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232711232711B000E243R0AJGVGCIRVAY4FR. Chaiken1211165708800Robin CI ordered this item, and I ended up wasting $12.00 because they were terrible. Very bland, and tasted stale.

I would never order any other products from Kay's natural line.
232712232712B000E243R0A1IT05DZ2V313MDenise Brinkmeyer0111322352000Not LOW CARB and YUCKThese are not low carb, which is the reason I purchased them. My fault, I guess for not looking closer. Also, they are terrible tasting. About 1/4 way through the bag I couldn't stand them. That's saying a lot because I LOVE food.
232713232713B000E243R0A3T6E32PYLMFSXJessica Thorndycraft1311344038400Gross dont buy!!These taste gross and I would not eat them. They are going in the trash!!! Dont waste your money. You are better off just eating something else. I was very disappointed that the reviews said they were tasty because they are anything but. My dog wont even eat them.
232714232714B000E243R0A23J86V22CZZM8mandy williams "Mands"0211238284800etibleI did not like these very much as a snack. I do think they might be good as a salad topping though.
232715232715B000E243R0A2W5K1J5D3APSoul to Steal ""Ruinmania""393951166832000Yummy goodness!I never thought I'd like these when I first ordered them but gosh they are sooooo yummy... They have a great taste, texture and satisfying crunch! Plus they're high in fiber and protein which is like so kewl

Since my original review above, I've ordered on average of 2 cases per month, a few cases I've recieved tasted very stale and deserve a rating of minus 5 stars so beware
232716232716B000E243R0A1CRZ7NFROF4HXRDC111151151539200Yummy, crunchy - and healthy too!I love the Kay's Naturals Protein Chips - what a healthy way to satifsy cravings for crunchy snacks! The Lemon-Herb are my favorite (and most crunchy), but the other flavors are excellent as well. With 10g Protein per serving and reduced carbohydrates, you simply cannot go wrong...
232717232717B000E243R0A1XTXPACCRAJV9L. Urie101051153872000Really GoodI think these are just really really good. They are crisp and a great gluten free snack! They aren't really that spicy but still very tasty.
232718232718B000E243R0A120JZI582VFIUKelsey9951150588800an amazingly tasty and healthy snackMy daughter has celiac and cannot eat gluten or dairy. She can't eat most of the snacks she likes. However, when I bought these, she absoluely loved them, plus they're healthy and inexpensive! It can't get any better than that!
232719232719B000E243R0AGJ7M28V8GWFAhealthy snacker6611320451200disappointedWe have ordered these in the past and they were great. You could eat these for a high protein snack and not even gain weight. These do not taste the same as before, I do not know if they have changed something - but these are disappointing to say the least. I don't know if we will take a chance and order them again and hope this was just a fluke or not.
232720232720B000E243R0A33ZYFE8XMKKR1P. Scott Pope "Scott Pope"6641316736000Tasty, Messy High Protein SnackAs part of a high protein diet, I have conducted a broad search for the most protein-rich foods. It is easy to find cheeses, meat, and protein shakes loaded with protein. It is much more difficult to find flavorful high protein foods that are traditionally carbohydrate rich. Kay's makes a few good snack offerings that meet this requirement, including the Parmesan Cheese protein chips. At a cost of approximately 0.05 dollars per gram of protein, the protein affordability is on par with reasonably priced cheeses and meats but more expensive than protein shakes.

Taste is matter of preference but I can say these snacks are indeed tasty from my perspective. Yet, they don't taste like other mainstream snacks such as Doritos or Cheetos. Hence, you may be inclined to eat them in moderation.

One big downside to this snack is the volume of crumbs created when eating. Oddly, many of the Kay's chips are far messier than mainstream alternatives. So, while Parmesan protein chips may make a nice snack while watching television, expect to eat over a large bowl or table napkin. Otherwise, you will have a mess of crumbs that will find their way into every crevice of your furniture.

High protein foods are typically more expensive than foods rich in carbohydrates or fats. So, I have recorded the nutrition of about 200 foods to find the best value in terms of lowest dollar cost/gram of protein. An excerpt is below. As you can see, the chips are a reasonably good value at 0.05 dollars/gram. A typical strength athlete might need as much as 1 gram/kg of weight daily. This would equate to about 10 dollars of chips per day for a 220 pound (100kg) athlete if eating nothing but Kay's protein chips. While not realistic, it gives consumers an idea of the expense involved. So, if you like the taste and can store a full case, they make a tasty component of your high protein diet at a reasonable cost.

