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232831232831B000EUJK5WA4TK8ENW87B41Lila Klu3331170288000ToughI thought it was OK... overall. The chocolate coating does at least taste--and melt--like chocolate, which for a protein/meal bar is not exactly something you can expect. The bar did last longer going down though: not only because it's bigger, but because it's so tough to chew! (A little too tough for me; the center could use a little moisture.) Maybe peanut just isn't my favorite in any bar--which seems to be the case; although this bar doesn't taste especially peanutty. Lastly, 10 calories short of 300 is really over the limit for me in the bar category.
232832232832B000EUJK5WA3LSTGAP7LOV1SAlice Wakefield2251179792000Peanut Butter & ChocolateI noticed Amazon lumped all the Go-Lean bar reviews together, but anyway, these were so good I won't hesitate to try other flavors.

Covered with milk chocolate, it tasted like a cross between a Snicker's, Milky Way and peanut butter cups, just a bit more chewy. The bars were fresh, large and very satisfying, even better than I had hoped. Well done, Kashi!
232833232833B000EUJK5WA3FBC2AVXDY57TFauxDiva XX1111207699200Too Much Salt280 mgs. of salt is too much for a "health" bar. I love most Kashi products, but this one left a salty taste that lingered all day. If you salt your food you probably will not notice the salty taste. I have always used salt sparingly mostly because I like to taste my food not cover it up with another flavor. So judge for yourself, but health food should have to follow certain guidelines.
232834232834B000EUJK5WA3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso3441210982400Filling and tasty, not a bad snack on the goIf I am famished from hunger, and a real meal is many hours off, I don't feel bad about eating one of these glorified candy bars as a mini-meal. It is filling and satisfying, and if you put chocolate and peanut butter on a shoe, I'd probably like it. The chocolate coating is formulated for durability and it does that job well, although there is a price to be paid in taste. The filling, however, is the best part. Peanutty and chewy, the grains, chocolate and peanut butter combine brilliantly leaving me wanting another one or three.

The problem with bars like this is that they are neither plain candy bars nor real nutrition, and they have to balance the great taste of candy with the fact that they actually have to have some nutritional value to compensate for the huge premium the makers charge for this bar over a plain old candy bar. Kashi does this better than most of the competition, and their bar is a bit larger and sturdier than most, which makes it the first choice for my gym bag or purse for an emergency meal.

Try not to let these slip from "emergency food" to "substitute for lunch" or "regular snack." These bars, although healthier than candy, are not a real meal, do not have the fiber and nutrients to hold you over to the next real meal, and are a lot more candy bar than piece of fruit. These are good to keep in a bag for a day when you have no alternatives, but if you find that there are too many emergencies to be good for your health or your waistline, try putting an apple in that purse instead.
232835232835B000EUJK5WA2ECSCNC8U6C8TBruce D. Polly0031282262400when you can't eat a mealDidn't taste as good as I wanted, but still good considering the fact that it is only a healthier meal bar than a bag of chips!
232836232836B000EUJK5WAPESRHBA4QL3SAvid Reader "Avid Reader"0021278288000not a good substituteThese were offered as a replace for Kashi Chocolate Peanut Rolls. They are not at all the same. They have more calories and less protein. Not a good substitute.
232837232837B000EUJK5WA2DI8AA3UOA2JYW. Sissel0051247443200best breakfast ever!I've been eating these every morning for breakfast for the past 8 years and love them! There's enough fiber in them to counter act the higher calorie count. If you do Weight Watcher's they are worth 5 pts. and well worth it. The only problem is trying to find them which is why I now order them from amazon.
232838232838B000EUJK5WA32FLEUG50ZGTUSittingduck0041224115200goodthese are good for what they are. They are not candy bars so don't expect that taste. These are more like meal replacement bars.
232839232839B000EUJK5WA1O9PVTD86ZZS4Sean Chiang "sc"0011221609600Too much sugar!I should have look at the nutritional facts, but these bars are way too sweet to the point I couldn't finish the bar. Each bar has 31g of sugar and reminded me of a Butterfinger. I dont see how having 31g of suger makes this any healthier then a candy bar.
232840232840B000EUJK5WA35QEZZU1JWCZHPizzo0051213833600Fantastic Meal Replacement!My whole family loves the Kashi Chewy Bars (including my 6 year old)! If you're expecting the taste of a candy bar, then will be disappointed. However, in my humble opinion these are the best tasting meal replacement bars I've ever had! These bars usually hold me over for 3-4 hours. According to my handy calculator, they're only 6 points each for those of us who count Weight Watchers Points.
232841232841B000EUJK5WA141TRXBX5YZ7ACelestial Kat0041208995200a good supplementI really like the size and chewy texture of this bar. The taste is a bit artificial, but this bar really fills you up and provides a good amount of fiber as well as protein. This bar is my favorite for a meal replacement.
232842232842B000EUJK5WA15TNA2SEBSZU7J. R. Mason0011206403200My Family Wouldn't Eat ThemI purchased a 12-pack of Kashi GOLEAN Peanut Butter & Chocolate bars for myself and my family. We tried one and nobody wanted to finish it. It tasted way too much like a "power" bar. I didn't expect a candy bar, but there are some healthy bars that taste good. The bars sat in our kitchen for a few weeks before we threw the rest (11) away. What a nasty tasting waste of money! I contacted Kashi about returning the bars, but they just sent me a few coupons for some free bars. We tried some other flavors, but they weren't much better. I would rather have had my money back.
232843232843B000EUJK5WA2KM083IINK1OXIE "Shoes? Where?"0041203206400Very sweetThis protein bar is pretty good. It's very dense, and VERY sweet, but the amount of protein outweighs those two semi-negatives.
232844232844B000EUJK5WA2VZ11U5DXM8J5C. Ebeling "ctlpareader"0051200614400The BestI consider the GoLean "chewy" bars to be superior to any other nutritional bar out there, and I think this is the best flavor. I often carry them for lunch (paired with a baggie of fresh veggies). The calorie count is a little high for a snack for me, but as a lunch entree, it is low. Highly satisfying, it has none of the over sweetness or "roots and bark" quality of many others on the market. It has a decent fiber count but never tastes mealy or grainy.
232845232845B000EUJK5WA6GRQDFHIOFL6Thomas C. Evans "Ironhead3fan"0051172102400Very GoodTastes too good to actually be healthy. Sound too good to be true? I thought so, but it is really true. Nice job Kashi.

