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232891232891B0054TWQ36AG7EF0SVBQOUXWriterGirl "WriterGirl"1141327363200Same brand I used to buy in Korea!The packaging is a little different. In Korea the contents are sold in a larger paper bowl. Still, this is the brand I have learned to appreciate when I need quick and easy soup. It is very hot-spicy so most people may not want to use the entire spice packet. If you like ramen, this is one to try.
232892232892B0054TWQ36A2TNE19R8KK46Wbirdman2341324252800Souper Kwik & E ZOpen, add hot water, let stand covered, and 3 minutes soup up. I let mine stand longer for softer noodles. My daughters friend stayed in Asia and told me they fold the cover to create a scoop to eat with (maybe a form of origami).
232893232893B0054TWQ36A1UKLUKXB6TWDPEternity Grace "Eternity"0051332547200Better than super cheap ramen.... SPICY!I love that it comes in easy to use bowls, that I have several options to cook it and the taste is far better than any cup-o-noodle I've found. These are inexpensive and easy to keep in my desk for those days when lunch is too far away.
232894232894B0054TWQ36AI9BJ1EXKOR24NaeNae "NaeNae"0041331164800Yum!I ordered a 12 pack of these and my daughter went through them in no time. They are a good amount of spicy and they taste delicious. And at a price that beats any supermarket, I'll be buying these quite often.
232895232895B004M050W2A2G6M1GDCHZE7UD. Bui "Great service makes a product even be...101051325376000Authentic, and THE BESTIf you're not going to buy this product, which I recommend, then try to avoid fish sauce that contains "hydrolyzed wheat or soybean proteins". Also, many will say "Phu Quoc" on them because that's where the best fish sauce are made but if it's not made in Phu Quoc or Vietname then it's probably a fake.

I use this brand for sauces and salads, and I can taste the difference. Also, it's good to know I'm eating something that is made from natural ingredients. I'll pay extra for that.

This is the FAQ from redboatfishsauce site:

What are the ingredients for each product?
The two ingredients in every Red Boat fish sauce are fresh caught wild black anchovies and sea salt.

What is the difference between 40N and 50N?
Degrees N is an industry standard to measure the number of grams of nitrogen per liter of fish sauce which relates to the protein level. The highest quality fish sauces are greater than 30N with the flavor becoming more rich and complex with larger N designation.

Are your products gluten free?
Yes. Our sauces do not contain wheat or wheat by-products and are produced in a gluten free facility.

Do our products contain MSG?
No. Our product also does not contain hydrolyzed wheat or soybean proteins which are hidden sources of free glutamates.

Do our products contain any type or form of peanuts or shellfish?

What are the clear crystals in the bottom of my bottle?
Natural sea salt may occasionally crystallize on the bottom of the bottles of Red Boat sauces. This is a natural process and does not affect the product quality in any way.

Are other fish sauce brands labeled "Phu Quoc" authentic?
Look at the label carefully. If the product does not say "Made in Phu Quoc" or "Product of Vietnam" it is likely not authentic. Many knock-offs are made or processed in Thailand or Hong Kong.
232896232896B004M050W2A1T3XCX80SH3OEonlineshopperforalongtime5651312761600Great Sauce Lousy PriceThis is the best fish sauce I've ever used. However, you can get it for as low as $9/bottle at the company's website. Team up with friends and buy a case...
232897232897B004M050W2A2GHI0511X8OEERamona Carbona1151338940800Exceptional sauceThis is easily the best fish sauce I've ever bought. The flavor is intense but very mellow. You can use it as a dipping sauce or sprinkle it on leftovers or salads like I do. I am reminded of the difference between using real wine vs. cooking wine. Just like real wine, this is on another level from what you can easily find at the average US market.

The reason I bought it initially, though, was the lack of sugar, wheat or other cheap fillers. I wanted as close to organic as I could find. Fresh-caught anchovies, minimally processed in traditional ways, fit the bill for me.

Yes, it does cost more, but if you, like me, are looking for fish sauces online then you probably don't have access to an Asian supermarket anyway, so why bother spending the money on shipping sugar or wheat protein? Or trash fish? And, because there are no fillers, you will use less liquid for the same amount of flavor, so maybe it is not that expensive in the end.
232898232898B004M050W2A3NGUULXOMWAMMA. Tang3451302393600Excellent productI was given a bottle from a friend. Tasted and it was excellent. Would recommend it to the most picky conoisseur of fish sauce.
232899232899B004M050W2A3DJMWZNK6DD8WG. Sulier2351301875200High Quality ProductBought this based on food blog recommendation. Used it experimentally in a beef/pork chili in the slow cooker. Fish sauce gave it unusual depth without overpowering the chili. Great product.
232900232900B004M050W2A2NEA0VTIR81DCrcb "cartaufalous"0051342828800Supurb.I've mostly used Thai fish sauces to date, especially the excellent "Squid" brand and the ubiquitous "Thai Village". They're really good, but nothing prepared me for the over-the-top flavor of this Vietnamese sauce from N''c M'm. Its nuances of exquisite flavor are like nothing else. If you've had the "Three Crabs" brand, you might have a tiny inkling of what I'm talking about. Three Crabs is a very small amount of this Vietnamese sauce diluted with lots of things like normal Thai fish sauce, malt, sugar, and water. That subtle, tiny edge it has has been moved to the forefront with this undilutedly magnificent fish sauce, the best I've ever had. Wow.