Moderate protein cost

Extremely messy


Costco ..... EAS Protein ..... 0.014
Treasure Island ..... Soy Nuts ..... 0.015
Jewel ..... Milk - Jewel fat free Milk ..... 0.019
Costco ..... Muscle Milk ..... 0.028
Costco ..... Cheese - Swiss cheese - Jarlsberg light ..... 0.030
Costco ..... Tuna - Chicken of the Sea - 3.53 servings per can ..... 0.030
Trader Joes ..... Cereal - Kashi ..... 0.032
Costco ..... Angus Beef Patties ..... 0.048
Trader Joes ..... Cheese - Dutch Smoked (Trader Joes) ..... 0.049
Target ..... Garbanzos Beans ..... 0.050
***Amazon ..... Kay's Naturals Protein Chips, Lemon-Herb, 5-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12 ..... 0.050***
Trader Joes ..... Beef-less Strips ..... 0.050
Costco ..... Protein bar - Pure Protein ..... 0.050
Costco ..... Sausages - Amy's Apple Gouda Chicken Sausage ..... 0.051
Trader Joes ..... Peas - Sweat ..... 0.052
Trader Joes ..... Bread - Low Cal, low fat ..... 0.052
Costco ..... Chicken Burgers - Honey Dijon ..... 0.052
Jewel ..... Turkey Pepperoni ..... 0.052
CVS ..... Met RX Protein bars ..... 0.052
Costco ..... Jerky - Oberto beef jerky (double pack) ..... 0.061
Jewel ..... Nutty Bars (two bars per serving) ..... 0.063
Jewel/Trader Joes ..... Protein bar - Builder ..... 0.065
Costco ..... Hamburger - Beef ..... 0.065
Costco ..... Chicken and Green Beans ..... 0.065
Target ..... Builders protein bar - Peanut butter ..... 0.065
Rite Aid ..... Protein bar - twisted Peanut Butter ..... 0.088
Costco ..... Yogurt - Mixed ..... 0.089
Treasure Island ..... Cheese - Provalone, low fat ..... 0.090
Costco ..... Tomatoes - Sun dried tomatoes ..... 0.091
232721232721B000E243R0A1150JI9OX4M10Hari Neelakantan "Hari M"5511315785600Gave me mild itchy tongueI am not sure weather others allergic to this product. I am not allergic to very many food items. Especially I don't get itchiness to regular process food items like chips but this one did. So the whole thing was a waste, just disposed off the whole box.
232722232722B000E243R0A2O5RGJ73V7Q9Smizzrizz "mizzrizz"5541301356800A decent snack option for low carbingI just received these, tore open the box, and snarfed down a bag.

Unlike some of the other reviews, I did find these crunchy --they weren't soggy or soft at all. Overall, I like them because it's pretty hard to find salty crunchy snacks on a low carb diet. These compare to Medifast's Parmesan Snacks with the exception that these are flat and Medifast snacks are little balls, but overall the flavor is pretty much the same. Also, these are a MUCH cheaper option than Medifast or any of the other high protein low cal diet product, who charge about $15 for a box of 7. At the sale price of $9.25 for a box of 12, that's less than .80 cents per serving. Good deal.

And, speaking of servings, I have a pet peeve for the manufacturer... the bag is 1.5 oz but the nutrional facts are based on a 1 oz serving. Gimme a break. Who's going to eat only two thirds of the bag and leave the rest? They tout 110 calories, but realize that you're actually going to get 155 calories, 5.25 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbs (not net carbs cuz this does have some fiber), and 15 grams of protein when you eat a whole bag. This still isn't horrible, so why not just tell us what we're going to get when we eat the whole little bag, which we will do :-).

Also, these little chips do crumble easily. I think there were maybe 5 whole chips in my bag, the rest were smashed (but still tasty). Overall, I recommend this and for the price point, flavor, texture, and lack of other options. I will repurchase.

Lastly, kudos to Amazon. I got free shipping through Prime and they were on my doorstep in 1 day.
232723232723B000E243R0A17GK9E70O7Y9RGrandma in Oregon5541168646400Good for a low carb high fiber snackI liked these. They were a bit spicy, but a slice of chedder melted on top turned them into a very high protein nacho.

The lemon herb were horrible. Smelled musty and stale. Poor combination of herbs with the lemon. They became expensive dog treats.