If you have never eaten Kashi products, you are in for a treat. There are some I like better than others, but for food that is good for you, it is a pleasant surprise.
232846232846B000EUJK5WA1SMO5ARZQ7CY0T. Nilsen "Roachcattasha"0041170720000Peanut butter is much better...The texture and flavor are good. They are very filling. These are better than any Slim Fast bar even though the calories are high (290). There's no after taste and no unpset stomach. The are a perfect item for a quick breakfast and should be kept in every desk drawer incase a realxing lunch is not available. These bars are better than anything in a crappy snack machine.
232847232847B000EUJK5WA3D6BYFISYKTDXMargrita Jager1251213747200Yummy, filling, satisfyingI tried one of these bars when I was on the run one day and was starving--and after that, I went back to order two 12-pack boxes. It's like a healthy version of a peanut butter cup--it's chewy, peanut-buttery, chocolatey, but the bonus is that they really fill you up unlike a candy bar, especially if you drink a big glass of water with it as there is a lot of fiber in this bar. And it doesn't make you feel shaky or headachey like a candy can, at least for me. I always keep one in my purse just in case I can't stop to eat during the day.
232848232848B0047E3G6AA35T21RN7D5Y3KSara Perry2241327968000Yum.OK. It's not as good as fudge made with sugar, but it's pretty darn good. In fact, it was so good that my plan to just have one piece every other day didn't hold up, especially during late afternoons and evenings. It was too good to resist.
232849232849B000BYAEDSA2IHZ6XMJY2NJ6Susan R. Durham2251269388800My dogs love itGreat bones that don't splinter and last forever (months at least).
I have dogs that love to chew on bones..and these are the BEST. The filling in the middle hard not the dogs have to work at getting it out..hours of pleasure for them..If you have a dog that likes nylabones, then these are the real thing...Bella and DaisyMae give this item a 10 tail wag!
232850232850B000BYAEDSA33LJDNF5VLCC2D. Nice1151303171200Best Bone I've ever boughtThis bone lasted about 4 months of daily chewing with my 85lb chocolate lab. The center is hard, so he couldn't just lick out the inside. It also does not splinter. He typically loses interest in bones after the center is gone so this was a great find.
232851232851B0001CXU40A1QU9ZNNQ8HN9BS. Rider1151308268800Unusual colors, large crystalsIt's a bit pricey with shipping, but I bought this because this brand has unusual colors. I needed purple for a King Cake, and here in Illinois you just can't find purple sugar. I actually like this brand quite a bit, and would recommend it.