It is rare and pricy. Don't waste it. I only use a few drops in salad dressings and finishing sauces. Things that don't get hot. For searing and marinating, Squid is just as good and way cheaper.
232901232901B004M050W2A1ZLVVKTWZFPHVtacs33551304640000Great, High Quality Fish SauceThe write-ups on this don't lie. This is really great stuff, perfect for making dipping sauces, Vietnamese dishes, etc. Very nice depth of flavor. Great price for two bottles, but not sure I needed both since a little goes a long way.
232902232902B004M050W2A3PJNLYZWZSJCPForest71251319673600Great fish sauce...After reading the reviews, I decided to try the Red Boat Fish Sauce 40°N. It seems to me to be just as the others have described. It is good quality fish sauce, not "loud" tasting like other fish sauces, but imparting a good flavor to foods.
232903232903B004M050W2A2ZCI79I9CH5S0Q. Tran21121320364800Not any different from the 3 dollar fish sauce at your local asian supermarketAfter buying this for 9$ per bottle from my local Asian supermarket in San Jose, CA and doing a blind taste test in which I just dip my finger blindly into two different kinds, I taste no difference. I tried dipping other basic food in blind taste tests and the $3 Fish sauce "Flying Lion Phu Quoc" brand I usually use tastes better. As a daily user of nuoc mam in everyday meals, I'm not sure what the hype for this is all about. Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me. Has a nice label, fascinating description that I had to try right when I got home from the store. Try it for your self, but don't be fooled like I was. I myself will always be searching for new types of authentic Phu Quoc myself, please do let me know if you find any worthwhile yourself.
232904232904B003SBRV9GAF9LK3PN3XG2CS. Santi "Gadget Saint"2251313712000Surprisingly DeliciousBought these pouches for the great protein to carb ratio and for the convenience of taking them to work to put over a bed of lettuce with some olive oil, sea salt, and pepper (getting hungry!). I am just coming off the Ideal Protein Diet plan and after losing 60 pounds I needed a convenient and low-cost alternative for daily meals at the office. I also wanted to make sure I felt full with a good-tasting meal. I have no desire to east something only to be hungry an hour later.