Would buy again.....but never the lemon herb..yuk
232724232724B000E243R0A2GSPG64JMOZI3G. Greenberg5541155254400Great crunchy snackDue to medical reasons I have to be on a high protein, lower carb diet. These are a great snack. It's nice to have something to crunch on instead of potato chips or tortilla chips. The taste of these is okay. I personally prefer the Kruncheez by Kay's Naturals. While these don't totally taste like Parmesean, they do have a nice flavor. The only reasons to not give 5 stars are that they don't really taste like the flavor specified, and each bag has 1.5 servings. I really think the bag should be one serving when they are this size.
232725232725B000E243R0A1YD9R3V4QN0LKM. Jones5551149120000These Chips are the Best!This is my favorite snack! I often eat these chips as a meal when I'm on the run. (The lemon adds just the right amount of zip.) They're also terrific as a topping for soups or salads.
232726232726B000E243R0A38GMW8CODKV1ZR.Thibodeaux4451333670400Product Change! NEW Packaging, Less Cals, Less Protein, Less Carbs, Less Fat......BUT, same great taste! These Kays Naturals Better Balance Protein Parmesan Chips are different though. I have these on Subscribe and Save and the entire old pkge equalled 1.5servings, 165Cals, about 5.2gFat, 16.5 Net Carbs, 15gProtein, 4.5gFiber.
But, this has been changed with the current NEW packaging:
1serving= 1whole bag!
And, NOW an ENTIRE bag has

So, that's probably good news for those of you who didn't want to divvy (sorry, no time to check if this is a valid word per the dictionary) a bag up into 1.5servings and try to compute the nutritional facts for the whole bag.
But, ahhh, a little less protein and that's one of the main factors in purchasing these. But, still, no complaints: Overall, a great move!
232727232727B000E243R0A2BCYLZGU3EDHJDi4411332374400Not so goodThese protein chips taste like eating cardboard. I would not purchase them again and even discarded most of them. It was a total waste of my money. Would not recommend.
232728232728B000E243R0AEWHYOUC0DOR9W. WILSON "Docdude"4411310342400Saw dust favorThsi are hard to eat...taste like you are getting saw dust. Never would buy these again. The birds do like them.
232729232729B000E243R0ANDDH598HO9G8grump544411168646400echhhhhhhhhI am anxious to find salted/cheese flavored snacks.....well the salt/grated cheese shakers are a lot more appealing. The aftertaste may send you right for the Hershey bar. There is also a funky stomache feeling too. I was desperate enough to try this stuff twice (I did have a box of 12) wasn't the result of a bad first impression, these chips are just awful.....
232730232730B000E243R0A1GP7TW2LKEE9XD. Mccormick4441163548800If you're on a diet,,,be careful!These are really good,,,,too good,,,dangerous for us dieters. The 5 oz bag is not very big, it is very easy to eat the whole bag if you aren't careful. And with a serving size only being 1 ounce, that's 550 calories. High in protien and very satisfying crunch factor.
232731232731B000E243R0A21W046H38TX5Thumbleconsumer81011294963200Avoid this productThis is the first product I have ever reviewed. I shop a lot on Amazon and rely on reviews and they have always helped me. This product is so bad, that I felt I had to warn others. I purchased it looking for healthy low fat snack. First off, the package says low fat. They may be low fat, but the chip is as greasy as they come. Next, the chip has no snap too it. It is soft and melts. Not something you want in a chip. Worst of all is the taste. The cheese flavor is prominent but nasty. Overall, avoid this product. I should have been tipped off by the price, which is fairly low for a supposedly healthy and gluten free product in this quantity.
232732232732B000E243R0ACQ0TMSR566OFcecilia10173341329350400Great alternative especially for fitness fanaticsWhen I opened up the whole case of protein chips, I was quite overwhelmed since I thought, WOW. Did I go a little overboard with this? I could not believe I bought a whole case without trying it first.
Anyway, I opened up one box just to taste it and it did not taste good at first. But as I kept on eating it, it just got better and better. I ended up eating this box all day periodically from morning till the end of my work day. Uh-oh, one box equals 5 servings. YIKES.

As a fitness fanatic, I keep a high protein-low carb diet. This is an excellent substitute to my craving for potato chips and salty snacks. Unfortunately, there aren't that many healthy, salty snacks to choose from (I do not have a sweet tooth like the rest of the world). The Chili nacho flavor creates a party in my tummy, I wish it was spicy though but it does the job.

