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232938232938B000V7S5NQA1XTA8CMW9N1PQAnne Roark Goldberg5651201392000Best New Cooking Concept of the CenturyTsp Spices Spice Basics Organic, 12 One-teaspoon Packets, 40 Ounce Boxed Tins
Pre-measured spices in one-time use packages are an amazing invention. Why didn't I think of this? At first, I assumed these beautifully designed tins filled with individually wrapped spices would simply make charming and unusual little gifts. They certain do that. What a clever guest you will seem when you come to the door bearing little spice boxes rather than the usual bottle of wine or tired bunch of flowers. A plus for you is that by giving "tsp spices" you won't be spending nearly as much money as you would on flowers or wine. You don't have to mention that to you're friends (I certainly hope you don't have the kind of friends who are gauche enough to inquire about price), but it won't matter to them because they'll be too busy marveling at the whole concept. That's assuming, of course, your friends are smart enough to appreciate fully this new way of storing dried herbs and spices. As I say, I initially thought of this simply as a good gift idea, not a radical new concept for my own kitchen. Then I tied the pre-measured spices for myself and the next thing I knew I was eying my collection of glass bottles half full of fading powders and disintegrating leaves. Most of them I never use because they've lost all their flavor, yet I don't throw out the bottles because it somehow seems so wasteful. Then I realized, it was time to redefine my definition of waste. The better way to conserve precious resources is to have my kitchen stocked with flavorful spices and herbs that are packaged in quantities that I actually use. Who came up with the idea of ounce-size bottles for dried spices anyway? Did you ever read a recipe that called for an ounce of dried oregano? When word gets out, I predict that "tsp spices" will bring about a revolution in the modern kitchen, much as the Cuisinart did in my mother's generation and the refrigerator did in my grandmother's. If you think I exaggerate, invite me to dinner and I'll bring along a nice little gift that may change your mind.
Tsp Spices Sweet Basics Organic, 12 One-teaspoon Packets, 25 Ounce Boxed Tins
232939232939B000V7S5NQAJ55F3YYFTNK9Trina D.1151267920000Great convenient way to buy spicesHow many times have I had to throw out old spices, I've lost count. This is one of the best ideas on the market. Tins full of individually packaged spices to keep in your cupboard ready, premeasured, and convenient. This makes a great housewarming gift for friends who love to cook or bake. I think the kits that they have put together are wonderful, but you can purchase the spices you want a la carte too.
232940232940B000LKU0NGA20N2G3UIZ7DFFLinda Smiles "Shopper"1111283299200BPA lined cans - harmfulBPA is not proven to harm children or adults, however studies have led federal health officials to express concern about the safety of BPA. Eden Foods has been using BPA free cans since 1999. Natural Value told me their cans are BPA lined and they are considering a change in the future.

The beans are good, firm and a bit too salty. I will not buy any Natural Value product because of the BPA issue. All their cans are BPA lined. I feel cheated by a company that chooses to market an ORGANIC product in a can with a BPA lining when other choices have been available for over 10 years.

I'll buy Eden Foods canned products. All canned tomatoes are in BPA lined cans per government regulations. Freeze your own or buy in glass jars or cartons.
232941232941B000LKU0NGA1KT19TDP9VE63Honest Consumer0051273622400Beans beans a wondeful fruit!...okay you know the rest /// you might pick up some BEAN-ZYME on if you buy this much BEAN. Ha ha... I did. Great deal for ORGANIC and delivered right to my home. I hate to cook - even if it means boiling beans so this is a real life saver. I'm happy... the beans are deep dark black, firm and DELICIOUS. Love the cans... no rush to use them. Thanks for reading.
232942232942B000LKU0NGA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"0041270684800Firm, Tasty, Hot or ColdBlack beans are pretty versatile; they can be used hot or cold in various dishes. These beans are firm not squishy nor
overpoweringly flavored. For less than 15 bucks a 12 pack they're a decent deal. I didn't give them 5 stars due to the discrepancy between posted and actual nutritional details.

