the chicken meat but it wasn't overwhelming. If you actually crack a piece of the chicken off you can still see some non-dyed chicken.

So I ordered a second bag of Dingo, just the original red package. The red dye was so strong that the whole piece of chicken was blood red and it even DYED the rawhide pinkish red!! It's kind of ridiculous to dye something the dog can smell! It's not necessary as long it tastes delicious.

Anyhow I am on the search for something else, hopefully a better alternative other than Dingos.

At least it wasn't made in China.
232482232482B001P2KCXCA36EANE2RDJQ8KAmazonian Trevino7911334707200Another product made in ChinaChinese made products are beyond questionable when it comes to dog edibles. I was disappointed to read these too are China made. My dog's health and life is worth a more. I will stick to non toxic and good quality controlled foods for my dogs.
232483232483B001P2KCXCA25H8L3VSBB55YRon7911331251200Cheap Chinese-made products are dangerous to petsI've stopped buying Dingo products when I noticed that they were being made in China. I was on their website, and they answered one of the posters that was concerned about it, essentially stating that they test the products rigorously and go through strict quality control. That's a bunch of CRAP !! They started making them in China to SAVE MONEY, they are not about to SPEND those savings on testing and quality control. What they do is GAMBLE that the products will be okay, and if they aren't they just RECALL them, write off the loss, and it's just too bad for the poor little pets that end up with life threatening illnesses. Our government doesn't do anything about it, because our government is OWNED by Corporations, far be it for them to interfere with the Almighty Multi-National Corporations.
I'm not taking ANY chances with MY dogs, I care for them way too much, to buy something that was processed in some factory in China that processes everything under the sun, from car batteries, to baby food. If there's some cross-contamination going on, it probably won't be discovered until it's already too late for SOME pets.
232484232484B001P2KCXCAPBKGNVTI06ANMartin Keeler2241307836800dogs love them but cheaper at Walgreensdogs love them but cheaper at Walgreens, 24 pack is $10. I microwave them in water for 1 minute on high and let them soak for 10 minutes to soften them. The dogs like them better that way.
232485232485B001P2KCXCA1981J2Y2JDK84Jessica Cowley2251294876800Best Dog Bones AroundI have 2 dogs and they both love them. My mastiff can eat anything, but my beagle has a very sensative stomach. We tried several other types of rawhide, but they all made her sick. She tried this and loved it and it didn't make her sick. Glad I could find a rawhide they both can eat.
232486232486B001P2KCXCA3QNK88K5JM8V3Robin Black "Tricky123"2251293753600Dogs RuleHave a rat terrier (mini), pom, and yorkie. They love these. I have to order on ship and save. Or I think I do. Anyway, I can't run out. That would be anarchy.
232487232487B001P2KCXCA2JDEIPQ5O73HLJACKIE "JACKIE FROM PHILLY"2251257033600THERE WAS A DOG WHO HAD A BONE AND DINGO WAS IT'S NAME OH!My three doggies love these and instead of singing BINGO I sing Dingo and they come a running. They take a little more time than some of these other treats to eat which is always a plus.
232488232488B001P2KCXCA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli2251254700800Great little boneMy dogs loves these. They get one first thing after coming inside after there morning walk. Their a quick reward, takes them about 10 minutes to chew and eat. They seem to be healthy for them, I notice no negative change in their waste since giving them these bones a few months ago.

