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232951232951B001EPPFUKA2JP8W265WCC35DoctoralThesis1141324598400Reuse the jars for tealight candlesThis caviar is so good you will end up with many small glass jars. Recycle them and use them as tealight candle holders.
232952232952B001EPPFUKA183SW3CWH6QY2Penmaven1151310428800Great productFresh lumpfish roe. Nice packaging , almost the same as 16 oz size , but far more convenient. Good distributor makes this a great purchase.
232953232953B001EPPFUKA1AQKBGX4JXD4WJames A. Humberg "CG Vet"0051325980800Holiday snacking at it's bestI thought I was in love with Romanoff Caviar, till they priced their way out of my life. I took a chance with Roland, and haven't looked back! True they are still fish eggs, but the taste is right up there with Romanoff's but a bit more subtle, with just a bit less salt, which will make a lot of salt sensitive people out there happy, to find out that caviar can be back on their party planning menu. And the price is spectacular! Four 3.5 oz. bottles of fine Black Lumpfish Caviar, for $33.28 and even without super saver shipping, is still superior to how much the same amount of Romanoff's caviar will cost you!Roland Black Lumpfish Caviar, 3.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
232954232954B001EPPFUKA7ME4ZHMJ0HLJMaynard G. Krebbs "Krebbs"0011322611200yuckThis product is clearly loaded with black food coloring. It even stains whatever you are are putting the caviar on. As for the taste, it is very very fishy (and not a good fishy, more of a rotten fishy). Not good at all. I like caviar, but this is some of the worst I've tried.
232955232955B001EPPFUKA1K07GAFY0WJVRN. W. DeSantis "Nicole"0031322006400Not so bad.This isn't your gourmet caviar, for $4.50 a jar you shouldn't be excepting that, but it isn't bad. It works great with cream cheese on a bagel, topped on omelets, but not on it's own. It is a little saltier and fishier than your better quality caviar, and the eggs don't have that crunch/burst to them when you bite into it. Just a small pop, maybe even a squish? In short, not bad for your everyday use, just not good enough for any special occasion.
232956232956B001EPPFUKA3HVN2RN2TTGHFRicky T0051316908800Good caviar at a great priceI enjoy so much the caviar I get from the salad bar when I go to the Chart House Restaurant in Redondo Beach, Ca, that I asked what the name and brand of the caviar they used. I found it on and it is exactly the same. Now I can also enjoy this caviar at home and at a great price. It is really good!
232957232957B001EPPFUKA2KD5HTG1VO403Trendy Shopper "Just me"0011305072000Just plain terribleI should have known it would taste like for that price. The texture is just weird. I hate wasting money and food, so I don't know what I'm going to do with the 3 1/2 jars I have in my fridge.
232958232958B001EPPFUKA2KFX7JSUCDSXMdrsing4741287014400Caviar for less moneyI developed a real craving for some caviar a few weeks ago, after not having had any for a couple of years. I searched though Google, eBay, and Amazon till I found this product. It actually reminded me of a similar brand I used to buy in a Gourmet Giant Supermarket. While searching I was reminded that caviar ranges dramatically in price from thousands of dollars to less than ten for a few ounces. A friend recently told me about a cruise ship locker that held over a million dollars worth on every cruise! The best caviar I ever tasted was at a 5* Marriot hotel in downtown Copenhagen. I ordered their caviar salad appetizer every day during a week long business trip. So with that background in mind for me this product was well worth the $30 some odd dollars I spent with shipping to receive 4 3.5 ounce containers. I even purchased some fancy crackers, and real crème fresh to go with it. I prefer small black caviar to other varieties, and while this purchase wasn't the tastiest I have ever had, it satisfied my craving and more. By wife also enjoyed this treat and complained when I emptied one of the containers before she had her "fair share." I would buy this product from this vendor again, but I also plan to compare it with what others have to offer. I would be curious to hear what others have to say about where to get low cost high quality black caviar. Thanks!
232959232959B001EPPFUKAREOHWLWVX0A8John Erikson61421255305600Doesn't taste good at allI bought this thinking that it was inexpensive and it was worth giving it a try. The caviar doesn't taste good despite the relatively low price. It has the texture of little plastic balls and it looks as if they added some black food coloring to it. I regret the purchase.
232960232960B003RYKV1EA3KIW3S06DMAX1kb0051304294400110% Satisfaction!I purchased this product and am 100% satisfied. The coffee is so fresh and the service was impeccable. It arrived at my house with lightning speed! I will purchase from Joffrey's again and again.
232961232961B003RYKV1EA3KHIYWIDKJOZ3Derek Prospero0051283990400Jamaican LoveBought it for the name, re-ordered for the flavor. Recommended to all coffee lovers, islanders and caffeine junkies. Use with a French press to really taste the quality.
232962232962B003RYKV1EA1LGQ84E950C6MDP0051277769600Great CoffeeI have never been one to spend too much on coffee, but this is great stuff!
It has a great mix of vanilla and coffee flavor.
232963232963B00106Z7LKA2NPC4HX996ZHJAngela "Silivrenwolf"3351221004800Great food for Puppies!I'm new to the whole feed your pets GOOD food. This is a very good brand to start off with and you're able to buy this brand pretty much anywhere luckily. I go back and forth between MudBay and Petsmart depending on price. Yes its a bit expensive but its very much worth the buy!
232964232964B00106Z7LKA3TDSH0NZEO4VEC. Pruitt "MuWah 2 ReaDinG!!"1151250294400I love it!!My puppy (Shia) and 5yr old (Miss Peaches)loves this food. Once I purchased my new lovely new baby I wanted a puppy food that would be good for her. This brand has no by products in it, but has all the natural ingredients for the well being of your pets, it's the real deal for a healthy growning puppy and the adult dog food my Chihuahua, and Pom loves. I'm sold and I won't change a thing.
232965232965B00106Z7LKA4R71T137N9D7kaydeelee0031347926400love the product but expensiveI had been buying this product since we got our puppy in June, and our puppy loves it. The product was fairly priced in from that time till August. When I tried to order this month, what an increase of 11 dollars! As much as I love this product, I am not going to spending so much anymore. I am currently looking for other options.
232966232966B00106Z7LKA1YU95Z5YJK04KAnnabelle270051343260800Great !Started feeding my two older dogs (12 and 13) this food. My lab has always had dry itchy skin. After a week on Avoderm he is shiny and not flaky at all! My german shepherd is usually picky over food but he loves Avoderm. I highly recommend this food. Packaging and expiration date were fine and I will definitely order from amazon instead of buying in a pet store. The price is way cheaper! Higher quality food really does make a difference in the health of your pets...I wish I had started feeding them Avoderm sooner.
232967232967B00106Z7LKAEQG4TJGGZWREdesert rose "Desert Rose Books"0051340928000Dogs love it! Helps with skin & arthritis problemsWith Amazon Prime free shipping this food is a great deal. Much cheaper than in the pet store.