This information is very important to some customers. To reduce the salt somewhat be sure to rinse the beans in cold water and drain them. This also helps cut heartburn...sorry I don't have any suggestions for reducing the "tooters" though.
232943232943B000LKU0NGAPWHIIU7FUY3RMartin Katahn0011264550400Inaccurate nutritional valuesAs another reviewer has noted, the nutritional values posted on this website are wrong. If you are on a sodium restricted diet as I am, the sodium content posted here (140mg) is less than half the value printed on the can (310mg). The only nutritional value posted here that matches that on the can is for protein.
232944232944B000LKU0NGA2UCUVMLB69G15A. Hemphill "music fan"0031263859200Nutritional information is incorrect.I bought these because I was looking for a natural low sodium can of black beans. These were cheaper than the other organic ones so I bought them. Unfortunately the label on the can does not match what amazon has posted here.
The label on the can says:
Serving size .5 cup/3.5 per container
Calories 110
Calories from fat 5
Sodium 310mg (13%)
Carbs 20g 7%
Fiber 6g 24%
Sugars 1g
Protein 6g

Now for that amount of sodium I couldv'e just bought a can of Goya. it's more than twice as much as what's printed here.
Taste wise, Goya tastes better too, but at least Natural Value only uses sea salt. I'm sure draining the beans gets rid of a lot of the sodium, but I would recommend spending the extra 5 bucks or so and going with another organic brand.
232945232945B000LKU0NGA3VRVNLY3CHX9Bsuziq "suziq"0051260403200natural value is a good value!I use these for a special recipe along with organic corn and tomatoes. It is difficult in my town to find organic canned goods that are reasonably priced. Not even wally world has them! Besides front door delivery is MUCH more convenient!!
232946232946B000LKU0NGA10DRHWKS6NQUX7saturdays "7saturdays"71451213056000Organic is the way to go.-I'm editing my review because due to travel, I've been forced to buy various brands of regular black beans at the grocery store. These Natural Value beans are 1000 times better than regular canned black beans you buy at the store. Seriously- they taste better, they look better- way blacker- their consistency is way better- they are just far superior. In my original review I said all black beans were the same- NOT TRUE!! I can't wait to get back home so I can stop eating crappy black beans from the store.-
Organic farming practices are way better for the environment and the watershed, therefore even though these and all canned black beans taste, look and feel exactly the same either way, you know you aren't contributing to the huge dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico by supporting all the farms that spray chemicals all over their fields. SO buy up.
232947232947B00032JI26AKNF5HB8KV17EAngela Cason "books are my life"1151311724800Brie with a kick of blueWhether you think of it as brie with a kick of blue cheese or a baby-step towards liking blue cheese, Saga is love at first bite. I was never a blue cheese fan, but this has just a little something something in every bite, but not too much, and the brie part is really creamy. Blue Brie (12 ounces) by Enjoy!
232948232948B00032JI26A2EK68O106OOD4Allen J. Dye2351251417600super cheeseI have been eating this cheese for the last fifteen years. I believe it is the best, by far, spreadable blue cheese on the market.
232949232949B001EPPFUKAF7DZ97VNSEWNMichael L. Love "free is a verb"182051261008000A tastey inexpensive caviarThis item is permanently on my grocery list, because an inexpensive caviar is an invaluable component to a healthy diet. Caviar is likely the best source of healthful Omega 3 fatty acids on the planet. Animal experiments have shown that this is sufficient to offset the cholesterol. A single serving of caviar will get you _half_ of your B12 for the day, and that is not all. Think of it, dripping with DHA, and half your B12 in one heaping teaspoonful, without killing a single fish. I have written an Amazon guide about this.

I have additional notes about the ingredients in the customer image section where I provide a blowup of the ingredients label. It is true that some of the inexpensive lumpfish caviars have alot of food coloring, and this one is no exception. After a careful evaluation, Blue number 1 is among the safest of the food colorings. It is eliminated relatively fast, and may actually have some healthful benefits. This caviar has far more Blue number 1 than the other colorings. It actually detracts from the taste somewhat, but for the price, I give it an A+.