You can't go wrong with these. Try out a bag, the odds are in your favor their going to love them.
232489232489B001P2KCXCA77RUM3MR6GWHA. I. "manzain"2251234656000my yorkie loves them!!!Its hard to find treats that my yorkie really loves, he goes completly crazy with Greenies but he can eat one in like 5 minutes so I feel like they are not worth it. I saw these and target and I decided to give them a tried... He smelled them and in like 10 min he was already chewing on one... He eats one in like 15 minutes and Im trying to give him one a day, during a week his teeth look so much better and his gums are not red anymore... so I think I prefer these treats over Greenies.
232490232490B001P2KCXCA20KJABXJLXG9Ggodfreygirl143 "Shirley"4511326672000My puppy tires of these...and they can be VERY dangerous!My puppy loves to chew, so I got these. She likes them until the meat entwined in them is gone, then she goes to something else. Plus they can be VERY dangerous. I saw her chewing on something one day and went to look. She had found one of these she'd left where I didn't see it and had chewed it to where the end was gooey and mushy. I've read that if they swallow this part, it can get caught in their intestines and block them OR in their throat and choke them. I threw them away after reading that and reading sad stories of others who had to take their dog to the vet, expensive surgeries and such. I'll never buy them or anything like them again. I don't get anything for her that is rawhide, can splinter, etc. The best thing I've found for her to chew on that is edible and safe is called "Beefeaters Sweet Potato Snacks For Dogs". Do a search here on or on Google and you can find them from $8.99 and up, but they're worth it to have something safe for your dog to chew on. They are all natural, satisfies her need to chew, is full of vitamins and most importantly, SAFE for her. They come in a huge bag, so for my little 6 pounder, they last a long time. Sometimes I even cut one in half and give it to her. The slices are pretty big, so they'd be very good for big dogs too. Stay clear of ANYTHING rawhide or like that if you love your four-legged baby.
232491232491B001P2KCXCA9ODD24Q2XD5PRTski101411267401600Careful! Dogs can CHOKE and DIE on these!My 5 month old french bulldog puppy almost died on the first bone tonight. He chewed it down and attempted to swallow a piece that was too big to go down his throat. When he began gagging and throwing up I had to stick my hand down his throat to push the lodged bone into his stomach. VERY scary and upset me greatly. I do NOT recommend these bones. There is even a choking warning on the back in small writing. Keep your pet safe and purchase MUCH BIGGER bones for them, and take away anything too small so they cannot choke or get hurt.
232492232492B001P2KCXCA3UKFHMS9YKCQNLinda Henderson "lhendo"1151341014400My dog's a little dingoThese treats must be great because my beagle goes bonkers when I ask if she wants a Dingo. She knows the difference between a Dingo and a "cookie", which is any other treat we give her. She likes her cookies, but she LOVES her Dingoes!
232493232493B001P2KCXCAORH1CT2AVJVHzigzagstillrollin1151302048000The dog is happy!Punkin loves her some Dingo Mini Bones. Punkin is a Miniature Dachshund that we enjoy spoiling. She wont bother trying the lesser dog treats; it's gotta be them Dingo Mini Bones!Dingo Mini Bones 21-Pack Value Bag, 9-Ounce Well worth the satisfaction of our family pet.
232494232494B001P2KCXCA3PQT7YSTICCJ0Robyn Wilson1151301184000My Dogs LOVE These!These treats are my dogs' favorite treat. I have 2 Chihuahuas and these are the perfect size for them to enjoy. These are great for keeping tartar from building up on the dog's teeth and it improves their breath for a bit too. They come in various sizes for various breeds of dogs.
232495232495B001P2KCXCA1RDAQNSPURN8OElizabeth R. Reid1151300665600Ours dogs' favorite treat!We have 3 Jack Russel Terriers and they LOVE these Dingo mini bones. They love to chew on them and as a result have very clean teeth--all 3 of them.

I usually buy the 14-count bag at a local store, but this 21-count value bag is an excellent value.
232496232496B001P2KCXCA135Z1A85Z2Q5SM. M. Frost1141299888000Dingo mini-bonesOur dogs love these....two comments: 1)Walgreens stores has these $10 a bag everyday price
232497232497B001P2KCXCA2QGNZ4SB2QG6RSuperlooney1151290816000Dog ChewsMy dog love these chews. I give them at night to chew before bed. Does not stain carpets, and they eat the whole thing.
232498232498B001P2KCXCA2J8ZATH3IFFNEV. Facer "bookworm"1151239753600Missy's "Must Have"!!When I got my dachshund from the Humane Society, she was overweight and had bad tartar on her teeth. The vet said she'd need to be seen in a few weeks to have the tartar removed. Instead, she was given a Dingo Bone every evening, which she chewed up. Her teeth are nice and clean now.

Missy was also placed on a low calorie food and no longer receives "people food". She gets her daily Dingo Bone right after her evening meal and she wants it IMMEDIATELY! Doxies can get quite bouncy when they really want something.

I really appreciate the large value package which is not offered in any store, and the price, plus the ease and fast shipping when I purchase through Amazon.
232499232499B001P2KCXCA1E1HB8X7DP6NSharon Allen1151238457600A great treat for dogsI discovered Dingo's about 5 months ago. My 2 dogs love them. I give them greenies which they devoured in less than a minute. The minis take longer to chew and are a perfect treat. I give them several times a week.
232500232500B001P2KCXCA3LFUN4G1HNYNBRochelle Hamby ""1151203984000my dogs LOVE these!!My 2 dogs LOVE these!! They do not last long at all with my dogs, but I give these to them anyways. If you buy them, be careful. They are very addicting to your pets :)

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