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233011233011B002CQU57IAFRG8J70N6EM7Jason Kinsey1141330473600kids love themMy kids love these and like other reviews said, ask to take them. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is the serving size is 4 gummies. Most of the vitamins I have tried with my kids are one or two pills a day. I will continue to give my kids these because they really love them. I just wanted people to know that due to the serving size, the bottle doesn't last as long as you think.
233012233012B002CQU57IA4UWNRY0WWECKAmandaR0041351036800Great tasteThese multis taste really good, sweet and sour citrus. The reason I gave them four stars is that the dose is 4, making them a bit expensive. Because of that, I wont be buying them again. I love Nordic Naturals and think their omegas are some of the best out there, so Im willing to pay the premium for those, but not a for a kids multi, when there are so many more to choose from.
233013233013B002CQU57IA2RWMJKF1PW3GKStephiM "StephiM"0051334966400Kids love themThe kids love these vitamins, they are high quality and tasty. We typically purchase these from a health food store that charges about 4 dollars more for the same size bottle. These were less expensive and sent very quickly. We will be purchasing our vitamins from here for now on.
233014233014B002CQU57IAPZEV98E51TXURebekah Fox "nates_daisy"0051322956800Can I please have Nordic Berries, Mama?I know a lot of parents who struggle to get their children to take their supplements. We have the opposite problem at my house! My son BEGS to have these!!! We had to set a rule about waiting until tomorrow, which when you are three, means after you get up the next morning... LOL. Anyway, these were recommended by my naturopath, but are way more affordable here on Amazon than in the upscale "this-is-a-store-where-we-keep-our-hands-in-our-pockets" pharmacy here in town. The perfect combination of nutrional supplementation and convenience for a busy mom!
233015233015B000LRG114A3NLGPOJZ1J3OAJana Hagan "Mom,wife, superwoman"1151213833600USE FOR EVERYTHING!This product is great! I have been using it for several years now. I use it in everything I make. No joke. It is great on steak, chicken, fish, in salads, all my cooking. It has a wonderful flavor without all the salt. I highly recommend it.
233016233016B000LRG114A340DL0TT76VH9Carolyn M. Paddy "carismums2"0051337558400Greek SeasoningThis seasoning has a good flavor, salt free, and is a great replacement for salt. I use it in almost everything that requires salt, and the taste is compatible with different foods. Good price.
233017233017B001EQ4QL8A2AQ8YQUECN8CHJan "goober"2251213574400JanetFINALLY! Good crushed red pepper. These are the best. In fact, all Durkee spices are better than any other brands. The groceries in our area quit selling Durkee spices years ago and have replaced with much lesser quality. Buy will taste the difference and never want to use other brands.
233018233018B001EQ4QL8A3CAVQ5VYWV2OPR. Smigelski1151280275200Pepperiffic !!The Durkee Spices really are great. The crushed red pepper has an almost roasted aroma and taste. The heat is just about perfect. Used some as soon as I received it. I made hot mustard with it instead of grinding up peppers. Worked great !!