My two dogs, both seniors, love this food. My small dog has a skin problem during the warmer months and this food has helped him to not be so itchy. My large dog has arthritis, for which he is taking a glucosamine chondritin MSM supplement and aspirin. When my large dog began eating this food, after a few weeks I saw an improvement in his movement. Not so stiff now and it's easier for him to jump.

Recommended for people who have senior dogs with skin or arthritis problems.
232968232968B00106Z7LKA32TJ56B4G2HZ8A_CA0031333929600Gassy and loose stool after 1-2 weeks?My 4 month old American Eskimo started eating this brand about two weeks ago and in the last several days I've noticed her stool very loose and smelly. Not only that, she farts! She does like the food. I give her 1/4 cup in a cloth pouch she likes to eat out of instead of a bowl. On occasion, I've mixed some of the Avoderm canned food with her dry kibble. I'm a little disappointed with the gas and loose stool. Before Avoderm, she didn't care for Iams Puppy, Wellness SuperMix Puppy, or Halo Spot Puppy... she would eventually eat those when she was starving but the Avoderm she likes! When she finishes this 4.4 lb bag, I'm going to start her on a different brand that might be better for her to digest. Or maybe her stomach will adjust??
232969232969B00106Z7LKA7E49M6MIYEIWCrazy at the Beach0051326499200Puppy Loves it.Our new puppy loves AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula Puppy Food. We have always bought AvoDerm for our cats and will continue to buy it for Scarlette. She even sneaks some of the cat food when we are not looking and Matilda (our Cat) allows it.
232970232970B00106Z7LKARI53ZWNME0MHCamille Campbell "CamCam"1251335830400Quality Dog Food at a great price.What more could you possibly want? Quality dog food in bulk quantity at a great price. Free two day shipping for prime members. My puppy Milo loves it !!!
232971232971B005DGICU6A3LNKAGMB0DTD8D. Paris0041344211200Nylabonre Healthy Edibles treatsGood product. My 3 dogs love them. I wish they came in a larger size for very large dogs and the price could be better. It would be nice for them to offer both a larger size and a large quantity discount. Delivery was fairly quick with no problems.
232972232972B005DGICU6A38MXL0CQMZM3Vkarmsmom0051342569600woof!my dogs love these! One of my dogs is allergic to corn, so these are perfect for him, plus they devoured them!!
232973232973B005DGICU6A38MXL0CQMZM3Vkarmsmom0051342569600My edogs love them! One of my dogs is allergic to corn, so these are the perfect treat! They smell like roasted chickedn....notMy dogs love them! One of my dogs is allergic to corn, so these are the perfect treat! They smell like roasted chicken....not gross processed animal food stuff!!

