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232885232885B003GVE8QCA1MJLMH1AR1MW6Trinity0121324339200Definitely NOT sourWhen I found these gummies on amazon I was really excited. I am a big fan of sour gummies so I just had to have these.
However when I first opened the bag I was already kind of disgusted by the artificial smell. Also the are very ooey-gooey soft and somewhat glibbery. I had to leave them out in the open for a few days to get them to harden up just a bit.
I couldn't get myself to eating one with this slimey texture.
Worst of all is the fact that they aren't really sour at all. The bag reads super sour but they are neither super nor are they sour. I guess I just stick with the sour Haribo gummies instead. At least that's a safe choice.
232886232886B002TAHPQQA1F7SX3GNVBNE3Joshua G. Feldman "Technophile"0051327104000Kentucky Spirit is Kentucky bourbon at a higher levelWild Turkey is good Kentucky bourbon whiskey and Kentucky Spirit is Wild Turkey's top of the line expression in regular production: Master distiller Jimmy Russel's statement product. It's a single barrel selection with the barrel and rick numbers on each neck label served up at 101 proof to keep most of the cask goodness intact. I was expecting it to be good. It exceeded my expectations.

In the glass it's a dark coppery bronze color. The nose is rich and complex and evolves strikingly through time. Time is a big factor here. This stuff is 101 proof and has a lot of alcohol to disperse. Initially, the aroma of butter - as in brown butter and buttered corn is striking. As it opens up, sweeter sherry, treacle, pecan pie, citrus and floral notes join in. It's a positively delicious aroma. First sip shows a toffee sweetness that explodes across the palate with apple flower, toffee frosting, maple candy, citrus spritz and vanilla oak. It's a paradise of plant esters in a distilled spirit. Finish is long and complex with unfolding layers of aged sawn wood, perfumed sweetness, bitter orange/dark chocolate fudgy notes and spicy spirit. The glow in my mouth lingers for many long minutes, decaying into oak and toffee coffee bittersweet. It's what bourbon is all about - yet it's quite rare at this price point.

This is among the finest bourbons I've ever tried. It's right up there with rare limited editions in sophistication and distinction. Yet it treads a careful line through its disparate flavor elements, staying balanced among sweet and dry, floral and woody, bitter and sweet. What a masterful performance. I could drink it every day. Comparable quality in Scotch whiskey or French Cognac would cost multiples of what you get for less than a U.S. Grant note here in the US. Beyond the bargain aspect, the richness of flavor and complexity and balance of presentation shows that American distillery at the high end gives nothing up to the masters of the old world. This is a first rate distillate - right up there with the world's best in refinement and sheer yumminess. Jimmy Russel, I take my hat off to you.
232887232887B0007TZVPSASJLXOX1VD4DFmahlers2nd "The Only Way Out Is Through"2251260662400A St. Louis Original -- Best Chocolate EVERMy husband grew up in St. Louis (let me know if you want to know which High School ;-) and the first Christmas he came to our house, he brought us a pound of the Milk Chocolate. He certainly knew how to win over my family because our entire family practically had fist fights over this chocolate.

It is incredibly creamy, rich, and full of flavor. It makes Nestles taste like cardboard. Their Bissinger's Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark (10 Oz) is also like Nirvana.

Service from Bissinger's is excellent and they often have free shipping. Every year, I send this all over the country to all of my family members and it is always the most popular part of the holidays for many.

I've had a LOT of chocolate in my 40+ years... this is by far the best I have ever had.
232888232888B0007TZVPSA1Y6YLMUA88TV7J. Shaath1151264204800excellent qualityAs a St Louis native who now resides in Virginia, Karl Bissinger's Chocolate was at the top of the list of things I missed after moving. Thank goodness for the internet. Prior to purchasing these online, we routinely made trips back to St Louis to purchase Bissinger's Chocolate. No we aren't really crazy, but this chocolate spoils you for any other chocolate). I have used this chocolate for years to make fresh chocolate covered strawberries for friends.
232889232889B000VI6YLUAHQRU3MRORIWQEMTP EJ "EJ"0151280102400My new FavoriteThis bar is my new favorite (sorry Reese's)!

