Amazon Fine Food Reviews

232651232651B000E243RAA27P9SDST3XWEKLocaLada "live rich"0051270339200Good taste & keeps you fullThis is a great way to stay full. This snack has a little over 100 calories per serving but it has tons of protein. And the best part is, it actually tastes good. Most protein snacks have no flavor, but this one is really good.
232652232652B000E243RAA2OAG3QXW7A3RALinda Robbennolt0051268179200FantasticGreat Deal, I have checked around and you have the best deal, that I have found, on the "Kay's Naturals Protein Chips".
These are a good source of protein, crunch and great price.
thanks muchly
232653232653B000E243RAA2OAG3QXW7A3RALinda Robbennolt0051268179200FantasticGreat Deal, I have checked around and you have the best deal, that I have found, on the "Kay's Naturals Protein Chips".
These are a good source of protein, crunch and great price.
thanks muchly
232654232654B000E243RAA130Y5YZPC52H3Ryle0051259971200High protein, low sugar and fatIt is hard to find snacks that are both low in fat and sugar. This is great one.
232655232655B003DMYJYUA2J1EU8MSVDHA5B. Dansby2251280966400Convenient and all naturalThe packaging is really the deal here. It's really glorified applesauce, but it's organic, convenient, and tasty. My boys, 4 and 2yrs, love them. Grape might be their favorite flavor, but they eat them all. It is perfect for snacks in the car, traveling, or lunches, because it doesn't require refrigeration, is almost mess free, and is resealable. They unscrew the cap and suck it out then reseal it, no messy cups of applesauce floating around the car or inside their lunch bags. I love it!
232656232656B003DMYJYUA2M6QCS3UAAGB2R. Jefferson0041341619200Great Way to Down FruitMy 2yo daughter would not eat applesauce but she would down these in a second. Sometimes she wouldn't eat all her blueberries or strawberries, so I got the idea to add these to her lunch. I put them in her lunch and she finishes them everyday. They are an excellent on the go snack.
232657232657B003DMYJYUA3A7DP3BK68LNWstarry eyed0051328054400Sick Toddler LifesaverWe bought these for our 15 month old daughter when she was sick with a sore throat. I never imagined she would love them as much as she did. We stuck them in the fridge for a bit to chill them and they worked like a charm! They were simple, mess free, and most of all she loved them! A complete lifesaver when it came to a sick toddler refusing to eat anything else! I love them and I absolutely plan on using these in the future for quick and easy snacks. They will be accompanying us on any long car trip we go on! Great organic product!
232658232658B003DMYJYUA27KXZPSACMSOZStacey Cafagna0051326240000YummyMy toddler loves these and since he really doesn't like eating fresh fruit these are a great compromise. I love that they are organic and contain only fruit.
232659232659B003DMYJYUA18V01A7A12S24Sumskees005131310720012 Month old Loves These!!!I take these everywhere as my go to snack. My son loves to squeeze them himself. Great product- I have all the flavors- they're all great!!!
232660232660B003DMYJYUA2TUXCNYROZGI3A. tayler0131287360000Great product if it shipsWe made a few orders on this and never got the second order that we requested and did not hear back from the company on when it would be shipped so Amazon had to cancel the order. Otherwise the product is great and my daughter loves it. Easy to feed her at night.
232661232661B00404IOUUA8UNKMA6FSVLFToby T. Ross "Jonas Whale"3311329004800Stale tasting.This chocolate bar which I have tasted before when living in Zurich is a far cry from the fresh product you buy over the counter in that city. It is stale and has a taste of something that has been sitting for a long time on some shelve. I posted a review before and it was somehow deleted so here. It is very stale!
232662232662B00404IOUUA2A51ZMC75VY5KAyelet1151340841600The best chocolate I ever eatThe chocolate Bar arrive on time, I got exactly the kind that I orderd
and it's also Kosher!!
I use to eat this chocolate long long time ago and then I couldn't find it anywhere...