232975232975B000FNADEUA2YIZ917XORVV6davisite6611314057600New formulation is awfulI used to love these crackers, but they have recently reformulated them. Now they're awful... like a Wheat Thin knockoff, but not even as good as Wheat Thins. Why do they mess with something that works?? I complained to the company, and was told, "As you might imagine, we conduct extensive consumer tests to determine consumer acceptance before introducing a food into the national market. Reformulated products are of special concern to us, so we use panels of regular product users across the country to ensure acceptability. Tests on this reformulated product showed that most consumers preferred the new product to the old. However, we realize that taste preferences do differ and can certainly understand your feelings."

Yeah, I am sure that Coca-Cola conducted extensive consumer tests of New Coke, too.

Look, you might like this cracker. But if you liked the previous formulation, don't expect anything at all similar. And if you don't like it, please complain to the company. Maybe they'll bring out a 7-grain "Classic" cracker. :-)
232976232976B000FNADEUA2HAGBZUTJW8K5Mandy Phillips6631217030400Expiration DateThese crackers are great tasting. I recently ordered a case of tweleve to use at home. However, Amazon sent me a case of twelve which expire in one month. I buy things from Amazon to stock up. I don't think a month is enough time to eat twelve boxes of crackers. Amazon needs to rotate their products instead of selling items that are almost expired.
232977232977B000FNADEUA5DFQGZFLHGMJJames E. Scarborough4441150329600Good snack crackerThese crackers are simple in comparison to my favorite, the Honey Sesame variety. The 7 grains may overpower subtle toppings, but they work well with stronger cheeses, olives, and other toppings that hold their own. I usually eat these crackers plain as a snack along with something to drink, though they also work well for hors d'ouvres.
232978232978B000FNADEUA1WU43WP5BO7YQJ. Combs3341178928000Tastes so good, they're addictiveThey do taste so good as to be addictive.

Ingredient wise: They are NOT 'whole' grain. The first listing is 'regular' flour. But, as far as crackers go, these still rate quite well in terms of healthful ingredients. Sodium level {while still high to me} is acceptable.

And, when purchased through Amazon, the price is very 'right.'
232979232979B000FNADEUA3SZCFCC9ZWYTGsmock2211313712000new AWFUL recipeBeware---what used to be a wonderful, tasty cracker is now a dry piece of cardboard!!! Sometime this summer the new boxes appeared in stores with the blue banner across front saying "Now with Tastier Crunch." They are awful! I can't imagine that they test marketed these crackers because nobody seems to like them. I used to buy a few boxes and week and now I will never buy again unless they change back to earlier recipe. I give Amazon 5 stars because they refunded my money. This is because I called to check on formula before I ordered and I was told it was not the new one. Beware -- it is...
232980232980B000FNADEUAI58HD0YJ9LCQM. Buckner2241170115200Tasty and fairly healthyOn a scale of 0 to 10:

Health: 7 - The main ingredient is the standard flour, followed then by the 7 whole grains, so this can't be considered a true whole grain cracker. The positives are that there are no hydrogenated oils and the limited sweetener is evaporated cane juice.

Taste: 9 - Excellent taste

Price: 4 - If you can find this for $2, it's a bargain. Generally, it's closer to $3, which is a little high for a 9 OZ box of crackers.

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