Just the right amount of crunch, chocolate, and peanut butter!

250 Calories, 15g Fat, but 5g of Protein - it really satisfies.
just don't let it stay too warm as they melt!
232890232890B0054TWQ36A1TDR14F17LNU9Farscaper2211329350400Not an Improved Recipe for MeBesides changing the bowl to a very thin plastic one that gets too hot to touch, the new recipe is not an improvement that I care for. It's too bad because the previous version had bits of dried mushroom that gave it a more complex flavor -- now it's kind of a blah generic spiciness.

Have to mention they fiddled with the noodles too. They are thinner, and don't have that chewy bite. Very disappointed that Nong Shim USA made these changes. I'll have to look for the better Made in Korea kind at the local Asian markets to satisfy my Shin Bowl cravings.
232861232861B002GWH9NGAXWIZK4SRG1T1David Hea2251279411200OUTSTANDING!!!I absolutely love this coffee. Great full bodied flavor with none of the acidity.
232862232862B002GWH9NGA2O5BR4OO5C45NAmazon Jack2211279411200very disappointedThis is the first CBD order we've been unsatisfied with. The beans appear to be freshly roasted as expected, but the brew elicits a strong char flavor, overpoweringly bitter. In the past, we've found CBD to be a fantastic deal at Amazon, but sadly not so in this case.
232863232863B002GWH9NGAT99PX9M3VUKHGregory Lewis1151346198400great consistent coffeeI have been buying this for years. Although the price has gone up considerably, this is excellent coffee. I like strong dark coffee, but can't handle the acid. This is the best of both worlds, strong but very low acidity. The consistent quality of the beans is noted.
232864232864B002GWH9NGA35BJ0TS53MH86James "James"1151327536000Wow, what a great cup of coffee!!!I just ground these beans into a great cup of hot fresh coffee. Not only is the coffee perfect, but so was the shipping. It was like I just put my order in, and turned around and it was here. I am a loyal customer now with the auto shipping....PERFECT!!!!
232865232865B002GWH9NGA1W7WOYTLBSCROVTBrian1151323388800Great Coffee, Great PriceI have been a loyal Coffee Bean Direct Customer for a couple years now. We mostly prefer the Dark Sumatra, but have tried a few others as well. We find the Dark Sumatra to be the boldest, while very low in acid. This means you can make it as strong as you like without the upset stomach. Highly recommend both the Dark Sumatra and the seller.
232866232866B002GWH9NGA1U3V5T2YANITNduane brindle0051351123200My favorite base coffee for blendingThere are many wonderful and complex flavors that good coffees can offer. This is my mainstay since it has great smooth and rich coffee flavor. It isn't acidy or bitter at all. Actually I like a little acidity so my favorite is to blend this with the Smoked Coffee offered on Coffee Bean Direct's website. Dark Sumatra makes the best base coffee for any blend that I've tried. Costa Rican Tarrazu won't stand on its own but will add just the right amount of acidity to make it my second best choice to blend with Dark Sumatra. If you want to discover the flavorful world of rich coffees, Dark Sumatra is the starting point, then start playing with it.