Also with Durkee you know when the spices have been packed by the date code. Many others do not bother to put one on their packages.
233019233019B001NZUJ2AA1XENAVRANOK3XDaniel K. Scott "canman"5551265846400Great LicoriceI originally purchased this product in a specialty store in Alexandria Virginia while on vacation. I could not locate a retailer in my area who handled this product, so I went on line at and found it. I like unsalted licorice and this product is great. Small pellets that are big on flavor. Much better that most types available in stores and less expensive too.
233020233020B001NZUJ2AA32NTVMI55XOC2B. Sullivan6821271548800Not Chewy Licorice!I should have read the description more carefully. This is not traditional chewy licorice, but more like a licorice flavored tic-tac. If you like your licorice flavor in pellet form, this product is OK.
233021233021B001NZUJ2AA39ILSY97L33JDMs. Jeanette M. Roberson4621290988800Disappointing Licorice 'Candy"These are sugar-free and definitely taste like it--BITTER as heck, with no sweetness to balance it out. Bought a couple boxes--different flavors--at a health food store and ended up throwing them away because they tasted so awful. These might be for someone, but not for me; I recommend skipping these and buying Daprano & Co. LICORETTE Pastilles instead.
233022233022B001NZUJ2AA1RY171OVII8ZSLauren K. Jonik "wildflowyr"0051350604800Great!This licorice is a great find! It contains only licorice root-- no other additives or sugar, which is rare. Often, licorice comes with other ingredients so this was a treat to discover.
233023233023B001NZUJ2AA1ZTFEFTBTMYYQR. Alexandra0051327536000Love these. Great solution for a sugar-free/sweetener-free dietI was on a three week sugar-free/sweetener free diet and was desperate for something to whet my whistle since I could have no gum, candies, lozenges of any kind. While these are not sweet, and are in fact strong and bitter licorice, they did the trick and kept me going. These are little, hard, pellets that you can suck on. I'm going to buy more! I loved them.
233024233024B001NZUJ2AALUPVT0CTCKXWThomas Putnam1311324944000Gross!Read the fine print before you buy this! I got it as a gift for a friend who is allergic to gluten but loves licorice. Turns out this is for 6 teeny tiny, barbie doll sized boxes of licorice. What look like juicy, chewy licorice bits in the photo are about the size of ice cream sprinkles in a tiny box. Plus they taste TERRIBLE and Amazon won't let you return food items, so now I'm stuck with a bunch of inedible tiny boxes of licorice! Yuck!
233025233025B001EQ4AGOAMQGC8AE0H5FNBrian Spaeth4451317772800Luke Skywalker Would Drink This For SureIt is good. I give it five stars. There is some going inside my face right now. I can't wait until I am done with that so I can do it again. Buy this. #America
233026233026B001EQ4AGOA3IUW081KXD3PEpixels and bits2251240876800Very Refeshing Healthy Beverage / Tea AlternativeThe first time I made a pitcher of the Green Tea Raspberry flavor my 15 year old step-daughter was skeptical. It didn't look like anything she'd ever experienced before! Being from the South, we know what "tea" looks like and the green tea blend is very light in appearance. One taste later and she was raving over how good it was!

Not only do I appreciate the health benefits that the Green Tea offers, but I am also delighted to find a great tasting thirst quencher that doesn't have any caffeine! The antioxidants are a welcome addition to our diets and now my step-daughter's palette has been expanded a little bit more to include the green tea experience. Way to go Crystal Light!
233027233027B001EQ4AGOA3FINMLII6FWSIJ. Gordon "John R. Gordon"1151243036800The best-tasting Crystal LightIn my opinion, this is the BEST flavor of iced-tea that Crystal Light makes. I've been drinking it for 18 months and I'm not tired of it yet.
233028233028B001EQ4AGOA1FAKGVKU1JUO5John Nicoll0051268524800keep this in the product line upThe 1.87 oz size is great for our use. I make a gallon at a time and everyone likes it. This is a great product in a convenient size without sugar and is not carbonated. The other packaging is not convenient and makes the product less desirable for me. I have used this product for years and would probably turn to competitors products for a replacement
233029233029B001EQ4AGOA3JBI5XTSG7JW5J. Berkowitz0051256860800Good valueMy wife loves this tea and drinks it every day. It is 99% caffeine free and good for your health. This is a great value to get with the auto delivery option. My grocery store does not even carry this item any longer.
233030233030B001EQ4AGOA3356ZFNIX9XM8twolffan0041256256000refreshing Green TeaThis makes a delicious cold drink. We keep a pitcher in the refrigerator for most of the summer. Not carried in grocery stores in my area.
233031233031B001EQ4AGOA1DI5ART7JTYN9Cherie0051245801600A great alternative to soda!Much more refreshing than soda and more economical. Tastes absolutely delicious. Pre-measured packets are perfect for your water bottles. Plus you have the anti oxidants as a healthy bonus. I also take the packets on field travel and vacations--the packets are so handy.
233032233032B003EMQUNWA12EF0UWQ0FP2ITurkey0051322265600Richardson Gourmet MintsI finally found a place to buy these mints. They are my favorite. I call myself the "gourmet mint junkie". Just love them!
233033233033B00023ILXIA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0041309392000A great addition to the product family.I have used El Yucateco Habanero (red) sauce for years, and I love it. Mainly because
its hot as Hell, and the company makes no apologies for that.

This stuff has a mild smokey flavor, without the bite that its big brother has. You can
just pour this directly on chips, in salsa, soups, etc. Its very very good, and much
better than Tabasco Chipotle or any other widely available sauce.