I have some additional information and research in my seafood wishlist, so check that out. These inexpensive caviars tend to store better than the others, so you can keep some in the pantry. Lumpfish eggs are delicious, so go ahead, eat your caviar... with a little cheese and pepper.

232950232950B001EPPFUKA3AY0FKFYDNYI0Paul L. Suomi5631296950400it is cheap caviarlet's face it not spending a lot on this caviar. It's going to taste like that. I would not recommend eating this caviar from the jar. It's not that kind of caviar. It is a little fishy, maybe more than other caviar's, but it's actually not a bad product altogether. I would recommend serving or using this caviar with things such as sour cream, hard-boiled eggs or some nicely selected crackers. I have even found a pretty good recipe for a tasty little appetizer using this type of caviar. I recommend it either looking for a good recipe or using extras to mask the extra fishy taste
232921232921B001M4T018A333V9D8RJGJHJEzfirme0051348358400Extreme SourThis gum has to be the most sour thing I've ever had. Way more sour than there own hard candy. After the sour goes away the gum is pretty darn flavorful, and fairly long lasting.
232922232922B001M4T018A34AGF8JYB1ADGBLAZINbizketz0041343865600Love this gum!I recently found this gum at a dollar store and it is fantastic. Now I can buy it from Amazon, what luck.

On a serious note, this gum does have an aquired taste, and it is soooooooo sour that my tongue was worn raw in minutes. Eat these sparingly or you will regret it.

Still my favorite candy.
232923232923B001M4T018A2R0STB6KBPB5ZChristy Jane1251324512000Delicious!There was more candy in the package than I thought! And its all so delicious! My brother loved it and so did everyone else!
232924232924B000F4991CAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0051207267200AwesomeGreat mushrooms! I love them. They taste so much better then canned ones that's for sure. Better flavor and they still retain their texture. To reconstitute them quicker, use hot water.
232925232925B00765FI1IA1ASJCMDR9Z5BFMichele C. Lavell "Michele"0051339286400One of the best Marzipans I've ever had!!!!Little bite size nuggets of pure heaven!!! The chocolate is yummy, the marzipan is awesome!!!! Just trust me... It's worth it! :o)
232926232926B004NRR4GYA2TN6CYBP77PWJDr. Pep0031347321600smooth but weakI used it in home-made pods for Senseo. Even after I filled the pods more than the usual amount, I still got pretty weak coffee. Since this is my evening coffee, I am not too picky about the strength. But if you prefer a cup of bold, strong decaf, this is probably going to disappoint you.
232927232927B001EO5R8QA3QC3EY2OP8413P. M. Stabbe2231171929600Not bad for no wheat, no dairy soupThis soup's ingredients sound really good but I found that I had to add some salt and a lot of shredded chicken to make it really palatable. But it's OK for someone who can't have wheat or dairy, which is what I was looking for, for my daughter who has food allergies.
232928232928B001EO5R8QAI8OTQ65YAYMRultra63 "ultra63"2211168300800terriblewatery gruel. Amazon should not sell this in a 4 pack as no one can even tolerate one.
232929232929B001EO5R8QAXJLS6H1WC765CH2211168128000Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free and Taste FreeThis soup is horrible. It has almost no taste at all. It's pretty hard to screw up soup. Whoever made this obviously didn't taste test it or it's their idea of a cruel joke.
232930232930B001EO5R8QA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett1111249171200This soup is absolutely AWFUL!!!The ingredients sounded so delicious but then I tried making it to match my mouth watering fantasies about how it SHOULD taste.........Yukkkkk! The lentils are hard little rocks that do NOT even soften no matter how long the soup is simmered. There really isn't any mushroom flavoring in the watery soup base. I ended up throwing out the first pack I dained to make edible but I gave away the rest of the packs to the local food bank. Do not buy this discusting soup unless you're going to add a gazillion things to it to make it have any taste at all but I wouldn't ruin all those other 'ingredients' by adding this soup to them. I have learned my lesson about this company and will NEVER buy any of their products again!!! My stomach turns over just thinking about how AWFUL this soup is.
232931232931B001EO5R8QA2YUGILMZLS1EBR. Roberts1111220400000Want Broth?I am all for an experiment, but this soup is not worth the adventure. Less than a handful of dry product has good flavor, but no substance. This product is more an herb broth than a "mushroom lentil soup." I had to add to many fillers to make this soup work for my taste. Disappointing.
232932232932B0047462NOA3FEIS45TN178YLaurie1151295827200WHO NEEDS V8???? NOT ME!Mr and Mrs T is the best virgin ready made bloody mary drink in existance. it is slightly spicy (not too spicy though) and is great iced. Every time I travel on a plane I look forward to ordering this drink...they always have it on the airlines.