So a whole case of Kay's protein chips?? Yeah, no problem!
232733232733B000E243R0A259ZBTELD9VDFtheDynamiteJet3321328745600Used to love these things...then they changed the recipe apparentlyI started eating these about a year and a half ago and really liked the taste and texture. They were crunchy, much more 'chip like'...but about 10 months ago they batches I started to receive were significantly different. Much more of a soft, puffy consistency. I was hoping that I just got a few bad batches in a row but it is now clear that they must have changed their recipe. I still enjoy the taste...but am really disappointed in the texture now.
232734232734B000E243R0AVIA6QH2984QETahereh Safavi "awibs"3351321660800tastes great, filling, best "fake junk food" findThese really fill that need for something salty and crunchy while not actually being junk food. The nutrition info speaks for itself. The chips are small, so the bag takes a long time to munch through, so you don't feel like you took two bites and ran out. Their texture is similar to puffed rice/wheat/corn junk foods, like bugles or salsa fries. They kind of dissolve after the first initial crunch, as opposed to a chip made from a slice of potato, which just breaks into smaller hard pieces. This is my favourite flavor - the parmesean isn't bad, but this is really late-night-I'm-stoned-and-playing-video-games junk food goodness.
232735232735B000E243R0A14UKG5IWHPX7OEmma B.3351319328000Yes Yes Yes Thanks for Healthy Snacks Like This OneThese "chips" are really freaking good for being so healthy. The thing is, you have to know what to expect when you are eating a high protein/fiber product like this one. It is not going to taste like a potato chip so kiss that fantasy goodbye if that is what you are expecting. I suppose some people have extremely refined taste buds when it comes to chips and have a hard time stomaching these. But seriously, they are extremely good, even you don't care a whole lot about them being healthy. They are crunchy and crispy and have a good dose of flavoring on them, and they are not too salty. These are perfect for people who want to add more protein to their diet in an easy way. I take a bag to school or on trips and they are awesome, especially good for days when I work out a lot. The price for these is really good too, especially if you score some extra savings with Amazon. As an afternoon snack, these beat anything you'll find in a vending machine price- and health-wise. It is products like this one that make my life a little easier so I don't have to struggle to eat healthy while being busy!
232736232736B000E243R0A2UT2PZWSI862Sjennoskcaj "jennoskcaj"3351316390400Great snack!!Very pleased with the taste of these!! Hubby ate 9 of the 12 mini-bags in about a week, so I guess they also pass the picky husband test. Ordering more now!
232737232737B000E243R0A2KATUXY21CO03David3341304726400One of the best low-carb snacks you can buyIf you're doing a low carb diet or even just want to cut down on them then these are really some of the best low-carb chips you can buy.

Taste/Texture: They don't REALLY taste like chips but honestly its close enough to, say, a dorito, that it works. The texture is different, a little lighter than a chip which may be a positive for some people. You definitely get the chili nacho cheese flavor from it and in my opinion it's about the closest you're going to get to a "real" chip if you're looking for low carb. Haven't tried the other flavors though.

Size: The bags are small, yes, but not that much smaller than a regular small sized bag of chips. You might find yourself eating more than one bag as a snack though.

Price: Pretty good when you buy the bulk (12 pack) product although it works out to about a dollar a bag which IS a little pricey I guess but when you look at it as "12 dollars for a pack of 12" somehow, to me, it seems like a better deal. Also, if you like them, sign up for the regular deliveries and it shaves 2 dollars off each order AND includes free shipping so you really can't beat that. Considering the high price of a lot of speciality products (and this is) it's pretty inexpensive.

Overall: A good purchase for low carb dieters, a tasty chip substitute, something even fans of traditional chips may enjoy. Good value.
232738232738B000E243R0A3OMXPM7CI9YX3Robert Sagirs3321298332800Decent alternative but not great.These chips taste okay - although I probably would have liked the Nacho flavor better, they were 3 dollars more a case at the time I made my purchase. The main problem with these chips, is half of every bag is protein powder at the bottom of the bag, so your stuck trying to scoop it up with your fingers or end up just throwing it out. I guess, in trying to make them low fat, the oils that usually hold chips together is missing, so you end up with half a bag of crumbs. I ordered 3 cases and every bag is like this, so I don't believe it's an isolated problem.
232739232739B000E243R0AA91O96C1Z18WM. Moran "sunnyside44"3351189468800FABULOUS IN SOUPS AND LIGHT STEWS & SALADS!!!These chips are wonderfully light and lightly seansoned and that allows one to use them in a variety of creative ways.
I have had gastric bypass and still have difficulty getting my daily protien intake because it is difficult to eat the protien they suggest. However, with these chips and this flavor in particular I can travel with them and add them to just about any soup for a sustainable meal with crunch and nutrional value.
Unlike the more pronounced flavors of nacho cheese ( superb choice for football games etc.) I can enjoy these as a part of a meal even in salads.
Bravo Kays' for making such a wonderful product.
232740232740B000E243R0A1ZPVXZ9ZQJIZM2crazy2stop3341156291200Great product, but choose a different flavorKay's products taste great, but choose a different flavor. The chili one is my favorite. The Parmesan one is the not the greatest flavor

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