I was very happy to find it here - in Amazon.
Good chocolate - great memories!
232663232663B003E212V2A20OCHAM196R3PTrippingby "Trippingby"0151278288000My favorite olive oilThis has been my favorite olive oil for several years. It goes great with fresh tomatoes, or with balsalmic for dipping french bread. I highly recommend it.
232664232664B004LOABSCA22J92A80WI059curl girl5551301184000A tough, satisfying chewThe 12" size takes my 5 month lab up to a week to work through. She did just get all of her permanent teeth in, so maybe that time will speed up given some months. Yes, they do have a bit of a smell, but it's more like I get an occasional whiff when she's chewing on it. If the chew is just lying around, I don't smell anything. They haven't left any stains on my carpets, and she hasn't lost interest in them.
232665232665B004LOABSCA7SK7TU79ZXE5Pentamom91111308528000Thin as a pencil, smellyI am a frequent user of bully sticks from other vendors online and from pet stores. These are listed as "THICK" bully sticks. I usually buy thick ones from another vendor and my German Shepherd pup loves them and they last a couple of days. These arrived and I was immediately disappointed. Many of them are the thickness of a pencil or slightly thicker. They are about 1/3 the thickness of the "thick" bully sticks I usually buy. But I did not want to deal with sending them back so I gave one to my pup. It smelled HORRIBLE, like a person who had not washed in weeks. My pup liked them okay but because they are so thin she can eat an entire, 12" one in under an hour. Will NOT buy these again.
232666232666B004LOABSCA1D1CW40X1KOH5famousarstit1151334188800bully stinkStraight from my two Incredibly wonderful and literate Basengi girls: They are not as hard as others but they smell just the same. They have have helped sparing many corners of furniture. Bring them on! Bailey and Brandy.
232667232667B004LOABSCA29LUJHAOTFF3ET Pearl1151326067200great productMy dog loves them! They are perfect to keep her busy for a long time. They do smell a little, so best to give them to your dog outside or in separate room.
232668232668B004LOABSCAE9X4JEG83WUSK. Likins "The Further we go the Stranger it ...1151321920000Long lastingHaving a puppy means having enough things for him to chew on. I love these bully sticks because they last a really long time and can keep him busy chewing for what seems like forever. Because they last so long they are economical as you don't have to buy them week after week. Bottom line is he loves them and I lvoe that he loves them.
232669232669B004LOABSCA1PYK03XUR6WERabr1151317513600Great chew toyGreat chew toy, long lasting, dogs loved them. Would highly recommend, especially as an alternative to rawhide chews.- these are much easier to digest and therefore easier on the stomach for my dogs with sensitive tummies
232670232670B004LOABSCA1H9VU1FACOXLNLK1151316476800Bully sticksMy dog loves bully sticks and we try to find good natural ones for her to chew on. They are healthy and good for dog's teeth. I am very pleased with the purchase, and my dog loves them. No bad smell when she eats them. Will definitely buy again!
232671232671B004LOABSCA38ITPL47HQD4WJ. Waters1151305072000Happy dogsI have 2 dogs that love these things. Nice to get a large quanity, because buying them at the store individually can cost 2-3 times as much.
232672232672B004LOABSCA2RIKKWMMSDDZAVic0051349913600what a value!!!First of all, the sizes vary a bit, which in fact I love especially if you have different sized pups. Most of them are very thick with some smaller sized mixed in. Love that they are grass fed and hormone/antibiotic free. This is EXTREMELY important to me!!! The length was near perfect on every one. The smell was minimal. My dog loved them and I recently purchased more. The price is out of this world!!!! I was paying over $7.00 for one, locally. Great product, great price, great value!
232673232673B004LOABSCA3GN336LVFN11Xdreea8300051348099200Excellent quality, fast serviceMy dog loves these bully sticks, she is a 20 lb beagle and usually takes a few days to finish one but for some reason with these she is going through them within a day. I received the product quickly and in great condition. Thanks!