I just ordered two cases. It will be great to drink on Ice once summer comes.
232933232933B0047462NOA1JWY18IISLJZAdoebtown0051351123200Perfect Bloody Mary SuppliesIt's the best bloody mary mix. And this is the perfect size. Enough for 1 or 2 drinks--you'll never throw any away. Maybe not the best size if you're mixing up a pitcher, but if you're just making a couple to half a dozen or so, this is great. Shipped well and lives nicely in the garage until called into action.
232934232934B0047462NOA17LP8AGOIJXEJoe M. "Joe"0051350172800Not Just for Bloody Mary'sNot only does this juice mix make the world's best Bloody Mary, I enjoy a can (w/o liquor, of course) each morning in place of tomato juice with my breakfast. It is out of this world! I prefer it to V-8 also. I add precisely three drops of Tabasco for a nice little kick! Be careful with the Tabasco, though, because you could very easily overdo it and ruin the drink.

Please note that this review is for the Original Bloody Mary Mix. They have several variants such as "Spicy", etc. My favorite is the "Original".
232935232935B005ZXHWT4A2O21H6UE4WBRLJ. Manchester "Super Mom Wannabe"3341336176000Great packaging, authentic taste, fabulous customer serviceHaving used Torani syrups in the past to make Italian Soda, we were excited to try this Root Beer syrup from Amoretti. The shipping was fast and we love that the bottle had a sleek, attractive design that we wouldn't mind leaving out, but was also break resistant plastic. It's also great that Amoretti includes the pumps, so you don't have to purchase them separately.

At first, we had some trouble getting the "soda" flavor just right, but the customer service at Amoretti is OUTSTANDING and they gave us tips, like first putting a little soda in the glass, then adding the syrup and stirring until dissolved, THEN adding the rest of the soda. This way, the flavor is well blended without losing the fizziness. Also, with the Amoretti syrups, they are more concentrated, so be sure you start with a bit less than what you might normally use. Lastly, we have discovered that different brands of Club Soda or carbonated water sometimes cause variation in the flavor. For example, we don't care for Canada Dry.

This flavor is a more "authentic" natural type of root beer flavor than what most of us are used to drinking in processed soda. You get a lot of flavor without having to make the soda very sweet. So if you're used to sweet, it does take a little getting used to. But considering how much better this in terms of caloric intake and natural sugars instead of HFCS, it's worth the adjustment. I also look forward to trying this in warm drinks, such as tea, when the weather cools off in the Fall. And maybe even finding some creative ways to bake with it.

If you are new to making seltzer or Italian Soda with syrups, try some fruit flavors first. The Amoretti Cherry and Watermelon flavors are AWESOME.
232936232936B005ZXHWT4A2OV6KI5Z7GNAHDnL_Zee2231341273600Tastes like candy Root Beer Barrels; best as topping, not drinksHas a little bit of a zing to it -- like candy root beer barrels instead of a full-bodied root beer drink -- but tasty. Better as a topping than for making drinks, by my taste.
232937232937B005ZXHWT4A2N4LOGISDNIQRValueBuyer "ValueBuyer"1131341100800Flavor is OK, Not GreatThe quality of the syrup is good, but the flavor seems to have this odd sort of aftertaste that reminds me of wintergreen lifesavers. The syrup is a little heavier than other syrups - that's fine. Nobody at my house is lining up to make root beer with this Amoretti syrup.

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