These meals are packed flat in (approx) 4"x6" envelopes. When I say flat, I mean they can fit in your back pocket or whatever bag you carry to the office. All-in-all, very convenient and very inexpensive alternative at around $2+ per envelope. Don't get freaked out by the appearance of the food because it kinda looks like cat-food when it's all smooshed flat. But once you put on the plate and poke it around a little with your fork, it's all good. Also, if you're a person who doesn't care for the sometimes fishy smell of some canned tuna, don't worry about that with these packages. They are really tasty and surprisingly delicious. I've already recommended them to my family and recommend you give them a whirl. Enjoy!
232905232905B003SBRV9GAYOEKMMUXIYBMandrea downard0051315526400Great priceI order this tuna for my daugter who is in Afganastan every few months. She loves it!! They are limited what is available to eat and this usually makes her day.
232906232906B001EQ4OY2AH3DO5ZTR7BU6Dolores Zapata "Dollie Bird"4451313366400This stuff is great!Nothing but great things to say about this seasoning salt. I have used this product in place of table salt and seasoning salt (Lawry's). Not only do I find I use way less than I would if I was using plain sea salt, but I also find it has more flavor than Lawry's seasoning salt. I can't really compare it to anything but table salt, sea salt, or Lawry's because that's all I've ever used on salads and in cooking. Speaking of salads- I have also found that using Herbamare, I don't always need salad dressing. If I sprinkle on a salad and toss it well w/ just a bit of olive oil, I find it flavors it well and allows the taste of my garden grown veggies to come through. What I like most is that the herbs in Herbamare can be detected and tasted. If that makes sense. It adds unique individual flavors as well as salt. One more thing - it is excellent on cucumbers and tomatoes.
232907232907B001EQ4OY2A1EG46F1145HQNDebbie Cat "debbie"4451275004800herbamare seasoning Sea saltThis is the Best Organic Seasoning that I've ever used. In fact we've been using it for about 10 years now. The flavor is perfect with everything from fish,meats, vegetables and so on! No MSG. Many, many benefits to this product!
232908232908B001EQ4OY2A3DE9RBUX0C0VPDJ3351299369600Vogel HerbamareVogel Herbamare is delicious and adds just the right amount of seasoning to any dish I'm making. All the spices are contained in one container and I don't have to use several to get the right amount. The price was very reasonable but most of all I didn't have to go to a health food store to buy it!
232909232909B001EQ4OY2ADKV7M1AOCG3HCindy C. Shirley1151325116800Herbamare for daily useThis seasoning salt is a single source good taste enhancement for daily use. It's a great mix of flavors. I use it as a salt replacement. It includes sea salt and various other herbals. If you like a little bite in your seasoning, try Trocomare, by the same company. Try it!
232910232910B001EQ4OY2A1IUZIOK3N43DDDaniel Bech1151324512000Good substitute /varation for saltReminds of my childhood, delicious. I find it is great with a little butter on white rice but in general you can put on just about anything.
232911232911B001EQ4OY2A3UACYK33QV4ZPFrank "drFrank"1151297468800Excellent tasteA few years ago a friend of ours introduced this product to us. Immediately, we began using this when cooking and enjoyed the taste. We use it when snacking on celery, carrots, tomatoes, and other 'veggies'.
232912232912B001EQ4OY2A3J49501SLH24MLar "Hermit crab"1151297382400great stuffGreat stuff. Been using it for years but local health food store quit selling it. So glad to find it on amazon and cheaper too@
232913232913B001EQ4OY2AMGB8X8KHAZV8Georgia girl1151295222400Better than plain saltI haven't used plain salt in years since finding this product. It adds so much more flavor. It's awesome on popcorn too!
232914232914B001EQ4OY2A19N1RDH99TTJZLahn0051351209600Can't live without it!I'm french so I literally grew up with this salt, I don't even know how to cook without it. What a nice surprise when I found out I can easily order it here on Amazon in the US!
Basically this is 2/3 real sea salt and 1/3 herb salt (like celery salt and such) so you can cut on salt without even thinking about it.
The taste? So much better than dumb salt, it adds a wonderful but subtle herb/vegetables flavor (kinda like a bouquet garni?).
Everybody loves it, husband, friends, grandma and brother in law, everybody.
Best way to enjoy it? Fresh bread, butter, sprinkle the salt on the top of the "tartine" and eat with fresh radish! Yum!

My mother always insist on sending me some from France "But Mom I can just order it from Amazon here!".
It's hard to believe that 50 years ago, this was just a local product and now it's sold on Amazon in the US. But it totally deserves it! Thank you Alfred Vogel for offering us healthy AND yummy products since 1963! Way before organic products were trendy.
This is a true 6 stars product.
232915232915B001EQ4OY2A2STSOEEVFO3ONBrooke Cooley0051345507200People wonder about our secret ingredient!I use this on pasta, salad, pizza and roasted potatoes - just to name a few items. It enhances the flavor of everything we cook. People always ask what we did to make the potatoes or salad or pizza taste so good. I always tell them about this salt. You won't be disappointed.
232916232916B001EQ4OY2A8R6Q7U31OJHAClaudia0051327622400herbamare saltI use the product now more than 3 years for all my cooking and everybody in my household or even people I cook for love it. In the summer we sprinkel a little salt over fresh cut up vegetable as cucumbers, tomatoes etc.the kids love their vegetable.
232917232917B001EQ4OY2A1FBT07T1B9SQ8P. Braynon "ladypjb"0051291852800Great spiceI read about this in a Zone cookbook and tried it in Zone and non Zone receipes and it really adds great flavor to the dish
232918232918B001EQ4OY2A2DYSEWC611N2XTyler Waterfall "t-dubb"1231326844800Great spice, damaged in deliveryWe love this versatile and savory spice blend, but we're disappointed when the packaged arrived to find that both containers were damaged and leaking in the box.
232919232919B001EQ4OY2A83HHJXEW1BGZB. Black "Britt"0411334620800both products arrived opened and leaking in box...I haven't tried the spice honestly, because when I opened up the box, both jars were opened a little and leaking out in the box. Doesn't this stuff have a better seal? I don't even know if it's just a bad container or they don't normally have seals, but I'm uncomfortable using food products that don't come sealed.
232920232920B001M4T018A9E3SHGS1ZRNHKimmerly Webster1151295654400Truly Sour GumThis gum is addicting. The sour taste is great. It probably dulls your palate for a while and your tongue does turn colors, but it's still great in small doses! Enjoy!

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