Amazon Fine Food Reviews

232981232981B000FNADEUA2XMJMPWTGXPW6S. Johnson2251156982400Great cracker for babies and toddlers!Most teething babies and toddlers adore crackers, but many of the most common cracker brands just don't offer much nutritional value. Either they're made mainly with white flour, they're flavored and sweetened beyond all recognition -- and, really, who wants to start their child down that path? -- or they're so light and "fluffy" that the child never feels full. These crackers are none of those things, and the best part is that kids LOVE them. My daughter is 18 months and would probably survive on these crackers and water if I let her. Even the kids at her daycare have been known to pilfer some of her Kashi crackers right from under her nose! I love that these are made with whole grains, are minimally sweetened, fill her up, and are a great dipper for hummus or spaghetti sauce (her favorite), and my daughter just plain old LOVES them. It's a win-win situation!
232982232982B000FNADEUAS392FK727BF3Annie Hardimon1121337644800Burnt tastingI used to love these crackers, so I bought a box recently. I thought I got a bad batch since they had a burnt flavor, but turns out this is the "new and improved" formulation. Not tasty!
232983232983B000FNADEUA22QV1IKTIAOJ7tturk1111317254400New cruchier formula tastes like burnt cardboardAwful!!! I used to love TLC crackers. This new formula had left the worst taste in mouth. These aren't crunchier, they just taste bitter, dusty and are hard to swallow. I'm so sad because these were our go-to crackers for everything. I'll never by another box of these unless they go back to the old formula. I wish I could get my money back.
232984232984B000FNADEUA1RF58Z87CJDAQMerely Mere1111314662400New formula tastes terrible! :(These have long been my favorite snack cracker, but I'll be searching for another one now; Kashi recently "improved" them with alleged "tastier crunch," and the resulting taste (burnt/bitter) and texture (tough/seedy) is nothing I would care to experience ever again. Really wish I hadn't purchased a case. Blurg!
232985232985B000FNADEUA2VRPJ7N8E3T6Jshuzkelly2351153008000The Best Crackers in The UniverseTruly...if I am trying to watch my weight, I cannot have them in the house!!! TRY AND SEE.
232986232986B000FNADEUAUWAF4AQC3LPOR. M. Anson0051245715200Awesome crackers, good price!I buy these by the case - they're great alone, with peanut butter, with cheese, with hummus ...
232987232987B000FNADEUA1GNUK5X7JBK3TF. E. Shafer "IGR Goats"0051244851200Great Crackers-Great PriceI was really happy to find the Kashi line of crackers on Amazon. We have been buying this product at our local supermarkets and loved the taste and the fact that they are all natural with no additives. Lately we have had difficulty finding them in stock and when we could , we saw that the prices seemed to be increasing.

I decided to try looking for them online and was happy to see that Amazon had them and as a bonus, they were On Sale!

The price was excellent (about 35% less than at the local store) and shipping was fast and free. We are very satisfied, Thank you Amazon.
232988232988B000FNADEUAXJGCAD36N915Marilou Baughman0051230940800good, and low-calThese are really good crackers, and you can eat FIFTEEN for only 130 calories. They're small, but 15 is still a good-size portion. Good stuff in them too. I highly recommend.
232994232994B004579W2QA2KR89XUB8WFELWW "warren49"0051348358400Top Quality, Quick ShippingI received my shipment a day before I expected it. The flax seed is of very good quality, and the price is far better than where I was purchasing previously online.
232989232989B000FNADEUAIO3V3KNV3VNBKevin Shepherd "Shep"0051212796800Can't get enough!TLC crackers are amazing! I am trying to increase my intake of Fiber and lower the amount of fatty snacks I eat. However, in a way these crackers are a bit bad for me because I usually eat more than the 15 serving size simply because they are too tasy!