$2.99 is a great price. Thats what I pay for it locally, but I had to search it out.
233034233034B008AV5HLSA1F7SX3GNVBNE3Joshua G. Feldman "Technophile"555651180569600Transcendental - you gotta try it.I'm a bit of spice hound and have flirted with other hot sauces before, but nothing has ever seized hold of me like Sriracha. An old Greenwich Village burger joint near where I worked at NYU used to serve it on the tables with popcorn and the combo was killer. The memory haunted me for years before I finally picked up a bottle. I shouldn't have waited. This stuff is amazingly addictive with a garlicky sweet hot yumminess that's hard to describe. It sits on my table in front of the salt and pepper and I've drained a bottle in a 3 month period. Incredible on eggs, superb on burritos, utterly transforms dull dietetic chicken vegitable dishes from the Chinese restaurant. I put a squirt in the health low-sodium soups instead of more salt and all of a sudden all the flavors perk up. Utterly highest recommendation.

I, personally, do not buy the 28oz size - even though it's almost the same price as the 17oz size. (it's not a total freebie - Shipping is a bit higher on the 28oz). While Sriracha has preservatives and doesn't need refrigeration it does oxidize a bit and at the pace I use it the bottom third of the 28oz gets a bit stale for me, while I suck the 17oz down while it's still fresh. If I lived in a house with more spice hounds (I'm the only one around here) or if I were cooking with it more often in larger recipies the 28oz would be a big bargain.
233035233035B008AV5HLSALNFHVS3SC4FVDarena Dorsey "Mom to 2 Boys"252551236556800Highly Addictive SauceI ran upon this in the grocery store and it looked like it would be good. I love spicy sauces.

I thought it would be good but this is WOW! It isn't just a hot sauce, it has flavor. It is so good. It's good on chicken and eggs. It is out of this world on cottage cheese, sounds like a strange combo but I haven't tried anything that it tasted so good on, the cool of the cottage cheese, the heat of the chili sauce, yum!

It does have a good bit of heat to it. I have to have something close by to drink because it does burn the tongue a little.

I'm addicted now and will be a lifelong lover of this chili sauce. I find myself looking through the refrigerator just looking for something to put my chili sauce on.

Yes, it's that good.
233036233036B008AV5HLSA1MMTCL1JTBR6KThalia Valisarios "Puffin"293051179446400this stuff is ITIt makes hospital food taste good! Good on meat, eggs, vegetables, phone books, this is a medium sauce with a lot of flavor to it. Also good on peanut butter sandwiches.
233037233037B008AV5HLSA1BIKR7276I3RYFantasyIntoFacts171851252022400This is the new KetchupI was going to High School in California about 15 years ago when a Vietnamese friend of mine INSIST that I try this. I'm pretty open minded to new kinds of foods so I gave it a try. "Tongue Ought Shurocka?" I said. "DUDE!" "Not even close!" he said as he laughed like hell. I still have no idea how to pronounce the name but it has been my favorite Hot Sauce ever since. Over the years, I have been seeing it pop up everywhere from PF Chang's & Applebee's to Firehouse Subs. If you like hot sauce or any kind of spicy foods at all, then you MUST try this. I INSIST.

Imagine going through your entire life without Ketchup or BBQ sauce? Just take a second and actually think about how plain so many foods would taste like without them. "The Rooster Sauce" is like that. As you can see from the other reviews, it has about the same applications as BBQ sauce or Ketchup would have for a person who likes it hot. No other hot sauce that I have ever tried has the same texture, heat and most importantly FLAVOR as this one does. It brings out the flavor in nearly anything that you put it on, from the obvious Tacos, burritos, Chow Mein, Chili, Meat & Poultry, to Clam Chowder, fish sticks or even.. OMG Peanut Butter Sandwiches? (haven't done that one yet but it's probably ... interesting).

Let me try to describe this to somebody who hasen't tried "The Rooster Sauce" before. First of all, unlike standard hot sauce, it has the texture of Ketchup or BBQ sauce which makes it cling to any kind of finger foods, chips, etc. perfectly. The taste is what is the kicker though. A garlicky, sweet, HOT flavor that is vastly different from anything else. Since it comes in a convenient squeeze bottle, it can be applied to anything, anywhere. This stuff is a god send when living in a world of quick, frozen, packaged, fast food which is dull, bland and virtually tasteless. This is also great for anybody on a special diet who wants to add some flavor to a very limited menu.