232867232867B002GWH9NGA155AGAFQ4FSCWTina Clapp0051348704000FantasticThe Coffee Beans are great. Fresh, and shipped fast. Great prices. Will continue to order these coffee beans as long as they stay fresh and reasonably priced.
232868232868B002GWH9NGA22R269YC0QECXMelinda Hunsley "Melinda"0051315872000Only the best!!!I have become a coffee snob. This is the only coffee I will drink. Bold and smooth makes for a great cup of morning coffee. It ships and arrives quickly. Everyone should try this coffee.
232869232869B002GWH9NGA1INYALNO95QZRRooster Wrangler0051305331200Good coffeeI have been pleasantly surprised by this coffee. It is fresh and wonderfully roasted. It makes a good cup of coffee - smooth but still robust. I will definitely buy it again.
232870232870B002GWH9NGA23L4OVEEDDG13C. Stanley "Ilovecomedy"0051304121600Wonderful dark roast coffee from AmazonThis coffee bean direct coffee is the best buy and the coffee is excellent. Fast shipping too. So, buy it!
232871232871B002GWH9NGAA2KH7IDDH9DHC. Sato ""0041302307200A pleasant, if bland, roastOver all we found this to be a very pleasant Sumatra. However, I didn't feel it was any better than the locally available beans. In the end it probably comes down to price. This was actually more expensive than any Sumatra I can get locally, and wasn't really better, just not worse.
232872232872B002GWH9NGA3EZFPA1U61I2Gslcpunk0041294185600we liked thisI am not a coffee snob or connoisseur. But I like coffee. I tend to like stronger, dark coffee. This fit the bill, but didn't blow us away. Will edit review after we've tried some other flavors. We did order the "Diedrich Coffee Wiener Melange" and it was super oily and dark, I liked it a bit better, but the price jumped way up so I tried the coffee bean direct stuff. Now we get the Italian Espresso. Slightly cheaper and more bold and dark.
232873232873B002GWH9NGA3EZXHQLZXK08TMichael Simmons "Mr. Cranky Pants"0151316217600Another cup of joe...Wow! What an amazing deal! Thanks to the incredibly wide scope of Amazon's "Always please the customer!" thinking, I'm subscribing to a monthly delivery of a 5-pound bag of totally awesome fresh Dark Sumatra coffee beans (from Coffee Bean Direct Coffee Roasters). These fresh-roasted beans make an exceptionally terrific, totally smooth, rich and deliciously tasty cup of coffee, some of the very best ever. And the price is just right. With Amazon's flexible coffee bean subscription plan, I get the freshest beans exactly when I want and need them, I don't have to fret about going to the coffee store or market or running out of anything. I just grind my fresh aromatic beans before bed each night and I have absolutely fabulous hot Dark Sumatran coffee the next morning. These fresh beans are so richly aromatic that my [non coffee drinking] partner likes to grind and set-up the coffee at night just so he can enjoy these Dark Sumatra beans in his own fashion. sends me my 5-pound bag of fresh roasted beans promptly each and every month. I can suspend my order or purchase more beans, change my delivery dates and of course, I can always choose from Coffee Bean Direct Coffee Roasters' excellent stock of the very best fresh-roasted coffee beans available from almost anywhere in the world.