Kashi has done it again! The most amzaing wheat crackers ever!
232990232990B000FNADEUA3IV6LZURCH9HVB. Linstromberg0051197504000love love love these crackersWe buy these crackers by the case because they are so delicious and they go so fast in our house. Pretty good for you too! Ditto for the country cheddar variety. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
232995232995B004579W2QA3U3907EW8HZZUEmily "Gwynn"0041346198400They only send one container not four as written in description.They sent only 1 96oz container not four like advertised. I thought the price was a little too good to be true, just wanted to let everyone else know. Besides that, the flax seeds look great.
232991232991B000FNADEUA1LYTJPY48HCVQMplsMom0051167609600They truly are "Tasty Little Crackers"My whole family loves these. We snack on them all the time. They are especially great for our toddler. She eats them plain. They are a great size for her to hold. And they are low in sodium. Yum. Yum.
232996232996B004579W2QA1G99WF5QDDKXMells0051341619200FlaxseedI received this fast and love it. I grind it up in a coffee grinder and keep it in the refrigerator. It is a very good deal and I will buy again. thanks
232992232992B000OCF8GKALTXRPRX0AU5QBarbAnne0031231286400Dips Delish... Shipping Charge too HighYour Veggie Toppers/Dips are really good. But, not enough to pay so much in shipping; it make each one over $6.00!!! I'll just stock up at local fairs for equal product.
232997232997B002WTN4QOA3K3ID43G6A8UHLily2241262476800Pricey but QualityMy cats are rawfed but ZiwiPeak provides a little bit of variety and treat-food when we need it. This one is Venison, but I have not found a variety they didn't like. Quality control has been very consistent with this brand while others have had some ups and downs.
232998232998B000NMCRCEA6YHLXJ10X2W3Dave Spitsen4711177286400product wont ship, but they dont carei purchased these and other items and they haven't shipped. it was confirmed they would within a few days and now its more than two weeks back ordered. save your money becasue they don't fallow through with service here
232993232993B001EPQ51SA2E803BUUBT1EJeanineMB1151324944000Great productI first found a similar balsamic glaze on a trip to Italy. A caterer friend uses it as a garnish and flavoring for grilled and roasted vegetables and other savory dishes. Now I use it at home for the same types of dishes, and also a teaspoon or two in homemade balsamic vinaigrette for salads. Delicious, easy to use, and adds a nice extra touch to dishes.
232999232999B004EWAPCSA36KTGM5NBBSX2D. Hazle "odee"2251329004800Great for Swiss Miss!I've got to be honest & say I haven't always been pleased with some of the Swiss Miss products as the flavors in my opinion aren't as rich tasting as they could be. With the Mocha Cappucino Hot Cocoa they nailed a really nice smooth hot chocolate, and the price is right.
233000233000B004EWAPCSA1L2OWPC1CVHFRKolpo1151330819200Swiss Miss mocha cappuccino hot cocoa - 8 ct , 6 packThis cocoa beverage tastes great - just don't add too much hot water to it. Product keeps well at work in my desk drawer and I also utilize some of the cocoa packets for home use as well. The very affordable price proves to be an added bonus.
233001233001B004EWAPCSA3BSRASU2Q7MNWOneofFewWords1141330732800Great taste!My girlfriend uses this product in her coffee to "disguise" the coffee taste. Instead of using sugar, she adds half a package and some milk. She loves it! It tastes great on its own too.
233002233002B004EWAPCSAI9CTS0XM2HMURoy Licklider0051348358400Just enough coffee from AmazonI've never drunk coffee, but I find I like a slight caffine boost late in the afternoon. This cocoa with just a little coffee fills the bill nicely. I used to buy it in the supermarket, but I find it is no longer available in my neighborhood; fortunately I can still get it from Amazon at a good price (especially since I don't pay shipping as Amazon Prime).
233003233003B004EWAPCSA2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...0051336953600YUM_Mocha+Cocoa_tastyI paid $8 for 6 boxes with 8 envelopes in each box_ i thought it was a steal at that price. I was also pleased when it tasted divine. It's gonna be sweet, obviously- so i make mine with more water than package says_ if you want to add a bit more coffee taste or caffeinne punch- you can add a touch of instant coffee into the cup, along with the mix and water. It's probably as good as those mocha-cappucinos you can get out of the machines at convenience stores, 7-11's, speedways, etc._ they probably buy swiss miss powder to use for those machines. if the price is right it can't hurt to try it- long shelf life so it can stay around for months and months- and you can always share some of the boxes with others if 6 boxes is too much for you. not the greatest review, but an honest one. good luck to you
233004233004B006H34C6CA2KCD2PFUDXPPXSuseshopper0051350172800I REALLY LIKE THIS!I am an adult who rarely eats cereal, even as a child. I really like this especially with fruit. The box states 14 g of heart healthy whole grain, 3 g of total fiber and 6 g of sugar in every 1/2 cup serving. They are toasted very well, and they are sweet, but not too sweet. I had no idea what 6g of sugar is, and I am still not very sure, because it depends on what you are converting. The best I can get, is that it is a little more than a teaspoon. Whole grain oat flour is the 1st. ingredient, and unfortunately brown sugar is the second.But there are no other sugars that I can see. There are 4g of protein (of course with the milk), and 23 g of carbohydrate. I can tell you besides being delicious, they help my digestion.

I hope this helps in your decision making, and this is coming from a person who rarely is satisfied with cereal. I should add there is some BHT in the cereal.
233005233005B006H34C6CAB7DRFHVTWWP0The Hills0051349740800<3 Quaker Hearts!! <
233006233006B006H34C6CA3U1NO77GPUIRNmartha0051349481600better than cheeriosThis is our go to cereal. It's great on it's own, mixed with nuts and berries for granola, or with greek yogurt.
233007233007B006H34C6CA3U79UMRT16MGCArchena Dave0051349222400My 3 year old loves this oneNice whole grain cereal and my 3 year old son already knows hearts and can say I love you this is his favorite.

Would be nice to have this with Subsribe and Save. Maybe not at this time - later at some point would be great.
233008233008B002CQU57IALO8JMMRW7I7SH. ochoa "mom bomb"5551202774400my kids remind me that they need their vitaminsMy kids remind me that they need their nordic berries. They love them so much. My daughter gets cold sores because her immune system gets weak. Ever since we started taking these vitamins, she is healthy and strong and doesn't get an outbreak. My son is a very picky eater so as long as he gets his vitamins I know he is getting the proper nourishment. We have tried everything from the grocery store to the health stores. My sister in law owns a health store and she introduced us to these. The kids remind ME that they need their vitamins. They are so yummy. I wish I knew about them a long time ago! They are are expensive for our budget but it is worth the investment. Just order online and enough to get free shipping.
233009233009B002CQU57IA3BC6ZL5OSRJ95Rebecca Conner3351332979200Best Vitamins Out ThereI love these things. Better than Flintstones or other vitamins I've tried. Only thing I've noticed about the ones I've bought online are they are sticky and stick together. I don't have this problem when I purchase from the health store. So must be a handlers issue, not the manufacturer.
233010233010B002CQU57IA330IQTRQFC8DYHillTop3351261180800Daughter LOVES these!My daughter is the pickiest eater... she absolutely LOVES these Nordic Berries. Excellent product!

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