As far as the Heat is concerned, let me warn you that this stuff is pretty darn HOT. It's made from Red Jalapeno paste so it's not ridiculously hot but it definitely has some serious heat. If you don't like hot, spicy food then this stuff probably isn't for you. On the other hand, a little goes a long way. Just a few drops add good spice and flavor. A WHOLE BUNCH ... may take a little getting used to. I've gotten to the point where I literally submerge things like chicken wings into this stuff. It will really make you sweat out those toxins.

"The Rooster Sauce" would also make a good gift for the person who has it all. A few years ago, I was living all the way across the U.S. and my Mom sent me a bottle. It sounds silly but it was one of the most cherished items in my house. If giving it to somebody who has never tried it before, it may very well be like introducing someone to BBQ or Ketchup for the first time. In other words it's a thing that they will always remember.

Now as far as complaints? Well as stated in another review, the cap can get a little bit gunky, so you may have to run it under the sink a few times to get it nice and clean again. Not a real big deal. The other isn't a complaint at all but because they don't use any artificial colors, the sauce can darken after a few months. It will go from the original bright red to a deep red color. I haven't really noticed a difference in taste though. Since this is hot sauce, you can store it unrefrigerated without worrying about it getting spoiled. I actually prefer to have the color change slightly then to have it filled with artificial junk to keep it looking nice. If you really have to keep the nice bright red color, then I suggest keeping it refrigerated.

One last thing to keep in mind. This product is MADE IN THE U.S.A. In an economy as bad as this one, we need all of the help we can get.
233038233038B008AV5HLSA291XTI6NO7DEGB. T. Denyer "Web designer"7751233014400Will not go a day without it.I am still amazed at the number of people that have not experienced "The Rooster", as we have come to call it. I have been using it for over 10 years, and have to say that it is hands-down the best, most versatile hot sauce in the world.

The best part about this sauce is ability to not only add some heat to your food, but also blend seamlessly without overpowering it. Pasta dishes, tomato soup, chili, to name a few that really benefit from The Rooster. Come to think of it, I probably put it on 9 out of 10 meals I eat. I have a bottle at my desk (which my coworkers' lunches have come to benefit from, as well), a bottle at the dinner table, and, of course, one on standby or travel.

I only have two small complaints, and both are packaging related: the green cap, in recent years, has become a bit of a hassle. Nothing major, but just noticeably problematic. No one believes me, but I swear they changed the green cap. Anyway, over time, the cap tends to leak out the red chili oil form around the threads. It also seems to clog up faster than I have experienced before. I tend to have to remove the cap and clean it out at the sink in order to unclog it and remove the excess chili oil from dripping down the side of the bottle. Nothing serious, but when you use it as much as I do, it can be a bit of a nuisance.

Anyway, I swear by this stuff: it is my "island condiment" (the only condiment i would ever need should I get stranded on an island.)
233039233039B008AV5HLSAG9VH00ZO3ULAPla775551267401600Simply amazingThis is my favorite multiple use hot sauce, hands down. Don't be fooled into thinking this is low brow either, they use this on Iron Chef and they know how to make a meal!

A few foods I recommend trying this on:

Chicken Shawarma
Sushi (mix some in with your wasabi and soy sauce)
Cheese Quesadilla
Macaroni & Cheese
Eggs on toast

An few extra notes: It is very hard to distinguish Sriracha from ketchup just by looking; it is similar thickness, color and consistency. I would give it a 3/5 on the hot scale, with 2/5 being a med-hot buffalo wing, 4/5 = 1st degree chemical burn on the lips, 5/5 = strait additive only sauces. If you can take the hottest of store purchased salsas and buffalo wings this will be similar and have no long term discomfort/burning.

Usage may vary, void where prohibited
233040233040B008AV5HLSAUU6OQG6UDSFULadygogo3351319587200ExcellentThis hot chilli sauce tastes truly original. I used to live in Hong Kong and loved to put this sauce on almost everything. And it actually goes with everything, well especially Asian noodle soups and fried rice/noodle. It has the perfect flavor and heat and makes everything tastier. It's not too hot, but just enough to spice everything up. I recommend it to everyone.

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