232674232674B004LOABSCA2PZPOMXEDTQUSKL0051348099200Excellent Quality Bully SticksI purchased the 12" bully sticks (7 pack) from Downtown Pet Supply about a week ago. One of my two dogs recently passed away, and the other was feeling a little depressed. I wanted to give her a "special treat", but also hoped that these would help perk up her poor appetite since her sister's passing. Boy have these done the trick! I let her chew on the stick for about 30 minutes & then took it away. Low and behold, she remembered she was hungry and ate all of her food! She is a 50lb Lab mix who is very healthy at 13.5 years old. In the past I had purchased 6" bully sticks at a local pet supply store for $5 each. These sticks come out to be just under $3.50/stick and are twice the size! This purchase was well worth it -- quality product for a great price. I will re-order again. Thank you!
232675232675B004LOABSCA3A6R1GS2XIDGRAMM0031329782400Great Value, but the smelliest so far.My 13 week old GSP puppy loves bully sticks. He loves to chew and will chew these for hours. I ordered the 7 pack of 12." They are nice sized, and 1/2 the price of the local pet shop's brands. But, they smell the worst out of all the brands I have tried so far. So, we will not be ordering them again. I won't describe the smell. Its vulgar.
232676232676B004LOABSCA1RP6YGRV1QCOJA. Sylvan "scenthound"0031320364800Downtown Pet Supply 12" Bully Sticks 20 pk. thickThe dogs absolutely love them but their odor is awful - like rotting fish. I have bought this product many times and noticed that some batches smell much worse than others.
232677232677B004LOABSCA3IH1B1W6T0A5XCarolyn Glaser2411333843200This is a rip offThis product is the same price as a bag of 15 to 20 bully sticks and yours comes 4 in a package for this price. It was my mistake to not see 4 in a package but I saw instead 12" bully sticks with a photo of a large bag of bully sticks. Very deceptive. Why not put a photo of the 4 bully sticks one receives. I will never buy them from you again.
232678232678B004LOABSCAEKV8B2GGD32VJeanne Bernui0111323302400DisappointedI was hesitant to purchase this product after reading other reviews about them not being "thick". But, since I couldn't find any other thick bully sticks on here, I thought I'd give them a shot. Well, I am very disappointed! They are not thick at all. They are the same, "slim jim" thickness as every other bully stick I've bought before. I'm not even sure why they advertise them as thick. The thickest one is MAYBE as big around as a dime. Not at all what I expected, and I won't order them again. I kept them just because they are at least cheaper than the same size ones I can get at the store - and it's a pain to have to return them. My 10 month old beagle consumed one in less than an hour, start to finish. I was hoping to find something that would last longer than that!
232679232679B000IOJTS2A2AWDN78GY6WNMJerry Larson4451306368000best thing since microwave popcornI love this stuff. This is one of the times when I"d like to have more than 5 stars. It makes good pancakes; not necessarily better than some other instant mix, but pretty darn good, and extremely convenient. Keeps indefinitely till you add water. So, when you want some pancakes, you just add water up to the line, shake it up, and you're ready to go. You can jazz it up if you want; you can put yogurt in it, fruit, chocolate chips, jalapenos, whatever.

It comes in a larger size too, which might make sense if you have a big family, and I used to use those till I discovered this size; it'll keep in the fridge for a few days. However, this is extremely convenient. You can probably make breakfast for four out of one bottle, or if not, just use a second one. I get 2 or 3 breakfasts (just for me) out of a bottle. Can't always find this size in stores, so what I do is order a case of 12 from Amazon, and that's at least a couple months' supply. I always have pancakes a few seconds away, either if I get the urge or if there's nothing else handy for breakfast.
232680232680B000IOJTS2A200WCBY0SSIKR. Zeid7951254182400WE LOVE THIS FOR PANCAKES AND WAFFLES!THis makes great pancakes abd waffles. Just add some additional water for the waffles!

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