I once lived in Hawaii's famed Kona coffee district and had my own absolutely fresh, just picked-off-the-tree coffee beans from my own trees, I could roast those fresh, tasty Kona beans myself whenever and however I wanted. This was a totally unique coffee lovers' experience, but Coffee Bean Direct Coffee Roasters' coming straight to my door courtesy of expertise is just as awesome and a lot less messy and time-consuming. I have the worlds' best coffee from the worlds' best retailer every month with absolutely no fuss.

Please, find a way to stop by in the mornings, brew and serve some of my deliciously hot Dark Sumatra coffee (don't forget to wash the pot and used cup please!), that would be almost perfection. Oh, and did I mention making fresh, hot scones?


Thank you, you've changed the way I shop! And it's great!
232874232874B002GWH9NGA3PFCXQ0XD8721Andrew Mark "amarknyc"0121303084800Not greatThe price was great (>$5/lb)...but, next time, I'll prefer to pay more to avoid this coffee (to my takste=, this is more along the lines of dishwater).

Given a choice, I'd take Pete's Major Dickinson's very dark, delicious blend., Unfortunatelym it's almost 3X the price of this coffee).

Hopefully, I'll find something in between the two. ...I'll report back when I find it!
232875232875B002GWH9NGA14TNNBLIZZGD2S. K. Deal2511285632000Still Waiting...30+ daysThe coffee sounds delicious. Ordered on August 27...was shipped on Sept. 3 and still NO coffee! Still I is Sept. 28. Hope to update with a good outcome.
232876232876B004DNAYZQA2OQUP1ARH6SI4Cat Ballou1151337126400light, crispy and very fresh tastingsimply the best matzohs I've tried - signficantly better when eaten plain or used in cooking. The order came with a handy ziploc pouch in which to store open packages, which was very convenient.
232877232877B004DNAYZQAMWVZ7XZKRFFKJJ1141304899200Last minute shopper - MatzahExcellent deal, especially right before Pesach. I found it a mere 1 week prior to the holiday. Shipping took longer than I would have liked, but we got it on time, nonetheless.
232878232878B001F9P3O8A318G3W3D8T1BCPeter The Plumber1151302220800The Best I've FoundWe've been using these bags regularly for several years now with no complaints. We don't overload the trash and these work really well for us. The degradable plastic in general does seem to tear somewhat easier than "normal" plastic. We just got used to it, see the comment about overloading. It seems to me a more than acceptable tradeoff to get a full size well performing bag that is degradable. And no, I'm not known to be a tree hugger!
232879232879B001F9P3O8A237B280JRRY14S0051350259200Waited A While Before ReviewingAssuming that these bags truly are easier on the environment than store-bought bags, I would rate them as a success. But that is assuming ...

I've been using them for over a year now, not for composting, but just for household wastebaskets. No, they are not as tough as store-bought bags, but I didn't expect them to be. They are indeed lightweight. They will not withstand shards of broken glass (nor will store-bought bags) or other sharp objects. But they have proven more than adequate for ordinary household use.

This type of product, however imperfect, seems to represent a positive step forward. Assuming ...
232880232880B001F9P3O8A2YZO84OG12IBJBrian D. Pollock "NickMach007"0041287014400Great, just a little priceyThese bags have been working really well for my family. I have had no problems with ripping-- though I am using this for kitchen trash. I would definitely not use these bags for any kind of yard debris (think sticks) or remodeling/construction projects (think lumber and nails). However for my kitchen these have worked like a charm. I just wish these were a tad bit cheaper.
232881232881B001F9P3O8A1181MQR24P4HSMommyhood0041280102400Fits my garbage/recycle bin perfectlyThis bag is a perfect fit for my garbage/recycle basket. I use the Simple Human rectangular shape receptcables. It's great not having to dump my items directly into the garbage dumpster. Not the sturdiest bag - don't over fill it, but the best I have found for fit. I would purchase it again.
232882232882B001F9P3O8A26Y2T7BHLRL2ILaurel Fee "Laurel9ga"0051250726400work greatI love that they are biodegrable - a little pricey but willing to pay until more people buy them and price goes down.
232883232883B001F9P3O8A1HQD5MRMVJILHEvelyn G.2421267228800Love the idea, but...I really wanted to like these bags because they are compostable. However, they rip WAY to easily. I removed a full bag from the kitchen trash can and it had several holes in it, so I tried to double bag it. When I put the full bag into an empty one, it just ripped the empty bag completely open. These bags would probably work fine for trash that doesn't have any sharp corners, but for the kinds of things I throw away in the kitchen, these bags just are not going to work. I will not be buying them again for that purpose until they are more durable.
232884232884B0006G5PGMAL2PFI2GKH6LGArt0011339200000My non-picky dog would not touch this stuff!I have a pure bred Rottweiler who LOVES to eat. I seen this on Amazon and although it had no reviews the price was right so I figured I would try this. Never again. My dog wouldnt even swallow this. He had a few kibbles in his mouth which he spit out. I left the food in the bowl for a few days watching him to see if it was the food or possibly the heat (as to why he was not eating.) It was the food. I replaced this with another kind he likes and he quickly ate it up. I would not recommend this food at all, not even for the non picky dogs!

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