The colors are nice and bright compared to some cheaper brands I've seen. The first thing I noticed, however, is that the sugar crystals are LARGE compared to the near-shavings I get from the colored sugars I got at the local grocery store. I guess I'll have to go buy the Green and Gold ones too, so they match next time.
232852232852B0001CXU40A3YN53HOE32CLT. Marshall1151300665600Red, White & BlueThese were awesome on the cookies we made for my Son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Would be great for 4th of July or honoring military.
232853232853B004HV5MS8A30MEP7MM6L2EVdr D "hoping for inner peace"0011307664000DISGUSTING!!!!!!LESSON LEARNED... never never NEVER EVER buY BULK stuff without trying it first. I thought i'd be saving money buying this concentrate as it was so much more cost effective than buying individual concentrate at the store. and it has less sweeterner which is always a problem being too sweet for me. BUT BARF BARF BARF!!!!! i honestly tried to dilute this with some regular tea and tried with soy milk and almond milk and its just bitter and has some sort of pungent after taste.. unfortunately i am left with 5 plus jugs of this and have no idea what do do with this gross stuff. i'd highly advise trying this BEFORE YOU BUY... YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE SOME DIFFERENT taste buds to enjoy this strange brew.
232854232854B00099XLVWA250AXLRBVYKB4Nathan Beauchamp "ConsumerAdvocate"0041241654400Great dressing but not so good for grillingThis is some pretty tasty Italian dressing that is wonderful on any sort of salad. Unfortunately, my primary use for Italian dressing is to marinate meat, and especially chicken. The problem with is that it has too high of an oil content which causes the grill to flare up frequently, blackening the chicken. The generic brand from Jewel works a lot better for grilling. However, the flavor is delicious and it is perfect for salads, so if you don't plan to use it for grilling, don't hesitate.
232855232855B002GWH9NGACTIBHXU6Y08KDave6641280188800They turned it up to 11I enjoy Sumatra beans from my local roaster on a regular basis, so I wanted to try buying in bulk to take into the office. Since I like my coffee bold, I ordered this instead of the regular Sumatra. Calling it "dark" is an understatement. I actually had to scale back the grounds in my French press about 40% - this stuff will punch you in the face twice and steal your car! This turned out to be a blessing in disguise: We normally use 6-7 scoops in our 12-cup automatic at work, but with this we only need 3 or 4 at the most.

Kudos to CBD for actually meaning what they say when they say "dark"! And the actual flavor, once you wrangle control of the strength back, is quite good. Just heed this fair warning: If you find yourself wondering what a 12-cup pot of espresso would taste like, this coffee is for you. Otherwise, you may want to try the regular Sumatra first.
232856232856B002GWH9NGALGRQ8MUI5A7XMyra A. Mason4451282348800Smooth, rich, strong, not bitter at allThanks to previous reviewers, I committed to this 5-pound bag. And that was a serious commitment for someone who usually portions out less than 1/4-pound trial bags from the coffee bins in grocery stores. I've found that I generally like Sumatras, though, so took a chance on this large bag o' beans. And it was well worth it!

This is strong, full-flavored coffee, comparable to a really smooth espresso. Like a previous reviewer, I found that it takes less grounds to make a pot. Highly recommend it.
232857232857B002GWH9NGAQ0SE89A4L2TGregory J. Linscott "Greg"3351274227200Dark and SmoothI am sampling Coffee Bean Direct's flavors (we go through about one 5 lb. bag per month), and I am quite happy with this. It has a definite dark flavor, but is also quite smooth. I have enjoyed it in my French press as well as my moka espresso pot.
232858232858B002GWH9NGA1FVW47U1G96QVbook man2251295308800Great tasting Coffee.If you are a coffee lover, this is the way to go. Grind these fresh beans and make a full strong coffee that is delicious!
232859232859B002GWH9NGA16UBL1KVDERZ4pootagooluk2251289952000Rich Fresh Dark Beans and Good PriceThese Sumatra beans, upon opening the package, glistened with their natural oils. The flavor is deep and rich. Great price at about $6/lb. and fast shipping.
232860232860B002GWH9NGA5P0G326AZ58XRoni Jordan2251286409600Smooth and earthyWe've been enjoying the Ultra Dark Sumatra from Trader Joe's for several years, so I jumped at the opportunity to try a 5-lb bag of these beans. So smooth, rich, earthy, with no acidic bite - like a finely aged Cabernet, velvety on the tongue. An excellent buy for anyone who enjoys a deep, dark brew.

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